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Updated Survey: How Social Media Behaviors Evolved Due to COVID-19

2020 will forever be known as the year that everything changed. A global pandemic, a Presidential election, numerous social justice movements, and more led to a slew of changes to how Americans live their everyday lives… including our social media behaviors. About one month into nationwide lockdowns, our team at Ignite Social Media conducted a survey of over 600 consumers to gauge their opinions on social media marketing tactics and how their social behaviors had changed. Today, we’re announc...
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Social Media Organic Reach 2021: Who Actually Sees Your Content

How much value do you currently place on your organic content strategy? What was once the sole focus of social media marketing has nearly become an afterthought as businesses allocate more and more of their budgets into social media advertising. And who can blame them when the networks have forced everyone into a “pay-to-play” world and regularly adjust their algorithms to downplay organic reach. Within the following post, we’re breaking down insights and best practices based on our recent...
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A Guide to Understanding Ad Policies and Restrictions on Social Media

Social media networks have gained a lot of criticism over the years for what they deem inappropriate or flag as an asset that doesn’t comply with their ad policies and content guidelines. Just earlier this month, The Seed Company by EW Gaze shared how Facebook deemed an image of onions overtly sexualized and restricted their ad from running. Sometimes these are pretty hilarious, but these restrictions are in place for the right reasons… to protect users. With over 13 years of experien...
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How Will Brands Invest Social Ad Budgets Pulled from the Facebook Boycott?

Facebook is in the midst of a boycott by some large advertisers during this month of July 2020. While Facebook’s stock price hit an all-time high on July 7th, one of the key boycott dates, all is not sunny in Menlo Park. A meeting that same day between Mark Zuckerberg and his team, with key civil rights organizations did not go particularly well. Facebook shared an audit they commissioned, from which The New York Times pulled the line: “With less than five months before a presidential electio...
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The app that gives agents an edge with today’s fresh listings

Every month, the top five real estate websites receive over 320 million visitors, but half of those visitors are not looking to buy or sell a home. All of the sites feature the same basic listing photos and information and the same impersonal way to connect with agents — but none are geared toward today’s socially driven, tech-savvy millennials.
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Social Ad Spending Report – What You Need to Know

Whether you are still finalizing your social media strategy or hitting the ground running with execution this year, we’ve compiled the following few social media ad spending trends to help guide and inform your social advertising spending in 2019. Social Media Ad Spending Predicted to Grow By 19% in 2019 According to eMarketer’s US Social Trends for 2019, Social Ad Spending is predicted to increase by 19% in 2019, an estimated total of $37B in ad spend. To put this into perspective, eMarket...
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4 Ways The Right Social Media Tools Can Save You Time, Money

Having a robust social media presence has become essential for any independent DIY artist, but trying to be on all of them can be a taxing drain on already precious time and energy. Here we look at how to to use social media strategically in order to see the maximum return on investment. __________________________________ Guest post by Katie Sawyer of Eventbrite A presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat for your event is no longer just nice to have — it’s essential...
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Comparing "Stories" on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

Now that Instagram and Facebook have also hopped on the 'Story' train, it can be challenging for entrepreneurial artists know which to employ when reaching out to fans. Consequently we're providing some key info on how to better make that call. _____________________ Guest post by Allison Ullrich, Manager, College & Lifestyle Marketing at the The Orchard from their Daily Rind With Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all enabling Stories, it can be a daunting task to determine which is ...
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Acing The Basics Of Social Media To Grow Your Followers

Social media is an integral part of our waking lives, and just as each platform has its own distinct attributes, each one represents an opportunity for a band or musician to draw attention to themselves and their work. That said, there are certain basic practices that apply universally across all the different platforms. __________________________ Guest post by Kira Grunenberg of Soundfly's Flypaper Let’s face it: social media permeates the waking lives of people of all ages, demogr...
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April Fools’ Day: Best in Class

April Fools’ Day is great if you have an affinity for pranks and letting your inner child out. Some brands know how to capture this better than others. Here is a look at the best in class of brands on social media: April Fools’ Day edition. Mountain Dew The concept of this video is great, even though it has been done before. Mountain Dew decided to tweak the idea of celebrities surprising fans by ending this video by surprising their celebrity spokesman, NBA superstar Giannis Anteto...
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Rihanna Gives 45 Minute Video Lesson On How To Use Instagram Live

Musicians and music marketers are just beginning to discover how to properly use the many live video that are suddenly available from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more. But it's clear that they offer a powerful way to connect with fans, as Rihanna proved during last night's Instagram Live feed.  _________________________ On Monday night, Rihanna used Instagram Live to live stream herself watching her Bates Motel debut along with some friends. It a surprisingly intima...
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Facebook Is Facing User Fatigue

It may by far far be the largest social media network, but that doesn't mean Facebook is staring down some serious user fatigue, with all age groups reporting a drop in their satisfaction level with the service. This could be bad news for artists using the platform as a marketing tool, but good news for Facebook's social media competitors. _________________________ Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski on Music 3.0 Facebook may be the largest social network by far, but it appears to be suf...
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Get Started With Instagram Ads In 4 Simple Steps

The research is in and social pay-per-click ads are on the rise for 2017. While Facebook is starting to plateau for some, Instagram is just getting started. Read more at
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Best Practices for 2017 Social Media Buying

