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The first man to hunt wildlife with a camera, not a rifle

Cherry Kearton popularised nature like a Victorian David Attenborough – using bold techniques to get close to his subjects, as a new exhibition showsFilming wild beasts: Cherry Kearton interviewed – archive, 1914In 1909 two wildlife safari expeditions arrived by ship in Mombasa, Kenya, within days of each other. One party was enormous and led by the adventure-loving US president Teddy Roosevelt; the other consisted of just two men and was headed by Cherry Kearton, a young British bird photograph...
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In the News: Santa Shortages and Grant Opportunities for Small Business

This week in small business news, we learned about a lot of things, some troubling (a Santa shortage) and others encouraging (financial opportunities for business owners). As the calendar turns to December, many of us naturally start thinking about Christmas. But could you imagine a Christmas without Santa Claus? Wait, there’s a movie about that, right? Small Business Trends spoke with the head of one of the top Santa recruiters and bookers who told us this year is unlike others in the past bec...
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58 thoughtful gifts to give your friends under $100

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Getty Images Whether it's your friend's birthday or you simply want to say thank you, they deserve the best. We rounded up 58 gifts, each under $100, that your special friend will treasure. Want more gift ideas? Check out all Insider Reviews gift guides here. Still looking for a gift? Check out our list of the All-Time Best products we've ever teste...
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Facebook takes down Chinese network behind fake Swiss biologist Covid claims

Meta says misinformation spread by fictional scientist called Wilson Edwards focused on US blaming pandemic on ChinaCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFacebook’s owner has taken down a Chinese misinformation network that attempted to spread claims about coronavirus using a fake Swiss biologist.Meta, the parent organisation of Facebook and Instagram, said it had taken down more than 600 accounts linked to the network, which it said included a “coordinated cluster” of Chin...
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Influencer Marketing Continues to Grow in US

Influencer marketing continues to grow in the United States, with 2021 witnessing a 26.7% increase in sponsored Instagram posts. Meanwhile, sponsored stories increased by 33.5%, with influencers creating an average 16 sponsored stories a week. The growing demand for this type of endorsement advertising was unveiled by the ‘2022 The State of Influencer Marketing’ report. The report was compiled by Klear, an influencer marketing platform for Fortune 500 brands and agencies. The study involved the...
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Debt collectors are allowed to DM you on social media now

New rules lay out how debt collectors can contact debtors on social media.Isabel Pavia/Getty Images New rules came into effect Tuesday governing how debt collectors can contact debtors. The rules lay out how debt collectors can contact debtors using social media. All messages must be private and the collector must identify themselves straight away. New rules governing how US debt collectors can make contact with debtors came into force on Tuesday, including precise guidelines on using social ...
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Organic gardening company Back to the Roots wants to be the Scotts Miracle-Gro for millennial gardeners

Back to the Roots co-CEOS Nikhil Arora (right) and Alejandro Velez stand next to a large seed display in a retail store.Back to The Roots Organic gardening brand Back to the Roots expects to generate $100 million in sales in 2022. The company sells popular growing kits, seeds, and potting soil to millennials and their kids. It recently raised $15 million to help ramp up retail distribution and new product development. Organic garden brand Back to the Roots has grown a lot in 12 years. The com...
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Greenpeace: half a century on the frontline of environmental photo activism

On the organisation’s 50th anniversary, former head of photography at Greenpeace International talks about the motives behind the creation of its picture deskFifty years ago, on 15 September 1971, a ship named the Greenpeace set out to confront and stop US nuclear weapons testing at Amchitka, one of the Aleutian Islands in south-west Alaska.Two years later a small boat called the Vega, crewed by David McTaggart, Ann-Marie Horne, Mary Horne and Nigel Ingram sailed into the French nuclear test sit...
Tags: Photography, Activism, Environment, US, Greenpeace, Pacific Ocean, Environmental Activism, Vega, Aleutian Islands, Greenpeace International, South West Alaska, Amchitka, David McTaggart Ann Marie Horne Mary Horne, Nigel Ingram, Moruroa French Polynesia

Spotify is experimenting with a TikTok-like video feed to help listeners discover new artists

Thiago Prudêncio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Spotify is testing a TikTok-like music video feed in its app for select users. The new "Discover" page displays full-screen music videos that users can "like" or "skip." The feature is currently in beta-mode and it remains unknown if it will be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks. Spotify is testing a TikTok-like music video feed in its app, becoming the latest company to experiment with integrating a platform for short video c...
Tags: Spotify, Instagram, US, Trends, Messina, Chris Messina, Emily Walsh, Thiago Prudêncio, Getty Images Spotify

7 productivity tips from business owners running multimillion-dollar companies

Ria Graham is a co-owner of Kokomo, a Caribbean restaurant in Brooklyn.Ria Graham There were 3.8 million new business applications so far this year. Whether you're new to entrepreneurship or a seasoned founder, managing productivity is a key task. Seven business owners shared their productivity tips and how they structure their days for success. The number of entrepreneurs in the US continues to climb. There are 3.8 million new business applications recorded so far this year. There were 4...
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Cosmetics company Lush says it's shutting down its Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat accounts because of the Facebook whistleblower

