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Photograher Captures Photos From The Highest Places In Tokyo Show The Beauty Of The City

According to Davide Sasso (previously): “My name is Davide Sasso and photography is one of my passions. At the end of last year, I went to Tokyo fulfilling one of my biggest dreams. During my stay in Tokyo, I visited some of the tallest buildings and towers in the city, such as the Metropolitan Government Building, the Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Skytree. From each of these places... Source
Tags: Photography, Japan, Design, City, Tokyo, Night, Neon, Tokyo Tower, Davide Sasso

The faces of capitalism in Tokyo?

The starkly differing faces of capitalism’s winners, and losers?
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Ricoh thinks photographers will start switching from mirrorless back to DSLRs within 1-2 years

Imaging Resource recently published their interview with Ricoh execs at the CP+ trade show in Tokyo. They spoke about Ricoh’s plans for Pentax. But in amongst the conversation was Ricoh’s thoughts on the whole mirrorless vs DSLR debate. And, apparently, they think that the people who have switched to mirrorless will switch back to DSLRs […] The post Ricoh thinks photographers will start switching from mirrorless back to DSLRs within 1-2 years appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Japan 2077: Takaaki Ito Captures Cyberpunk Tokyo In Dark And Moody Neon

Creative street shots by Takaaki Ito a.k.a. @301_2015, a talented photographer, designer, and urban explorer currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Takaaki focuses mainly on urban and street photography. He is fascinated by cyberpunk, neon, chillout, lights and shadows. More: Instagram h/t: Source
Tags: Photography, Japan, Design, Cyberpunk, Tokyo, Streets, Neon, Tokyo Japan, Takaaki Ito, Moody Neon, Takaaki

'The Lost Metropolis': 1930s Tokyo street life – in pictures

Kineo Kuwabara captured these rich images of everyday life the city during the buildup to the second world war. The series is on display 18-19 May at the Special Edition of The London Photograph Fair Continue reading...
Tags: Photography, Japan, Cities, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Second world war, Tokyo, Kineo Kuwabara

A truly lovely old Tokyo bar owner

The bar below has been in operation for 39 years, and its owner, perhaps unusually for such a back to basics little establishment, is a fully trained French chef. Leaving his native Kyushu at 14, he worked in Tokyo and Sapporo, before packing it all in and opening his own place. And what a place it is. We first drank there almost 5 years ago to the day. Half a decade that has seen several substantial changes. The Master-san is now 83-years-old, plus fairly recent health issues forced him to cl...
Tags: Travel, Photography, Food And Drink, Tokyo, Sapporo, Kyushu

Drunk Tokyo bar bitch?

I’ve taken a photograph of this incredibly small bar before. Back then, both the proprietor and the sole customer were passed out. This time, presumably due to space restrictions, it was two sleeping drunks inside, and one relegated to the outside.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Food And Drink, Tokyo

Tokyo graffiti glamour

The graffiti wasn’t a surprise — it’s what I was there for. The view looking up towards the lift, on the other hand, most definitely was.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Fashion, Tokyo

Futuristic Images Of Tokyo Which Trapped Two Photographers

Damjan Cvetkov Dimitrov and Nina Geometrieva spent a few days in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. Their first stay was the Nakagin Tower, a capsule hotel based on compact minimalism where the exterior perfectly matches the interior. During their time in Tokyo, they wanted to explore popular places and big skyscrapers as well as the darkest and most marginal street corners. In their photo series... Source
Tags: Travel, Photography, Japan, Design, Tokyo, Nakagin Tower, Damjan Cvetkov Dimitrov, Nina Geometrieva

The quiet intimacy of an old Tokyo bar

Last year, I posted this series of photos from Shinjuku’s Omoide Yokocho, or Piss Alley as it’s often known. Along with the images, I also tried to explain how the huge increase in tourism over the last few years has changed it — or at least sort of changed it anyway. Basically it’s way busier than it used to be, and yes, the atmosphere can be quite different. But then again, go there on the right day, at the right time, and the alleyway’s former intimacy can still be found, complete with fasci...
Tags: Travel, Photography, Food And Drink, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Piss Alley

Modern and traditional Tokyo in two frames

A traditional setting for what seems like the now equally traditional selfie.
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Reflections of Tokyo past and present

