Hey GOP: You’re dead around here. Time to dump Trump, and look to the ‘Nones’

You've heard of the gender gap in politics. And the education gap. But a new survey of more than 4,000 Washingtonians who voted Tuesday finds the widest of all is the religion gap — and helps explain why the Republican party has ceased to exist in King County.
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Georgia Democrat searching for votes days after election

ATLANTA (AP) — In a frantic search by phone and on foot, volunteers have been trying to find ballots that could help Democrat Stacey Abrams close the gap against Republican Brian Kemp in Georgia’s unresolved race for governor. Kemp leads in unofficial returns, and he already has resigned as secretary of state to start a […]
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Vote tallies due in Florida’s hotly contested elections

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Unofficial vote tallies in Florida’s elections were due by midday Saturday, which could prompt recounts in the hotly contested races for governor and U.S. Senate. At stake was the tight and acrimonious U.S. Senate race between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. The governor’s race between former […]
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US halting refuelling of Saudi-led coalition aircraft in Yemen's war

The United States is halting refuelling of aircraft from the Saudi-led coalition engaged in Yemen, the United States and Saudi Arabia said on Friday, ending one of the most divisive aspects of US assistance to the Saudi war effort. Saudi Arabia, in a statement released by its embassy in Washington, said it had decided to request an end to US aerial refuelling for its operations in Yemen because it could now handle it by itself. US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis backed the decision and said the US ...
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California Democrat Katie Hill defeats Rep. Steve Knight

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Democrat Katie Hill captured the last Republican-held House seat anchored in Los Angeles County on Friday, padding the Democrats’ advantage in the chamber next year. Hill ousted Republican Steve Knight, who was seeking a third term in the 25th District that cuts through suburbs, horse ranches and high desert in northern […]
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How Matt Whitaker got the job

When things were particularly bad between President Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, the attorney general's chief of staff, Matt Whitaker, would attend White House meetings in his place.
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Jeff Sessions realized too late that his chief of staff was auditioning to take over as attorney general

When things were particularly bad between President Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, the attorney general's chief of staff, Matt Whitaker, would attend White House meetings in his place.
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Don't expect quick end to US-China trade war, top White House official warns

Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro said Friday that "trust issues" with China are responsible for the lack of progress in trade negotiations, tamping down hope for progress in resolving the trade war when President Trump and Chinese... [Author: [email protected]]
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Democrat Katie Hill wins last Republican-held U.S. House seat anchored in Los Angeles County, beating Rep. Steve Knight

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Democrat Katie Hill wins last Republican-held U.S. House seat anchored in Los Angeles County, beating Rep. Steve Knight.
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Whitaker led group that may have violated tax-exempt status

WASHINGTON (AP) — Matthew G. Whitaker, the nation’s new acting attorney general, repeatedly chided presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in public statements during 2016 while he was speaking for a group that is barred by its tax-exempt status from supporting or opposing political candidates during a campaign. Before coming to the Justice Department in 2017, Whitaker […]
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Missing the Marx: Gun Control’s Future is … Communism?

Opinion Missing the Marx: Gun Control’s Future is … Communism? Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)-  After every high profile crime committed with a firearm of any sort, there are always calls for gun control. But one particular proposal last week managed to distinguish itself amid the usual din, if only for its audacity and what it reveals about the mindset of people who wish to disarm their fellow Americans.In a lengthy article in Washington Monthly, private equity investor William V. Glastris, J...
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Whitaker’s term as U.S. attorney in Iowa draws scrutiny

Iowa state Sen. Matt McCoy said in an interview Friday that he thought that Matt Whitaker, a conservative Republican, targeted him for prosecution in 2007 because he is an openly gay Democrat. Whitaker's spokesman denies this.
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Wolf Blitzer: Disgusting how Trump treats journalists

Following President Trump's verbal attack on CNN's White House correspondent Abby Phillip, Wolf Blitzer states that Trump has a clear pattern of insulting black female journalists.
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Sessions realized too late that Whitaker was auditioning for his job

When things were particularly bad between President Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, the attorney general's chief of staff, Matt Whitaker, would attend White House meetings in his place.
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Trump Reportedly Directed Hush Money Payments and National Enquirer Offered to Help

