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More Garden

More photos from a beautiful day inthe Tuleries Garden. A sculpture celebrating the author of Puss in Boots, Charles Perrault. I think this is the only cedar tree in the garden. The iris was just starting to bloom. The morning sun tipped the iris in silver. Great color but the tulips were finished.
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A Tokyo elevator girl from the past

This photograph was taken in early 2012 which was a time of experimentation of sorts, as after switching to a Leica, I was thoroughly enjoying the relatively unobtrusive nature of a compact camera system. It was also a time when elevator girls were a regular sight in Tokyo, and elevator girl was the actual job title. It still is in fact, as while considerably less common these days, the role persists — a sign in some respects of Japan’s slow progress when it comes to gender equality. Of course t...
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An old Tokyo house and its long-closed shop

Several years have now passed since I first found it, but this old, dilapidated house with its long-closed shop continues to fascinate me. There’s just so much to marvel at. It has two broken vending machines, the remnants of the shop are there for all to see, and the house itself remains occupied — the unexpected sound of a radio playing upstairs being the giveaway on that initial visit. Having walked passed many times since, there has always been a sign, or at least a sense, of someon...
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Old Friends

The day the Louvre Museum was due to open I got online and got a ticket to wander around again. It was so great to be there once more. They limit the number of people who can enter so it wasn’t very crowded. The lobby. Mercury. A fovorite room. pretty statue. Winged Victory still in the same place. Ah, Mona! I rather like this one too. A few paintings that I like are moved or on loan I guess.
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An old-style Tokyo bicycle shop at opening time

Bicycles are an integral part of Tokyo life, and as such, there’s no shortage of bike shops. Some of them are large, others are quite fancy, but the vast majority remain old-style outfits run by similarly old men. Small, invariably cluttered places that are all interesting in their own way, but this one in particular reminded me of a quote from one of the best writers on Japan, the great, sadly late Alan Booth: “Isn’t it wonderful? It’s so ordinary.”
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The Seine

I love it when the Seine is smooth. The trees are now green. This blue is so striking. Pont Neuf. Saint Michel Fountain. Another nice view.
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14 of the best Hudson Valley Airbnbs including cozy cabins, whimsical tree houses, and even a train caboose

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb This summer, many New Yorkers are seeking a close-to-home vacation to enjoy the outdoors. We found Hudson Valley cabins, cottages, and barns in Beacon, Hudson, Rhinebeck, and other towns. All Hudson Valley Airbnbs are highly-rated with top-notch amenities and start under $450 per night. As travel resumes amid the pandemic, many city dwellers continue to seek nature-filled getaways while still pra...
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Paris Photos

There is some very nice weather right now so it was a pleasure to get out and and take photos. This guy uses his own face for his grafitti type art but this paint is new. The Orsay Museum should be open soon! As will the Louvre! Nautical art under a bridge. Going up an escalator from a metro stop into a beautiful day. Another post written several weeks sgo. The museums are indeed open now!
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An old lady in a much older Tokyo red light district

The area in the photos below is Tokyo’s Yoshiwara red light district. Well, officially the name isn’t in use anymore, but the same 17th century street layout still exists, as does the adult nature of the services on offer. Relocated to the current site in 1657, the area has endured earthquakes and fires, plus countless thousands of young women who worked there over the centuries suffered indenture, disease and very often an early death. Many in fact died before they reached their 30s, and the as...
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Paris Photos

A mix of photos, as usual. A favorite door on the street where I once lived. Further up on the building. The making of pain au chocolate. I guess this was a problem before confinement-people coming out of restaurants to smoke and talk loudly. I hope it will be a problem again soon-in a way. As long as I don’t live right above them. A colorful mural. A last shot of wisteria. I’ll be looking for roses next. I wrote up this post a month ago so, as far as...
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Kindred Spirits

