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Social Media Organic Reach 2021: Who Actually Sees Your Content

How much value do you currently place on your organic content strategy? What was once the sole focus of social media marketing has nearly become an afterthought as businesses allocate more and more of their budgets into social media advertising. And who can blame them when the networks have forced everyone into a “pay-to-play” world and regularly adjust their algorithms to downplay organic reach. Within the following post, we’re breaking down insights and best practices based on our recent...
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Social Media Trends You Need to Know in 2021

if (typeof BingeIframeRan === "undefined") { window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false); function receiveMessage(event) { try { var parsed = JSON.parse( if (parsed.context === "iframe.resize") { var iframes = document.getElementsByClassName("binge-iframe"); for (let i = 0; i It’s that time of year again — time to review the social med...
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Get in the game: Brands need to pay attention to the Among Us phenomenon

Among Us became Autumn’s biggest meme and one of the most talked-about games in the industry. Our Senior Research & Insight Executive Saad Abukhadra and Senior Editor Brett Phipps explain what it’s all about, and how brands can get involved. Among Us is, quite literally, among us. The prevalence of the indie smash is such that it’s now reached the corridors of US politics. Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has not only jumped on the hype train, but started her own Twitch channel to stre...
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As it awaits its US fate, TikTok rolls out new marketing tools and Stitch to let users sample other videos

There’s a big question mark hanging over the future of TikTok right now, in the form of what exactly will happen to its U.S. business come September 20, when President Trump said he plans to shut down the Chinese-owned app over security concerns. But in the meantime, it seems to be business as usual for the app. Today, TikTok — which has 100 million users in the U.S. — announced a slate of marketing partners to help brands create and measure the impact of campaigns on the app, and a little la...
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As it awaits its US fate, TikTok doubles down on its revenue funnel with marketing partners

There’s a big question mark hanging over the future of TikTok right now, in the form of what exactly will happen to its US business come September 20, when President Trump said he plans to shut down the Chinese-owned app over security concerns. But in the meantime, it seems to be business as usual for the app. Today, TikTok — which has 100 million users in the US — announced a slate of marketing partners to help brands create and measure the impact of campaigns on the app. The company, owned ...
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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tweakup #43

Ecommerce features expanded on Facebook and Instagram Facebook has announced a number of new ecommerce features for both the main Facebook app and Instagram. They include a new section called Facebook Shop (currently being tested in the US) where users will be able to can find products from a variety of different businesses. For Instagram, the company has also been testing a live shopping experience called Instagram Live Shopping, where businesses can show off products in a live video. This shou...
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The Role of Social Media on the Path to Re-opening

As states and cities across the country  plan  for re-opening  and lockdowns start to lift in different regions ,  a  brand’s social media pages should act as an anchor to communicate with consumers   as their physical locations open back up for business amidst the pandemic. In fact, consumers normally visit social media looking for this type of information –  more than half of US adults  turn to social media for the latest news, and the  majority Gen Z shoppers  want brands and ret...
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What Twitter’s #SafeHandsChallenge is teaching marketers

UGC campaigns can be hard to crack, but when done well can offer major value in driving advocacy across categories.  With social conversation and consumption at an all-time high, it takes a lot to break through the online clutter—but something did: the #SafeHandsChallenge. It is a partnership between Twitter and the World Health Organization (WHO) and aims to educate the general public through social content around how to properly wash your hands. As a platform that is at the center of news, e...
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The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories for Brand Marketers

It’s no question that Instagram Stories have become a major component of every brand’s social media marketing strategy. Since launching in 2016, this singular feature of Instagram not only garners the attention of over but 25% of Millennials and Gen Z users leverage Stories for product consideration, making it a very powerful business tool for brand marketers to leverage. As a social media agency, we strategize, create, monitor, and analyze Instagram Stories for many of our clients. So whet...
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4 Visual Strategies To Bring Your Marketing Efforts To Life

Why is visual marketing important as a part of your overall small business marketing strategy? The answer is simple: images and videos are proven to be more appealing and engaging than any other marketing material.  People retain more information when they see it in action instead of reading or hearing about it. That is why have already incorporated visual assets in social media marketing campaigns. The fact of the matter is that our brains engage far easily with stories than just ...
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How to Use Instagram to Generate Leads for Your Small Ecommerce Brand

