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Yes, It's Okay To Not Go To Prom

Prom season is here, which means that prom #content is everywhere. I’ve definitely awww -ed over some cute promposals, but with all the prom articles, Instagram posts, and ads everywhere, it can be hard to remember that prom is not actually mandatory.I skipped prom for a few different reasons: I’d been to two homecoming dances before, and while I’d had an okay time, it didn’t feel the need to repeat it with a much-pricier ticket (another reason I skipped). My friends were all going with dates, ...
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Yes, It's OK To Not Go To Prom

Prom season is here, which means that prom #content is everywhere. I’ve definitely awww -ed over some cute promposals, but with all the prom articles, Instagram posts, and ads everywhere, it can be hard to remember that prom is not actually mandatory.I skipped prom for a few different reasons: I’d been to two homecoming dances before, and while I’d had an okay time, it didn’t feel the need to repeat it with a much-pricier ticket (another reason I skipped). My friends were all going with dates, ...
Tags: Facebook, Fashion, Music, Instagram, Ariana Grande, Carrie Brownstein, Columbus, Taco Bell, Chicago Il, New York Ny, Sara, Brooklyn NY, Michele, Jehovah, Philadelphia PA, Dallas TX

Do You Need to Set a Timer to Solve Your Work Problem?

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Danielle LaSusa PhD. It was hopeless. I was a fraud, an imposter. And I had the evidence all around me. Like, literally. I was sitting in it — slumped on the floor, encircled by a dozen, splayed open, unread books. Pages of black typeset stared up at me. They mockingly whispered that I had no business pretending to call myself an expert in anything. I was lost yet again in what I would come to refer to as “The Great Footnote Chase.” It was an unproductive ...
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Better Beach Photography. Make A Splash With These Tips On Gear, Settings, And Composition

Beach photography can be a beautiful and fulfilling genre of photography and a lot of people either live not too far from a beach or enjoy regular holidays to the coast. If your camera is gathering dust just because you feel that there are no interesting subjects around to photograph, go to a nearby beach and you can come back home with some winning photographs. Shooting beach photography is very similar to shooting any other landscape, but with one fundamental difference – the water. If you pay...
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Building Hype for New Product Releases Through Facebook Live

Live video, especially on Facebook, gives you a chance to pull in members of your audience and communicate with them in creative ways. But by turning it into a recurring part of your social media strategy, you can take it to another level by creating your own interactive social media show. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn how these two entrepreneurs do most of their direct communication with their community through Facebook Live videos— even going so far as to crowdsource produc...
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The coolest camper van conversions to inspire you to hit the road

Don’t lie: you’ve spent time at work fantasizing about living your #vanlife dreams. If you’re like most of us, the biggest thing preventing you from hitting the road is likely the lack of a van itself. But if you have the motivation (and DIY skills) to turn a normal vehicle into a haven for everything from camping to cooking to remote work, you can be on the road in time for summer adventuring. These Instagram-famous eternal road trippers built their vision from the ground up; their epic campe...
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Lens: Photographing the ‘Landscape of Forgiveness’ in Post-Apartheid South Africa

In her photographs of South Africa’s landscapes, Sara Terry sought sites of significance, pain and forgiveness in the country’s history.
Tags: Photography, News, South Africa, Mandela, Discrimination, Terry, Blacks, Nelson, Sara, Politics And Government, Sara Terry, Race and Ethnicity, Apartheid (Policy, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Africa

Secrets of A Full Time Travel Photographer: Q&A With Sara Melotti

Next in our ongoing Photographer Spotlight series is Sara Melotti. Sara is an Italian photographer, content creator, storyteller and world traveler, currently based in New York City. Sara’s work has been featured by many international brands and publications including the New York Times, Vanity Fair and Glamour. In 2015 Sara created Quest for Beauty and began traveling […] The post Secrets of A Full Time Travel Photographer: Q&A With Sara Melotti appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Daily Edit – The New York Times Digital: Zach Gross

  The New York Times Digital Photo Editor: Sara Barrett Photographer: Zach Gross Heidi: Can you give me a little back story on the project? Zach: I started to show my newly edited portfolio around to photo editors. I reached out to Sara; we were originally in contact about a year earlier when The New York Times wanted to publish a photograph of Kalief Browder that I made a few years ago.  She agreed to meet and review my new portfolio, we chatted about my work and the vari...
Tags: Photography, New York Times, Penn, The Daily Edit, Penn Station, Sara, Zach, Kalief Browder, Sara Barrett, Zach Gross, New York Times Digital, Zach Gross Heidi

