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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday. Netflix's stock fell after a slight Q4 revenue miss and solid subscriber-growth numbers. The results came just days after Netflix unleashed its biggest price hike ever, which increased its most popular plan from $11 per month to $13 per month. Facebook is restructuring its augmented reality glasses division as it inches closer to launch. Facebook is moving hundreds of employees to a new product-focused augmented reality group as...
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Facebook takes down 360 fake pages and accounts run by employees at Russian state-owned news agency Sputnik (FB)

Facebook removed almost 500 pages, accounts, and ads across its core service and Instagram that were connected to Russia and involved in "inauthentic" behaviour. It uncovered two campaigns, one focused on Ukraine, and the other more widely across Eastern Europe. The social network found employees of Russian state-owned news agency Sputnik had created pages purporting to be independent news sites and general interest pages about the weather or politics. The company has been trying to clean up i...
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Facebook finds and kills another 512 Kremlin-linked fake accounts

Two years on from the U.S. presidential election, Facebook continues to have a major problem with Russian disinformation being megaphoned via its social tools. In a blog post today the company reveals another tranche of Kremlin-linked fake activity — saying it’s removed a total of 471 Facebook pages and accounts, as well as 41 Instagram accounts, which were being used to spread propaganda in regions where Putin’s regime has sharp geopolitical interests. In its latest reveal of “coordinated inaut...
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More TSA employees skipping work as shutdown stretches on – as it happened

Unscheduled absences double as unpaid workers report ‘they are not able to report to work due to financial limitations’Sign up to the daily US morning briefing 2.04am GMT Thanks for following along today! You can read more on what’s happening with the SOTU here: Related: Pelosi asks Trump to delay State of the Union address, or deliver it in writing 1.11am GMT Cardi B has officially weighed in on the government shutdown, and she is not happy. In a video posted to Instagram the rapper...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Tuesday. 1. Facebook's business model is under scrutiny in Germany, where a local regulator will reportedly order the social network to stop collecting certain user data. German authorities don't like the way Facebook collects information about people via WhatsApp and Instagram and third-party sites. 2. Norwegian authorities are investigating allegations that Tidal's streaming numbers for Beyonce and Kanye West albums were inflated. Play...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Monday. Apple is planning three new iPhone models in 2019, including a successor to the iPhone XR. One of the new models will include a triple camera, while the others will include a double rear camera, according to the Wall Street Journal. Wang Weijing, an executive at Chinese tech giant Huawei, has been fired following charges of espionage in Poland. It's the second arrest of a Huawei executive in two months after Meng Wanzhou, the co...
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Indoor Insanity 5k Sun January 13, 2019 Gorham, ME US 04038

Indoor Insanity 5k Sun January 13, 2019 Gorham, ME US 04038 Photos & Results Results ~ heat 1 ~ Heat 2 ~ Heat 3
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We tried the 1,250-calorie survival bar that powered Colin O'Brady's record-shattering 932-mile solo journey across Antarctica

Colin O'Brady recently became the first person to cross Antarctica alone, unaided by kites or resupplies. In his sled of food and gear, he brought a special nutrition bar called a Colin Bar. He ate 4,000 calories worth of the stuff every day.  We tasted the bar and found it impressively palatable, but it had some strange flavors. When American adventurer Colin O'Brady set out to become the first human to cross Antarctica alone, unaided by resupply or any wind-gathering kite, he knew a specia...
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Norwegian liquor travels the world

People have different definitions of what it means to be well-traveled. For some, it means a big portion of your time is spent exploring new places. To others, it simply means racking up passport stamps. Every drop of Linie Aquavit, a spirit from Norway, is well-traveled regardless of how you define it. In fact, all of the Linie sold since 1821 has seen more of the world than the vast majority of humans. Before being bottled, Linie is aged in 500-liter barrels that previously held Oloroso she...
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Instagram Secret Menus, New Trends Decoded

In this edition of Decoded, our fiends at AWAL look at the trends and hidden tricks shaping entertainment inside the Facebook owned and operated social media crown jewel that is Instagram. _________________________ Guest post from AWAL The sheer scale of Facebook’s owned-and-operated crown jewel makes it a vital endpoint in the content race—an inspiring and overwhelming launchpad for preternaturally gifted yodelers, abnormally adorable dogs, and generational artists who set new sta...
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Instagram has completely replaced TV as the most important way for advertisers to reach young people (FB)

