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How to find that one Instagram filter everyone else is using

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Instagram introduced the ability for users to make their own augmented-reality filters last August, via the Spark AR Studio. Since then, we’ve seen a steady stream of user-made filters, and users have made some very creative ones that you’ll no doubt want to try out for yourself. So how do you get those effects on your face? It’s… complicated. The filters have...
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Facebook changes its ad rules over Bloomberg’s cringey memes

The Mike Bloomberg memes we’ve all seen on social media are a laugh for us, but they’re apparently giving Facebook something of a headache. The company revealed today it’s changing its rules on Instagram, and will require users to label these posts as sponsored. View this post on Instagram Great job Mike… (Yes this is really sponsored by @mikebloomberg) A post shared by Tank.Sinatra (@tank.sinatra) on Feb 12, 2020 at 5:32pm PST Facebook put out a statement to TechCrunch today on the change, sayi...
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Instagram is testing a way to display posts in chronological order

In 2016, Instagram began messing with users’ feeds, much to fans’ chagrin. The posts they would see from the accounts they followed weren’t in order of when they were posted, but in order of what the app’s algorithm determined to be worth looking at. Thankfully, there might be some respite. Reverse engineer extraordinaire, Jane Manchun Wong, tweeted about a feature currently being tested, that will allow you to see the latest posts you missed out on. Instagram is working on “Latest Posts” feed f...
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‘Cool candidate’ Mike Bloomberg begs for your vote with Instagram memes

Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg wants internet-savvy voters to know there’s a “cool” guy in the running — and what better way to appeal to younger audiences than memes… and Instagram. Bloomberg has contracted a bevy of influencer marketing agencies to run a satirical meme campaign in support of his election bid. Honestly, it’s not even that cringey for a paid campaign. I hate to give this boomer any credit, but some of the memes are actually kinda funny. Here are they: View this post on In...
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Olympus E-M1 Mark III: Hands-on in Costa Rica

About a week before officially unveiling the E-M1 Mark III, Olympus invited a small group of journalists to test-drive its latest toy on a field trip to Costa Rica. Despite my reluctance to leave the cold New York winter behind, I decided to brave the tropical weather and crystalline waters to give the camera a rundown below launch. We go into more detail in our announcement post; what follows are my first impressions after using the camera for a few days. Disclaimer: Olympus paid for travel and...
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The Best Strategies For Boosting Your Brand’s Instagram In 2020

Boosting your Instagram presence can seem like a pretty daunting task. Not only does it require knowing how to get attention from people, but doing so in a way that captures and keeps their attention long-term. To capture this trend ourselves, we decided to study some of the best strategies you can use to get your Instagram up and beyond in 2020. Check out what we learned below: Make It Apparent What You Stand For. As your brand has a mission to its purpose, expressing that to your base...
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Instagram tests IGTV ads that let creators monetize their vids

Instagram might finally be allowing its stars — its IGTV stars, that is — to make money directly from their content. It’s internally testing a Partner Program that lets IGTV creators run ads on their videos. If it works on Facebook, then why not give it a try on Instagram? It’s better than nothing, which is basically what creators have had up to this point. Instagram is working on IGTV Ads to let influencers monetize their content by running short ads on their IGTV Videos
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Instagram will now let you remove pity follows — here’s how you can do it

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Whenever I travel, the easiest way to connect with fellow travelers is through Instagram. But after some weeks, those follows might be redundant. To reduce clutter on your timeline, Instagram has launched a new feature today that lets you check people you’ve least interacted within the past 90 days. Here’s how you can do it: Open the Instagram app on your phon...
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YouTube claims to share billions in ad money with creators, unlike Instagram

Google this week revealed details about YouTube‘s ad revenue for the first time since it purchased the company, and the numbers are kind of staggering. The site earned just over $15 billion in ad revenue last year — and it’d be quick to tell you just how much of that goes back to its creators. It doesn’t sound like much — at least until you compare the site to social media rival Instagram. You can read the breakdown of Google’s financial results here. In addition to the $15.1 billion it earned f...
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Moda Operandi, an online marketplace for high-end fashion, raises $100M led by NEA and Apax

Moda Operandi, an online marketplace that specialises in right-off-the-runway luxury fashion, accessories and home decor, is today announcing a high-priced event of its own: it’s raised $100 million, a mix of equity and debt that it will use to invest in its platform and technology as well as to continue growing business overall, which was founded in 2010 and today offers products from some 1,000 brands and designers and ships to 125 countries. “For the past eight years, Moda has disrupted the w...
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Spatial raises $14M more for a holographic 3D workspace app, a VR/AR version of Zoom or Hangouts

