Border Security & GOP Weakening ?

https://www.foxnews.com/politics/tru...ts-border-wall There are several reports of 'some' ... some GOP members having second thoughts because of the impasse. Please contact your US Senators and Representatives ... as well as the White House and let them know you do not want them to give in for any reason. If the GOP gives in now with a so called promise of a future agreement to fund the border barrier ... it will never get done. Not while Trump is President or ever in the future regardless of...
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Guide to the beaches of Uruguay

Uruguay beguiles with iconic gauchos, South American cowboys, herding cattle on its grassy plains. It inspires with its progressive social policies, having beat out Canada as the first country to legalize recreational weed. But more than anything, Uruguay beckons with its miles of sand. From empty beaches framed by pine forests to sandy stretches filled with beautiful people and thumping music, Uruguay has a beach for every type of traveler. And summer in Uruguay is happening right now, so ge...
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The shutdown today: Candy and a walkout by the president

Here’s what’s up with the partial government shutdown on Day 19. WHAT’S NEW TODAY A White House meeting between President Donald Trump and congressional leaders was short, but not very sweet. It began with the president offering candy to participants but ended soon after with him walking out. Democrats said Trump had a “temper tantrum.” […]
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A simple bug makes it easy to spoof Google search results into spreading misinformation

A bug that anyone can easily exploit in Google makes it easy to kick out manipulated search results that look entirely real. The search manipulation bug was documented by Wietze Beukema, a London-based security specialist, who warned that a malicious user could use this bug to generate misinformation. By splicing together values from a Google search result’s “knowledge graph,” the cards that pop up in search results to supplement the search query with visuals and quick facts. Anything from count...
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Billionaire Steyer won't run for president in 2020

Billionaire investor and Democratic activist Tom Steyer said Wednesday that he will not run for the White House in 2020 and will instead focus on calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment. (Jan. 9)            [Author: AP]
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Slower Tax Refunds, Stalled Mortgage Approvals. How the Shutdown Will Make Life Harder If It Drags On

As the partial shutdown of the federal government inches nearer to breaking the record for the longest shutdown in history, the Trump Administration has announced stopgaps to temporarily continue some services that affect millions of Americans – including tax refunds and food stamps. However, President Trump has threatened that he could keep the government closed…
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House passes bill to reopen IRS and other financial agencies, despite veto threat

The House passed a financial services spending bill on Wednesday, the first of four appropriations bills the House will vote on this week in an attempt to reopen shuttered parts of government, despite the fact that the measures are not expected to go anywhere in the Senate and face a White House veto threat.
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Trump Walks Out of Shutdown Meeting With Democrats

WASHINGTON — The 18-day shutdown of the federal government showed little sign of ending after President Donald Trump walked out of a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Schumer said Trump left the meeting abruptly after he asked Pelosi whether she would support his demand for a border wall, […]
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McCarthy Accuses Dems Of Distorting Trump’s Demeanor: It’s ‘Disturbing’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) accused Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) of mischaracterizing President Trump’s behavior during a meeting between Republican and Democratic leadership on Wednesday afternoon, saying the whole ordeal was “disturbing.” “What he described the meeting to be is totally different than what took place,” McCarthy told reporters outside the White House, before explaining that Trump was calm and polite, “he even brought a little candy for every b...
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Schumer: Trump ‘Just Got Up And Walked Out’ Of Shutdown Negotiation Meeting

After congressional Democratic and Republican leadership met with President Donald Trump Wednesday afternoon, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that Trump called the meeting a “waste of his time” and walked out after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she didn’t agree with his desired border wall. “Unfortunately, the President just got up and walked out,” Schumer said, standing alongside Pelosi outside the White House. “He asked Speaker Pelosi, ‘Will you agree to my wall?’ ...
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Tom Steyer, Billionaire Impeachment Activist, Won’t Run Against Trump

Mr. Steyer, the California billionaire, said on Wednesday that he would not seek the White House in 2020 and would instead focus on impeaching the president.
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Texas landowners dig in to fight Trump’s border wall

HIDALGO, Texas (AP) — As President Donald Trump travels to the border in Texas to make the case for his $5.7 billion wall, landowner Eloisa Cavazos says she knows firsthand how the project will play out if the White House gets its way. The federal government has started surveying land along the border in Texas […]
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Trump walks out of talks on ending government shutdown over border wall

"I asked what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up, are you going to approve Border Security which includes a Wall or Steel Barrier?" Trump wrote on Twitter. Schumer told reporters outside the White House that Trump asked Pelosi if she would fund his wall. "She said no. And he just got up and said: 'Then we have nothing to discuss,' and he just walked out." "Again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn't get his way," Schumer added.
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Theresa May loses grip on Brexit deal after fresh Commons humiliation

Amendments mean PM would be left with little room to move if her Brexit deal is rejected next weekTheresa May’s room for manoeuvre should her Brexit deal be rejected next week was further constrained on Wednesday night, after the government lost a second dramatic parliamentary showdown in as many days.An increasingly boxed-in prime minister must now set out her plan B within three working days of a defeat next Tuesday, after a rebel amendment passed on Wednesday. Continue reading...
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Google Search Results Listings Can Be Manipulated For Propaganda