Have you ever considered Instagram as anything more than a brand building platform? Here is how you can use it to generate leads and drive more sales. Instagram is not just for posting beautiful sunset and creative lunch photos. It’s a great lead generation platform with over 1 billion active users every single month. 90% of them follow a business on Instagram. Facebook conducted a survey of Instagram users. They found that people use this visual platform to research products and services, disc...
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Building Brand Loyalty In 2020

Brand loyalty is a true benchmark of how successful a business and customer relationship is. Do you have the type of customer than comes back, again and again, to buy direct from you? If not, you could be missing out on a large portion of your sales and profits. When you think about even a 2 percent increase in customer retention can reduce costs by as much as 10 percent, building up your brand loyalty starts to make a lot of sense. We’ll show you some modern techniques successful companies are ...
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Social Media is the Top Way Small Businesses Get Customers Over Holiday Shopping Season

Shoppers love to buy things on holidays. So there is no surprise that Cyber Monday 2019 was the biggest day ever for third-party Amazon sellers. If you also want to leverage the holiday season to grow your sales, you should amp up your social media marketing strategies. According to a recent survey from Software Advice, social media is the top and most-used channel for businesses to reach customers for holiday promotions. The survey also states that giving discounts is the most preferred strate...
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How to Grow an Instagram Profile with User-Generated Content

User-generated content has proved to be a very valuable resource for many brands. It has delivered incredible results when it comes to Instagram for its visual nature. UGC makes Instagram profiles more believable and accessible to new users. Using UGC for growing your Instagram profile can be a great idea for quick and effective results. What is User-Generated Content (UGC)? When a user shares any form of content in favor of a brand on social media with their own will and without any mone...
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Our 10 Most Popular Social Media Podcast Episodes of 2019

With holiday travel just around the corner, it is the perfect time to catch up on the most popular episodes of our Social Pros podcast that you may have missed. Based on data from Libsyn, our podcast hosting solution, here are the top 10 most popular episodes for 2019 of Social Pros, our social media podcast. What Seth Godin Thinks About the State of Social Media Seth Godin (no intro needed) joined Social Pros to discuss the state of social marketing and the importance of consistency. This is...
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Kylie Jenner’s “Rise & Shine” Moment Proves the Power of Social Commerce & Audio

This past weekend, Kylie Jenner had the Internet bopping in unison to an unexpected “chart-topper.” The reality TV star uttered three simple words in her best falsetto, “Rise and Shine” to her and Travis Scott’s 20-month old daughter Stormi Webster… and the Internet did its thing. “Rise & Shine” dominated meme culture, was embraced by Hollywood A-Listers like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, found itself remixed by DJs worldwide, spawned a trending challenge on TikTok, and racked up over 12 milli...
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How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

“How can I increase engagement on Instagram?” is a question we receive frequently from our clients. There was a time (long, long ago) when all you had to do on Instagram was post a half-decent photo with a short, preferably funny caption and that was it. Nowadays, if you want to generate engagement and be classed as an “influencer,” you’ve got to sharpen your game and make sure every post provides value to someone, somehow. Recently, David “Rev” Ciancio joined the Social Pros podcast to chat ab...
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Customer Reviews Are The New Content Marketing

   Content marketing and customer reviews have historically been thought of as very different. Content marketing is largely pre-purchase and focuses on education and persuasion (sometimes, entertainment). Customer reviews are, by definition, post-purchase and focus on customer experience. But as Mark Schaefer points out in Marketing Rebellion, large swaths of potential customers aren’t reachable by companies in any meaningful way — with content or by any other means — but t...
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How Beauty Brands Use Content to Combat Price Concerns

Traditionally, the only indicator for the level of quality of a health or cosmetic item was price. If something has a higher price tag, it must have better results. Social media completely upended this philosophy in the beauty industry, giving more power and information to consumers than ever before. With the abundance of user-generated content, customer reviews, and how-to videos, it’s easier than ever for shoppers to justify the price of products, or find cheaper—just as good of quality—altern...
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Recap of the Copyright Office’s Section 512 Study Roundtable

On Monday, I participated in a Copyright Office roundtable regarding their long-delayed report on Section 512. The roundtable was intended to update the study’s record from 2017, when progress stalled on the report. Thus, the topic nominally was to discuss how the law, especially the caselaw, had changed in the intervening years. In fact, 512 caselaw has noticeably slowed down since 2017, so there are only a handful of cases to discuss, and they reached messy results. Some cases since Jan. 1, 20...
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13 Social Media Trends To Watch Out for in 2019