A change of emperor on Wednesday marked a changed of era. It was goodbye Heisei and hello Reiwa, which will result in calendar and document changes, but in regards day-to-day life, not much else. Also, such era changes are positively glacial when compared to the urban and societal shifts that Tokyo, and Japan in general, are experiencing. Pressing, and for some perplexing changes that will continue apace long after the pomp and circumstance of the last few days has passed.
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Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf, from the series Real Fake Art "If you look at all my projects, the umbrella for them is life in cities. Many different aspects of city life. Megacities." So said the photographer Michael Wolf, who died in his sleep, apparently unexpectedly, two days ago, at the relatively young age of 64. He was born in Munich, Germany, raised mostly in the USA and Canada, worked early in his career as a photojournalist for Stern magazine in Germany, and lived most of his adult life in Asia—since...
Tags: Asia, Hong Kong, Photography, Usa, Germany, Canada, Obituaries, New York Times, Tokyo, Michael Johnston, Michael C Johnston, Munich Germany, Michael Wolf, Southestern China HK, Kenneth Tanaka Nico Maijer

High-density megacities: the photographs of Michael Wolf

Hong Kong-based photographer Michael Wolf is best known for Architecture of Density, which shows the city’s tower blocks as dramatic geometric abstractions, and Tokyo Compression, which captures rush hour on the Japanese capital’s subway. He died this week aged 64How Michael Wolf captured the melancholy of our teeming cities Continue reading...
Tags: Hong Kong, Photography, World news, Cities, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Tokyo, Michael Wolf

Tokyo graffiti

Tokyo doesn’t have a huge amount of graffiti, but some areas definitely have more than others.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

Tokyo street fighting men

Well, not exactly a fight, more a tense, rather shouty prelude to a potential scuffle.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

Dramatically downing a beer in a dingy Tokyo bar

A rather theatrically drained glass in a fantastically atmospheric little bar.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Food And Drink, Tokyo

Vending machine lust, and looks

The most modern of Tokyo love stories? A young couple canoodling beside a vending machine while using a smartphone.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Food And Drink, Tokyo

The Visual Poetry Of Sébastien Rivest In Black And White

From Tokyo to Montreal, Quebec photographer Sébastien Rivest brings us on his urban wanderings through his shots. More: Instagram h/t: fubiz View this post on Instagram Thanks to @fubiz and @cmbeha for the great article on my work. . . . . .#blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #monochrome #filmphotography #studioargentique #art #fubiz #igersmontreal #photoclubdemontreal A post shared by... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Urban, Mood, Tokyo, Night, Street, Montreal Quebec, Black&white, Sébastien Rivest

A Tokyo salary man emerging from the shadows

The Japanese salary man is an ever-present sight in Tokyo, and yet due to his incredibly conformist attire, he is also largely invisible. At least as an individual he is, anyway. The simple addition of a trilby, on the other hand, changes that completely.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

Artist Photographs Workers On The Streets Of Tokyo To Pay Homage To The Proud Work Ethics Of Japan

Pastry Shop Staff In Japanese culture, people share a strong respect for all occupations and the workers who fill them. So much so that they even have a unique term to describe a hard worker – “Hatarakimono”. More: Frank Le Petit, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda Jinrikisha Man Tokyo-based French artist Frank Le Petit, who goes by the name K-Narf (Frank spelled backward)... Source
Tags: Photography, Japan, Design, Tokyo, Frank Le Petit Instagram Facebook, Frank Le Petit, K Narf Frank

A photo series: Faded and dying rural Japan

Away from Japan’s main cities and popular tourist destinations, the country is awash with faded and gradually emptying towns and settlements — the nation’s low birth rate and increased urban migration causing the slow death of an ever increasing number of locations. Not so long ago on these pages I documented a now closed and overgrown train line just north of Tokyo, and last year a completely abandoned village in the mountains. Both victims, in slightly differing ways, of the aforementioned so...
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Halsey Has Now Dyed Her Hair Black, and We Can Barely Keep Up

Halsey has been switching up her hair on a seemingly endless basis lately, and somehow the star looks good in every single hue. While she recently was wearing red and pink wigs while in Tokyo, the singer just revealed yet another new color: jet black. Halsey posted an image of her latest shade on Instagram with the caption "paint it black" and styled her hair in space buns with a maroon scrunchie. While the singer loves experimenting with wigs, her hairline and baby hairs seem to suggest that sh...
Tags: Instagram, Beauty, Tokyo, Halsey, Hair Color, Beauty News, Celebrity Beauty, Celebrity Hair, Beauty Trends, Celebrity Beauty Instagram

Tokyo cherry blossom pinks, and yellows

The unusual sight of spring’s pink and white vista viewed through a yellow, UV visor.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

Let Halsey Inspire Your Next Festival Beauty Look With Her Latest Hairstyle

Keeping up with Halsey's beauty looks - particularly her hair - is like running the laps of a 1,600-meter race: by the time you recover from the first one, there's another one around the corner. In the time she's been in Tokyo, her hair has been two fluorescent hues: bright, watermelon pink with long, piece-y bangs and strawberry red with blunt ones. In her most recent Instagram post, she wore her red hair in space buns with pearly hair accessories tucked into them, serving us festival inspo as...
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