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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #502

Facebook reports growth in revenue and users in Q2 During its Q2 earnings call last week, Facebook reported revenue of $18.7 billion, up 11 per cent year-on-year, and said it is expecting revenue growth for the third quarter of about 10 per cent. The platform also shared that monthly users across all apps (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram) also increased by 0.15 billion in Q2, now standing at 3.14 billion. The figures represent a 12 per cent annual growth in both DAU and MAU. Microsof...
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How to Get Your Brand Ready for the Launch of Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels, the New TikTok? TikTok has had a myriad of security concerns since launching, and the announcement of Instagram Reels has many marketers wondering if it will be enough to replace the viral video app. The majority of concerns around TikTok came to light as major issues surfaced, such as hackers’ ability to control TikTok accounts, manipulate content, upload and delete videos, and reveal personal information because of a vulnerability in the web domain. It’s now bee...
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What Facebook Needs to Focus on Fixing

It’s July 2020, which means Stop Hate for Profit is underway. If you’re not familiar, Stop Hate for Profit is a recent protest where large advertisers have pulled their budgets from Facebook and Instagram to try and get Facebook to adjust their policies on hate speech on the platform. As laudable as this effort is, I think it slightly misses the mark on what areas of the platform Facebook needs to work towards fixing. Here’s why. Facebook Removes 90% of Hate Speech Automatically ...
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Hauser Continues Streaming Perfomance Series: Alone, Together – Dubrovnik!

Hauser Continues Special Performance Series with “ALONE, TOGETHER – from Dubrovnik”! Streaming Worldwide on Hauser’s Official Youtube Channel– July 30, 2 PM ET!! Filmed by Medvid production Audio by Matterhorn Music #AloneTogether #HAUSER    HAUSER  announced today the third installment in his ‘Alone, Together’ concert series! This time he’s taking fans to the historic old […]
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #501

Facebook brings Live video to Messenger Rooms Facebook is rolling out a new integration which will enable users to host Live broadcasts with up to 50 people in Messenger Rooms. To begin with, Facebook introduced the functionality to some countries last week but with plans to expand it to all countries where Rooms is available in the near future. The move comes as Facebook says Live broadcasts from Pages doubled in June 2020 when compared with June 2019. Facebook Messenger lets you secure chats...
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Has COVID-19 Killed Black Friday?

The 2019 holiday shopping season became the first-ever trillion-dollar retail season in US history. All three key shopping days (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday) gained over 14% in incremental sales compared to prior years and were on track to again exceed sales in 2020… until COVID-19 happened. Now, all the original 2020 holiday predictions have been thrown out the window as consumer behaviors, especially shopping behaviors, change to accommodate our new lifestyles. In the past ...
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More than half of the people on Earth now use social media

Our new Digital 2020 July Global Statshot report, created in partnership with Hootsuite, reveals that – for the first time – more than half of the world’s total population now uses social media. DataReportal analysis shows that 3.96 billion people use social media today, accounting for roughly 51 percent of the global population. Put simply, this means that more people now use social media than do not. This milestone is all the more impressive when we consider that most social media companies r...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #500

Twitter suffers massive cyberattack  Last week, Twitter accounts of major companies and individuals – including Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Joe Biden, Warren Buffet, and Apple – were compromised in “one of the most widespread and confounding breaches the platform has ever seen”, after the platform was hit by a bitcoin scam that reportedly earned its creators nearly $120,000. The news saw Twitter’s stock fall as much as 4 per cent in after-hours trading and several law enforc...
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What Brands Should Know about Facebook and Instagram Shops

The Current Online Shopping Landscape In response to the global pandemic, buyers significantly have shifted their consumption behaviors. A recent study from the Boston Consulting Group found that eCommerce has grown more in the last eight weeks than in the decade before that. Younger users who have grown up with digital shopping options are more readily adapting to this behavior, meaning the shift away from physical shopping may intensify. Moreover, a report from GlobalWebIndex found that...
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You Ask, I Answer: Affordable Stock Footage and Photos?

