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Photographer charged with arson and criminal trespass after setting house on fire to photograph it

A Utah photographer Thomas Fox Shea has been charged with arson and criminal trespass after setting a house on fire in order to take photos. No, I didn’t make a mistake: he admitted he started the fire so he could photograph it, and it got out of control, burning is facial hair and eyebrows off. […] The post Photographer charged with arson and criminal trespass after setting house on fire to photograph it appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Valentine’s Day Outing

I almost always miss the occasions when the Eiffel Tower is lit up for special days, like green for Saint Patrick’s Day, so when I read that there would be a different lighting for Valentine’s Day I drug Maurice over to have a look. We stopped for drinks while waiting for it to be exactly 8 PM as the sparkling lights on the Eiffel Tower are only on the hour. You can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance through the restaurant window. So there it is. All they had was two pink h...
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Wine and Roses

Valentine’s Day has come and gone but I have a few photos from that day and some memories of course. This isn’t from Valentine’s Day but a bottle of rosé I bought for three euros at Lidl. I like the label. Maurice went to our local grocery store, Monoprix to buy some drinks and was gone so long I almost called him. They were having a special in which if you buy two bottles of wine, they will engrave the bottles and you get a bouquet of roses. I’m not sure what I will do with the bott...
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Actors Connor Jessup and Miles Heizer make their relationship Instagram official

Locke and Key star Connor Jessup and 13 Reasons Why star Miles Heizer just made their relationship Instagram official in a belated Valentine’s Day post. Over the weekend, 25-year-old Jassup shared a photo of himself and Heizar, along with the caption: “ I’m late but I love you, you’re good, you make me better, happy v+1 day.” View this post on Instagram I’m late but I love you, you’re good, you make me...
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You Have Not Been Forgotten or Overlooked

I’ll admit, the month of February brings with it a sense of dread. I don’t mind the flowers, chocolates, or the emphasis on love. No, as a single woman, it’s the looks of pity, as questions and doubts that have played in my head are suddenly spoken aloud by loved ones and strangers alike. If we had the time, I could tell you one hundred different stories of hope realized and hope deferred, of singleness and waiting, of watching dreams die and finding God satisfies. But I won’t lie to you: on the...
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Kodak Black Professes His Love for Zendaya From Jail With Valentine’s Day Poem

With Valentine’s Day season in full swing, people all across the country are searching for love, but few are doing it quite as publicly as rapper Kodak Black, who apparently has it bad for actress/singer Zendaya. Rather than sliding into Zendaya’s DMs, Kodak decided to let everyone in the world know his intentions with a public Instagram post featuring a poem he wrote specifically for his Hollywood crush. “Zoolin in a ice box frozen in time,” Kodak wrote. “But mentally you’re my Valentine. Hope ...
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The Scent of Love: Choose a Valentine’s Fragrance from Love Potion Fragrances 1-4!!

  If you are looking for a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day,  birthdays or anniversaries, this might be your lucky day. Love Potion 1-4 fragrance collection is something you should check out because the collection features 4 unique scents and each has some amazing ingredients that ultimately create an interesting fragrance story. More […]
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Valentine’s Day

I saw some pretty windows decorated for Valentine’s Day here in Paris. They have learned it is a way to make money along with Halloween. Hearts made of chocolate in a chocolate shop. Lauderée, the famous tea shop, had the best windows. Heart shaped macarons. Lovely decorated boxes. Another window.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Windows, Valentine's Day, Paris, Candy, Decorations, Macarons, Lauderée, Teashop, Halloween Hearts

#valentinesgay: Send your lover one of these super gay InstaValentines

@RAWdickulous is an Instagram account that could be a study in modern gay culture.
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23 Valentine's Day Tattoos That Are Anything but Cheesy - Promise

Love the sentiment behind Valentine's Day, but don't want a valentine? That doesn't mean you can't mark your favorite occasion of the year with a tattoo or two. We've searched the depths of Instagram to find a selection of Valentine's Day-inspired ink that isn't cheesy - we promise. Whether you're looking to get cupid, hearts all around, or even a sweet love-related tat, we've found some designs to suit every Valentine's Day devotee. Ahead, get a closer look at some of our favorites. Rela...
Tags: Instagram, Valentine's Day, Beauty, Tattoos, Tiny Tattoos

23 Valentine’s Day Tattoos That Are Anything but Cheesy - Promise

Love the sentiment behind Valentine's Day, but don't want a valentine? That doesn't mean you can't mark your favorite occasion of the year with a tattoo or two. We've searched the depths of Instagram to find a selection of Valentine's Day-inspired ink that isn't cheesy - we promise. Whether you're looking to get cupid, hearts all around, or even a sweet love-related tat, we've found some designs to suit every Valentine's Day devotee. Ahead, get a closer look at some of our favorites. Rela...
Tags: Instagram, Valentine's Day, Beauty, Tattoos, Tiny Tattoos