Bath products in display in a Lush cosmetics shop in London.REUTERS/Neil Hall Lush announced it will shut down its Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat accounts. The cosmetics company said the harms of social media are going "largely ignored." Lush's UK operation announced in 2019 it would shut down some social media, but returned in 2020. Trendy cosmetics company Lush has announced it's quitting social media just as the holiday season kicks off.In a press release issued last wee...
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A small restaurant chain in Canada is plowing all of its profits into bitcoin. Its returned 460% on its investment and is tripling locations during the pandemic

Aly Hamam (right), co-founder of Tahinis, shows a bitcoin ATM at one of its restaurants.Tahinis Tahinis is a family-based restaurant chain that invests all its profit in bitcoin, a strategy that's "worked like a charm" as it expands.  Tahinis's co-founders say they're up 460% on the investment first made in August 2020 as a way to protect profit from surging inflation.  The Canadian company says it's helped other small businesses adopt a "bitcoin-standard" strategy. Tahinis i...
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Instagram star Alexis Ren says the dollar-based economy is 'collapsing' so she's going into crypto

Alexis Ren says she has lost faith in the value of the US dollar.Alexis Ren/We Are Warriors Model Alexis Ren believes "the way that we are utilizing the US dollar is really scary". Ren, who founded YourStage, a tech platform for learning, believes that the economy "is collapsing." She believes crypto offers a viable alternative and encouraged people to invest regularly. Most people know model Alexis Ren from her appearance in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition or as a contestant on the...
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4 Reputation Management Realities That All Brands Now Face

if (typeof BingeIframeRan === "undefined") { window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false); function receiveMessage(event) { try { var parsed = JSON.parse( if (parsed.context === "iframe.resize") { var iframes = document.getElementsByClassName("binge-iframe"); for (let i = 0; i What do Beyoncé, Kate Middleton, and Harrison Ford have in ...
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US State Attorneys General Open Probe into Instagram's Effect on Kids

A bipartisan coalition of U.S. state attorneys general said on Thursday it has opened a probe into Facebook, now known as Meta Platforms, for promoting its subsidiary Instagram to children despite potential harms. From a report: The investigation, which involves at least eight states, comes at a time when Facebook is under scrutiny over its approach to children and young adults. The attorneys general are investigating whether the company violated consumer protection laws and put young people at ...
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Weekly Usage Of TikTok Surpasses Instagram Among US Gen Z Youth

Instagram is becoming cheugy for Gen Z youth. Forrester just got data back from its Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics® US Youth Survey, 2021, which shows a 13-point year-over-year increase in weekly usage of TikTok (from 50% to 63%) among US Gen Z youth (ages 12–17). For that same audience base, Instagram weekly usage declined 4 […]
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16 B Corps making products we love that you can feel good about buying

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. United by Blue B Corps are businesses graded on their efforts to create an inclusive, sustainable economy. These companies treat "good business" as an idea that includes both profit and purpose.  Below, we rounded up the B Corps we love shopping at most, including Patagonia, Allbirds, and Prose. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky As history can attest, nonprofits aren't enough to single-handedly eradica...
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The 50 best brands, according to Gen Z

Starbucks was named one of Gen Z's top 50 brands.Shutterstock Comparably identified Gen Z's best brands based on ratings from customers aged 18 to 24. Gaming companies, streaming services, and retailers geared towards younger shoppers made the list. Gen Z customers named Google, Apple, and Amazon as their top three brands. Gen Z's best brands include fast-food chains, clothing stores, gaming companies, and social media platforms. People pass an American Eagle Outfitters clothing...
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Revealed: the software that studies your Facebook friends to predict who may commit a crime

Voyager, which pitches its tech to police, has suggested indicators such as Instagram usernames that show Arab pride can signal inclination towards extremismExclusive: LAPD partnered with tech firm that enables secretive online spyingWhat do your Facebook posts, who you follow on Instagram and who you interact with the most on social media say about you? According to the tech startup Voyager Labs, that information could help police figure out if you have committed or plan to commit a crime.Voyag...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Instagram, California, US, Los Angeles, US news, Surveillance, US policing, Lapd

Coinbase's NFT platform should be like Instagram and may eventually overtake cryptocurrency trading, CEO says

Coinbase. Coinbase; Alyssa Powell/Insider Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said NFTs could upstage cryptocurrency trading on the platform. Armstrong said he wants the company's NFT platform to be like Instagram, not eBay. He made the comments on the company's third-quarter earnings call in which it had a trading slump. The head of Coinbase thinks NFTs could someday surpass cryptocurrency trading on the platform.Chief Executive Officer Brian Armstrong made the comments on a conference c...
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37 beautiful coffee table books to give as gifts in 2021

