Government shutdown could delay 2019 tax filing season, with refunds affected if it's a long closure

This post was updated Thursday, Dec. 20, on the eve of a possible partial government shutdown at midnight, Friday, Dec. 21. Photo by Alan Cleaver via Flickr CC Even though a partial government shutdown looms, the Internal Revenue Service is confident that the coming tax season will start on time. However, tax agency executives aren't yet saying exactly when that time will be. And as the IRS timetable could slip, thanks to Donald Trump's vow on Dec. 20 to shut down the government afte...
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Woman Tracks Down Mysterious Man Who Helped Her Travel to the U.S. After 15 Years

This beautiful story of a young girl rescued from a Sierra Leone airport by a total stranger is part of a greater Twitter trend.
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Officials: Pentagon planning troop pullout from Afghanistan

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon is developing plans to withdraw up to half of the 14,000 American troops serving in Afghanistan, U.S. officials said Thursday, marking a sharp change in the Trump administration’s policy aimed at forcing the Taliban to the peace table after more than 17 years of war. One official said the troops […]
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Liberals and conservatives made peace at UW — but Rush Limbaugh wasn’t buying it

UW associate professor Jonathan Kanter got liberal and conservative students to listen to each other at a recent workshop. Then conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh lambasted the idea.
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Jim Mattis, Defense Secretary, Resigns in Rebuke of Trump’s Worldview

Officials said Mr. Mattis went to the White House on Thursday afternoon in a last attempt to persuade Mr. Trump to keep American troops in Syria.
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A Section of a Los Angeles-Area Freeway Has Been Named After Barack Obama

It applies to a stretch running from Glendale to Pasadena
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Shutdown Looms After House GOP Caves To Trump On Wall Funding

Wilting under erratic and inconsistent pressure from President Trump, the Republican-led House moved closer to a government shutdown Thursday night by passing a funding bill Thursday night that includes money for a border wall and faces little prospect of passing the Senate. The House vote came after Trump’s unexpected reversal earlier in the day, yanking away his support from a temporary funding bill that would have kept the government operating until February. The White House had signaled as...
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Did a GoFundMe Campaign to Fund a Border Wall Raise Millions of Dollars Within a Few Days?

In the midst of a budget standoff between Congressional Democrats and the White House, some Americans sought to take matters into their own hands.
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House approves $5 billion in border wall funding to avoid government shutdown, forcing another Senate vote

The White House and Congress have until midnight Friday to strike a deal on funding legislation or a quarter of the government will shut down.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Mattis Resigns as Defense Chief, Citing Differences With Trump

Mattis informed the president of his decision in a meeting earlier in the afternoon in which the two discussed policy differences that have included the president’s decision to pull out of Syria, said a White House official. Mattis’s departure didn’t cause the president to rethink his decision on Syria, the official added. In a two-page letter to the president, Mattis laid out his convictions on the value of U.S. leadership in strategic alliances, including the North Atlantic Treaty Organizati...
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Pentagon chief Mattis quits in disagreement with Trump policies

Mattis announced plans to resign after a face-to-face meeting with Trump in which they aired their differences, a senior White House official said. "Because you have a right to a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects, I believe it is right for me to step down from my position," Mattis said in his resignation letter, released by the Pentagon. Trump announced on Wednesday that U.S. troops in Syria would be withdrawn, a decision that upended Am...
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Trump demands wall funding as threat of U.S. government shutdown looms

Republicans in the House of Representatives scrambled to amend a Senate-passed bill to appease Trump after he said he would not sign the legislation, clearing the measure for debate. A subsequent vote was possible later on Thursday but it was unclear whether Republicans would be able to pass what Trump wants. Any measure that funds the government must include border security," Trump said at a White House event.
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Trump Administration, Congress, on the Brink of a Major Accomplishment

Opinion Trump Administration, Congress, on the Brink of a Major Accomplishment USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Senate passage of the FIRST STEP Act on Tuesday was an important milestone to show the country that the Trump White House, Republicans, and Democrats can work together for the good of the country.The bill sailed to passage with an overwhelmingly bipartisan 87-12 vote in the Senate. This could never have happened without the constant, steady leadership of Jared Kushner and his team in the Whit...
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Welcome to the ‘President Barack H. Obama Highway,’ a section of the 134 Freeway between Glendale and Pasadena

A short section of the 134 Freeway between Glendale and Pasadena was officially renamed after President Barack Obama on Thursday, a tribute to the 44th president who attended Occidental College in nearby Eagle Rock from 1979-1981 while living in Pasadena for a portion of that time. Two large, green-and-white freeway signs were unveiled Thursday, one on the right shoulder of westbound State Route 134 at the beginning of the 210 Freeway at Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena, the other at the eastbound 1...
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The Democratic party needs new blood