We are officially in 2017 and you may have some looming questions as to how best utilize your social media buys for the remainder of the year. Here are some quick tips and reminders to keep in mind for your 2017 social media buying. Invest in Instagram Opened to all advertisers last year, Instagram is turning out to be what marketers hoped for and more. Not only does it leverage Facebook’s robust media buying platform, it is also quickly adding products and showing efficient CPMs, CPCs and C...
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Facebook Revamps Their Offers Section and Instagram Stories Gains Traction | Social You Should Know

Facebook recently launched a new offers section, YouTube is rolling out some new non-video features and Instagram Stories is Snapchat’s new rival, all in this week’s Social You Should Know. Now It’s Easier for Brands to Distribute Coupons on Facebook Yesterday, Facebook launched its revamped Offers section. Until now, it’s hasn’t been easy for brands to distribute and effectively track digital coupons on Facebook. So, I have to admit that this Offers revamp is exciting – at least from wh...
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This Time, It’s Personal: Facebook’s Sharing Problem

There’s no doubt that Facebook is doing well these days. The company ended the third quarter of 2016 with 1.65 billion monthly active users, $5.2 billion in advertising revenue, and an overall 53 percent revenue increase, according to The Motley Fool. One issue remains for Facebook, however: the sharing behavior of its users. The Wall Street Journal cited a survey of Facebook users by GlobalWebIndex which revealed that 33% of the social network’s users said they updated their profile status i...
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How to Coordinate Social Media Marketing Across Franchises

If your brand is now franchised, then your social media marketing efforts may have just gotten a bit more complex. First of all, let us be quite clear, we have found, through our own extensive experience, that having independent social media handles for each individual franchise is a slippery slope. We’ve pointed out below some of the fundamental challenges that you’ll face with this strategy, and ultimately why it’s likely not worth the investment of time and resources. However, should you choo...
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5 Paid Media Strategies for an Efficient Back-to-School Season

Although the school year doesn’t typically start until September, most back-to-school purchases are made months before. Most U.S. parents are making the majority of their back-to-school purchases in July and August, so brands need to make sure to have their paid media strategy on lockdown before then. Here are 5 tips for creating an efficient paid media strategy before that “it’s back to school time already?!” feeling sets in. Target moms but don’t forget students Sure, moms are the ones b...
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Best Practices for Social Media Buying in 2016

We are well into the year now and you may have some looming questions as to how best utilize your social media buys for the remainder of the year. Here are some quick tips and reminders to keep in mind. Invest in Instagram Open to all advertisers as of last year, Instagram is turning out to be what marketers hoped for and more. Not only does it leverage Facebook’s robust media buying platform, it also is quickly adding products and showing efficient CPM, CPCs and CTRs. Some benchmarks from...
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Facebook Now Allowing “Canvas Ads” | Social You Should Know

Facebook is now allowing Canvas ads, which are sort of like Instant Articles for ads. Instagram has already passed Twitter for the number of active advertisers and Google may be helping businesses with their “permanently closed” problem, in this week’s Social You Should Know. Facebook Canvas Designed to Create Immersive Ad Experiences One of the challenges with Facebook Ads is that they lack rich media interaction unless you click off to your own website, which may or may not be a great mobi...
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ConsumerAcquisition Delivers AdRules, the Social Advertising Platform For Mobile Apps

Facebook and Instagram advertising simplified by AdRulesTM SAN FRANCISCO – ConsumerAcquisition, a social technology company helping brands direct response advertisers and agencies achieve performance at scale with Facebook mobile app install advertising, announced the launch of AdRulesTM – a social ads platform designed to simplify mobile app advertising on Facebook and Instagram. “AdRules brings a The post ConsumerAcquisition Delivers AdRules, the Social Advertising Platform For Mobile Apps ap...
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5 Steps to Kick Start Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Surprise! Facebook Ads is one of the most important advertising channels at present. If you didn’t know that, I’ll give you a minute to pull your head out of the sand. Now, that’s better, right? Ok. Creating new Facebook Ads campaigns can be a daunting task for anyone, regardless of experience. And a lot of folks err on the side of caution when building new campaigns and this can lead to less than desirable results. Once audience targeting has been nailed down (which is a subject for several ar...
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How to Improve Your Social Media Ad Performance

There’s no denying that social ad spending is on the rise. In fact, according to eMarketer, 2016 is expected to generate $13.43 billion in social ad dollars, with social networks set to account for 20 percent of U.S. digital ad spending. Social giants like Facebook and Twitter are going head to head for a piece of the pie by offering marketers the newest, shiniest ad formats with the promise of higher ad recalls and lower CPEs. Here are a few formats that we’ve seen great returns on. Twi...
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How to Go Beyond Facebook in the New Year

Is your brand Facebook obsessed? It’s hard to avoid the behemoth social network. Many brands make it their top priority for all of the right reasons. Particularly brands with limited resources who aren’t quite sure they are able to spread them across managing multiple channels. However, there is the age-old argument for not putting all of your eggs in one basket. In 2016, push your brand to look beyond Facebook. Below are some easy ways that can happen. Syndicate Your Video Content If your ...
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