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump directly intervened to suppress stories about alleged affairs with women, despite denials of knowing about payments, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal also shed more light Friday on the cozy relationship between Trump and David Pecker, the CEO of American Media — the parent company of the National Enquirer. […]
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King debunks Trump's attack on Obama

President Donald Trump pushed back at former first lady Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama over a forthcoming memoir by the former first lady, saying he would never forgive Obama "for what he did to our US military. It was depleted, and I had to fix it."
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Books of The Times: In ‘Becoming,’ Michelle Obama Mostly Opts for Empowerment Over Politics

The former first lady’s memoir is mostly about her childhood in Chicago, her marriage and her time in the White House, but she leaves room for some unequivocal criticism of President Trump.
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US moving to stop refueling of Saudi aircraft in Yemen war

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. officials say the Pentagon is moving to stop refueling Saudi Arabian aircraft fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen. It wasn’t clear late Friday if a final decision was made or if Congress had been notified. Other U.S. officials say the refueling change does not affect the U.S. military assistance and training to […]
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China Violated Obama-Era Cybertheft Pact, U.S. Official Says

China has violated an accord it signed with the U.S. three years ago pledging not to engage in hacking for the purpose of economic espionage, a senior U.S. intelligence official said this week. From a report: The 2015 bilateral agreement had significantly reduced the amount of Chinese cybertheft targeting American companies, but Beijing's commitment to the deal has eroded, said Rob Joyce, senior adviser for cybersecurity strategy at the National Security Agency. "It is clear they are well beyond...
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WSJ Bombshell Report Details Trump Role In Daniels And McDougal Pay Offs

A lengthy, tour de force report in the Wall Street Journal goes into new detail on President Trump’s knowledge of and involvement in hush money offered to two women — ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal and porn star Stormy Daniels — to keep quiet about alleged sexual encounters they had with Trump. According to the report, prosecutors have obtained evidence showing then-candidate Trump’s role in transactions that allegedly violated campaign finance law. Some of that evidence has come through the...
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Why are Americans still afraid of atheism?

51 percent of Americans would not vote for an atheist president.Though America wasn't founded as a Christian nation, religion has always had a strong influence.It wasn't until the 1950s when religion gained its current prominence in the national imagination. None America's religiosity is not as clean-cut as advertised. While we were certainly not founded as a "Christian nation," Dionysian chaos didn't reign supreme either. It wasn't until the 1930s that an equal protection clause was invoked to ...
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Democrats made massive state-level gains in the midterms

Democrats made massive gains in statehouses in Tuesday's midterm elections, reversing an imbalance that had grown under former President Barack Obama's tenure and given Republicans much more power at the state level.
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Settlement announced between Democrats, GOP over vote count in tight Arizona Senate race

PHOENIX (AP) — Settlement announced between Democrats, GOP over vote count in tight Arizona Senate race.
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Trump trade adviser warns Wall Street 'globalist elites'

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro took a shot at Wall Street Friday, warning "globalist elites" against meddling with the Trump administration's policy on China.
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How a Divided Congress Can Actually Get Along

Despite the common belief that it is doomed to gridlock
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New blow to Theresa May as EU leaders demand scrutiny of Brexit deal

Member states say they must see any deal reached with UK before special summit is calledTheresa May has been dealt a blow in the Brexit negotiations by EU leaders ahead of a crunch week during which the Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, had been expected to visit Brussels to unveil the negotiated agreement.Ambassadors for the EU27, including France and Germany, told the European commission that they would need to scrutinise any deal reached with the British before it was made public and a special ...
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White House adviser Navarro to Wall Street - Stay out of U.S.-China trade talks

White House adviser Peter Navarro on Friday lashed out at efforts by current and former Wall Street executives to urge the United States and China to end their trade dispute, calling them "unregistered foreign agents" who were trying to pressure President Donald Trump into a deal.
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Fed announces new report on financial stability

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve said Friday it will begin issuing a new report twice a year assessing the stability of the U.S. financial system. The Fed said the first report will be issued on Nov. 28. It will provide information on potential financial vulnerabilities tracked by the central bank such as valuations for […]
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Conan O'Brien Roasts White House For Releasing Its Own 'Comedy Videos'

The White House has been the source of so much comedy lately that one comedian
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Conan O’Brien Roasts White House For Releasing Its Own ‘Comedy Videos’

The late-night host took aim at the apparently doctored video Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted.
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