Leah asks, “What do you recommend for an affordable stock photos / stock footage site?” You get what you pay for doesn’t necessarily apply to stock photos, because sometimes you get a lawsuit and those are fairly expensive. What should you do? Roll your own, for legal reasons. Can’t see anything? Watch it on YouTube […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Affordable Stock Footage and Photos? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
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The rise of realism over perfection on social media

Over the past few years, Instagram has risen to become arguably the most influential social platform in the Western world. With its success, a certain kind of aesthetic has become the norm – the Insta life. The gap between real life and the polished portrayal of one’s self on Instagram is something we’re all aware of, but the impact of seeing other people’s perfect lives played out in our feeds can be emotionally draining nonetheless. Then, enter 2020 – the year that almost everyone’s lives went...
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How Can Graphic Designers Use Instagram to Their Benefit?

Social media interactions and conversations create the required buzz about brands, organizations, social influencers, and start-up businesses. Today, Instagram has become one of the popular social media platforms. Other than marketers, freelancers, corporate leaders, the graphic designers have also developed a liking for it. They take time to study a post and understand the aesthetics that it carries. Instagram looks distinctive and creative than other social networking profiles! And it provides...
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How Will Brands Invest Social Ad Budgets Pulled from the Facebook Boycott?

Facebook is in the midst of a boycott by some large advertisers during this month of July 2020. While Facebook’s stock price hit an all-time high on July 7th, one of the key boycott dates, all is not sunny in Menlo Park. A meeting that same day between Mark Zuckerberg and his team, with key civil rights organizations did not go particularly well. Facebook shared an audit they commissioned, from which The New York Times pulled the line: “With less than five months before a presidential electio...
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Social Media: How Many Posts Should A Church Post?

“How many social media posts should a church post if a church could post posts?” It sounded like a tongue twister in my head so I tried! I’m sorry. However I do love this sort of data. It can tell amazing stories. Sometimes it tells you nothing. Sometimes everything. For me, the information collecting side of data can be a little maddening but then when you look at the results and start looking for trends it becomes much more interesting. So I thought I would look at social media use by signif...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #498

Facebook changes its algorithm to prioritise original reporting Facebook is working with academic experts and news publishers to change the way news stories are ranked in its feed. While content from news sources that users or their friends follow will still make up the majority of stories, where there are many sources, the story with original reporting (the one which broke the story, contains in-depth investigative reports, or is uncovering new facts and data) will be prioritised. Stories from ...
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Why brands need to look beyond aspiration in influencer partners

Aspirational lifestyle bloggers – the victims of COVID-19 that no one’s talking about. Well, why would they? In these strange and unpredictable times, having your main achievement being a big social following because you look good or you’ve got a luxurious lifestyle has become, to put it mildly, irrelevant. If you’re one of those gleefully hailing the end of the influencer era, though, I’d argue that you’re completely wrong – and I’ve got stats to back it up. Research has found that influencers ...
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Should Your Brand Participate in the Facebook Boycott?

Over the last few days, some large, reputable brands have announced that they plan to withhold all social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram throughout the month of July (some as long as the remainder of 2020). This situation is evolving quickly and as we post this (June 30, 2020), the boycott currently includes media giants such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Verizon to name a few, but have taken a stance to #StopHateForProfit. Unlike the Black Lives Matter movement, which was a gro...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #497

TikTok launches TikTok For Business TikTok has announced that it is , which will serve as the home for all its current and future marketing solutions for brands. The site will include access to TikTok ad formats – including its marque product, TopView – along with a new e-learning centre aimed at helping marketers learn about TikTok and its ad offerings. Instagram expands Shopping to more businesses  Instagram has said that it’s opening Instagram Shopping up to more businesses, including creato...
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TikTok 101: Everything you need to know

Join us on Thursday, July 9th from 9am (BST), when our team in Singapore will be hosting a virtual masterclass on how brands can get the most out of TikTok. Our April 2020 Digital Statshot revealed that there are now over 800m active monthly users on TikTok globally, placing the platform just after Instagram in terms of user volume. With numbers like this, and a host of global brands – including Burger King and Chipotle – actively using the platform as part of their marketing mix, it’...
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Instagram Reels iPhone – L’Alternative à TikTok est Dispo (gratuit)

Source : Instagram Reels iPhone – L’Alternative à TikTok est Dispo (gratuit) Histoire de concurrencer les Chinois de TikTok, Facebook ajoute à Instagram la fonction Reels sur iPhone et Android, un mode de création et de partage … The post Instagram Reels iPhone – L’Alternative à TikTok est Dispo (gratuit) appeared first on
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #496

