Homeschooling Fight In Massachusetts

Zerohedge: A school system in Massachusetts is proving to be malicious, incompetent, or maybe both. Of course, we suspected that already. But the latest example comes from a lawsuit from a woman who pulled her 8-year-old son from Worcester Public Schools to homeschool him last January. Josilyn Goodall is suing the Worcester School Committee, Superintendent Maureen Binienda, and the state Department of Children and Families after police entered her home, handcuffed her, and arrested her over what...
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Did 18 Migrant Children Die in Border Patrol Custody During the Obama Administration?

The deaths of two undocumented immigrant children detained by Border Patrol agents in December 2018 prompted rumors that many more migrant children died on Obama's watch.
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California’s First 5 programs evolve as smoking declines and tobacco taxes go away

An otherwise welcome advance in public health — the widespread reduction in smoking —  is having the perverse effect of driving down tobacco tax revenue that, for a generation, has supported some California programs aimed at early childhood education and health. Still, proponents of the programs financed by tobacco taxes are finding new ways to support California’s youngest residents. Proposition 10, which took effect Jan. 1, 1999, placed a 50 cent tax on tobacco products and created state and c...
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John Major took dim view of Murdoch's papers, archives show

Then home secretary Michael Howard ignored request not to attend media mogul’s dinnerMichael Howard refused to “catch a diplomatic chill” as home secretary so he could avoid a dinner with Rupert Murdoch that John Major had urged his cabinet to swerve, papers reveal.The “jamboree” was to launch new BSkyB channels, but at the time, Murdoch’s UK newspapers were reporting unfavourably on Major’s leadership, files released at the National Archives show. Continue reading...
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Thatcher dismissive of Mandela after first phone chat, files reveal

Long buildup to two leaders’ eventual meeting in July 1990 included phone call on 17 June Margaret Thatcher dismissed Nelson Mandela as having “rather a closed mind” and expressed her disappointment after their first telephone conversation, according to secret files released at the National Archives.The long buildup to the two leaders’ eventually successful meeting in July 1990 – five months after his release from a South African prison – is revealed in official prime ministerial records. Contin...
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Newly declassified files show Thatcher's gloom over Irish border

Dublin’s National Archives receives document of heated 1988 exchange with taoiseach as Northern Ireland teeteredMargaret Thatcher admitted she was sending young boys “to their deaths” as she descended into despondency over what to do about the border in Ireland during one of the darkest periods of her premiership, newly-declassified files in Dublin reveal.During an “unusually tense” tête-à-tête with the then Irish taoiseach, Charlie Haughey, on the margins of a European council meeting in June 1...
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John Major's cabinet considered holding EU vote, papers reveal

Ministers could not agree on question for referendum aimed at quelling EuroscepticismJohn Major’s ministers considered holding a referendum about the European Union in 1994 but could not decide what the question would be, official cabinet records reveal.Faced with mounting Eurosceptic pressure, the then prime minister manoeuvred to prevent opposition to Brussels from building up. His officials even tried rewriting some of Margaret Thatcher’s increasingly critical speeches. Continue reading...
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Hautelinks: Raf Simons Leaves Calvin Klein, Rihanna's New Music, Best of 2018 Lists, & More

AKA all the stories you need to kill some winter break hours. Wow, Raf Simons is leaving Calvin Klein after only two years on the job. As always, we'll be watching to see what he does next.The Cut goes deeper into the "why" behind this move, and the whole situation is fascinating.Cute: Miley Cyrus confirmed that she married Liam Hemsworth this weekend. Congrats to the happy couple!Looving Michelle Obama's post-White House style!Yesss: Rihanna has confirmed she has new music coming out in 2019.Y...
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Shutdown Likely to Go Into 2019 as Trump Fumes, Congress Is Idle

There was no sign of any progress toward a plan to fund nine government departments that closed after funding ran out Dec. 21. Senators have been told they’ll vote only once there’s a deal backed by Democrats and by Trump, who is demanding $5 billion for a wall at the southern border, his central campaign promise. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a statement outlining Trump’s demands that didn’t include the word “wall.” She said later there was no significance to that ...
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Trump's View Of U.S. Military Success In The Middle East

In Iraq yesterday, President Trump contended that the U.S. shouldn't be the policeman of the world, and maintained that he wants to pull back on American military support in the middle east. Mary Louise Kelly talks about the White House's middle east policy with General John R. Allen, a former commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.
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Government Shutdown Will Likely Continue Into the New Year

Roughly 420,000 workers were deemed essential and are working unpaid
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WH Spins Shutdown: Dems Protect ‘Illegal Immigrants’ Over Americans

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders fired off a heated press release Thursday blaming Democrats for the shutdown and omitting any mention of a border wall. “The President has made clear that any bill to fund the government must adequately fund border security to stop the flow of illegal drugs, criminals, MS-13 gang members, child smugglers and human traffickers into our communities – and protect the American people,” she said in a written statement. “The Administration understa...
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False Rape Accusation Anime Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Already Controversial

The upcoming anime adaptation of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (Rising of the Shield Hero) has preemptively stirred up drama online as fans have discovered that the series revolves around a man being falsely accused of rape, with critics labeling it as a show for “vicious regressive misogynists”. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari focuses on […]
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Patreon “Purging The Right” for Questioning Feminism

Following the ban of numerous ring-wing wrongthinkers on Patreon, outraged users are finally starting to question the wisdom of centralizing yet another aspect of Internet culture on a deep-soyed Silicon Valley corporation. Prominent ring-wing individuals known for criticizing feminism that were removed from Patreon include Sargon of Akkad for “using racist language on YouTube” and […]
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In push to save lives, Oregon Senator wants to lower DUI limit to .05

