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A Tokyo story we will likely never ever know

We all contain stories and painful feelings that only those close to us will ever know. Even then it likely won’t be everything. Then there’s the person sat opposite on the train perhaps, or maybe someone at work — there’s always so much that we are utterly unaware of. Very often there’s little or no hint either, as publicly at least, the vast majority of us tend to keep a good deal inside. The lady below, however, seemed different. It was her expression that initially caught my eye, but then I ...
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Old school Japanese restaurants documented over the years

On the whole, I’ve always found bars more interesting to shoot in than restaurants. In most cases it tends to be quite a bit easier too. There’s the atmosphere for starters, plus the simple act of spending longer in a place makes it possible to feel fully at home. Being a very visible foreigner, and a far from common type of customer, it gives everyone else the chance to get similarly comfortable as well, meaning there’s generally little or no concern when the camera does eventually come out. St...
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A terrifically askew row of old Tokyo houses

This compact row of old Tokyo houses stops me in my tracks every time I see it, and while far more ramshackle and on a much smaller scale, it somehow always reminds me of Edward Hopper’s Early Sunday Morning. With that in mind, my hope has always been to capture a lone, suitably Hopper-like figure looking out of a window. Frustratingly that still hasn’t happened, but a resident stood in her doorway will definitely do for now.
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A blue-eyed Tokyo host in the darkness and light

Some days are still really quite warm, but there’s finally a genuine sense of autumn in Tokyo, and along with more comfortable temperatures comes some truly wonderful light. The angle and intensity of it is mercifully a world away from that of the summer, so once again it allows for photos like the capture below. The man, along with the contrast of light and shadow, reminded me of a documentary I’ve mentioned on Tokyo Times before, The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief. A film ...
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Tokyo memories and loss

This week my wife would have celebrated her 44th birthday. The fact that Akiko isn’t here to do so is still hard to fully grasp, although that isn’t anywhere near as hard as day-to-day life without her. Feelings that aren’t going to change any time soon either, as it’s only a little over 3 months since she died. A period that has felt unreal, and at the same time all too real, as it’s simply impossible not to think about all the meals and conversations we should have enjoyed — not to mention all...
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A corrugated old Tokyo house and its colour coordinated owner

Recently there’s been no shortage of photos on these pages documenting houses that have been demolished. There was a whole host of them in this series, and a single, very poignant loss in this post. Such scenes aren’t exaggerations either, as a lot of old Tokyo is very rapidly disappearing, but for now at least, there’s thankfully still a lot to see. Like the house below for example. The shape and corrugated exterior make it as wonderfully ordinary as so many others, and yet on this particular d...
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Transporting the elderly by bicycle in Tokyo

The use of child seat equipped bicycles is . A similar, albeit more improvised approach for transporting the elderly, on the other hand, isn’t anywhere near as common. And yet seeing these two chat away as they wound their way through the streets made me think that maybe it should be.
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Meet Tsuneko Sasamoto, Japan’s First Female Photojournalist and Now, at 107, Japan’s Oldest Living Photojournalist

You should never become lazy. It’s essential to remain positive about your life and never give up. You need to push yourself and stay aware, so you can move forward.  — Tsuneko Sasamoto Sound advice whether one is interested in sustaining a creative practice or remaining vigorous as one ages. Photographer Tsuneko Sasamoto is an excellent poster child for both. Born in Tokyo in 1914, shortly after the beginning of the first World War, she is Japan’s first female photojournalist and — at 107, its...
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A half-century old Tokyo sweet shop, its elderly owner, and an ending

The owner of the shop below started the business when she was 40 years old. Back then, penny sweet shops would have been fairly common, but as out of place as it seems today, a lot of little kids still enjoy going in. This big kid liked dropping by too. Whether I went in alone, or with clients on photowalks, the warm welcome and ready smile were always the same. The only thing that really changed was the old lady’s age. It tended to vary. Sometimes she was 91 or 92, and on other days it was 93 o...
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A less than glamorous Tokyo red carpet at lunch time

With the lights, the drinks and the elaborately bouffanted hosts and hostesses, it was likely all very different the night before. In the decidedly less than forgiving light of lunch time the following day, however, the glamour had most definitely long gone.
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Campervan fans conquer Covid restrictions in Japan – in pictures

With travel restrictions in place, campervans provide a way of travelling with the family and are currently very popular in Hidaka of Saitama prefecture, a suburb to the west of Tokyo Continue reading...
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Scenery and sounds from the Japanese Alps on the cusp of autumn

Landscape photography isn’t something I generally do, but when recently out of the city with someone who does, it would have been silly not to try, and sillier still considering the scenery on display. Below then are my efforts, the results of which are very different from the usual photos seen on Tokyo Times. Basically the Japanese Alps basking in just about the last of the summer sun, along with the sounds and serenity of some rice fields in the valley below. document.createElement('...
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Top Stories this PM: Senate GOP to vote for a US default; Laundrie's family call cops on Dog the Bounty Hunter

