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Are your social media photos ending up in a law enforcement database?

Facial recognition is an incredibly useful consumer tool for organizing our burgeoning photo albums. Companies like Google and Apple have slowly integrated machine learning algorithms into their consumer photo products, which allow you to search by keywords without the need for manual tagging, or to simply click on a face to see more photos of […] The post Are your social media photos ending up in a law enforcement database? appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Apple, Google, Photography, Government, Inspiration, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, Ai, Facial Recognition, Allen Murabayashi

Understanding Digital in 2020

Following the release of our latest Global Digital Report , we hosted a panel of experts at our London HQ to discuss the recent changes to the digital landscape and what brands should consider as part of their social outlook.  Harvey Cossell , our Group Head of Strategy, welcomed industry commentator Matt Navarra , Co-Founder and Group CEO at We Are Social Nathan McDonald , and Global Head of Culture & Insights Lore Oxford , to discuss how brands can use the report’s findings...
Tags: UK, London, Instagram, Internet, China, India, Digital, US, Events, Social Media, Seo, Facebook Messenger, Oxford, Reddit, North America, Qvc

YouTuber pranks her followers with “photos from Bali” taken at her local IKEA

That social media is full of fakery is old news. But what fascinates me is just how easy it is to fake your life on Instagram. YouTuber Natalia Taylor recently decided to test it out herself. She “traveled” to the nearest IKEA store and took some photos, even purposely leaving some IKEA price tags in […] The post YouTuber pranks her followers with “photos from Bali” taken at her local IKEA appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Instagram, Bali, Indonesia, Inspiration, Holiday, Social Media, Ikea, Prank, Vacation, Social Network, Natalia Taylor, Instagram YouTuber Natalia Taylor

Instagrammer posts side-by-side photos showing the difference between real life and Instagram posing [NSFW]

Seeing all those amazing photos of perfect lives and perfect bodies on Instagram can make us feel jealous. We know that they’re posed and even fake, yet they can still make us feel that we’re not good enough. Because of this, Instagrammer Sara Puhto has built her Instagram account around body positivity and much-needed reality […] The post Instagrammer posts side-by-side photos showing the difference between real life and Instagram posing [NSFW] appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Instagram, Inspiration, Social Media, Body Image, Nsfw, Social Network, Instagrammer Sara Puhto

Ever wondered how Instagrammers get those amazing shots? Turns out they’ll go great lengths to get them

Some photographers will go great lengths to get the perfect shot. But it seems that Instagram influencers and “influencers” will go even further. Now there’s an Instagram account that shows behind the scenes of “doing it for the ‘Gram”, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Even the name of this account makes me giggle: @influencersinthewild. It was […] The post Ever wondered how Instagrammers get those amazing shots? Turns out they’ll go great lengths to get them appeared first on DIY Photography. ...
Tags: Photography, Instagram, Inspiration, Social Media, Social Network, Influencers, Instagram Influencer, Influencers in the Wild

The iPhone at the Deathbed

Families are photographing death at home. These photos may feel jarring on Facebook, but the practice itself has a long history.
Tags: Facebook, Photography, News, Social Media, Death and dying, Families and Family Life, Funerals and Memorials, Your-feed-selfcare

What is Social Commerce?

If the past holiday season was any indication, social commerce is set to surge in the 2020s. According to research from, a social media advertising automation platform, consumers are now shopping via social media. And social advertising influences their purchases. So, what exactly does social commerce include? A Simple Definition Social commerce is the term for the buying and selling of items and services on social media networks. Back in 2015, Small Business Trends noticed the gro...
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Why Flickr is a diamond in the rough, and how to make it awesome again

It was back in 2014 that I set up an account on Flickr. I posted a few images and forgot about the platform. Two years later I returned with a sensation of that this time it would be for good. Flickr is cozy —  it feels like a small town where everyone knows each other. I […] The post Why Flickr is a diamond in the rough, and how to make it awesome again appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Inspiration, Social Media, Flickr, Flickr Pro, 500px Vs Flickr

Don’t cross the line between saving memories for yourself and ruining them for others

Some people like capturing candid moments hoping to take some artistic and meaningful shots. Others want to preserve precious memories, so they grab their camera or phone during the very creation of those memories. And yet others are “doing it for the Gram,” shooting every single moment of their lives. I have nothing against either […] The post Don’t cross the line between saving memories for yourself and ruining them for others appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Privacy, Social Networking, Inspiration, Social Media, Photographers, Moments, Social Network, Everyday, Amateur Photographer

