From airlines to Buffett’s NetJets, impacts of shutdown spread through aviation

The economic impact of the partial U.S. government shutdown is rippling through the aviation industry, hitting companies as diverse as Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJets and aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus.
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President Trump mocks CNN's Jim Acosta over Twitter video at border wall

President Donald Trump joined a chorus of Republicans in mocking Jim Acosta, CNN's chief White House correspondent, on Twitter for a video the journalist posted showing areas of the border that had a wall.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Bernie Sanders apologises to female staffers over sexual harassment allegations against 2016 campaign staff

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has apologised to female staffers who have alleged that they were harassed by a male aide while working on his 2016 presidential campaign. The liberal senator, who is reportedly mulling a second bid for the White House for the Democrats, apologised for the mistreatment during a news conference to discuss prescription drug prices. “It appears that as part of our campaign, there were some women who were harassed and mistreated — I thank them from the bottom of my h...
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White House Memo: At White House, Empty Desks and Unpaid Bills as Trump Shows No Sign of Relenting

The pain of the partial government shutdown bit into all corners of America — even the White House, where there is often very little sympathy for those whose job it is to keep Washington running.
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White House Considers Using Storm Aid Funds as a Way to Pay for the Border Wall

President Trump traveled to the border and Vice President Mike Pence went to the Capitol to dig in on a border wall, shattering talk of a compromise.
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At the Border and in Washington, the White House Digs In on the Wall

President Trump traveled to the border and Vice President Mike Pence went to the Capitol to dig in on a border wall, shattering talk of a compromise.
Tags: News, Washington, Senate, White House, House Of Representatives, Graham, Collins, Nancy, Trump, Mike Pence, Mike, Capitol, Lindsey, Pence, Pelosi, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

What is going on in Brexit – and what might happen next?

Your no-frills primer to the UK’s departure from the European UnionConfused by the latest developments in the UK’s fraught departure from the European Union? Here’s your no-frills primer to what’s going on in Brexit – and what might happen next. Continue reading...
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'We want our pay!' furloughed U.S. workers shout at White House

"Stop the shutdown!" protesters shouted in the bitter cold at the union-organized demonstration that started at the AFL-CIO headquarters and ended in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where they hoisted signs reading "Trump: End the Shutdown" and "Not a strike - we want to work." Some 800,000 federal government employees have been ordered to stay home or work without pay during the shutdown brought on by a standoff between Trump and Democrats in Congress over Trump's demand for $5.7 billion to...
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Former FEMA boss says border situation is not an emergency

WASHINGTON (AP) — The former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Thursday that what’s happening on the U.S. southern border is no emergency. Craig Fugate, who ran the national disaster agency for nearly eight years under President Barack Obama and was head of Florida’s disaster agency under a Republican governor, said the push […]
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FBI Agents Association Warns Of Harm From Shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) — The association that represents thousands of FBI agents warned Thursday that a partial government shutdown could cause laboratory delays, reduce money for investigations and make it harder to recruit and retain agents. The FBI Agents Association sent a petition to the White House and congressional leaders encouraging them to fund the FBI immediately. Friday will be the first day that the nearly 13,000 special agents will miss their paychecks. “This is not about politics for ...
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President Trump Went to a Border Town to Prove They Need a Wall. Residents Say Otherwise

'We have never supported the wall,' says a spokeswoman for the Texas Border Coalition
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There Is a Crisis at the Border. It’s Not the One Trump Is Describing

President Trump stood on the edge of the Rio Grande in McAllen, Texas, on Thursday and looked at Border Patrol vehicles, bales of marijuana seized from smugglers and a Border Patrol helicopter flying over the water with agents hanging out the open doors. “They need a barrier. They need a wall,” he said. When a…
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Common Sense: Why Trump’s Unusual Leadership Style Isn’t Working in the White House

President Trump is churning through senior staff, a sign that his unconventional management style doesn’t translate into effective governance.
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Brazilian government approves Boeing’s acquisition of Embraer’s commercial jet operation

Brazilian president Bolsonaro has approved the terms of Boeing's strategic move to acquire control of Embraer's commercial jet operation, which will counter the acquisition of a similarly sized Canadian jet family by rival Airbus.
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Donald Trump's tariff move could unwind decades of global agreements

President Donald Trump would gain line-by-line power to raise tariffs on individual products if trading partners charge higher import taxes under legislation being mulled by the White House, a move that threatens to unwind decades... [Author: [email protected]]
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U.S. House Passes Bill to Fund HUD, Transportation Dept.