8 Creative and Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Photographing Roses

The gift of a rose or roses is quite romantic and especially topical with Valentine's Day upon us. Why not cConsider photographing these amazing little beauties too? Photographic prints, metal prints, attachments to an email, canvas art and cards with images of your roses will let you share your passion year round. Let's explore ideas and techniques for turning roses into images reflecting your personal artistry. Idea 1: The Traditionalist Without Perfection We'd be a bit remiss by not includi...
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STACKED Has a Valentine’s Deal for YOU! Kiss + Tell!!

You will love this great deal from STACKED restaurants. It’s so easy, you will kiss your significant other or your kid- whomever! (Maybe both!!)     Don’t miss this great opportunity to get a free shake. Just show up at Stacked and snap of photo of you and anyone you care about smooching! Post it […]
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This Beauty Blogger Embraced Her Breakout and Turned It Into a Valentine's Day Trend

When it comes to breakouts, there are usually two options: conceal troublesome acne spots, or embrace your pimples. But beauty babe Francesca - better known by her YouTube, beauty blog, and Instagram name, WorkingWithMonolids - found a creative middle ground. Instead of using traditional concealing methods to hide her acne, she highlighted it by transforming the spots into colorful, heart-shaped freckles! Francesca posted her breakout before-and-after on Reddit and received an enthusiastic resp...
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ColourPop Is Launching a Dreamy, Delicate Valentine's Day Collection

A post shared by ColourPop Cosmetics (@colourpopcosmetics) on Feb 5, 2018 at 10:21am PST ColourPop Cosmetics has a very special Valentine's Day gift for you, and it's so pretty. The brand announced via Instagram that a new Moonlight Magic collection will drop on February 8 at 10 a.m. PST - just in time for whatever plans you may have for Feb. 14. The collection is super sweet and features lots of sheer pinks, shimmery neutrals, and pops of rich red. It includes two Super Shock Sha...
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100 Crush-Worthy Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas

It's no secret that holidays produce the most festive fingertips. While we've seen some jaw-dropping designs for Christmas and Halloween, the whimsical creations that come out of Valentine's Day hold a special place in our chocolate-and-rose-loving souls. And just because filling out Valentine's Day cards for classmates may be a thing of the distant past doesn't mean you can't show your spirit for the holiday of love. So we combed Instagram to find cute and crafty manicures to inspire your next ...
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Instagram Flexin: Bow Wow Explains Why He’s Single on Valentine’s Day…

Happy Valentine’s Day! While everyday should be filled with love for oneself, one’s family and one’s friends, February 14th often exacerbates feelings of loneliness and bitterness, as evidenced by Bow Wow’s recent Instagram post… (more…) Related Posts Keyshia Cole & Bow-Wow Deny Romance Rumors…Bow Wow Explains Origin of Dabbin’ + Migos Blast Him For Being Wrong…Instagram Flexin: Russell Wilson Pens Open Love Letter to Ciara & his ‘Future’ Stepson… FOR DISCUSSION: Steve Harvey Experiment ...
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Lessons of Love and Intimacy

Isadora Kosofsky photographed love among developmentally disabled couple and learned from the experience
Tags: Photography, News, Romance, Love, Uncategorized, Los Angeles, Intimacy, Valentine's Day, Santa Clarita, Developmentally disabled, Isadora Kosofsky, LARC Ranch

Cheap date: Tinder will reward your emoji-only story with Valentine’s Day cash

Tinder has started a contest to reward people with funds for Valentine's Day dates to whomever gives the best date proposals using nothing but emojis. Tinder will spend a total of $10,000 to reward up to $500 to each winning entry. The post Cheap date: Tinder will reward your emoji-only story with Valentine’s Day cash appeared first on Digital Trends.
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See the Valentine’s Day Cards That Changed How Americans Express Their Love

This is why Esther Howland is known as the "Mother of the American Valentine"
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Tumblr Debuts Stickers, Color Filters

Stickers and filters are coming to Tumblr, starting Tuesday. The blogging network announced that more than 100 stickers, as well as color filters, began rolling out at 11 a.m. ET to iOS and Android users, and the rollout will continue through Wednesday. Tumblr added that new stickers will be introduced every month, citing as examples Valentine’s Day and Black History Month in February. Stickers can be accessed on Tumblr by creating new photo or GIF posts and then pressing on the face icon at the...
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#UberKisses: 5 Questions with Hershey’s Sweet-Thinking Finance Guy