Facebook Gaming debuts monetisation options Facebook Gaming has . Those who have reached at least 250 ‘returning weekly viewers’ (part of the Level Up programme) will now be able to access Fan Subscriptions, enabling fans to pledge a monthly donation. Partnered gaming creators now have access to Live Ads, including formats such as pre-roll and mid-roll ads, and image ads below the livestream video. Facebook reveals how it aims to support the Black community Facebook has outlined several steps ...
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Insights of Instagram Mac – Gestionnaire de Compte Instagram (gratuit)

Source : Insights of Instagram Mac – Gestionnaire de Compte Instagram (gratuit) Avec Insights, vous allez pouvoir suivre sur Mac l’activité de votre compte Instagram pour connaître en temps réel les personnes qui vous suivent, celles que … The post Insights of Instagram Mac – Gestionnaire de Compte Instagram (gratuit) appeared first on
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Should Your Brand Invest in TikTok?

Our most popular webinar of the last 12 months was by far “What Marketers Need to Know About TikTok,” and for good reason. New research shows that TikTok has leaped to third place among teens’ favorite social media apps, passing both Facebook and Twitter. Other evidence is also compelling. One of the entries I was asked to judge this year for the Shorty Awards was an impressive one from Chipotle on TikTok. They received 111,000 video replies to their #LidFlipChallenge in the first six days, r...
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9 Key Discoveries in 2020 Social Media Research 

2020 social media research demonstrates that platforms like TikTok and WhatsApp are starting to make their mark on young audiences and are becoming the hottest social networks. Recently, our friends at Edison Research and Triton Digital released their 2020 Infinite Dial report—the annual report on social media usage patterns among Americans. Fun fact: the Infinite Dial report also happens to be the current longest ongoing survey of digital media consumer behavior.  (See our 2019 social media re...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #494

Facebook adds labels identifying state-controlled media Over the next few weeks, Facebook will start adding labels to content from news outlets owned or otherwise controlled by a government. The warning reads: “This publisher is wholly or partially under the editorial control of a state. This is determined by a range of factors, including but not limited to funding, structure and journalistic standards.” Outlets who receive these labels will also be banned from buying ads on the platform, starti...
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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tweakup #42

Facebook launches Shops, turning business profiles into shopfronts Last week Facebook announced the launch of Shops, a new update that enables users to browse and buy products directly from a businesses’ Facebook Page or Instagram profile. Facebook Shop (available for free, but with a small fee on each purchase) allows businesses to upload their catalogue, select the products they want to feature, and then customise it with a cover image and accent colours. As part of this announcement, Facebo...
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You Ask, I Answer: Link in Bio Solutions for Instagram?

Jake asks, “What’s your favorite “Instagram link in bio” platform? I tried LinkTree for a while and it seems like IG is starting to crack down on things like that.” Generally speaking, I prefer to roll my own when it comes to stuff like this. You have more control over it, especially the output, and […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Link in Bio Solutions for Instagram? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
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Indirect Marketing: Learn What It Can Do for Your Business That Direct Marketing Can’t

By Kat Solukova Is there anything more annoying than in-your-face marketing? Pop-up ads, cold calls, and sales emails are all intended to get consumers to buy more from you. Unfortunately, this type of selling is more likely to irritate customers than impress them. In a world where customers have become , businesses can’t afford to be overly blunt with their promotional campaigns. After all, your customers are bombarded with sales materials every day. It’s no wonder they get sick of all the com...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #492

Facebook looks to buy Giphy for $400 million Facebook has announced that it is buying popular GIF-making and sharing website Giphy for a reported price of $400 million. As part of the new deal, Facebook plans to integrate the massive GIF library into Instagram and more of its apps, with Giphy living on as part of the Instagram team. According to Facebook, 50 percent of all of Giphy’s traffic comes from its apps, with half of that coming from Instagram alone. However, in the US a number of senato...
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Indirect Marketing: Learn What It Can Do for Your Business That Direct Marketing Can’t

By Kat Solukova Is there anything more annoying than in-your-face marketing? Pop-up ads, cold calls, and sales emails are all intended to get consumers to buy more from you. Unfortunately, this type of selling is more likely to irritate customers than impress them. In a world where customers have become , businesses can’t afford to be overly blunt with their promotional campaigns. After all, your customers are bombarded with sales materials every day. It’s no wonder they get sick of all the com...
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