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To stage or not to stage in travel photography

With the recent polemics surrounding a certain image that won a photography competition this week, I feel like we need to talk about travel photography. About people photography, in our case. And to set up boundaries as to what’s acceptable in both cases. Honestly, in my opinion, it’s a matter of common sense – but it seems that’s […] The post To stage or not to stage in travel photography appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Inspiration, Ethics, Etienne Bossot, Staged, Travel, Travel Photographer, Travel Photography

Facebook agrees to remove multiple targeting options for housing, employment, and credit card ads in the US

Facebook will now remove ad targeting via age, gender and zip code for housing, employment, and credit card ads (HEC ads) as part of its settlement with American civil rights groups. ‘Multicultural affinity’ targeting and any other targeting option relating to protected groups will be... ...
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Tokyo urban oranges

Tokyo oranges that have a distinctly urban flavour.
Tags: Photography

22 photos from Alberta’s Canadian Rockies we can’t stop looking at

With summer road trip season fast approaching, we’re re-publishing the post from a few years ago. In our completely biased opinion, there is no better place for a road trip than the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia. These photos are the proof.  Photos from Alberta’s Canadian Rockies We’re still beaming from our road trip through the Canadian Rockies last summer. The pristine natural landscapes of Jasper and Banff National Parks are some of the most spectacular on the planet...
Tags: Adventures, Alberta, Canada, Hiking, National Park, Photography, Trip Ideas, World Attractions, Banff, Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies, Jasper, Jasper National Park

PHOTO: Leaves of the Borneo Giant Upright Elephant Ear

The island of Borneo, located just south of the tip of mainland Malaysia, is a natural wonderland. Most visitors come to dive or see the island’s unique wildlife, but the flora has a lot to offer too. During my stay at Sepiilok Nature Resort in the Malaysian State of Sabah, I spent one afternoon exploring the boardwalks that border the lake and marshes around the resort. One of my finds were enormous leaves of this Borneo Giant Elephant Ear that stood taller than me. They rippled in the... The p...
Tags: Travel, Daily Photo, Photography, Culture, Malaysia, Sabah, Borneo, Cultural Travel, Sandakan, Elephant Ear

Instagram marks e-commerce debut with new ‘checkout’ button for US users

Instagram on Tuesday debuted a new ‘checkout’ button that will let users buy products tagged for sale without leaving the platform. It is the photo and video sharing platform’s first foray into e-commerce. For now, the feature is limited to users in the US who use the beta version of the app, and... ...
Tags: Travel, Ecommerce, News, Instagram, Shopping, US, E-commerce, Digital Payments

Some friendly sorts met during my travels...

Some colorful ninjas hanging out at the toll road rest stop in Kusatsu, Shiga... Nana-chan ningyo at the Meitetsu Bus Center in Nagoya... Some tanuki ninjas at the toll road rest stop in Tsuchiyama, Shiga... P.S. If you haven't been to a toll road rest stop in Japan, you are missing out (as they are nothing like the smelly, dirty, dangerous rest stops you might find on American highways)... [Author: [email protected] (visual gonthros)]
Tags: Photo Essay, Photography, Rest Stops, Travel

A unique old clothes shop on a shuttered Japanese high street

Away from Japan’s big cities, the combination of a shrinking population and urban migration are having a visibly devastating effect. Once thriving towns are now all too often little more than sad reminders of the past, with shops shuttered up and former essentials such as train services slowly disappearing. A phenomenon I documented just recently in this photo essay: Looking for the lost. Of course not everything closes, and life does go on for the generally older residents who remain, meaning a...
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Week 15: Viva Las Vegas Baby!

We weren’t intending on visiting Vegas on our America Unplugged road trip. Our intention on  this trip is to go beyond the main tourist destinations that everyone knows, and strangely, wants to visit. But, since we were close by, and our Australian readers insist on incorporating Vegas into their travel plans, we decided why not? I wasn’t expecting to have a great time – I mean how long can you spend looking at casinos before you get bored? But, I arrived intending to have a great time and see V...
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Huge, Hello Kitty-related urban art

Due to its very nature, urban art isn’t destined to last. Demolition, wilful damage or simply time all too often eradicate what once entertained. A few of my favourite pieces in Tokyo were this tiny Audrey Hepburn stencil, and these kimono and seppuku inspired works. All of which are now sadly long gone. That said, the odd one or two do manage to survive. Astro Boy continues to blast off in Shibuya, and this huge, Hello Kitty-related street painting remains intact to resolutely stare back. ...
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo, Shibuya, Huge Hello Kitty