A feature of the Google search engine lets threat actors alter search results in a way that could be used to push political propaganda, oppressive views, or promote fake news. From a report: The feature is known as the "knowledge panel" and is a box that usually appears at the right side of the search results, usually highlighting the main search result for a very specific query. For example, searching for Barack Obama would bring a box showing information from Barack Obama's Wikipedia page, alo...
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Billionaire environmentalist Steyer will not enter 2020 White House race

Steyer, 61, made his announcement in Iowa, the traditional starting point for the presidential nominating contests that will kick off early next year, after months of openly exploring his own presidential campaign, his staff confirmed. "That's why I just announced that I will be dedicating 100% of my time and effort in 2019 toward Mr. Trump's impeachment and removal from office." Steyer's decision not to enter the race also leaves the deep-pocketed donor available to support one of as many as ...
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Trump Walks Out of ‘Waste of Time’ Meeting With Democrats: Shutdown Update

(Bloomberg) -- The partial U.S. government shutdown is in its 19th day, and President Donald Trump joined Senate Republicans at a private lunch before meeting later at the White House with congressional leaders of both parties.
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'Bye-Bye': Trump Walks Out Of White House Meeting With Democrats About Shutdown

President Trump abruptly ended spending talks Wednesday after congressional Democrats rejected his demand for a $5.7 billion border wall. A partial government shutdown stretched into its 19th day.(Image credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)
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President Obama Also Faced A 'Crisis' At The Southern Border

The situations at the border and in the White House five years ago and now are strikingly similar. Immigration experts say the Trump administration can learn from Obama's tenure. (Image credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)
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Republican rebellion against Donald Trump's border wall shutdown stance gathers pace

A Republican rebellion against Donald Trump’s refusal to reopen government without new money for his Mexico border wall appears to be growing as his TV address failed to break the impasse.  Three Republican senators are now publicly calling for the government shutdown to end even if there is no border wall deal, while half a dozen more have voiced concerns about the stand-off.  Mr Trump attempted to convince his own party to stick with his strategy during a closed-door lunch with Republican sena...
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Trump claims right to declare border emergency, Democrats to test Republican resolve

On the 19th day of a partial government shutdown caused by disagreement over the wall, Trump told reporters at the White House he may move forward with an emergency declaration if Republicans and Democrats cannot work together to resolve the funding standoff. Democrats are eager to force Republicans to choose between funding the Treasury's Internal Revenue Service - at a time when it should be gearing up to issue tax refunds to millions of Americans - and voting to keep it partially shuttered. ...
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What We Know About The Russian Manafort Contacted During The 2016 Campaign

Editor’s note: Shortly after this piece was published, the New York Times retracted its Tuesday report that Manafort asked for 2016 polling data to be shared with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. The New York Times issued a correction stating that Manafort asked for the data to be shared with two Ukrainian oligarchs, Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov. We have updated this piece to reflect that correction. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s ties to Russian figures have been simmeri...
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Trump leaves open option to declare national emergency: 'I may do it' – live

President says the ‘threshold’ for declaration is if he can’t make a deal with Congress over border wall and government shutdownStay informed: sign up for our new US briefing 8.21pm GMT Donald Trump implored Republicans to “stick together” as they come under pressure from Democrats, federal workers and the American public to reopen the government. During a closed-door lunch with Senate Republicans, Trump remained resolute in his negotiating position and made clear that he was not prepared to...
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What We Know About The Russians Manafort Contacted During The 2016 Campaign

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s ties to two Russian figures have been simmering at the surface of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe for more than a year, but Tuesday’s revelation that Manafort stands accused of seeking to share campaign polling data with those Russians brought the relationships fully into focus. The redaction error in a court filing from Manafort’s lawyers, as well as a  more firmly linked Manafort’s time working for Trump to the lobbyist’s longtime busines...
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President Trump Nominates Acting EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler, a Former Coal Lobbyist, to Lead Agency

Wheeler has been the EPA’s acting administrator for the past six months
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Trump again Threatens to Declare Emergency if Dems Won’t Fund Wall

President Trump on Wednesday resumed his threat to bypass Congress and fund the construction of a border wall by declaring a national emergency if Democrats maintain their opposition to his funding demands. “I have the absolute right to do national emergency if I want,” Trump told reporters during a White House pool spray. “We have tremendous support in the Senate, we have tremendous support in the House.” Trump said.
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Tory Brexiters are calling for his head. Bercow is in his element | John Crace

Conservatives have been spitting blood over Speaker’s decision to allow Grieve amendmentSeven former Speakers of the House of Commons have been executed. To judge by the looks on the faces of many on the government benches, John Bercow came dangerously close to becoming the eighth. For well over an hour of points of order that came dangerously close to outright entropy, Tory MPs were spitting blood about the Speaker’s decision to allow an amendment by the Conservative Dominic Grieve to force the...
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How Trump’s government shutdown is harming cyber and national security

It’s now 18 days since the U.S. government unceremoniously shut down because Congress couldn’t agree on a bill to fund a quarter of all federal departments — including paying their employees. But federal workers are starting to feel the pinch after not getting paid for two weeks, and this will have a knock-on effect to U.S. national security. The longer the shutdown goes on, the greater the damage will be. The “too long, didn’t read” version is that before Christmas, President Trump wanted $5 bi...
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