The worlds of virtual and augmented reality have yet to land on the applications and hardware to truly spark mass-market, consumer interest in the space, but meanwhile a startup building mixed reality services for business users has raised a round of funding, underscoring the opportunity in enterprise. Spatial, which has developed a “holographic” collaboration platform that people use to speak and work together in virtual rooms through the use of strikingly effective avatars — think: a superchar...
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How To Make Your Advertisements On Social Media More Effective

Advertising your business through social media is a necessary task today. Most people find social media to be useful and engaging. This is why in recent time most of the biggest companies in the industry advertise their products and service wisely on Facebook and Instagram. If you are interested to know more about advertisement tips on Instagram and Facebook and how the processes on these sites work, here is everything for you. Focus on Making Your Advertisement Appealing. If you ad is appeal...
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Product Hunt launches beta of YourStack, a home for your favorite things

The team behind Product Hunt is launching a new social network called YourStack, a platform aiming to connect people that are passionate about products and help them discover what things their friends love. “It’s super simple, you just search through and create a stack of products you love.” Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover tells TechCrunch. “We wanted to make sure it wasn’t just software, but also games and books and beauty products, you name it.” YourStack’s catalog doesn’t have every produ...
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Pinterest launches virtual makeup ‘Try On’ feature, starting with lipstick

A new Pinterest feature will allow users to virtually try on products, starting with lipstick, before they shop from retailers like Estée Lauder, Sephora, bareMinerals, Neutrogena, NYX Professional Makeup, YSL Beauté, Lancôme, and Urban Decay from L’Oréal. To use the new feature, pinners will first open Pinterest’s smart camera, “Lens,” while in Search, then click “Try it” to explore the different lipstick shades available. To shop the products, you just swipe up. Another way to access Try on is...
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Why Digital Transformation Is The Key To Sustainable Sales In 2020

by Tiffany Ruder “Digital transformation” was a buzzword throughout 2019, but 2020 is when we’re going to see its real impact. As the amount of time that we all spend online continues to increase, digital transformation has become crucial for sales growth into the next decade. First of all, you need to understand what digital transformation is. It’s more than simply using a computer. It means integrating digital technology into every aspect of business, including sales channels. Just like the i...
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Here’s How Tech Could Save Your Small Business

If you own a small business, then you’re used to doing more with less than larger businesses. You don’t have the budget that the big corporations do, but you can still turn your small business into a twenty-first-century leader. How you may ask? Technology can be the answer. Technology has pushed the business world to limits that generations before only dreamed of. You may be thinking that as a small-business owner you can’t afford to invest in new tech, but you’re wrong. Some of the new techno...
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How To Start A Successful Sunglasses Business

Business experts unanimously claim that no economic crisis may affect a number of “eternal” industries. Selling sunglasses is one of them. After all, the most tender organ is the eyes. Of course, some categories of sunglasses are vulnerable to the economic crisis, but this applies mostly to the glamorous premium segment. Selling sunglasses is a business with good margins. Although this business is seasonal in many parts of the world, you can still get a good profit. This business does not requi...
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Snap founder says TikTok could dethrone Instagram

Evan Spiegel knows a thing or two about the social space. For eight years, his startup, Snapchat, has been chasing giants in this space. And now he thinks a new competitor, TikTok, the short-form video app, has the potential to dethrone Instagram as the world’s third-largest social application — if you aren’t including chat platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat. During a fireside chat yesterday, at Digital Life Design (DLD), Spiegel responded to an audience member question about his opin...
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The Best Instagram Tips To Make Your Posts More Engaging

Increasing Instagram posts’ engagement is increasingly becoming hard, thanks to the cut-throat competition from established brands and sponsored posts. There is no longer a guarantee that your posts will get the attention it deserves, and thus you might end up working so hard but get too little from your work. But you should not despair; there is a lot you can do to make your posts more engaging and still get the attention of other Instagram users. Here are some of the top tips that you can use...
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Instagram’s decision to hide photoshopped images is a disservice to art

In a controversial turn of events, Instagram has begun hiding photoshopped images on its platform — even in the case of creative uses. San Francisco-based photographer Toby Harriman was scrolling through his Instagram feed when he suddenly spotted a post flagged for “False Information,” PetaPixel writes. It was a first for him, so he clicked through the warning pop-up, only to find it was simply of photo of a man standing on a rainbow-colored hill. “Independent fact-checkers say this is false,” ...
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App stores saw record 204 billion app downloads in 2019, consumer spend of $120 billion

