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Autumn Color

I love the gold tones of Autumn. Here are some photos I’ve taken through the years. Reflection in a pond with the fish looking like leaves. I think this was in the Marais. This one was in Provence. Pere Lachaise Cemetery. The Medici Fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens. Reflection on the street after a rain.
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Aaron Rodgers after Drew Brees' comments: Protests have never been about anthem or flag

NFL Packers American Football Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers called for solidarity and change amid protests over George Floyd's death, adding that on-field demonstrations by NFL players in recent years have "never been about an anthem or flag." Floyd, a 46-year-old ...
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Transporting the elderly by bicycle in Tokyo

The use of child seat equipped bicycles is . A similar, albeit more improvised approach for transporting the elderly, on the other hand, isn’t anywhere near as common. And yet seeing these two chat away as they wound their way through the streets made me think that maybe it should be.
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Behold the Photographs of John Thomson, the First Western Photographer to Travel Widely Through China (1870s)

In the early 1860s, a few Westerners had seen China — but nearly all of them had seen it for themselves. The still-new medium of photography had yet to make images of everywhere available to viewers everywhere else, which meant an opportunity for traveling practitioners like John Thomson. “The son of a tobacco spinner and shopkeeper,” says, ” he was apprenticed to an Edinburgh optical and scientific instrument manufacturer where he learned the basics of photography.” In 1862 Thomson sa...
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The Eiffel Tower was lit up in pink for Breast Cancer awareness. I saw photos, did a little research and foolishly thought it would be pink the whole month of October. I was wrong. I did get some night photos, just not in pink. Included are some day photos when I had an appointment in the area. Here’s the moon crossing the Seine. The moon as I near Trocadero. Here she is along with quite a few people. Day time shot. There are doing a ton of renovation to it so I try to ...
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A half-century old Tokyo sweet shop, its elderly owner, and an ending

The owner of the shop below started the business when she was 40 years old. Back then, penny sweet shops would have been fairly common, but as out of place as it seems today, a lot of little kids still enjoy going in. This big kid liked dropping by too. Whether I went in alone, or with clients on photowalks, the warm welcome and ready smile were always the same. The only thing that really changed was the old lady’s age. It tended to vary. Sometimes she was 91 or 92, and on other days it was 93 o...
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Drinks in a dark and dingy Japanese alleyway

After months of continually extended states of emergency that mostly affected the nation’s bar and restaurant industry, restrictions have finally been relaxed, and life is once again a little bit more like it used to be. This may change of course as we head towards autumn, but for now at least, the option of enjoying an evening out is on again, and as my last outside drinks were on Christmas Day in the alleyway below (photos and audio here), it seemed entirely fitting that the first foray of 202...
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This and That

Just a few things I saw around Paris. These vases are a little too ornate for my taste but I still think they are beautiful. Butter and eggs are no longer sold here. I’m glad they kept the exterior. You can see by the sign on the top that it sells antiques like the two vases. I pass this bookstore quite often but have never seen it open. I stopped for a drink on a rainy day a few days ago. A Spritz cocktail never tastes as good here as it does in Italy. In...
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Outside the Garden

After a visit to the Medici Fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens I made a visit to the nearby Red Wheelbarrow bookstore. I try not to buy books as I am busy trying to pare down my book collection but, what the heck, I bought two. I will give them to friends when I’m finished. Nearby is the charming 13, owned by a Southern American. I was going to sit inside but it was too noisy and hot so I sat outside under an umbrella and enjoyed the very nice day. My very good salad-spinach, grilled...
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Cornell Research: Social Listening to Create Bespoke Customer Experiences: Best Practices for Hospitality Operators

Social listening involves using the information customers post publicly to better personalize their experience. But distinguishing the messages that matter (and responding to them promptly and effectively) is not easy—with customers in the United States posting over 500 million tweets a day, and over 400 million uploads on Instagram—how can a company sift through this information to make a meaningful connection? In our paper, we describe the process Luxury Hotel Company X embarked on to h...
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A few months back I was in the Luxembourg Gardens and, as I always do, I wandered over to the Medici Fountain only to find it covered for some sort of renovation. I recently saw some photos showing that the work was finished so went back to see what was new. To tell the truth, it looked exactly the same. There was even green mold in the basin so I don’t know what they did. Still, it was nice to see. Autumn is underway. The flowers are still looking good. Here it is. Very drama...
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Drake calls Paul George scared on Instagram, deletes photo

NBA null null Basketball Paul George’s 39-point performance against the Raptors on Tuesday didn’t save him from getting dissed by Toronto’s favorite hip-hop star. Drake posted a ...
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A less than glamorous Tokyo red carpet at lunch time

With the lights, the drinks and the elaborately bouffanted hosts and hostesses, it was likely all very different the night before. In the decidedly less than forgiving light of lunch time the following day, however, the glamour had most definitely long gone.
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I think Paris has the best sunsets in the Autumn which has just begun. I like the light early and late in the day as well. Here are a few sunsets I saw in just a couple of days. Looking out my window. I wish I had been outside for this one. The hot air ballon (tethered) in Parc Andre Citroën and the back of the Statue of liberty in a soft sunset. Turning around to see the Eiffel Tower. A boat heading toward the Eiffel Tower which is sparkling but very hard to capture in...
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Food for the Soul