  Thank you for responding by email and comments to my question. Your response was exactly what I thought, the majority of you who read my blog do not follow Instagram nor FB.  There is a community here that I adore and that keeps me sane. "What "sane" did she say?" Yes, you keep me sane. The other day I was telling a friend, "... one of the reasons I blog is to help me see things in a light, a loving light which does not come naturally for me. First, I grump, I express without filter and proc...
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Abandoned old Tokyo and canned coffee eye-contact

This old, slowly collapsing hairdressers has fascinated me for a long time, and these first two photos were taken just over three years ago. Then, when passing last week, I was incredibly pleased to see the fella below sat outside having a quick canned coffee break. Photographs that further document the deterioration, as well as proving that excited responses aren’t always reciprocal.
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Ah, Spring in Paris. It’s so nice to look at the flowers. Wisteria of course. Closeup. It looks good even as it’s fading. Roses for sale at a market. Tulips too. Vegetables were seen.
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Spiced Grilled Corn – Indian-style (Bhutta)

It’s been a hot minute since I popped in here and shared. And boy, do I have news to share! If you follow me on my social media like Instagram and Facebook, then you probably already know what I’m about to say. If not, then why? Jokes apart, let me start off by offering you... The post Spiced Grilled Corn – Indian-style (Bhutta) appeared first on Hooked on Heat.
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Bruges, Belgium

Bruges (or Bruges if you are French) is a lovely place lost in time. It was once properous with a very busy port until the water filled with silt and all of the business moved to Antwerp. I could be wrong, but I think it kept Brugge unchanged in many ways. In any case, I really enjoyed visiting it. The Grand Place with horse and carriages await. Really ancient and beautiful architecture. Mary holding an ink pot and baby Jesus with a pen and scroll. He was of course brilliant a...
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Outback camel trek: one woman’s 5,000km journey across Australia

After working with camels for five years, 32-year-old Sophie Matterson decided to embark on an epic trek across Australia, with nothing but the animals she had come to love for company. She trained five of them to carry her provisions before beginning a 5,000km coast-to-coast walk from Australia’s western-most point in Shark Bay, Western Australia, to the eastern-most point in Byron Bay, New South Wales Continue reading...
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Old and long-abandoned Japanese televisions

Televisions remain an ever-present feature in the home and hotel room, but just like viewing habits, designs have changed enormously, and the TV sets below are a nice reminder of just how dramatic those changes have been. Taken over the space of 10 years or so, they were all shot in a variety of abandoned buildings, and while some are clearly more modern than others, all of them hark back to an era when millions of people sat, at set times, to watch specific programmes. ...
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16 Tips to Become an Influencer

Social media influencers are all the rage right now. Brands want to collaborate with them in order to expand their reach and drive conversions. The followers of influencers, on the other hand, look forward to expert advice and recommendation from them. Are you wondering how to become one yourself? With the popularity of influencer marketing, it is only natural that people are becoming increasingly curious about how to become an influencer. Here are 16 tips to be followed in order to mak...
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An old Tokyo office interior that’s now freshly laid tarmac

The fella below and his family before him used this wonderfully cluttered little office to run their business selling nuts and bolts. A small, but seemingly busy operation that had already been trading for about 80 years when I took this photo back in 2017. Four years on and it’s still going strong — the only difference being the man now works from a tiny desk squeezed into his storeroom down the street below. A space that does seem functional, but at the same time it’s a world away from the...
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An old and incredibly ramshackle Tokyo shop

Walking towards the shop below, it seemed like the owner was loading his van for a delivery, and just as I got within a few metres, he drove off down the street leaving everything as it is in the photos. A temporarily unattended business that looks every bit like it was abandoned years ago.
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Tokyo Racecourse photographed in a very different time

The photograph below was taken just shy of 7 years ago — a day when 130,000 spectators squeezed into Tokyo Racecourse for the Japan Derby. Not that long ago really, and yet in the current climate it almost looks like another world. All those people, hardly any masks, and, pandemic comparisons aside, an almost complete absence of smartphones. 2014, it turns out, wasn’t half bad, and perhaps appropriately, the winner that year was One and Only.
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Marcella the Cheesemonger