Good afternoon. Here are the top stories so far today.For more daily and weekly briefings, sign up for our newsletters here.What happened today:R. Kelly is found guilty. The jury reached a verdict of guilty in the trial of R. Kelly. The R&B singer was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking in the Brooklyn trial. More than 40 witnesses had testified about Kelly, including women and men, who described how he directed them to have sex with him and each other. Kelly could be sent to prison...
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A faded and covered old Tokyo shopping street

The first photograph was taken over 12 months ago. It was quiet then, and it clearly has been for many years — the one-time shopping element of the street having long since gone. Nowadays, it’s almost entirely dated little karaoke bars, and the faint warbling of the generally older men who frequent such establishments can usually be heard. Tokyo’s virus-related and seemingly endless state of emergencies, however, have sadly changed even that, as none of the places were open when I took the secon...
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The empty plots and exposed buildings of disappearing old Tokyo

Over the last year and a half or so, I’ve been putting together before and after photos of traditional old Tokyo homes, bars and little businesses that have sadly been demolished. Places full of stories that have now gone forever, plus in most cases the end result is like the buildings never even existed at all. All that said, such changes aren’t unusual, and it’s probably fair to say that one shouldn’t get overly sentimental, but of late, the pace of destruction does seem to have quickened. The...
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Old and modern Tokyo together

A small glimpse of how Tokyo was, and increasingly how so much of it now is. Something I couldn’t help but marvel at — the colours, the corrugated panels, and of course the contrast. Having seen it all and more before, however, the owner of the house was clearly happy to just enjoy the growth of her potted plants rather than worry about the similarly spreading concrete that surrounds them.
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An old school Tokyo booze shop with Super Cub delivery

This old Tokyo off-license has fascinated me for years. From the signs to the crates to the suitably askew awning — there’s just so much to like and take in. The trouble was, the shutters were almost always down, and even when they weren’t, there was never anybody about. Until last week that is, when the owner finally appeared, and with his retro helmet, traditional apron and trusty Honda Super Cub, it was all suddenly well worth the long wait.
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Tokyo pizza and poverty

The human cost of round-the-clock convenience?
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The life cycle of an old Tokyo house and its elderly owner

This first photo was taken back in the summer of 2014. It remains a firm favourite of mine — a scene I’m fond of for so many reasons, and the memory of pressing the shutter is still so fresh it almost feels like it was taken yesterday. The next time I walked past is similarly clear in my mind, as I was shocked to find the house abandoned and empty. A home once so full of life was suddenly utterly bereft of it — even the colours weren’t there anymore. A structure so instantly recognisable, and...
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Tokyo Paralympics 2020: day one – in pictures

The best images from the first day’s action in Tokyo, including cycling, fencing, swimming, table tennis and wheelchair rugby Continue reading...
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Tokyo Paralympics opening ceremony – in pictures

The best images from the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo Continue reading...
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An abandoned and collapsing old Tokyo house

Old and incredibly dilapidated shops and homes aren’t that uncommon in Tokyo, but abandoned and slowly collapsing houses on relatively well used thoroughfares most certainly are. How long it has been there and how long it has been abandoned is anybody’s guess. Similarly, the owner remains a complete mystery aside from the clothes left behind. So with little in the way of information, there’s lots left to the imagination, which in some ways makes it all the more interesting.
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Gloriously faded and sometimes overgrown old Tokyo shopfronts

On my Instagram account, the majority of photos are of faded and dilapidated old shopfronts — images that are taken on my phone and shot exclusively in square format. Part of the reason for this is that creatively, a different aspect ratio forces me to adopt a slightly different approach, plus on a purely practical level, the wider lens on the phone means I can still get shots when the situation requires something other than my favoured 35mm. When space allows, however, many buildings work bette...
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Old and contemporary Tokyo together

Different generations and yet a surprisingly similar colour palette.
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Nikon Z9 specs leak: A mirrorless child of D850 and D6

The Nikon Z9 prototype was recently spotted at the Tokyo Olympics, and some specs have already leaked. But now there’s more information about the upcoming flagship mirrorless camera from Nikon. New specs have leaked, showing us what we can expect from the Z9 when it’s announced. And judging from them, we’re about to get a […] The post Nikon Z9 specs leak: A mirrorless child of D850 and D6 appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Women Shine on Facebook, Instagram During 2020 Summer Olympic Games

Facebook shared details on activity on the flagship social network and Instagram during the 2020 Summer Olympic Games from Tokyo. Athletes worldwide gained more than 75 million followers and drove over 410 million interactions on Instagram during the event, creating more than 300,000 Stories. Brazilian skateboarder Rayssa Leal, who became a Twitter sensation during the...
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