The Best Work I Saw at the Filter Photo Festival: Part 1

  I get lonely, sitting out here by myself in the middle of a pasture. It’s very quiet. Right now, as I look outside, heavy clouds are blocking half the mountain, as we’ve had atypical weather since I got back from Chicago. Cold. Wet. Damp. Gray. No thank you. If I wanted to live in Portland, I’d move to Portland. Even worse, when I left Chicago last week, it was in the mid 80’s each day. Pure summer weather. Now, I’m wearing my heavy hoodie everywhere, and sulking because I miss the sun. Such p...
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This Week in Photography Books: Sara J. Winston

  I just flew in from Chicago, and boy, are my arms… Tired. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. It might be the worst joke in the 6 year history of this column, but you’ll have to forgive me. I pulled 18 hour days at the Filter Photo Festival in Chicago, talking the entire time. Then, I came home to a full week of cooking, cleaning, driving, parenting, kung fu, and lots and lots of work. My brain is so mushy, in fact, that I actually tried to get away with a joke so old, it makes the mottled flesh on Donald...
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A big dumb button

My wife Sara and I used to have this running joke leading up to her birthday each year.  Each year I’d say “Honey!  What would you like for your birthday?” and she would reply “I’d like a Hasselblad”.  Usually with a big smile on her face, in a wink-wink-nudge-nudge kind of way. Then I’d say “Ha ha, no, seriously, what […] The post A big dumb button appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The beauty of Patagonia

MOST people who know of the South American region, Patagonia, think of its wide-open spaces — jagged mountains, massive glaciers, seemingly endless expanses of fjords and open land. It can seem to be “way out there.” And it is — split between Argentina and Chile in the southernmost parts of South America. It has become a dream destination for many travelers.   [Sara was a guest of Cascadia Expediciones with accommodation provided by Ecocamp Patagonia. ]   1 H...
Tags: Travel, Photography, Scotland, Rome, Nature, Beauty, Chile, Italy, Argentina, Patagonia, South America, All, Amalfi, Sara, Patagonian, Torres

Question for New Yorkers

Um, could someone please just fill me in on this—is the Whitney no longer the Whitney? I'm talking about the Marcel Breuer -designed building on the upper East side where successive levels jutted out over the sidewalk like inverse stairs. I obviously missed something here. When I lived in D.C. I would make deliberate tours of the art museums, just to keep up, and every few months I'd take the train to Manhattan to see as much art as I could see, sometimes in the company of various friends, somet...
Tags: Photography, Manhattan, Whitney, Michael Johnston, Sara, Michael C Johnston, Marcel Breuer

Women's March Organizers Are Planning A 'Day Without A Woman'

On Monday morning, the Women’s March announced on Instagram that there will be a “general strike.” The Instagram post is simple and gives little to no information, reading: “General strike: A day without a woman. Date To Be Announced.” The caption reads: “The will of the people will stand.” The will of the people will stand. A photo posted by Women's March (@womensmarch) on Feb 6, 2017 at 8:03am PST Although details about the strike are scarce ― the above Instagram post appears ...
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The Bold Way Tegan And Sara Are Supporting LGTBQ Women And Girls

Indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara launched the Tegan and Sarah Foundation this week, where they hope to support “economic justice, health, and representation,” for women and girls in the LGTBQ community.  The twin sisters, who have been openly gay for the entirety of their careers, said that they want to repay the community that has supported them tirelessly.  “Since the beginning of our career, our LGBTQ fans have supported us in innumerable ways,” they wrote in a letter on the foundation’s website...
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Berries and Squash: Food Notes (OT)

Photo: Green Mountain Girls Farm Delicata squash Off topic, two quick things. First, it's delicata squash season! My ex-girlfriend Sara introduced me to this. The aptly named delicata squash is only available for a few weeks every year, but it's a delicacy, tasty and worth seeking out. The Mennonite market up the hill from me has bounteous heaps of it fresh from the fields. It's great roasted (you can eat the rind too) or made into soup—I'll be making a big batch of delicato squash soup late...
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R. Kelly and His Rumored 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Halle Calhoun Spotted Clubbing in Atlanta

Last week, we told you about the R. Kelly’s rumored 19-year-old girlfriend Halle Calhoun. And over the weekend, the pair fueled rumors when they were spotted holding hands as they hit the Atlanta club scene together Friday night (Aug. 5). ATL photographer Prince Williams caught the 49-year-old R&B singer and his teenaged love interest as they made their way into Atlanta’s Gold Room nightclub. Once inside, the alleged couple stayed with each other the whole night and posed for a few pics with fan...
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Exposures Aren't Free

My friend Earl Dunbar from Rochester swung through town on a photographing trip the other day, and we had lunch in Hammondsport. Participating in the time-honored geek genre of "photo-friend across the lunch table" pictures, he took a few snaps of me with his cool Leica CL and 40mm Leica Summicron-C, and I set up the Fuji at table level and framed a shot through some bottles and wine glasses. I've been bothered recently by a tendency to not take enough frames. Sometimes I'll take two, four, or s...
Tags: Photography, Rochester, NICK, Jane Bown, Editing And Portfolios, Phoenix, Michael Johnston, Sara, Michael C Johnston, Earl, Hammondsport, Nick Hartmann, Photographic aesthetics