Instagram has completely usurped television as the key way to advertise to young people, according to financial services firm Cowen. Cowen surveyed major US ad buyers, and found that for new branding campaigns, the buyers would overwhelmingly pick the Facebook-owned Instagram as their first choice. The data illustrates the continued strength of Facebook's core advertising businesses even as the company is buffeted by scandals. The reign of television is coming to an end. The medium, once cons...
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What to Expect in 2019: Retail Trends

By Rieva Lesonsky Most of us small business owners start the new year with mixed emotions. We’re hopeful and optimistic about growing our businesses, yet with anxious about all the challenges we know we’ll face. To find out what lies ahead, I’ve collected a number of tips, predictions and advice from people in the know. We’ll be exploring general consumer, financial and economic trends, as well as what to expect in the fields of marketing, technology, retail, HR and money. We also have contribu...
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Trump not expected to declare national emergency in border speech, report says – as it happened

Senior White House official with knowledge of address said plan is to build a public case for the wallSix things to know before Trump gives his border wall addressStay informed: sign up for our US morning briefing 9.58pm GMT 9.42pm GMT Stormy Daniels will be offering her own counter-programming to Trump’s televised address to the nation tonight.If you're looking for anything even remotely worth watching tonight at 9pm EST, I will be folding laundry in my underwear for 8 minutes on Insta...
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Facebook is cashing in on direct-to-consumer brands — even as marketers are scrambling to shift money elsewhere

According to new research from Facebook, 45% of disruptor brands said that they've built their business on the platform compared to 15% of non-disruptor brands. That reliance may lessen as DTC companies look to other kinds of advertising to reach potential customers. Facebook is betting big on Stories to keep interest from disruptor brands strong. With and a need to diversify away from Facebook, a number of direct-to-consumer brands have started spending less on Facebook in the past year. Bu...
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FAA Wants Drone Identification Tech – NOW

If the Gatwick drone incident over in the UK illustrated anything it was that travel authorities need a way to identify drones quickly so that they can get rid of them. One of the United Kingdom’s major airports was not only shut down by a drone but it was during the busy Christmas travel season. And, all this time after, no one is even sure what happened exactly. Image via David Bartus from Across the Atlantic, the Federal Aviation Administration in the US took note and decided th...
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Donald Trump to deliver TV address to nation and visit US-Mexico border as shutdown stand-off intensifies

Donald Trump will address the nation on Tuesday and visit the US-Mexico border on Thursday to highlight his demands for a border wall as the government remains partially shut down.  Newly empowered Democrats in the House of Representatives are stepping up pressure on Mr Trump and Republican lawmakers to reopen the government, which has been closed more than a fortnight. Mr Trump said he would discuss the "Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border" at 9 pm EST. He maintains...
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What to Expect in 2019: Consumer, Economic and Financial Trends

  By Rieva Lesonsky Most of us small business owners start the new year with mixed emotions. We’re hopeful and optimistic about growing our businesses, yet with anxious about all the challenges we know we’ll face. To find out what lies ahead, I’ve collected a number of tips, predictions and advice from people in the know. We’ll be exploring general consumer, financial and economic trends, as well as what to expect in the fields of marketing, technology, retail, HR and money. We also have contri...
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New ads for The Saint’s Rise

With my International Bookbub on The Saint’s Rise coming up in 6 days (Jan 10), I’ve started up a couple of new ads focused on the UK market (my biggest market after the US) to try and juice the ranking ahead of time. Here’s the FaceBook ad: I’ve never tried putting all retailers links in the body of the ad before, or leading with the major audiobook headline. I also rewrote the story summary – before it was primarily about the bizarre world, but now: All Sen’s young life he’s been hunted – by t...
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This Week in Photography Books: Josée Schryer

  It was 9 degrees below zero here this morning. (Fahrenheit, for all you non-Americans.) That’s insanely cold. An army of icicles hangs off my roof, each a menacing, translucent dagger that could impale a person without trying too hard. In other words, winter has arrived in earnest here in the Rocky Mountains. Ironically, our weather patterns have little to do with what happens in our part of the Great American West. Our mountains, rivers, ravens, cougars, and humans have nothing to do with it ...
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#MeToo Sweeps Argentina After Young Actress Accuses Star Actor Of Rape

Last month, Thelma Fardin posted a video to Instagram in which she tearfully recounted how Juan Darthés allegedly raped her while they were touring Nicaragua for a telenovela. She was 16; he was 45. Fardin’s million followers sent the video viral, with the hashtag #Miracomonosponemos (roughly, “#LookWhatYouveDoneToUs”), and the effect has been as big as that of the Harvey Weinstein accusations in the US. — Public Radio International
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2018 Social Media Year in Review