At the end of the 20th day of the partial United States government shutdown, the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives passed a standalone spending bill to fund and reopen both the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Transportation, along with a handful of other agencies. According to The Hill, the House voted 244-180 in favor of the measure to provide clean funding to the relevant departments. 12 Republicans crossed party lines to vote with De...
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An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

Dear Kim, I need your help. I am impressed that a reality television star, like you, with star status as big as the President’s (I mean HUGE), can walk into the White House and bend the President’s ear. Thomas Rainer cannot. And that’s a shame.  Rainer, a landscape architect, author and teacher, lives and breathes reality. He loves gardens, nature and clean air, but he doesn’t have a television show or a cosmetics line. Phyto partners Claudia West, Melissa and Thomas Rainer. ...
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No to an Emergency

President Trump says he is considering declaring an emergency at the border to unlock military funds to build a fence (a.k.a. It’s not clear how serious he is, although anonymous White House aides have been quoted saying they believe this will be his ultimate way out of the shutdown fight. The issue is redirecting military funds to the border fence.
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No-deal Brexit would put thousands of UK jobs at risk, CBI to warn

Exclusive: Carolyn Fairbairn of industry body will urge MPs to put economy before politicsBrexit: what’s going on and what happens next?A no-deal Brexit would have profound economic consequences with GDP shrinking by up to 8%, putting thousands of jobs at risk, the Confederation of British Industry is to warn.The business body is urging MPs to back Theresa May’s deal, describing it as a “solution” businesses can work with as it delivers a transition period and avoids a “hugely damaging cliff edg...
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Warner Connects aims to transform transportation in Warner Center area

Councilman Bob Blumenfield, seen at right when the Warner Center Shuttle was announced in June 2018, has created Warner Connects, a transportation management agency that focuses on the Canoga Park-Woodland Hills area. (File photo by Andy Holzman/Special to the Los Angeles Daily News) LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles City Councilman Bob Blumenfield on Thursday launched Warner Connects, a new transportation management organization he said focuses on encouraging use of sustainable or alternative transpo...
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White House preps to defend border emergency declaration

White House lawyers have begun laying the groundwork for the legal defense of a national emergency declaration on the southern border, officials familiar with the matter said, acknowledging the option remains a likelihood should President Donald Trump and Democrats not reach an agreement that would reopen the government.
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White House lawyers preps to defend border emergency declaration

White House lawyers have begun laying the groundwork for the legal defense of a national emergency declaration on the southern border, officials familiar with the matter said, acknowledging the option remains a likelihood should President Donald Trump and Democrats not reach an agreement that would reopen the government.
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Michael Cohen: former Trump fixer to testify before Congress – as it happened

Cohen to go before House committee in early FebruaryTrump heads to border and threatens national emergencySign up to the Guardian’s new US morning briefing 9.59pm GMT That’s it for the blog today. Here’s where things stand: 9.52pm GMT Former congressional candidate Richard Ojeda, who is mounting a presidential campaign, announced Thursday that he would resign from his seat in the West Virginia state senate to pursue a White House bid.Today I announced my resignation from the WV Senate t...
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"All I remember from the rest of that afternoon was sitting under an oak tree in a University of Michigan quad... thinking, This is it. This is the happiest I will ever be...."

"On Monday, December 4th, my story 'Cat Person' came out in the magazine and online.... Three days later, I was sitting in a coffee shop with my girlfriend, Callie, trying to write, when she looked up from her computer and said, 'There’s something going on with your story.'... 'It’s just Twitter,' I said... Then I went home, fired up Twitter, and saw that I had a bunch of notifications from strangers. I was reading through them when my mom called about something unrelated. I tried to explain to ...
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Our Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration Revealed How It Lies About Terrorism

Its falsehoods go deeper than the President's border wall talk
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2018 Year in Review Part Three - Looking Ahead

The thrilling tee shot on the opening hole at Lookout Point Country Club in Fonthill, Ontario(Photo by Now on the Tee) For the first time in three years, I actually have a golf trip planned well in advance and it's looking like it will be something special.There is quite a lot to look forward to in 2019. Lets get to it! Looking Ahead I've alluded to this in previous posts but after over 30 years of membership at St. Catharines Golf and Country Club, I resigned in October 2018 and decided to j...
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Trump’s Former Lawyer Michael Cohen to Testify Publicly Before House Committee

WASHINGTON — Democrats in the House have just scheduled their first must-see TV moment since capturing the majority: Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, will testify before the House Oversight Committee on Feb. 7. The committee’s chairman, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), announced that Cohen would appear voluntarily. “I want to make clear that we […]
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A Brooklyn Bodega Is Selling ‘Jakelin’ Coke Bottles to Honor a Child Who Died in U.S. Custody

Coca-Cola bottles have become well known in recent years for the wide variety of names found on their labels, and the brand has even empowered fans to order their own custom-printed names. Now a group of New York creatives is using that offering to spread awareness of a heartbreaking story from the U.S. border. The...
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Trump At The Border: The Word ‘Manufactured’ Is Manufactured!

President Donald Trump isn’t a fan of Democrats’ line about the situation at the border. Democrats have called Trump’s fervor for a border wall and ramped-up rhetoric about illegal immigration a “manufactured crisis.” During a trip to the border on Thursday, Trump said the word “manufactured” is … manufactured. “They say this is a manufactured crisis. That’s their new sound bite … every network has ‘manufactured crisis.’ But it’s not. What’s manufactured is the word ‘manufactured,'” Trump sai...
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Sanders apologizes for harassment by 2016 campaign staff

Bernie Sanders apologized Thursday for "unacceptable" sexual harassment that occurred on his 2016 presidential campaign, directly addressing an issue that could weigh on the senator's potential 2020 White House bid. Sanders has been on the defensive for weeks while he mulls another presidential bid, as several former campaign staffers have made allegations of sexual misconduct and pay disparity. Sanders does not stand accused of harassing staffers himself, but has been criticized for poorly ha...
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