Hershey is telling an intriguing and unlikely story of how one of its finance guys created a marketing sensation for its iconic chocolate Kisses … in Mexico … with Uber. And about how it’s only the beginning of a suddenly torrid romance between the global confectionary brand and the incipient but dominant car-sharing brand. Elias Castaneda’s official title is manager of Walmart finance for Hershey in Mexico. But his unofficial moniker now is marketing rock star after he captured “lightning in a...
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Infographic: Flowers, Weddings Led Valentine’s Day Chatter on Social

Social media intelligence platform Synthesio and social media image recognition platform Ditto Labs have analyzed the ways users discussed Valentine’s Day on social media by tracking posts mentioning Valentine’s Day and ‘related terms’ shared on Feb. 14, 2016. The companies analyzed text and image posts and gave each term a percentage based on its overall share of ‘voice’ in its category. For instance, the data found the top trending Valentine’s Day gifts were flowers at 49.1 percent, candy at 2...
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PHOTOS: 27 Vintage Gay Couples Swooning For Their Valentines

Marriage equality wasn’t even a pipe dream, homosexuality was a punishable crime and Grindr was something a wheat farmer probably used, and still these same-sex couples managed to find moments of affection and love. What’s our excuse? Well, those seven seasons of 30 Rock aren’t going to Netflix themselves, now are they? But you we’ll take a break to marvel at these sweetheart scenes of days gone by:
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Here’s A Way To Make Your Valentine’s Day Even Better

No one could ever feel lonely on Valentine’s day with these hotties ready for your viewing pleasure. Sizzling red walls. Plush sofas. Sun-soaked, bare white hallways. Stomachs of steel. Welcome to the latest Freedom Reigns Valentine’s Day photo shoot. Shot by photographer J-Robert Horton in Hollywood, California, this steamy spread features three versatile male underwear models in different poses, underwear, and settings. Models Denny Darko, Sam Ortiz and Nick Stracener flaunt their washboard ab...
Tags: Photos, Feature, Valentine's Day, Valentine, Ad Friendly, Queerty, The Underwear Expert, Hollywood California, Denny Darko, Nick Stracener, Sam Ortiz, J Robert Horton, Denny Darko Sam Ortiz

From Galentine's Day to a Hot Date, These Are the Best Valentine's Day Makeup Looks

Whether you're in a relationship, wish you were, or are happily single, there's a good chance you have an opinion about Valentine's Day - and, hopefully, have plans. It doesn't matter if that means hitting the town with your significant other, heading out on your own, or partying with friends. Though many feel that Valentine's Day is about loving others, we prefer to focus on the holiday as an opportunity to love yourself - by feeling beautiful, that is. From Galentine's Day dinners to a low-key...
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Sarajevo love story: how a chance photo revealed the joy and pain of Bosnia's war

When Chris Leslie revisited Sarajevo to document the 20th anniversary of the peace accord, he accidentally uncovered the story of two relationships that crossed bitter national divides in this war-scarred cityIt was a typical Saturday evening in downtown Sarajevo: in the Underground nightclub, a local heavy-metal band was about to hit the stage. I was in Bosnia documenting 20 years of peace, trying to cover stories of the younger generation – the so-called “war babies” – who had been born during...
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Trouble In Petty Paradise? Did Rob Kardashian Just Shade His New Boo Blac Chyna?

Is Rob Kardashian Shading His New Boo Blac Chyna Just as rumors have been swirling that Chyna was looking a little too-close for comfort with a local producer during Carnival, Rob took to Instagram this morning posting this meme: He
Tags: Comedy, Couples, News, Instagram, Celebrity, Shade, Funny, Relationships, Caption This, Love, Social Media, Valentine's Day, Memes, Rob, Break Ups, Savage

46 Valentine's Day Hair Color Ideas So Dreamy, You'll Dye

This Valentine's Day, plan a really hot date. And no, it doesn't involve Champagne, chocolate, cheesy Hallmark cards, or that delectable dude from your local coffee shop. Nope, it's with your colorist. Just hear us out: when many people think of Valentine's Day, one of the first things that comes to mind is the dreamy color scheme. Why not fully embrace the spirit of Feb. 14 and rock holiday-appropriate hair? Use the day as an excuse to get creative with romantic colors, whether they be a trendy...
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Skype adds feature to send Valentine's Day video cards

Along with the new love-inspired features such as mojis, filters, and music by Sir Paul McCartney, Skype has announced a new option to share video message cards for Valentine's Day. The post Skype adds feature to send Valentine's Day video cards appeared first on Digital Trends.
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