Trump countering Obama in final midterm stumping

President Donald Trump continued his closing midterm campaign tour in Indiana where he tried to counter campaigning by former President Barack Obama who will visit the state during the weekend (Nov. 2)            [Author: AP]
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Three dead after shooter opens fire in Florida yoga studio

A gunman killed two people and wounded five others at a yoga studio in Florida's capital before killing himself Friday evening, officials said. Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo told reporters Friday night that the man shot six people and pistol-whipped another after walking into the studio, which is part of a small Tallahassee shopping centre. The suspect fatally shot himself, DeLeo said. Authorities have not identified the shooter or the victims. DeLeo said police are asking for anyo...
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Protesters delay Toronto debate involving Bannon

TORONTO (AP) — Police made several arrests as protesters delayed the start of a Toronto debate featuring former White House strategist Steve Bannon. Toronto Police tweeted Friday there had been “a number of arrests” but no reported injuries. Bannon was interrupted by a protester during his opening statement of the Munk debate with conservative commentator […]
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Voting issues mark final stretch of Georgia governor’s race

ATLANTA (AP) — With early and absentee voting underway ahead of the Nov. 6 election, Democrats and voting rights groups in Georgia are staging massive voter protection operations, including poll monitors and voter assistance hotlines, to ensure people can access the ballot. “We now talk to more than 700 voters on an average day, and […]
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It’s Trump vs. Jimmy Buffett as Florida enters campaign push

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — It will be President Donald Trump vs. Margaritaville ruler Jimmy Buffett as the Florida Senate and gubernatorial races hit the final weekend of campaigning. Trump will appear Saturday in Pensacola with Gov. Rick Scott, who is running for the Senate, and former Congressman Ron DeSantis, who is trying to […]
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The most surprising things about Election 2018

If you'd predicted a year ago that Democrats would run their campaigns without attacking Trump, you'd have been judged nuttier than the president himself. But they really didn't, and their ads prove it.
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Paying a visit to Richard Nixon

Out for a run on a wooded trail last Saturday morning, Neil Young’s “Campaigner” came up — as if at random! — on the Spotify feed in my headphones. You know the tune — or maybe you don’t. From 1977, on the “Decade” album: “Hospitals have made him cry / But there’s always a freeway in his eye … where even Richard Nixon has got soul.” Somehow the algorithm had intuited that, for my sins, I had an appointment at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum on Monday morning. Sin being that in ...
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President Trump Signals Doubt About Keeping the House Ahead of Midterms

President Donald Trump is making an aggressive campaign swing in the final four days before the midterm elections, rallying for Republican candidates all around the country. But for all his bluster and confidence, Trump let slip some doubts about the GOP’s ability to hold the House. “It could happen,” Trump said of Democrats taking control…
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U.S. troops deployed to San Ysidro border

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Active-duty troops are deployed at or around the San Ysidro Port of Entry in southern San Diego County, the Department of Defense said Friday, marking the start of a military response to the U.S.-Mexico border amid immigration concerns.More than 7,000 American service members have been deployed due to word of a migrant caravan moving up from South America, according to the Associated Press. The troops may eventually number 15,000, President Trump said Wednesday.As of Friday, o...
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Obama urges Georgia voters to elect Stacey Abrams governor

ATLANTA (AP) — Former President Barack Obama is urging Georgia voters to elect Stacey Abrams governor in Tuesday’s midterms as a way to counter divisive politics. Obama told a capacity crowd at the gymnasium of Atlanta’s historically black Morehouse College that voting for Abrams is a way to choose a prosperous and generous vision of […]
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Election: Is America itself on the ballot? Depends on who you ask

In the end, what is it all about? The question hangs over Tuesday’s election, like a star-spangled flag on a windless day waiting to be blown one direction or another by a breeze from the ballot box. In the view of those who are calling this the most important election of our lifetimes — and that includes people from all corners of the political universe — the upcoming midterm is less about specific policy proposals, individual candidates and congressional-majority math than it is a gut-level ch...
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Barack Obama Urges People In Georgia To Vote Despite Suppression Efforts

The former president spoke at a rally for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.
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Obama: Some fudge the truth, these are blatant lies

Former President Barack Obama shares the difference between politicians "fudging," or putting a positive spin on the truth, versus the blatant lying he says he has recently witnessed from the highest levels of office.
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Obama and Trump square off in home stretch of midterm campaigns

Two presidents, past and present, dominated the campaign trail Friday, as Barack Obama assailed Donald Trump for "lying" and "constant fear-mongering," prompting Trump to snap back that Obama had attracted a "very small crowd."
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Federal appeals court sides with ACLU in Georgia ballot case

ATLANTA (AP) — A federal appeals court has sided with the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia in a lawsuit involving absentee ballots. Friday’s ruling comes amid the hotly contested governor’s race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp, Georgia’s secretary of state. The ACLU has argued that Georgia’s practice of rejecting absentee ballots […]
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US court rejects Georgia’s appeal in absentee ballot case