Last week, I finally concluded my latest thought series of UK seminars in Birmingham after starting way back in January. These seminars were helping to share my thoughts and educate a few marketers and content creators along the way about the latest trends I have noticed emerging. Although they are hugely tiring to write from scratch, I do like to get out and meet people and stay on top of the latest developments in social, and in the last twelve months there have been some fascinating b...
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Beauty Shoppers Spend 80% of Their Time in This Crucial Phase of the Buying Process

Which verticals do you think consumers spend the most time researching products? Fashion? Beauty? Technology? Your first guess might be fashion or technology. Fashion consumers need to determine if something is the right fit and size, technology consumers dive deep into the quality of products and how the features align with their needs. But this is an article about the beauty industry, so of course, the answer must be beauty. Beauty consumers spend 80% of their buying process in the research ph...
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Making the Most out of Your Instagram Stories

Stories have become a major part of Instagram, receiving millions of views daily. If your brand is active on the platform it’s important to take advantage of this space, since it presents a huge opportunity to be discovered by audiences both new and old. With so many eyeballs on this content, it’s important to use Instagram best practices in this area of the platform along with the posts you add to your page. If you need help figuring out what works best, these 9 tips will lead you in the right ...
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Social Media is Dying. Here are 3 Ways to Hack it for More Traffic

According to a recent study by Buzzsumo, it’s not looking too good for Sharing your content on social is down 50% in effectiveness in just three years.  What worked a few years ago is a waste of time today.  Don’t get me wrong, billions of people still use social media. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. But the traditional methods of sharing and promoting are dying hard and fast.  Thankfully, I’ve got three ways you can hack it for more traffic, shares, and engagement to...
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7 Best Practices For Using User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is near the top of everybody’s “best contenting marketing tactics” list. And for good reason: When done correctly, you engage your target market and collect content at little cost to your organization. Image credit: Used with permission: 7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2019 [Infographic] For businesses, nothing is more authentic than a customer taking time out of their day to share a thought or feeling. Positive user reviews, in whatever form they take, ar...
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Top Flavored Water Brands on Social Media

I think you’d be lying if you said you haven’t at least tried some type of flavored water. (I’m currently obsessed.) It’s pretty much become the new “thing” as people across the world declare their favorite brands, tweet pictures and even buy bathing suits to show their support. Just like sports teams and fast food chains, sparkling and flavored water brands have been using social media channels to bring the popular drink to their thirsty customers. From La Croix and hint to Bubly, here are a fe...
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How travel brands can get more from social media

In this post, GlobalWebIndex‘s Strategic Insights Analyst, Olivia Valentine investigates the way social media impacts consumer choices when it comes to booking holidays, and how travel brands can make the most of their social media presence to engage audiences online. With millions of holiday-goers willing to share holiday snaps and travel experiences online, social media has become a holiday browsing hotspot and commentary hive to inspire travellers globally. With around 8 in 10 social media vi...
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Our Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2018

How are you celebrating the New Year? By catching up on these popular posts from our blog, I hope. Back by popular demand, these are the most popular posts of the year, voted by you, trusty visitors and readers. Big thank you to our contributors, including Jessica Gioglio, Kayla Matthews, Barry Feldman, and Shane Barker, for sharing their insights on the best marketing advice of the year. 13 Critical Podcast Statistics of 2018 If you’re a content marketer, you already know how crazy people a...
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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Ephemeral Content in Your Strategy

The world of social media marketing is buzzing with its hottest word – “ephemeral content”. Also referred to as temporary content because it lasts for 24 hours before vanishing from the platform, this type of content is by no means new, as it was introduced by Snapchat back in 2011.  So, what’s the reason for the buzz? Well, it turns out that self-destructing content is actually a powerful tool for all kinds of marketing and promotion.  Audiences love it. It’s the reason why Insta...
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How User-Generated Content Can Enhance Your SEO Strategy

Did you know that 47% of marketers use user-generated content as part of their content marketing strategies? UGC can help you get a lot of exposure and engagement. It can also help you build strong relationships with your followers. For brands, UGC is a source of unique and fresh content to enhance their search engine rankings. It also increases the credibility of your brand and boosts sales and revenue. Here are some statistics that showcase the significance of user-generated content: Millenn...
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