Morning tablescape.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Influencer Marketing Guide For Maximum Business Growth

Business growth is always a top priority for business owners, especially in today’s fast paced digital age. Businesses that leverage digital mobile means to reach customers are maximizing growth, and finding success around every corner. The smartphone and social media play a role in this business growth. Businesses now have direct 24/7 access to target audiences via smartphones and social media. However, consumers are pretty savvy. They don’t necessarily trust the marketing messages blasted acr...
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The Portfolio: Antony Kaminju

Antony Kaminju shares his experience of making a photo of the Roving Bantu Kitchen’s Sifiso Ntuli The post The Portfolio: Antony Kaminju appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Guest Post: Debra Graham

  Like many of the other blog posters who have shared about themselves here, I’ve wondered if I should accept Corey’s invitation to tell a bit about my life. Don’t we all wonder if we are “good enough” or “ interesting enough? Finally, I thought I’d just throw that doubt out the window. So here’s a bit about me.     I’m a native Mainer now living in North Carolina, a change that has been a real culture shock. When my husband retires in a few years, we will move further north and also ho...
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Pringles Declares “Let’s Celebrate” in New Christmas Campaign by Grey London

As winter approaches, Pringles is encouraging customers to celebrate those special indoor moments with a new campaign that demonstrates how even the smallest occasion can be transformed into an opportunity for playful sociability – especially when you have a can of Pringles in hand.   Grey London’s campaign brings a festive, upbeat message of celebration during the Christmas period with all the executions showing how the joy of Christmas can shine through during the winter season.   ...
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Nikon Offers Free Online Photography Courses During the Holidays

A quick heads up. From November 23rd through December 31st, you can stream for free all classes offered by Nikon School Online. Normally priced at $15-$50 per course, this 10-course offering covers Fundamentals of Photography, Dynamic Landscape Photography, Macro Photography, Photographing Children and Pets, and more. Finding the courses on the Nikon site is not very intuitive. To access the courses, click here and then scroll down the page until you see a yellow button that says “Watch Full Ve...
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Spotify Tests Instagram-Style Stories in Mobile App

Spotify has started publicly testing an Instagram-style stories feature in its mobile app on iOS and Android, reports Engadget. The video clips appear on some albums and playlists, such as Spotify's Christmas Hits playlist, which includes short messages from artists like Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, and Pentatonix, in which they relate their favorite festive songs. The stories can be accessed via an icon in the upper left of a playlist. Tapping an icon brings up an interface similar to th...
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Countdown to Christmas: 25 ways to create the holiday home of your dreams

As this year draws to a close (finally), it’s only fitting to want to make this a holiday to remember with seasonal décor that warms the heart. The festivities may be different in 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull out all the stops. Many of us are keen on celebrating something — anything — after all these months, and there are a fair number of newbies endeavoring to deck their halls for the first time because of limited travel and gatherings, according to Pinterest and other trend watch...
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'Always love': John Travolta thanks fans for 'supporting' him in Instagram post

John Travolta, 66, took a moment on Thanksgiving to say thanks to his family, friends and followers on Instagram.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Oscar-winner John Ridley explores the lives of superheroes of color in ‘The Other History of the DC Universe’

John Ridley remembers how he felt as a boy in the late ’70s when Black Lightning debuted as the first Black superhero with his own DC Comics series. “Here’s a hero who, you know, kind of looked like me,” Ridley says. “Black Lightning was certainly the first hero where I felt a connection that was more than just pure enjoyment, pure entertainment. “It was like, ‘Oh, this is something. This is unique, this is special,’” he says. “And I most definitely was hooked from that point on.” Sierra Can...
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At the Snowfall Café...

  ... you can write about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Fine, This Smartphone Mount That Turns an Apple Watch Into a Viewfinder for Selfies Is Pretty Clever

If you’re snapping a quick selfie for social media, the lower quality camera on the front of your smartphone is usually just fine. But what if you want to use the higher quality lenses and camera on the back to film yourself? It means you can’t see the screen and no longer have a live preview of yourself for framing.…Read more...
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TikTok’s epic rise and stumble

TikTok’s rise in the West is unprecedented for any Chinese tech company, and so is the amount of attention it has attracted from politicians worldwide. Below is a timeline of how TikTok grew from what some considered another “copycat” short video app to global dominance and eventually became a target of the U.S. government. 2012-2017: The emergence of TikTok These years were a period of fast growth for ByteDance, the Beijing-based parent company behind TikTok. Originally launched in Chin...
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At the Only-You Café...

... you can talk about anything.  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Conservative news upstarts are looking to cash in on Trump's viewers

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for November 24. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: Conservative news upstarts look to cash in on Trump, Snap will pay creators, and consulting startups take on Deloitte and McKinsey. Tucker Carlson speaks onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center on Oct...
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An African Christmas

Firstly a big thank you because I know many of you have been supporting the Kayaker (aka son,Tommy Hatwell) via Instagram and Facebook with his endeavours to keep the village in Uganda and his friends in Acholi Quarter in Kampala supplied with essential food during recent months. It wasn’t the year Tommy had planned, not in the slightest, but the Ugandans weren't expecting it either, yet it’s the year we've all been given and we've stayed with the positive and the optimistic here. That’s not har...
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The Prettiest Entrance in Paris