ATLANTA (AP) — A federal appeals court has rejected the Georgia Secretary of State’s appeal in a lawsuit involving absentee ballots. Friday’s ruling comes amid the hotly contested Georgia governor’s race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp, who is Georgia’s secretary of state. Voting rights groups had sued over Georgia’s practice of rejecting […]
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R29 Binge Club: House Of Cards Season 6, Episodes 1-7

The king is dead; long live the queen. That is the mantra for the sixth and final season of Netflix’s House Of Cards, which arrived Friday, November 2. Clare Hale (star-executive producer-director Robin Wright) is using her maiden name — by the way, “maiden name” is a painfully outdated phrase — as the president of the United States. Claire’s husband Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) abandoned the position during 2017’s season 5, leading to Claire’s “My turn” ascendancy. Then, after Frank’s portra...
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Trump backtracks on suggestion U.S. troops could fire on migrants

What I don't want is I don't want these people throwing rocks," Trump told reporters outside the White House. "If they do that with us, they're going to be arrested for a long time." Trump's rhetoric on shooting migrants drew criticism from human rights groups that said he was stoking fear ahead of next week's congressional elections. Calling migrants a national security threat "is as absurd as it is cruel," advocacy group Human Rights First said in a statement.
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State Dept. calls for journalist safety as Trump lashes out

WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department said Friday that it will continue to seek a full investigation into the slaying of U.S.-based Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi as it marked International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists. Commemorating the day is “particularly important” due to the Khashoggi case, spokeswoman Heather Nauert said. Nauert noted […]
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Trump accuses Obama of 'lie after lie'

President Donald Trump is firing back at his predecessor, Barack Obama, saying the former president didn't keep his promises to voters. (Nov. 2)            [Author: AP]
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Election: What’s turnout in California for the 2018 midterms looking like?

The safest prediction in the otherwise unpredictable 2018 midterm is that voter turnout will dwarf 2014. In the  non-Presidential election of 2014 just 42 percent of California’s registered voters cast ballots, a record low. But this year — buoyed by competitive Southern California House races with implications for the balance of power in Washington, D.C., and with off-the-chart level of interest in politics following Donald Trump’s 2016 victory — turnout is expected to be high. “There is virtua...
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Once Reluctant to Speak Out, an Energized Obama Now Calls Out His Successor

Barack Obama has re-emerged as the Democrats’ most prominent face, pitting president versus president over the future of the country.
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Supreme Court won’t stop climate change lawsuit

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is declining for now to stop a lawsuit filed by young activists who say the government isn’t doing enough to prevent climate change. The Supreme Court said Friday it would not extend an order it had previously entered temporarily stopping the case from going forward. Trial in the case […]
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Heckler disrupts Obama speech at Florida rally

Former President Barack Obama had to respond to several hecklers at a rally in Florida on Friday.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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FOBTs row: minister quit over claim pro-gambling MP secured delay

Tracey Crouch ‘furious’ over private meeting between culture secretary and Philip DaviesThe sports minister Tracey Crouch resigned because she believed pro-gambling MP Philip Davies successfully went above her head to secure a delay to curbs on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), defying her on a policy she had overseen.Friends of Crouch said she was “furious” after discovering that the digital, culture, media and sport secretary, Jeremy Wright, discussed gambling regulation with Davies during...
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U.S. troops in position at San Ysidro border

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Active-duty troops are now stationed at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in southern San Diego County, the Department of Defense said Friday, marking the start of a military response to the U.S.-Mexico border amid immigration concerns.More than 7,000 American service members have been deployed due to word of a migrant caravan moving up from South America. The troops may eventually number 15,000, President Trump said Wednesday.RELATED: Interactive map: Migrant caravan journeys to U...
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Showbiz Group We Stand United Organizes Midterm Blitz

The final week before the midterms has seen a wave of celebrity-driven get-out-the vote videos: Constance Wu and Jimmy O. Yang from “Crazy Rich Asians” debuted a spot earlier this week; John Leguizamo starred in a Spanish-language ad unveiled on Thursday; and Rosario Dawson and Julianne Moore will headline an immigration-themed PSA to hit on Saturday. […]
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Lawyer: ‘See something, say something’ helps Treasury worker

NEW YORK (AP) — The lawyer for a Treasury Department worker accused of leaking confidential banking reports of suspects in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe said Friday that a “see something, say something” defense might be used at trial. Attorney Marc Agnifilo spoke after his client, Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, made her initial appearance in […]
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Supreme court allows trial on census citizenship question to proceed

White House had asked the court to halt a trial on the legality of decision to ask those taking census if they are citizensThe US supreme court on Friday rejected a request by Donald Trump’s administration to halt a trial set to begin on Monday that will test the legality of the government’s contentious decision to ask people taking part in the 2020 national census whether they are citizens.The administration had argued that there should be no trial in the legal challenge brought by 18 states to...
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Some Rhode Island Democrats upset over Murdoch donation

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Some Rhode Island Democrats are upset that the state party accepted tens of thousands of dollars from the CEO of the parent company of Fox News, saying what he represents is antithetical to the party’s values. It’s the latest example of the party coming under fire from within this election season, […]
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