SAVE THE DATE! Please join me for my live, Facebook Fabulous Food Tour on the Rue des Martyrs on Wednesday, May 19 10am EST (east coast time), 9am Midwest time, 7am, West coast time, and 4pm Paris time. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.  Despite a few misgivings about Facebook in regard to some of their practices and policies, I still think their initial idea of connecting people is a fantastic idea. While I have connected with many long-lost friends and high school classmates, I have ma...
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From London to Beijing on the old Silk Road – a photo essay

Taken on a 25,000-mile trip across 16 countries, these images capture cities, landscapes and people along the trading route – and the pre-Covid freedom of cross-border travelI set off on my dream journey from London to Beijing in the halcyon days of 2019. It’s a trip that seems unimaginable today. Travelling overland, I wanted to experience the transitions between cultures, to understand more about what connects us. I was also interested to see the legacy of exchange along the Silk Road trade ro...
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Another Garden

Once again a photo on Instagram sent me to a new place, this time Parc Georges Brassens. I took a new electric bus. This arc at the entrance is what caught my eye on Instagram. The cherry tree beyond it was starting to lose its blooms and men were making huge piles of them. A closeup. Another entrance, this time with bulls. The flowers were fabulous.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Instagram, Paris, Flowers, Arch, Entrance, Parc George Brassens, Parc Georges Brassens

An old school Tokyo bus stop trio

This time last year I did a short series on suburban bus stops and their sometimes comically eclectic seats. A set of photos that was deliberately devoid of people as the emptiness seemed to somehow suit the surroundings. The old Tokyo bus stop below, on the other hand, has always felt like it needed the right person, or indeed the right people, to really do it justice — something that had never quite happened until I fortuitously happened upon these three fellas last week. A trio who for me at...
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A faded and atmospheric old Japanese village

Old and long-abandoned Japanese villages are hard to top when it comes to looks and character, but this wonderfully faded and atmospheric little mountain settlement more than holds its own. Slowly deteriorating signs for souvenirs and refreshments point towards better, and previously busier times, yet just like so many of Japan’s old resort towns and crumbling day-trip destinations, they are now little more than dying reminders of a very different past. The clearly visible decline unsurprisingl...
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While It’s There

In Spring I have learned to quickly get to places where there are Spring flowers or blossoming trees or they will either be faded or gone. Unlike green leaves, or autumn leaves, they are quickly gone. I saw a photo of some wisteria not too far from my apartment and quickly went the next day. The blooms were indeed looking a little sickly and starting to fade. These were on a strret appropiately called rue des Glycines (wisteria) They totaly covered the wall of a house. I’ve read tha...
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"Paper architecture has often had a real utopian or critical underlying agenda to it... [It] was often explicitly anti-capitalist, and emphasized the possibilities of a post-revolutionary society."

"Today’s C.G.I. interiors, on the other hand, offer a fantasy of individual consumption and relaxation, but suggest a certain amount of political indifference. 'This seems like there’s no plan, no societal vision, no critique....Taking a historical view, to have anything appropriating fictional utopian architecture with no utopian vision is a bit depressing.' The earlier part of the twenty-tens saw an explosion of 'cabin porn' on Tumblr: a nostalgic, earthy aesthetic of Obama-era hipster America...
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Montmartre Photos

I spent another lovely Spring day in the sunshine this time in Montmarte. This guy, a longtime resident of Montmarte, caught my eye with his yellow beret. A pretty rain guard over a door. I found some more wisteria. A statue based on a French story called, The Man Who Walked Trough Walls. A view of Sacre Coeur. The Maison Rose, seen everywhere on Instagram. A cute dog possesive of his green ball. Also seen all over Instagram. Hopefully, it wi...
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Tokyo architectural textures, colour and coordination

The older residents of older parts of Tokyo are generally what make such areas so interesting, but the similarly ageing architecture also plays its part, and when it comes to textures and colour, this garage most definitely takes some beating. A building so fantastic in fact that locals appear willing to colour coordinate accordingly.
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