Some photos from the Grand Epecerie, the food hall of Bon Marché. A nice place for some ice tea. Nice looking fruit. I’m not a fan a raspberries but I love how they look. Where they sell seafood. There were tables there to eat as well if you wanted, say, fresh oysters. The desserts didn’t look bad either. Nearby is the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal. Although there is another chapel devoted to Saint Vincent de Paul, they have his heart here.
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Fernández shared baby news just days before his death

null null null Baseball With the death of José Fernández, the world lost more than...
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Scenery and sounds from the Japanese Alps on the cusp of autumn

Landscape photography isn’t something I generally do, but when recently out of the city with someone who does, it would have been silly not to try, and sillier still considering the scenery on display. Below then are my efforts, the results of which are very different from the usual photos seen on Tokyo Times. Basically the Japanese Alps basking in just about the last of the summer sun, along with the sounds and serenity of some rice fields in the valley below. document.createElement('...
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The Bon Marché department store is full of posh things for sale and very well dressed shoppers. Aren’t these cute? A little too stylish for me but I do admire them. The exterior of the section of Bon Marché called the Grande Epicerie, full of food items. They always have gorgeous art hanging from the ceiling in the main store. A closer look. The flowers were hand made by 200 women in South Africa. They were paid by the way.
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Shifting Gears

    I thought this vacation going to see Yann's family I would create a travel log of our road trip, add photos, tips, and places to see... addresses. I thought of the delightful fodder for my blog. I was looking forward to adding my photos -thoughts at the end of each day that would highlight the happy side.    Though the reality is this year has been heavy emotionally, and this vacation as lovely as it is finds me wanting space to let go and just be. I need a rest, I need time for my emotions ...
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A faded and covered old Tokyo shopping street

The first photograph was taken over 12 months ago. It was quiet then, and it clearly has been for many years — the one-time shopping element of the street having long since gone. Nowadays, it’s almost entirely dated little karaoke bars, and the faint warbling of the generally older men who frequent such establishments can usually be heard. Tokyo’s virus-related and seemingly endless state of emergencies, however, have sadly changed even that, as none of the places were open when I took the secon...
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Seen after an appointment. A lovely bistro for lunch. An especially lovely light fixture embellished with flowers. Seen from the bus. That is not a hat but his dyed hair. A beautiful sunrise from my apartment. Those are Notre Dame and Saint Sulpice in the sun’s rays.
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Paris Photos

I got out and met a friend the other day here in Paris. Here are a few photos that I took. I don’t know if this bench is meant to look like a flying carpet or not, but it did to me. A very common sight around Paris in front of restaurants. A door across the way. I need to come back one evening and get a photo with that blue neon light over the door making everything interesting. These look yummy. Meringue balls inside a dough of some sort, then rolled in nuts. Ru...
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The empty plots and exposed buildings of disappearing old Tokyo

Over the last year and a half or so, I’ve been putting together before and after photos of traditional old Tokyo homes, bars and little businesses that have sadly been demolished. Places full of stories that have now gone forever, plus in most cases the end result is like the buildings never even existed at all. All that said, such changes aren’t unusual, and it’s probably fair to say that one shouldn’t get overly sentimental, but of late, the pace of destruction does seem to have quickened. The...
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Archives 3

More photos from the past on my blog. The reflection of the tower at Bastille in the opera house. Paris is starting to look like this again but with even more tables outside. The fountain at Place Daumesnil. Napoleon’s tomb.
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‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ Peddle Bogus COVID

How ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ Sold Access to Bogus COVID-19 Treatments—and Left Patients in the Lurch How ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ Sold Access to Bogus COVID-19 Treatments—and Left Patients in the Lurch Mike says he was struggling with COVID-19 when he felt his breathing getting worse. He did not want to go to the Veterans Affairs hospital near his home, where he believed doctors might put him on a ventilator. And he knew they would not prescribe the treatment he really wanted: a drug ...
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Old and modern Tokyo together

A small glimpse of how Tokyo was, and increasingly how so much of it now is. Something I couldn’t help but marvel at — the colours, the corrugated panels, and of course the contrast. Having seen it all and more before, however, the owner of the house was clearly happy to just enjoy the growth of her potted plants rather than worry about the similarly spreading concrete that surrounds them.
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Archives 4

Photos from my past blog postings. This lady in the Normandy headdress was in a parade up on Montmartre. I just like the expression on her face. The staircase-there was no elevator-in the very first apartment I lived in in Paris. This used to be on the side of the Cabaret Lapin Agile on Montmartre but they painted over it. I saw these two nude many walking around Montmartre many years ago. They were promoting nudity. It’s not lawful if you wondered. The lady with the ca...
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Scenes from Japanese summers past

With the heat of the last few months now finally losing its intensity, here are some photos from Japanese summers past. Hot and humid days that were different in so many ways, and yet ultimately perhaps not that different at all.
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Dramatic video footage shows a couple being aggressive towards JetBlue flight attendants, then threatening to sue over mask dispute

A husband and wife were kicked off a JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego. Getty Images JetBlue banned a couple from flying with the airline for failing to wear masks properly. Video of the incident shows the unnamed couple causing a ruckus on a Fort Lauderdale to San Diego flight. In the clip, the woman threatens to sue JetBlue. See more stories on Insider's business page. JetBlue banned a husband and wife from flying with the airline after refusing to wear face masks prop...
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