Haven’t we had enough of old white men in the White House? If the Democrats continue to chase Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, they’ll give away the prize before the game begins. We need a president who is young, mentally agile, has a working brain, and demonstrates a code of ethics we can all recognize […]
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A Top Aide’s Exit Plan Raises Eyebrows in the White House

Zachary Fuentes, the deputy White House chief of staff, is said to have planned to lie low and take advantage of a Coast Guard retirement program whose renewal has now been removed from a House bill.
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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Resigns, Rebuking Trump’s Worldview

Officials said Mr. Mattis went to the White House on Thursday afternoon in a last attempt to convince Mr. Trump to keep American troops in Syria.
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"Jim Mattis, the four-star Marine general turned defense secretary, resigned on Thursday..."

"... in protest of President Trump’s decision to withdraw 2,000 American troops from Syria, where they have been fighting the Islamic State," the NYT reports.Officials said Mr. Mattis went to the White House on Thursday afternoon in a last attempt to convince Mr. Trump to keep American troops in Syria. He was rebuffed, and told the president that he was resigning as a result....“One core belief I have always held is that our strength as a nation is inextricably linked to the strength of our uniq...
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Mattis writes letter of recommendation for Reince Priebus to join the Navy

Defense Secretary James Mattis has written a letter of recommendation for former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus to join the Navy as a reserve officer, the Pentagon confirmed Friday.
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Shutdown Looms as House Backs Trump Border Funds Senate Opposes

The 217-185 House vote Thursday capped a tumultuous day in which Trump surprised fellow Republicans by insisting he won’t sign a bill without the border money, after the White House had hinted he would accept it. Now, the House and Senate have passed spending measures that differ in one crucial way -- the House bill includes the $5 billion Trump is demanding for a wall and the Senate version, passed a day earlier, does not. Trump says he’ll only sign a spending bill with the border money, and ...
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Bureaucrats flagged WH on Kushner questions. A judge says that's not normal

A federal judge is questioning the White House's role in reviewing government documents related to a freedom-of-information lawsuit for records concerning President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner.
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Washington native James Mattis foreshadowed resignation in 2011 Richland speech

Despite a globe-trotting military and political career that spanned more than 40 years, Mattis has kept coming back to Richland — for high-school reunions, jury duty, visits to the local VFW and to serve on the board of the local food bank.
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U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis quits

The mad dog's sick of being chained out in the yard. He'll be leaving officially early next year, but the announcement comes a day after Trump personally decided, on an apparent whim, to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria. Mr Trump tweeted that General Mattis "was a great help to me in getting allies and other countries to pay their share of military obligations". He did not name a successor, but said one would be appointed shortly.
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Mattis leaving as Pentagon chief after clashes with Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is stepping down from his post, President Donald Trump announced Thursday, after the retired Marine general clashed with the president over a troop drawdown in Syria and Trump’s go-it-alone stance in world affairs. Mattis, perhaps the most respected foreign policy official in Trump’s administration, will leave by the […]
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Cory Booker Isn’t Yet Running for President. But a Supporter is Launching a Super PAC to Back Him.

Steve Phillips, a prominent Democratic donor, used a similar strategy on behalf of then-Senator Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.
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Breaking News: General Mattis Retiring

It was just reported that Secretary Mattis is retiring with his last day being Feb 28. In his two page letter it sounds like there are too many differences of opinions with the White House and their input is being ignored. I suspect Syria may have been the last straw. Mattis is one I really hate to see go. No link yet. Post it up if you find it..
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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Announces His Resignation After Clashing With Trump Over Syria

Mattis abruptly said he was resigning Thursday after two years of disagreements with Trump
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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Will ‘Retire’ in February. Trump Says Successor to Be Named ‘Shortly’

President Donald Trump announced that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will retire at the end of February
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Boris Johnson cleared over burqa comments

Former foreign secretary was ‘respectful and tolerant’, according to independent panelBoris Johnson has been cleared of breaking the Conservative party’s code of conduct over his comments about veiled Muslim women.An independent panel investigated the former foreign secretary’s comments after he used his Daily Telegraph column to suggest women wearing the burqa looked like letter boxes or bank robbers. Continue reading...
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House GOP Lurches Toward Show Vote On Trump’s Wall As Shutdown Looms

House GOP leaders are leading a lemming-like march towards a vote to include President Trump’s demanded $5 billion border wall in must-pass legislation to keep the government funded that has almost no chance of becoming law. After Trump reversed himself and reissued his demand for wall funding, his faithful if much-abused lieutenants in the House moved quickly to follow suit, never mind the fact that there’s no chance the Senate will pass it and no guarantee they can even get it through their...
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