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The smoky sanctuary of a traditional little Tokyo bar

The photo below has appeared on these pages before as part of a monochrome series from Shinjuku’s Omoide Yokocho, or Piss Alley as it’s also known. It is also a companion piece of sorts with this shot taken just a few minutes later. Back then, as well as converting the original image to black and white, I’d also cropped it, but going through some older pictures with a view to the print sales mentioned last week, this one caught my attention in relation to how it would look in colour, and if it w...
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The Louvre Museum

I had wanted to be one of the lucky people to enter the Louvre Museum on the first day it reopened after the confinement but I wasn’t in Paris on that date. It wasn’t until almost the middle of August that I finally made it in. I made a reservation online for a 9 am entrance thinking I would be one of a small group but I was surprised to find a long line when I arrived. I had gone to the entrance downstairs in the Carrousel but it wasn’t open so I got to stand in the sun while we waited for the ...
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Uber-efficient Tokyo food delivery

The uber-efficent delivery of food is a tried and long tested process in Japan. Traditional bicycle transportation may well have (mostly) given way to faster motorbikes, but invariably it’s still the fella who made the dish that also delivers it. And while a well-known American company is very visibly making inroads, there’s thankfully still lots of sights like this on the roads.
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Paris Photos

More photos around rue de Buci (in July). Coffee at Paul, known for their bread. Across the street from Paul. Note the guy in the window. Quite a few tourists too. Doesn’t this look inviting? Inside a quiet passageway. I went into St Germain des Pres to look at the freshly painted interior. Gorgeous. A look to the side.
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Back in Paris

Post written July 4th. After a few days of recuperation from the Camino trip, I finally headed out for a much need haircut. My salon happens to be in a great area of Paris. Right across the street from the high rise area is the Beaugrenelle shopping center. They are happy to be open as things are returning to normal in Paris. You have to wear a mask and the hand gel is there to use as you enter. The beautiful Cour de Saint André des Arts. Most of the places to eat along this passa...
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Lone looks in an old Tokyo bar

Last week, with the help of a friend who has both the means and the experience, I produced some gallery quality archival prints from a handful of selected photos. The aim, when shipping from Japan finally returns to normal, being to try and sell a few. Having someone there to not only help, but also guide me through the selection of paper and so on was invaluable, and in the end, the monochrome matte prints in particular stood out. Results that needless to say I couldn’t be happier with, prompti...
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Looking Around

Once again on our Sunday walk we stayed at street level above the Seine and did some exploring. An ancient clock still working. 600 years old! We stopped for another petit dejuner. I only had one of these. I thought they looked so pretty in the light from the window. Yet another picture of the Seine, a bridge and reflections in the water. I’m addicted. An interesting decoration on a building that was once a restaurant called The Silver Bell. I think the artist wh...
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Facebook bought, copied, threatened competition: 11 key takeaways from Zuckerberg’s deposition before the antitrust subcommittee

In his introductory remarks at the Big Tech CEOs’ hearing before the House subcommittee on antitrust on July 29 (available to watch here), Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg conveniently gave a skewed picture of Facebook’s dominant position. “In many areas, we’re behind our competitors. The most popular messaging service in the US is iMessage. The fastest growing app is TikTok. The most popular app for video is YouTube. The fastest growing ads platform is that of Amazon. The largest ads pl...
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Tokyo synchronisation

Sometimes, some scenes look tailor-made for the right person to walk past. What I didn’t realise until it happened, however, was that in this particular case, it was actually two people I was waiting for.
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A Sunday Walk

We had another great Sunday morning walk (this post was done back in June). The day started out cloudy but then the sun came out and there was blue sky between the clouds and it was just beautiful. The Orsay Museum across the Seine with a reflection in the smooth water. The sun reflected in the Seine. Sort of Van Gogh looking. The serene Place Dauphine full of mulberry trees. One restaurant was setting up tables outside for lunch. King Henri IV called the Vert Galan...
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Facebook signs deals with labels for music videos: Report

In a significant development for Facebook’s music business, the company has just signed music video deals with Warner, Sony and Universal, the three largest labels in the world, Bloomberg reports. Earlier this month, the company wrote to artists saying that their music videos would be automatically added to their pages, and if they chose not to do so, the company would set a page for those videos on its own. The deal with the big three labels seems to pave the way for the social media company to...
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Solitary reflections above Tokyo’s urban sprawl

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku remains an interesting place to visit every now and again. The views of the city below are obviously quite something, but generally I go there to try and take pictures of people looking at said views, or even people looking at me, looking at them. At the moment, however, it’s rather different. The crowds are gone, and a once bustling observation deck is now almost eerily quiet, making it the perfect spot for solitary reflections.
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Along the River

I wrote this post and two more on June 14th. A lot has happened since then including my excursion to Italy. I’m now back in Paris and thought I would post what I had saved as nothing has changed as far as walks along the Seine. Today it is going to be over 100 degrees in Paris so I for sure won’t be going out for photos. It will be cooler tomorrow, thank heavens. More things seen as we walked along the Seine: The Institut de France seen from Pont des Arts. Ile de la Cité begins t...
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Lawyer files PIL in Madras HC seeking pre-censorship of social media, OTT platforms

Advocate K Suthan on Monday a PIL in the Madras High Court asking for a pre-censorship authority for social media and OTT platforms. The Times of India first reported on the petition. Six other high courts have heard cases asking for censorship of streaming services, and those courts have largely either dismissed the cases or deferred hearing on them as a similar case is pending before the Supreme Court. Suthan’s case stands out for its inclusion of user-generated content in the demanded scope...
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‘Company size doesn’t prevent competition’, Zuckerberg to argue at antitrust hearing