Where to eat at London Heathrow

London’s Heathrow International Airport is built for the hungry. Heathrow’s restaurants range from classy to quick to pub. Heavy emphasis on “pub.” Like London itself, you can find pubs with traditional English bar food and beer everywhere you look in Heathrow. Which is fine and dandy, but there are also a number of high-end restaurants with fast or slow service if you’re looking for something a little different. These are the best restaurants and bars in every terminal of Heathrow Internatio...
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Understanding Instagram’s founding story and more from SXSW

Each week, Extra Crunch members have access to conference calls moderated by the TechCrunch writers you read every day. This week, in addition to Zack Whittaker’s discussion about a complicated university grade-hacking case, Josh Constine reported from Austin where he attended SXSW. While at SXSW, he interviewed the founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. They discussed autonomy within Facebook after the acquisition, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to break up big tech and earl...
Tags: Travel, TC, Facebook, Instagram, Austin, Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger, Sxsw, Sen Elizabeth Warren, Josh Constine, Constine, Zack Whittaker, Clearbanc, Ever Loved, Extra Crunch Conference Calls

Facebook loses head of product Chris Cox and WhatsApp chief Chris Daniels

Two of Facebook’s top executives – head of product Chrix Co and WhatsApp chief Chris Daniels are leaving the company after disagreements with Mark Zuckerberg over the company’s future direction. Differences over new single integrated privacy focused platform: The departures... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, News, Instagram, Internet, Social Media, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Chris Cox, Chris Daniels, Industry Moves, Chrix Co

Facebook signs music licensing deals with T-Series, Zee Music and Yash Raj Films

Facebook has partnered with T-Series Music, Zee Music Company and Yash Raj Films to let its users share music through videos, messages and stories on Facebook and Instagram, reports Mint. Note that Facebook signed a ‘multi-year’ (unspecified) deal with Universal Music Group to license its recorded... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, Facebook, Music, News, Instagram, Internet, Streaming, Universal Music Group, Yash Raj Films, T Series Music Zee Music Company

Flight Review: El Al Business Class (787-9) From New York to Tel Aviv

I have long been fascinated by El Al. Since they became a Qantas codeshare partner in 2017, I have wanted to experience the Israeli national airline. Long had I heard that El Al’s long-haul staples – the trusty Boeing 777-200ER – were not as fresh and comfortable as rivals flying on similar routes. But when El Al took delivery of their first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in 2017, I was set determined to experience their long-haul product. It only took me two-years! (NB: This photo taken of similar p...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, Hong Kong, Europe, Business, Usa, New York, Instagram, Scotland, New York City, Israel, US, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Flying, New Jersey

A slightly odd, elderly lady in old Tokyo

Despite living in the west of Tokyo, it’s the city’s eastern neighbourhoods that really fascinate me. They are older, more traditional areas that hark back to a different era, a different way of life, and in many ways, a very different Tokyo indeed.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Tokyo

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Go Down

Facebook was down for 22 hours yesterday, and its sister apps Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger also saw extensive outages. It was unusual in the sense that the four applications are each distinct codebases, but perhaps not suprising as all four share the same massive infrastructure. The joke is that global worker productivity shoots up whenever Facebook goes down, and you would think that Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger are nothing more than distractions in our increasingly digi...
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It’s 2019! – These are the Upcoming Destinations & Travel Trends

The travel landscape is changing dramatically each year. Having moved online, there are seemingly unlimited endless to make travel easier and more accessible all over the world. Ideas such as Airbnb, Uber, Get Your Guide and even Instagram have bridged information and communication gaps, reaching global audiences. Old-school travel methods such as travel agents replaced by more interactive platforms, giving travelers greater power of choice, as well as the ability to make live inquiries and b...
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Periscope cracks on inauthentic behavior including fake hearts, follows, chats and more

Twitter’s video streaming app, Periscope, is cracking down on spam and, specifically, fake engagements. The company says it’s updating its policies around how it enforces its anti-spam rules, and is making improvements in terms of how those rules are enforced. This means users will see increased enforcement actions, Periscope notes – and these may even take place on “high-profile” accounts. The app has had struggled for some time to get a handle on spam and other bad behavior. For example, in 20...
Tags: Travel, Social, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Spam, Fake, Periscope, Spamming, Social Media Platforms

Tokyo gamblers between races

In the downtime between each race, the trusty comforts of Tokyo’s committed gamblers are the same, simple staples enjoyed the world over, namely cheap booze. And a steady supply of tobacco.
Tags: Travel, Photography, Food And Drink, Tokyo