Atkins Ciwem Environmental Photographer Of The Year 2016 Winners

The overall awards winners have been announced in the 2016 Atkins Ciwem environmental photographer of the year competition, an annual international showcase for thought-provoking photography and video that tackles a wide range of environmental themes. The environmental photographer of the year 2016 is awarded to Sara Lindström for her imposing photograph “Wildfire”. Swedish-born Sara picked up photography while studying in South Africa, and is now based in the Canadian Rockies. Her projects ha...
Tags: Photography, England, Design, Greece, Mexico, China, India, Turkey, Iran, Earth, Chicago, South Africa, Middle East, Tenerife, Ethiopia, Atkins

A-List member onelove photography

If you were hanging around 100LC last month you probably saw this bright modern Fig House wedding we gushed about. In case you didn’t know, the photog behind it was our very own A-list member onelove photography. Just like that wedding, onelove always finds a way to capture those lovely moments in the most natural, organic, and artistic way. Check out some of their work below and don’t forget to scoop up the incredible offer they’ve got exclusively for 100 Layer Cake readers! design & coordin...
Tags: Instagram, House, Wedding, Portland, Wedding Photography, Southern California, Vendor Spotlight, Sara, Kelly

The Daily Promo: Jason Evans

Jason Evans Who printed it? I looked at many different printers, some local and some of the larger mass production places.  In the end, I went with Agency Access as the printer as I was able to bundle many services together and their printing for this type of promo was perfect.  Since I was adding to my marketing list through their database, it made sense for them to print and mail. Who designed it? It was designed by Sara Jane Kaminski, a wonderful designer in Boston.  She had been recommend...
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From Farm To Tray

Michael Puma Founder, Gotham Burger Social Club Ann Paisley Chandler: What inspired you to get involved with Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, and why is the From Farm to Tray benefit important to you? Mike Puma: Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful couple named Sara and Steve Pandolfi. As our friendship grew they told me about an organization that was close to their hearts called Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. When I saw the passion they had for the organization, I was touched and a...
Tags: News, Instagram, New York City, Huffington Post, Sara, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Ann Paisley Chandler

This Music Video Is All Slow-Motion Dogs, All Amazing

Tegan and Sara’s latest video is one for the ages. The song, “100X” is great, but what’s really phenomenal is the slow-motion video of dogs being blow-dried.First-time director Jess Rona is a dog groomer and Instagram impresario by day, and she brought her unique series of dog grooming videos to the slightly-bigger screen."I met Jess Rona at a Mafia party in LA and we hit it off immediately," Sara tells Noisey. "An actor, musician and dog groomer, ‘Jess Rona Grooming' became my favorite ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Instagram, La, Mafia, Sara, Timberlake, Tegan, Refinery29, Rona, Jess Rona, Jess Rona Grooming

This Week In Photography Books: Sara Terry

by Jonathan Blaustein I am blessed. We all are, actually. If you’re reading this, I feel confident stating that you have a good life. Or good enough. The fact that you have Internet access, the proper device, and an interest in photography means you’re doing OK. You most certainly have challenges in your life. We all do. But in general, we, the global photography community, are doing pretty well for ourselves. That much is true. It’s often said we grow through struggle. Difficulty forces chang...
Tags: Photography, Africa, Sierra Leone, Photography Books, Sara, Jonathan Blaustein, Theo, Fotofest, Sara Terry, Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars, Fambul Tok, John Caulker

DVD: “London Spy,” “Grace And Frankie: Season One,” “The Forest,” & More!

We have gay spies, queer icons, and Japan-set horror this week in home entertainment! Out actor Ben Whishaw stars in an under-the-radar BBC series about a gay spy, London Spy, while Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda head up the first season of hit comedy Netflix series Grace And Frankie. Finally, Japan’s famed and super-creepy “suicide forest” is setting for a sister’s search for her missing sibling in horror flick The Forest. Now for the trailers and details…   Grace And Frankie: Season One ($29.98...
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Sara Bareilles Entertains Crowd During 'Waitress' Technical Glitch (Video)

Sara Bareilles saved the day when a technical glitch happened during a preview performance of the Broadway musical Waitress on Tuesday night (March 30) in New York City. The singer-songwriter, who wrote the music and lyrics for the new show, got up on stage to entertain the crowd while the crew tried to fix the technical problem. Sara sang a song cut from the musical called “Down at the Diner” and she also sang a snippet of The Little Mermaid‘s “Part of Your World.” “Technical difficult...
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