Continued privacy concerns and increased scrutiny around social media platforms were the main headlines for 2018’s year of social. But 2018 also introduced new areas of interest like the evolution of voice technology, built on ongoing trends like longer-form video consumption with IGTV, and gave us the brief craze over platforms like VERO. Campaigns like HBO’s Westworld: The Maze” Voice Gaming Skill and MINI’s Created in a Countryman captured consumer’s imaginations and attention while making th...
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Taking care of business…

The last few days were meant to be dedicated to editing the Mr. Ruin books, but instead I have used them for taking care of fairly dull New Year business: Renewing my driving license (still not finished, machines at the Post Office were busted) Researching remortgage rates – coming up in a few months Researching a car to buy! This is quite exciting. We are mostly sold on a Dacia Duster. 15k all in, SUV, high driving position, looks pretty cool. Setting up The Saint’s Rise Bookbub price of 99c ar...
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Iran bans Instagram - where the president has 2 million followers

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani is a major presence on Instagram, where his verified account regularly sends out posts to an audience of more than 2 million followers. But Rouhani’s account will no longer be officially allowed in the country after authorities in Iran announced plans to ban the photo sharing app, citing national security concerns. Iran’s National Cyberspace Council has approved steps to block Instagram, according to local reports, following crackdowns on other social media apps. ...
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3 Easy Steps to Achieve a Better Instagram Following for your Brand

Instagram currently has more than 800 million users. 35% of all adults in the US use Instagram, and it’s only growing. Even as it’s parents company Facebook faces a PR nightmare with issues on privacy, promoting hate speech, and being questioned about the roll that Russian hackers plays on it’s platform, Instagram has remained untouched by the fray. People love the platform, and it’s got a shiny public image. As such, Instagram growth is a great business idea. I’d argue it should be part of you...
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From Knickers the steer to Turnbull's 'delicious wife': the 2018 Australian news quiz

It’s been another year of inane statements, improbable beasts and plain baffling news stories. What can you remember about the fringe events of 2018 in Australia and beyond?“This is the type of intolerant censorship we have warned about for such a long time.” What was Cory Bernardi talking about?The campaign to refuse a visa to far-right provocateur Lauren SouthernSavage Garden’s complaint about their music being on his Australia Day playlistThe suspension of Adam Giles from Sky News for hosting...
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The Ultimate Solution for College Essay Solutions As You Are Able To Learn About Today

The Ultimate Solution for College Essay Solutions As You Are Able To Learn About Today Both in circumstances, it is all-important to compare and rate the ongoing solution provided by composing solution agencies. There you’ve got the most readily useful solutions you can decide for help. Only writing that is good will be in someplace to do business with you to definitely make honors. Our services make an effort to please so we’ll work you want with you to make certain your admission essays ...
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47 red-hot tech startups that became worth billions this year

When Instagram sold to Facebook for $1 billion in 2013, it felt like a massive sum of money.  Five years later, we seem to be numb to the billion-dollar acquisitions and valuations around us. WhatsApp was acquired for $19 billion. Uber is valued at $72 billion.  Yet, to build a billion-dollar company from scratch is still an incredibly difficult feat. Last year,  CB Insights  reported that the odds of becoming a unicorn — a company valued at $1 billion or more — was less than 1% for companies ...
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Using Backdrops, Custom Hand-Made For Portraits

Mizu Backdrops As a photojournalist and much later a family portrait photographer, I rarely considered using backdrops in my photography. Backdrops would have simply got in the way of what I was producing for my clients. Recently, however, I've a new-found interest in studio photography and want to go well beyond the existing lavender walls in my home studio. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a backdrop company called Mizu. Mizu's brand promise is this: “Presenting MIZU Backdrops, handcr...
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For Immediate Release 168: The Facebook dilemma

Neville Hobson joins Shel Holtz for the December installment of “The Hobson & Holtz Report.” The stories Neville and Shel covered include… The passing of PR fixture Jack O’DwyerMarketers are turning their attention to messaging appsNot everyone is free to leave Facebook, even if they want toThe death of keywords (or is it?) as audiences become key to targeting in searchRising Instagram stars post fake sponsored posts to get brands’ attentionWhat we learned about GDPR in 2018Research reve...
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FBI agents reportedly visited ex-Snap employees at home as part of an investigation into IPO disclosures (SNAP)

Federal investigators showed up at the homes of former Snap employees about a year ago as part of an official inquiry into the company's IPO disclosures. The agents asked about how Snap collects and reports users statistics, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Snap is thought to be under investigation from the DOJ and SEC about its disclosures around competition from Instagram. Snap said it doesn't have full visibility into the investigation but said it believes the inquiry relates to I...
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