Get paid to travel the world

If you’re looking to cross a ton of unforgettable destinations and experiences off your bucket list, this opportunity from Busabout is probably the most efficient way to do it. The travel company is looking for six individuals to travel with it this year, share their experience on their social channels, and get paid for it. The program is billed as an “experiment” designed to prove that being flexible and spontaneous leads to better travel experiences. And no, the company is not joking when i...
Tags: Travel, Instagram, US, All, Travel Jobs, Busabout, Paid To Travel

Financial Case Study: Hannah and Chad, Wall Street Minimalist

This post Financial Case Study: Hannah and Chad, Wall Street Minimalist appeared first on The Professional Hobo. Hannah and Chad Janis quit their finance jobs in NYC after earning more than two million credit card points in the course of one year. They booked round-the-world business class tickets for nearly free and they help others book free flights by sharing their travel hacks and secrets via their website Wall Street Minimalist ,   Instagram account, and YouTube channel. Their story ha...
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I have been up to Northern Arizona to spend time with my Mom in her rehab facility. They are working on getting her strong enough to get up and walk on her own. She wasn’t much of a walker before her incident but she could get around fairly well. Mom’s spirits are pretty good and she likes to make the staff laugh. Some of the patients there seem pretty much out of it which makes Mom the star. I knew she was doing better when I arrived and she had put on makeup. She still has some mental issues ...
Tags: Travel, Photos, California, Paris, Arizona, Mom, Prescott, Northern Arizona

Salary man suit, shades and the sun

Not your average Japanese salary man, and definitely not your average light.
Tags: Travel, Photography

Week 14: Relaxing at Stunning Lake Mead, Nevada

This week was all about taking it slow and enjoying the stunning lakeside views and desert landscape from our campsite. I was happy to hear the coyotes howl at night as we sat around the campfire – finally a place we can have one again. Lake Mead RV Village I had time to set up a new homeschooling routine for the girls, catch up on work and exercise. We were able to use this time also to run a few errands – put Kalyra’s broken camera into Best Buy for repair. Thankfully I bought the protecti...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, Utah, Usa, Instagram, US, San Francisco, Facebook Messenger, Chromebook, Arizona, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Nevada, Hoover, Vegas, Family Travel

Barbie hotel room Mexico City

If Barbie were real , is there any question if she’d be an Instagram influencer? She absolutely would be. And though somehow Mattel hasn’t put out Influencer Barbie just yet, a new hotel suite in Mexico gets us pretty close. Starting this week and running through December, the Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe is offering guests a chance to spend the night in its pink-tacular Barbie Glamping Experience, a customized suite that duplicates the great outdoors as only a woman made of plastic can. “Glamp...
Tags: Travel, Instagram, Mexico, Hotels, Mexico City, Hilton, Barbie, All, Mattel, Korngold, Colgate, Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe, Andres Korngold, Brangelina `` Barbie

Paris’ Rue Cremieux is Insta-famous

Paris is one of the world’s most Instagrammable cities and Parisians are sick of it. One colorful, cobbled street in particular, the Rue Crémieux in the 12th arrondissement, has become especially popular. Those who live on the street aren’t exactly thrilled, however, to constantly find themselves in the backdrop of tourist photos whenever they walk out of their doors or worse, have Instagrammers posing on their stoop or against their windows. Residents are calling for the city council to rest...
Tags: Travel, Instagram, BBC News, Paris, New Zealand, All, France Info, Instagrammers, rue Cremieux, Roy 's Peak, Nathalie Roch, PST Travel, Kris Morton

18 Amazing Things to do in Tucson, Arizona with kids or without!

Tucson, Arizona is a big little city. Although it’s spread out with over 1 million people, it still has that feel of a small town with a laid-back atmosphere. Tucson is a college town, being the home to The University of Arizona, and a snowbird destination in the winter months due to its legendary year-round sunshine. But it’s stunning natural landscapes, foodie scene, and arts and culture attracts travelers from all walks of life, even families like us! Tucson AZ is famous for its dramatic bea...
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Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Google, Amazon and Facebook

The influential Massachusetts Senator and Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has been a longtime critic of the consolidation of economic power by Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Now she’s making their break-up a key component of her Presidential platform. Warren has just released her plan for breaking up big tech, in what seems like a watershed moment for a Democratic nominee. Since Al Gore famously (infamously?) “invented the internet”, Democratic candidates have turned away from seri...
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