Facebook changes its ad rules over Bloomberg’s cringey memes

The Mike Bloomberg memes we’ve all seen on social media are a laugh for us, but they’re apparently giving Facebook something of a headache. The company revealed today it’s changing its rules on Instagram, and will require users to label these posts as sponsored. View this post on Instagram Great job Mike… (Yes this is really sponsored by @mikebloomberg) A post shared by Tank.Sinatra (@tank.sinatra) on Feb 12, 2020 at 5:32pm PST Facebook put out a statement to TechCrunch today on the change, sayi...
Tags: Startups, Facebook, Instagram, Social Media, Bloomberg, Mike Bloomberg, Instagram Great, PST Facebook

More than Bloomberg: Facebook OKs influencers working with political campaigns

Following Wednesday's political meme drop, Facebook is making sure creators correctly tag branded content.
Tags: Facebook, News, Instagram, Trends, Social Media, Bloomberg, Web, Memes

Facebook to Allow Paid Political Messages That Aren’t Ads

(SAN FRANCISCO) — Facebook decided Friday to allow a type of paid political message that had sidestepped many of the social network’s rules governing political ads. Its policy change comes days after presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg exploited a loophole to run such humorous messages promoting his campaign on the accounts of popular Instagram personalities followed by millions of younger people. Bloomberg’s use of the loophole and Facebook’s policy change in response underscore difficul...
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The Scent of Love: Choose a Valentine’s Fragrance from Love Potion Fragrances 1-4!!

  If you are looking for a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day,  birthdays or anniversaries, this might be your lucky day. Love Potion 1-4 fragrance collection is something you should check out because the collection features 4 unique scents and each has some amazing ingredients that ultimately create an interesting fragrance story. More […]
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Instagram may soon bring back the reverse-chronological feed

Instagram is testing with a new tab where users will be able to browse posts in reverse-chronological order.
Tags: Facebook, News, Instagram, Trends, Social Media

View from Japan: How brands can make the most of Tokyo 2020 on social

There are now less than six months to go until the Tokyo Olympics. The city is wrapping up its preparations for the games, and with excitement building, sponsors and other advertisers can expect to witness huge passion from the Japanese people when it comes to the event. The sporting lead up has helped build this sense of anticipation. The recent Rugby World Cup in Japan was a bigger hit than expected among the local population. As the tournament went on, we saw enthusiasm grow to fever pitch le...
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Stricter penalties on disguised influencer marketing on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, says FTC Commissioner

US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Commissioner Rohit Chopra has urged the agency to impose stricter penalties on companies that disguise advertising on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok as authentic content, including making them liable for civil penalties under the US Code. Target advertisers, not small influencers: He called for the FTC to develop and […] ...
Tags: Travel, News, Instagram, Youtube, US, Social Media, Targeted Ads, Ftc, Federal Trade Commission FTC, Instagram YouTube, Rohit Chopra, Tiktok, Instagram YouTube TikTok

UK names its pick for social media ‘harms’ watchdog

The UK government has taken the next step in its grand policymaking challenge to tame the worst excesses of social media by regulating a broad range of online harms — naming the existing communications watchdog, Ofcom, as its preferred pick for enforcing rules around ‘harmful speech’ on platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok in future. Last April the previous Conservative-led government laid out populist but controversial proposals to legislate to lay a duty of care on Internet platf...
Tags: Social, TC, Facebook, Europe, UK, Instagram, Privacy, Government, Social Media, Tech, Digital Media, Ofcom, United Kingdom, Home Office, User Generated Content, Damian Collins

Digital 2020: The UK – what you need to know

Digital 2020: The United Kingdom is here! All the stats you’ll ever need in relation to the digital landscape in the UK. There are now 65 million internet users in the UK, up 0.4% year-on-year In the last year there have been 1.3 million new social media users – a total of 45 million today There are 72.41 million mobile phone connections in the UK, 107% vs population From a social perspective, Instagram and Snapchat lead the way in terms of their advertising audience growth – both up 4.8% qu...
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Your Stacking Rocks photos look cool, but they are killing animals

Photos of rock stacks adorn our Instagram feeds. There are videos of them being created in elaborate styles. Sometimes they defy gravity with anything from pebbles to boulders in their formations. These eye-catching photos are usually framed against stunning natural backdrops and have a calm and tranquil quality to them. There’s a darker side to […] The post Your Stacking Rocks photos look cool, but they are killing animals appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, News, Instagram, Social Media, For The Gram, Rock Formation, Rock Piles, Rock Stacks