Chart from the NTSB comparing impacts of BAC levels. In 1983, Utah was the first state to lower the level of blood alcohol content that would qualify for a DUI arrest when they went from .10 to .08. Then Oregon followed suit. Now we’re poised to follow Utah again as the second state to reduce the DUI limit even further to .05. That’s the intention of (PDF) that’s been introduced by Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney, which is still in draft form until the legislative session formally beg...
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Michelle & Barack Obama Are The Most Admired People In America

Nearly two years after leaving the White House, Michelle and Barack Obama still hold the hearts of the American people. A new Gallup poll released Thursday found that the former first couple are the most admired woman and man in the country.Michelle, who is currently promoting her bestselling memoir Becoming, dethroned former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for the first time in 17 years. Clinton — who's also been in the public eye as first lady, U.S. senator, Secretary of State, and two-tim...
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Ivanka Took A Trip To Mar-A-Lago During The Government Shutdown

Ivanka's schedule has not been made public, so each week, we will do our best to cover the public events and forums she attends, the meetings she has with lawmakers and government officials, and her social media presence.After a big week in Washington, which included the passing of the biggest overhaul to the criminal justice system in decades, Ivanka laid low for the holiday. But not so low that the Daily Mail couldn't find her at Mar-a-Lago.Tuesday, December 25• On Christmas Day, paparazzi sp...
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White House says it didn't distribute MAGA hats to troops

President Donald Trump made his first visit to a war zone on Wednesday, receiving an enthusiastic reception from many US troops there -- some of whom may have run afoul of military rules.
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White House says it didn't distribute MAGA hats Trump signed in Iraq, Germany

President Donald Trump made his first visit to a war zone on Wednesday, receiving an enthusiastic reception from many US troops there -- some of whom may have run afoul of military rules.
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Strikes called off at San Fernando Valley area hospitals

Registered nurses who raised concerns about staffing levels will vote with their unions to ratify labor agreements with their employers at a pair of San Fernando Valley area hospitals Friday. Strikes that had been threatened or called by the nurses at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank and Southern California Hospital at Van Nuys were also averted, due to the accords reached last week. RELATED STORY: Nurses picket Burbank hospital, while strikes are called at hospitals in Van Nuys, ...
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WH Attacks CNN Over Report On Trump Signing MAGA Hats For Troops

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacked CNN on Thursday over a report that President Trump signing “Make America Great Again” hats may have violated a rule against troops participating in political activities. Sanders tweeted in response: CNN will attack anyone who supports President Trump, including the brave men and women of our military who fight everyday to protect our freedom https://t.co/x6VjuUJFdF — Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) December 27, 2018 [Author: David Taintor...
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'Can You Come To The White House?' A Reporter's Tale Of A Surprise Trip To Iraq

NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith was one of 13 reporters to go with President Trump to Iraq, an assignment that meant keeping a big secret — even from family. (Image credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)
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Columnist: Dems Want ‘Muslim Transgender’ Candidate But Will ‘Make Do’ With Biden

Conservative columnist Mark Steyn mocked Democrats during an interview on “Fox and Friends” Thursday, claiming the party would prefer to have a “Muslim transgender” candidate as its frontrunner in 2020, but will have to “make do” with former Vice President Joe Biden. “They’re looking for something more intersection,” Steyn told Fox co-hosts during a segment discussing a piece in Vanity Fair about how former President Barack Obama’s pursuit of candidates in 2020 has left Biden in the dust. “Th...
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Michelle Obama Named ‘Most Admired Woman’ In Annual Gallup Survey

Former President Barack Obama was voted most admired man for the 11th consecutive year.
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President Trump Claims Without Evidence That Most Federal Employees Impacted by Shutdown Are Democrats

Trump pivoted after saying Tuesday that most federal workers support the shutdown
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Michael Cohen's mobile phone data shows he was in Prague around time of Trump Russia meeting

A long-chewed-on mystery about Michael Cohen's activities in the Trump-Russia conspiracy may now be resolved, thanks to data leaked by Cohen's cellphone. Operational security will get you every time, dumb criminals. McClatchy reports that a mobile phone traced to Donald Trump’s former “fixer” and alleged lawyer Michael Cohen briefly sent some pings that ricocheted off cellular network towers around Prague, in late summer 2016, when Trump's presidential campaign was going bonkers. Cohen's ce...
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The DNC will require presidential nominees' funding to come primarily from small-money, grassroots donors

Generally, the DNC is a fucking pro-establishment dumpster fire (which may explain why it's foundering), but things are (finally) looking up. The DNC has announced a new rule for participating in the primary debates for the 2020 presidential nomination: candidates must raise the majority of their money from "grassroots" donors who make small-money donation. They have yet to define what this will mean, and there's a lot of potential ways this could go wrong, but as Bernie Sanders' 2016 digi...
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For Bernie Sanders, Holding Onto Support May Be Hard in a 2020 Bid

Mr. Sanders has not yet told advisers he intends to pursue another White House bid. But if he does, he will encounter a vastly different landscape than that of 2016.
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The best way to scupper Putin and Trump? Scrap Brexit | Natalie Nougayrède

The autocratic Russian and US presidents see the UK leaving the EU as a vindication of their worldviewLast week I was browsing through Henry Kissinger’s 2014 book, World Order, when the news broke that Jim Mattis, the US defence secretary, had resigned, sending a shockwave of new uncertainties across Europe. It made these lines from Kissinger all the more striking: “The United States has every reason from history and geopolitics to bolster the European Union and prevent its drifting off in a geo...
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