Here are 35 great coffee table book gifts, from poignant works by photojournalists to iconic never-before-published photos of living icons. Amazon; Alyssa Powell/Insider A good coffee table book is a decor piece that's filled with stunning images and entertains guests. We compiled a list of 37 coffee table books that will make great gifts for everyone in your life. Want more book-related gift ideas? Check out the best gifts for book lovers. Unlike the dog-eared, beaten-down tomes often...
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AOC slams Biden for prematurely celebrating his infrastructure win: 'Messaging it as a solution alone is going to get us into trouble'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in June. J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo After she voted against Biden's infrastructure bill, AOC criticized him for celebrating it. She said the reconciliation bill also needs to be passed to deliver critical benefits to Americans. Biden calls it a "gamechanger in half a dozen ways" but AOC says "messaging it as a solution alone is going to get us into trouble." After months of negotiations, the House passed President Joe Biden's bipartisan infrastructur...
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Aimee Mann: ‘Any woman my age is traumatised by growing up in the 60s and 70s’

As she releases an album inspired by Girl, Interrupted, the US indie icon reveals how a childhood kidnapping and her repressive southern childhood left her with PTSDIn Los Angeles, it’s early and overcast. “It has that six-in-the-morning feel,” says Aimee Mann, eternally droll, from a home office wallpapered in fruity foliage. “So it’s been hard to get going.” Drab weather demands good knitwear, and Mann has paired thick-rimmed round glasses the size of ashtrays with a brown woollen sweater vest...
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The 16 biggest scandals Mark Zuckerberg faced over the last decade as he became one of the world's most powerful people

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in April 2019. Niall Carson/PA Images via Getty Images Mark Zuckerberg saw Facebook through a financially successful decade. But despite that success, the decade was increasingly marked by scandals and congressional hearings. Zuckerberg and his company, now renamed Meta, face major scrutiny from the public and lawmakers. Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg spent the decade overseeing Facebook's rise in prominence in daily life. From the company'...
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'Dune' is driving sustained online buzz and it suggests a bright future for the franchise

Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson in "Dune." Warner Bros. "Dune" is maintaining online engagement after its release despite mediocre box-office results. It suggests strong word of mouth that could mean a bright future for the franchise. A sequel is coming in 2023 and a prequel TV series is in development at HBO Max. "Dune," the sci-fi epic based on author Frank Herbert's classic novel, hit US theaters (and HBO Max) on October 22 and made $41 million in its first weekend.It didn...
Tags: Hbo, Hollywood, Movies, Media, Instagram, Entertainment, China, US, Trends, Streaming, Warner Bros, Rebecca Ferguson, Max, Dune, Frank Herbert, Kong

Facebook whistleblower says Mark Zuckerberg should resign as CEO amid company's 'meta problem'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (left) and former Facebook employee Frances Haugen. Matt McClain-Pool/Getty Images/Andrew Harnik/AP Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen said Mark Zuckerberg should resign as CEO of Meta. It's "unlikely" Meta-owned Facebook will change with Zuckerberg in charge, Haugen said Monday. Haugen leaked the "Facebook Files" that have embroiled Facebook and Meta in controversy. Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen on Monday called on Mark Zuckerberg to step down a...
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Facebook says it just uncovered one of the largest troll farms ever - run by the government of Nicaragua

The Spanish word for "Murderer" covers a mural of Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega, as part of anti-government protests demanding his resignation in Managua, Nicaragua. Esteban Felix/AP Facebook announced it uncovered one of the largest troll farms, run by the government of Nicaragua. The troll operation involved state employees working out of Nicaragua's postal service, Facebook said. The company said the effort violated its policy against "Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior." On...
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Facebook missed out on the Meta handle on Instagram because a motorbike magazine from Denver already uses it

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. AP Photo/Mark Lennihan Facebook hasn't got the @meta handle on Instagram because a motorbike magazine already owns it. Instead, Facebook has the @wearemeta handle. Facebook revealed a huge rebrand Thursday, including a new corporate name, Meta, and a focus on the "metaverse." Facebook unveiled a huge rebrand on Thursday, including changing its corporate name to Meta - but it hasn't got the @meta handle on Instagram despite owning the platform.Instead, ...
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A Guide to Social Media Shopping Behaviors in 2021

Social commerce has significantly evolved over the last few years. From 2020-2021, there was a 35.5% increase in retail social commerce sales, a trend that’s expected to continue to grow in the coming years. It’s evident that with the plethora of shoppable features available across social networks, audiences are beginning to take advantage. That said, it’s important to know which social commerce features are the most popular, which networks audiences are more likely to purchase from,...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, US, Seo, United States, Livestream, Social Commerce, Digital Storefronts, Facebook Instagram TikTok, Social Media Shopping Behaviors, AR Integrations, Popular Networks for Social Shopping While, Your Brands Social Commerce Strategy Now, Setup Digital Storefronts

The Facebook Papers: A bulleted guide to the biggest revelations from troves of leaked documents

The pressure is rising for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Over a dozen news organizations reviewed Facebook documents leaked by a whistleblower. The outlets published several reports Monday based on those documents, known as the Facebook Papers. The topics include Facebook's fading popularity with teens and failures in addressing hate speech. Seventeen US news organizations on Monday said they had reviewed leaked internal documents obtained by former Facebo...
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