“Facebook is a successful company now, but we got there the American way: we started with nothing and provided better products that people find valuable. As I understand our laws, companies aren’t bad just because they are big. Many large companies that fail to compete cease to exist,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to tell lawmakers at an antitrust hearing on Wednesday, according to prepared remarks released to the public. “We know that our future success is not guaranteed, especially in a ...
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The terribly sad sight of a quietly decaying old Tokyo house

Six years ago I took this photograph. It’s an image I hold incredibly dear. The brief connection, the house and the abundance of life on display made pressing the shutter very special indeed. Yet while it was special then, it feels even more precious now. That extra significance came about a couple of years ago, when I passed by again and was shocked to find the building empty and devoid of life. Fast forward another two years, and it’s now an even sadder sight. Age, its wooden nature and...
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Recipes from Expats in Positano

The joy that comes from cooking and sharing meals is a staple of Italian daily life. During the long days of quarantine on the Amalfi Coast, time together over lunch and dinner was often the highlight of the days for many families. In fact, in the early days of quarantine the only thing you might find the stores running short on in Amalfi was flour and yeast. Suddenly, there was the time to make homemade bread and pasta where there wasn’t before. It was during those days that I espe...
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No Tokyo Olympics and almost no people

Today is a national holiday in Japan. It’s Taiiku no Hi to be exact, or Sports Day, which is usually in mid-October, but it was understandably brought forward this year in order to celebrate the first competitive day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Or at least what would have been the first competitive day of the Olympics. Instead, it’ll just be another day — a day similar to so many of late. Like the one below in touristy Asakusa last weekend. A spot where up until recently it would have been pack...
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Art is everywhere in Florence from sculptures outside to paintings in museums. I made a quick visit to the Uffizi Gallery to look at some art famous from the Renaissance period. This was outside the Uffizi. I took the photo because of the clouds. It didn’t look this vivid in person. I did some adjudtments afterwards. It is said Michelangelo stood in front of this statue and said it was a waste of a large piece of marble. It certainly lacks the magic of Michelangelo. One of the very l...
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A Tokyo bar owner, her cat and decades of clutter

Old, cluttered and decidedly grubby little bars where cats ultimately call all the shots aren’t uncommon in Tokyo, but there’s clutter, and then there is clutter, and this particular establishment most definitely falls into the latter category. In fact, there is so much stuff strewn about the place that the current mama-san, who took over from her mother, almost looks like she’s stood in the aftermath of an explosion. In business since the early 1960s, it’s a distinct possibility that some of...
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Instagram is testing a ‘Personal Fundraiser’ feature

Instagram today announced a new tool for personal fundraisers. The company says it’s beginning a small test of the feature, which will allow users to link directly to a fundraiser from their profile page. The test will initially run in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland on Android, followed by iOS. While users can choose to either start a cause or supporting an existing one, Instagram says all fundraisers will be first vetted to ensure they meet the existing guidelines and rules. These rules include a l...
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Pakistan bans Bigo, issues ‘final warning’ to TikTok over vulgar content

Pakistan on Monday banned Chinese live-streaming app Bigo and issued “final warning” to short video app TikTok over “obscene” and “immoral” content on these platforms. The “final warning” means that the Bytedance-owned app will have to put in place a “comprehensive mechanism to control obscenity, vulgarity and immorality” on its platform. We have reached out to Bigo and TikTok for comment. Press Release: Number of complaints had been received from different segments of the society against immor...
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Copyright society IPRS announces licensing deal with Facebook

The Indian Performing Rights Society, which represents many Indian musicians, has signed a licensing deal with Facebook to allow its members’ content to be used by users on Facebook and Instagram, the social media company on Monday. “People will now be able to choose music from the IPRS repertoire with hundreds and thousands of songs, to add in their own videos they share on Facebook and Instagram, as well as other social features like Music Stickers on Stories,” Facebook said in its statement...
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An old Tokyo shop leaning this way and that

This shop and home has apparently been standing for over 60 years. I know that as the owner told me. A man who was just out of frame on the right; very wisely sat reading in front of his neighbour’s house rather than his own.
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Venice Shots

Oleander is blooming all over Venice. I have this for breakfast every morning: hard boiled eggs with olive oil and black pepper, along with artichoke hearts. A pretty corner. The gorgeous floor at the Gallerie Academy. From a painting there of God creating animals. Do you think this is a unicorn? Just thought this was pretty. An aperol spritz across the place where they make and repair gondolas.
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Instagram Reels to release in over 50 countries, including US, Mexico: Report

Instagram Reels, Facebook’s TikTok-like short video platform, is releasing in over fifty markets after testing in a few countries, NBC reported Thursday. Reels was released in India days after the government banned TikTok, along with 58 other Chinese apps. Facebook confirmed that Reels was coming to the US. In a statement, the company told us, “We’re excited to bring Reels to more countries, including the US, in early August. The community in our test countries has shown so much creativity in sh...
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A lovely big smile outside a local Tokyo shop

A minute down the street from the shop below is a well known supermarket. One that was busy too, as convenience and cost understandably come first. But for a little bit more money, this suburban fruit and vegetable seller offers the priceless bonus of a lovely big smile.
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Instagram Photos July 2020

Since the lockdown has been lifted in Paris in June, I’ve been walking a lot more and taking new photos.   If you still haven’t followed me on Instagram yet, here are my handles.  @eyepreferparis      @parisian_doors   @literal_streetart   Street arts  Paris rooftops Saint Germain Big Scissor Pont Marie Shadow sidewalk Fresh summer fruits and vegetables  Green door Seine River Le Marais Paris flower shop Hotel de Sens Ca...
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