Not too far from the Eiffel Tower on Avenue Rapp is a gorgeous building in the Art Nouveau style built in the late 1800’s by an architect named Lavirotte. I wasn’t too far away the other day and decided to get another look. Here it is. Pretty elaborate and over the top. Closer. Once I was here as a lady came out and I went inside to look at the entrance lobby which turned out to be rather plain to my surprise. Note her fox stole, at least I think that’s what it is. Surely not ...
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London Bridge attack, one year on: ‘Jack's story jolted people – we have to keep that going'

Jack Merritt devoted his short working life to transforming the hopes of prisoners. On the anniversary of his death, family, friends and ex-offenders talk about continuing his legacyDave and Anne Merritt weren’t sure how to mark today’s anniversary of the murder of their beloved son Jack. Milestone days are always the hardest. Unlike the day that would have been his 26th birthday, at the beginning of October, when they and their younger son Joe and Jack’s girlfriend, Leanne O’Brien, went for a l...
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The FTC and state attorneys general are reportedly aiming up to 4 new antitrust lawsuits at Facebook and Google as talk of regulation continues to heat up

Carsten Koall/Getty Images; Alex Wong/Getty Images The Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general are gearing up to hit Google and Facebook with new antitrust lawsuits in the coming weeks, per a Monday report from The Wall Street Journal. The probes will focus on whether the companies have had unfair advantages in their domination of the search and ad market and social media. The DOJ and state attorneys generals have been probing aspects of Google's business, including its searc...
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Ashley Eckstein Reacts to Ahsoka Tano’s Mandalorian Debut

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Ashley Eckstein Reacts to Ahsoka Tano’s Live-Action Debut in The Mandalorian Warning: There are spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian season 2 episode 5! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = readAdmiralCookie(); googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMapping = googletag.sizeMapping()....
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At the Sunrise Café...

  ... you can talk about whatever you like.  And please think of supporting this blog by doing your shopping through the Althouse portal to Amazon, which is always right there in the sidebar. Thanks! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Watch On Your Wrist? Fratello Instagram Contest 2020 — Semi-Final 5

We told you this would be fun. After four weeks of voting, you, the Fratelli, have selected the winning Instagram images that have made it through to this, the second semi-final. One more hurdle awaits these champions. Winning this week’s vote guarantees the image a place in December’s final. Better still, it puts the photographer […] Visit Watch On Your Wrist? Fratello Instagram Contest 2020 — Semi-Final 5 to read the full article.
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‘Saturday Night Live’ Sets December Hosts, Including the Return of Kristen Wiig

Saturday Night Live made an epic run of six episodes in a row when they came back for the 46th season at the height of the 2020 election season. Now that all of that nonsense is behind us, it’s time to look forward to December. The late night sketch series has announced the three hosts who will be hosting right up until the week before Christmas, and former cast member Kristen Wiig will be hosting the last episode of the year, just in time to promote the release of Wonder Woman 1984. But who el...
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Cyber Monday Deals for Mito-Q! Buy 2; Get 1 Free.

There is no better time to power your health, resilience, energy, and immunity than with MitoQ’s biggest sale!     Video featuring Fitness Pro, Tracy Anderson- MitoQ Spokesperson! Click on the window if the video doesn’t show up on your screen. The video IS there. Add any 3 MitoQ supplements to your cart and you’ll […] The post Cyber Monday Deals for Mito-Q! Buy 2; Get 1 Free. first appeared on
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The Gold of Autumn

I saw on my weather app that there was 100% chance of rain the next day so I got myself out in the fresh air along with many other Parisians, this being a Saturday afternoon, and headed in the opposite direction of the Eiffel Tower for a change of scenery. I reached the Andre Citroën Park made from the site of the old manufacturing plant. It’s not my favorite, rather stiff and modern, but it looked good in its Autumn colors. I did pass the beautiful Mirabeau bridge on the way. There ...
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Dave Chappelle Pulls ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Off Netflix, Calls for Boycott on Other Streaming Platforms

Dave Chappelle is calling his fans to boycott…Chappelle’s Show? The 2003 sketch comedy show which Chappelle co-created and hosted initially ran on Comedy Central, and is now available on several streaming services — which Chappelle isn’t very happy about. See, it comes down to an issue of pay, after he signed a lucrative contract with Comedy Central for which he “never got paid.” So until he gets paid, Chappelle would rather Chappelle’s Show not be available to stream anywhere, and Netflix — wh...
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Apple Fitness+ Promotion Ramps Up as Launch Approaches

Promotion for Apple Fitness+ is ramping up, with advertising initiatives and teases from instructors being spotted on social media, indicating that the new subscription service may be launching imminently. MacRumors reader Chris Weaver spotted that Best Buy has started advertising six-month free trials of Apple Fitness+ with Apple Watch purchases. The advert suggests that retailers have started to actively promote Apple Fitness+, meaning that the service's launch is likely to follow soon. ...
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The Hidden Habits of Genius

WHO and what is a genius? The label gets thrown around a lot. Are you a genius? Probably not. But then, most of us are not. However, you can learn to think like one. Craig Wright teaches a class at Yale on the nature of genius. He distills all of that work into his book with a hopeful title, The Hidden Habits of Genius: Beyond Talent, IQ, and Grit—Unlocking the Secrets of Greatness. Perhaps there is something we can learn from true geniuses that will help us perform better ourselves. I like th...
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At the Coot Café...

  ... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Take Free Photography Classes from Nikon Through the End of the Year

Now that we all basically walk around with digital cameras all the time (courtesy of our phones), we may be in the habit of snapping pictures without thinking about it. That’s not a bad thing—it’s really handy to have that tool to capture unexpected moments, or a receipt that you need, but will probably end up losing. Read more...
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