Consumers downloaded a record 204 billion apps in 2019, up 6% from 2018 and up 45% since 2016, and spent $120 billion on apps, subscriptions and other in-app spending in the past year. The average mobile user, meanwhile, is spending 3.7 hours per day using apps. This data and more comes from App Annie’s annual report, “State of Mobile,” which highlights the biggest app trends for the past year, and sets forecasts for the years ahead. According to App Annie, the record growth in mobile downloads ...
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Instagram brings DMs to web — over 6 years after they arrived on mobile

Starting today, Instagram will be rolling out its Direct messaging system to its desktop site, meaning you can finally keep up with your conversations from your browser. After the feature has been in testing for what seems like forever, it’s good to see confirmation that it is actually on the way. For those of you into your DMs, today we start to test Direct on the desktop web. Now, it’s only a small percentage of people for now — we need to make sure it works well — but we hope to bring this to...
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How to hide your Instagram Stories from strangers

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. As much as Instagram Stories encourages us to overshare pretty much every detail of our lives, you might want to consider taking more control of who can actually see your life in snippets. A few months ago, Instagram introduced a new feature that highlights Stories by location or hashtag — meaning people who don’t follow you can stumble upon your story updates...
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Twitter lets pedophiles publicly discuss their sexual ‘attraction to minors,’ scholar argues

Social platforms like Instagram and Twitter discreetly change their terms and conditions on the regular. For example, last year we saw Facebook quietly introduce the ban on ‘sexual emoji’ that proved discriminatory towards sex workers and NSFW artists making a living on the platform. Now, as Australian academic pointed out, Twitter seemingly changed its guidelines last March to allow public discussion about “attraction towards minors” with the agreement that “they don’t promote or glorify child ...
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How Esports Attracts Investors

The world of competitive video gaming, better known as ‘Esports’ is now said to be worth over £840 million and with great power comes great responsibility. The total audience in 2021 is predicted to reach 557 million people and for investors this translates into a captive audience, 557 million sitting ducks, providing multiple different revenue streams. What is Esports? In order to understand how esports attracts investors it is important to understand what it is! Esports is an acronym for El...
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How sharing animal photos online endangers wildlife

Limbani the chimpanzee has about 650,000 Instagram followers. In recent months the account has featured viral photos and videos of the captive young ape playing the guitar, bouncing on a trampoline and wearing a giant banana costume. Fans are also offered real-life encounters with the chimp at a Miami facility, paying US$700 for a ten-minute session. Experts, including renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, have raised concerns about Limbani’s care. They question why he is not in the company o...
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Impact Of Instagram Influencers On The Business Of Restaurants

Instagram is getting a good hike in the modern days, and it has millions of users sharing their thoughts, experiences, and opinions. The platform is now business persons as well. Instagram has broadened the scope to reach millions of target audiences within a short period. The traders are using the scope and expanding their business from the small to medium and large scale. The restaurant industry is not an exception too. If you are the owner of a restaurant and want to expand it by using this ...
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Curation Through Connection: Why Marketers Should Look Beyond Just Data

by Eric Nalbone, Head of Marketing for Drum Imagine being transported back to the 60s and having to explain to a stereotypical ad agency executive (like you, I’m imagining Jon Hamm’s character from Mad Men) where the battle for eyeballs would be fought and won today. The contrast between the tools in Don Draper’s arsenal and the data-laden, digital-focused tools marketers have available today highlights the profound impact that time and technology have had on our industry. Today’s era is define...
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10 Brilliant Online Business Ideas For 2020

Are you tired of your 9-to-5 job? Does the thought of getting ready for office every day drive you nuts? Well, then you have landed in the right place! Nowadays, with everything undergoing digital transformation, online is the place to be – yes, even for work!! And starting up an online business can be a brilliant idea. The best thing about online business is that you can operate it from anywhere and anytime … yes, even wearing your pyjamas! They also offer high-income potential. Now, if you ha...
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3 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses Operating On A Small Budget

Digital marketing has exploded in the last few years with the help of social media and influencer marketing. For the 30.2 million small businesses in the US, this has been both a welcome and contested change. With giant corporations embracing the digital marketing shift, it is easy for small businesses to get lost in all the advertising and promos now available online. More than 80 percent of businesses spend at least $50,000 on digital marketing annually. As with most small businesses or those...
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