The Best Strategies For Boosting Your Brand’s Instagram In 2020

Boosting your Instagram presence can seem like a pretty daunting task. Not only does it require knowing how to get attention from people, but doing so in a way that captures and keeps their attention long-term. To capture this trend ourselves, we decided to study some of the best strategies you can use to get your Instagram up and beyond in 2020. Check out what we learned below: Make It Apparent What You Stand For. As your brand has a mission to its purpose, expressing that to your base...
Tags: Startups, Instagram, Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Others, Digital Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pepsi

How to successfully promote your music online

You’ve finished your master piece album, distributed to all stores and now you’re just waiting for the streams and purchases to roll in. Unfortunately, that won’t happen without the backing of a loyal fan-base. So, how can you get your name and music into the ears of thousands of listeners? Before doing anything, make sure all your social media pages (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), store artist profiles and website are active and looking fresh. You need to allow potential fans ...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Music, Instagram, Youtube, Streams, Sales, Blogs, Social Media, Online, Fans, How To, Reddit, Campaign, Promotion, Bandsintown

5 digital marketing courses to help you get ahead of the pack

These training bundles will help you become a force for online sales and message building.The courses cover SEO, affiliate marketing and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.All five course bundles are discounted up to 98%.How important are social media influencers in digital marketing? What impact does video make on your campaigns? And what’s the next platform or delivery system poised to be the next big thing in online advertising? Those are all big questions. This year...
Tags: Amazon, Work, Facebook, Instagram, Education, Marketing, Entrepreneur, Success, Social Media, Digital Media, Innovation, Facebook Marketing, Facebook Instagram, Facebook Chatbot Marketing Agency

6 Instagram accounts you’ll love if you’re in real estate

From the glamorous to the absurd, these Instagram accounts will lift your spirits and provide you with useful information.
Tags: Technology, Instagram, New York City, Marketing, Social Media, Radio, Moscow, Agent, Lead Generation, Bel Air, Select, StreetEasy, Listing Agent, Eric Simon, Meridian Capital Group, Elana Delafraz

How to Find and Ditch the Instagram Accounts You Interact With Least

Maybe once a month when I’m scrolling through Instagram and come across a post from someone I didn’t realize I followed in the first place.Read more...
Tags: Photos, Instagram, Social Media, Lifehacks

Instagram tests IGTV ads that let creators monetize their vids

Instagram might finally be allowing its stars — its IGTV stars, that is — to make money directly from their content. It’s internally testing a Partner Program that lets IGTV creators run ads on their videos. If it works on Facebook, then why not give it a try on Instagram? It’s better than nothing, which is basically what creators have had up to this point. Instagram is working on IGTV Ads to let influencers monetize their content by running short ads on their IGTV Videos
Tags: Startups, Facebook, Instagram, Social Media, Jane Manchun Wong, IGTV

You Ask, I Answer: Organic Social Media Growth on Instagram?

Joelle asks, “I work in CBD, so advertising isn’t an option most of the time. Have you found any successful tactics for organic social media growth on Instagram?” It depends on what you consider organic growth. Audience? Engagement? Conversion? We have to be clear on that first, and then start doing some social media data […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Organic Social Media Growth on Instagram? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
Tags: Instagram, Social Networks, Marketing, Social Media, Seo, Data Science, Machine Learning, Christopher, Joelle, Marketing Technology, Penn Marketing Data Science Keynote

Instagram now lets you see the accounts that appear in your feed most and least

Instagram has introduced a new feature that could give us a glimpse of why we see some accounts in our feed more and some less often. Introduced on Thursday, the feature lets you see which accounts are shown in your Feed the most, and with which accounts you’ve had the least interaction. Instagram announced the […] The post Instagram now lets you see the accounts that appear in your feed most and least appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, News, Instagram, Social Networking, Social Media, Algorithm

Instagram's Made it Easier To Ditch Those Accounts You Don't Know Why You Follow

Cleaning up your feed just became a little less daunting thanks to a new Instagram update that singles out accounts you forgot you ever followed in the first place. Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Smartphones, Stories

Instagram may finally let influencers make money off their IGTV videos

A piece of its $20 billion ad revenue may go to creators through a new platform.
Tags: Facebook, News, Instagram, Trends, Social Media, Monetization, IGTV

How to Make a Video Marketing Strategy With Twitter

by Robert Clough Every day on Twitter, more than 1.2 billion video views take place. If you want people to see your business's marketing videos but aren't sharing them on Twitter, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Are you unsure how to create great Twitter videos? Do you feel confused about using Twitter as a marketing tool? If so, we're here to help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to make a video marketing strategy for Twitter. Benefits o...
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