Donald Trump reopens US government after longest shutdown in history hits 35th day

Donald Trump  signed a bill on Friday to reopen the government for three weeks, ending the longest shutdown in US history without any funding for his proposed border wall. The 35-day shutdown has seen 800,000 government workers being sent home or working without pay since before Christmas. Mr Trump agreed to the three-week re-opening of government departments and to leave the issue of wall funding to future negotiations. The decision came as government workers faced increasing hardship, many mis...
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Trump Signs Bill To Open Federal Government For 3 Weeks

WASHINGTON (AP) — Submitting to mounting pressure amid growing disruption, President Donald Trump agreed to a deal Friday to reopen the government for three weeks, backing down from his demand that Congress give him money for his border wall before federal agencies get back to work. Standing alone in the Rose Garden, Trump said he would sign legislation funding shuttered agencies until Feb. 15 and try again to persuade lawmakers to finance his long-sought wall. The deal he reached with congre...
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The shutdown was a catastrophe for the GOP, but a reawakening for labor

Republicans keep following Trump over cliffs, airport workers have newfound political power, and other take-aways from the great shutdown surrender of 2019.
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Nancy Pelosi: 'What does Putin have on Trump, politically, personally or financially?'

“Roger Stone’s indictment makes clear there was a deliberate, coordinated effort by top Trump campaign officials to subvert the will of the American people during the 2016 Election,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tweeted tonight, with the hashtag #FollowTheFacts. Pelosi, who is third in line to the presidency, is tweeting this out one hour after Trump's shutdown over the wall ended in defeat to the Dems. “[email protected]’s continued efforts to undermine Special Counsel Mueller’s investig...
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‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Exit Explained: Anthony Scaramucci ‘Not Really a Houseguest’

Anthony Scaramucci is officially out of the “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” house. The second season of “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” was underway for less than a week when viewers of the live feeds got their first hint that something was amiss: Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House director of communications, was no longer among the […]
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Golden State Warriors met with Obama ahead of Washington Wizards game

The Golden State Warriors met with former President Barack Obama on Thursday, visiting the former president instead of making a White House trip to meet President Donald Trump as championship teams typically do when they come to Washington to play the Wizards.
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Roger Stone: Dirty tricks, a Nixon tattoo, and a lurking presence in shadows of Trump's world

Ultimately, politics was a game Roger Stone loved more than almost anyone. "Politics with me isn't theatre. It's performance art. Sometimes, for its own sake," he said in 2007. A forthright self-promoter, Mr Stone crafted an image with a massive collection of expensive suits hand-tailored for his body-builder frame, joining them with French cuffs and perfectly knotted silk ties. His shoes always shine, as does his hair - for years dyed blonde until, more recently, ceding way to a perfect...
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Trump faces unfamiliar jolt in US govt shutdown row: losing

Donald Trump loves to make the pistol gesture when pronouncing his "You're fired" catchphrase. With growing numbers of unpaid federal employees in financial trouble, airports clogging up and even the Secret Service agents guarding the White House missing a second paycheck, Americans were crying out for leadership. Instead, what they got for five weeks from both Trump and his Democratic opponents were playground-level arguments and political drift.
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Q&A: How soon will the federal government get back in order?

WASHINGTON (AP) — With the longest shutdown in U.S. history officially over, here’s a look at how the federal government will get back to regular business: ___ WHEN WILL FEDERAL WORKERS GET PAID? It’s unclear at this time. The White House tweeted that it will be “in the coming days.” Most Read Stories'The cars just […]
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Red Sox postpone White House visit to May

The Boston Red Sox are postponing their White House visit until May 9 because of the partial government shutdown.
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Former Trump adviser Roger Stone charged with witness tampering as part of Mueller probe

Roger Stone, a longtime confidant of Donald Trump, was "directed" by a senior official on the president's 2016 campaign team, to seek emails damaging to Hillary Clinton from Wikileaks, prosecutors have claimed. Mr Stone, 66, was arrested on Friday in a pre-dawn raid by heavily armed FBI agents in night-vision goggles at his home in Florida. He faces seven charges including lying to Congress, obstruction, and witness tampering, brought by Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating whet...
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Yvette Cooper’s plan to see off no-deal Brexit hangs in the balance

Labour front bench likely to support amendment to Theresa May’s deal, but MPs in leave areas voice concernsA backbench plan to ward off a no-deal Brexit by extending article 50 is in the balance amid concerns from Labour MPs in leave-voting seats, who fear it could be seen as an attempt to frustrate Britain’s departure from the EU.It appears likely that the Labour front bench will support the amendment to the government’s Brexit deal tabled by Yvette Cooper. Cooper’s amendment has already won th...
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Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen Weighs In On Shutdown Deal

The White House and Congress have reached a deal to end the partial government shutdown. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md.
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Donald Trump Caved: President Announces Shutdown Deal With No Money for Border Wall

The Senate has passed the legislation to reopen the government after the President announced an end to the shutdown with no funding for his border wall.On each day of this 35-day government shutdown, President Donald Trump has made one thing very clear: He would NOT agree to a compromise deal to re-open the government until it promised him the money for the construction of his multi-billion dollar border wall.And then, on Friday (Jan. 25), he gave in and did exactly just that. “We have reached a...
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Trump raises white flag as shutdown gambit fails gradually then suddenly

Caught between the political savvy of Nancy Pelosi and the wrath of Ann Coulter the president secured not a penny for his wallRichard Nixon once said there can be no whitewash at the White House. But it would be fair to say there is now a white flag.It was metaphorically waved by Donald Trump in a chilly yet sunny Rose Garden on Friday when he declared an end to the partial government shutdown after 35 tortuous days. Continue reading...
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Fannie-Freddie Release Plan Draws Scrutiny From Democrats

The scrutiny from House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters and Senator Sherrod Brown, the top Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee, follows statements from a President Donald Trump-appointed regulator about ending the mortgage giants’ decade-long conservatorships. Joseph Otting, the acting head of the companies’ regulator, told Federal Housing Finance Agency staff at a private meeting last week that Treasury and the White House will soon release a proposal.
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Trump confidant Stone charged with lying about hacked emails

Prosecutors alleged senior campaign officials sought to leverage publication of the stolen material into a White House victory.
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The agreement will end the recond-long shutdown

The White House is making plans Friday for an afternoon announcement about the border and the government shutdown, sources said, as President Donald Trump faces increasing pressure to find a way out of the weeks-long standoff.
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IRS workers calling in sick by thousands during shutdown

UPDATE, 2:30 p.m. Central Time: A deal to reopen the federal government fully for the next three weeks was announced by Donald J. Trump this afternoon. The government will reopen; Trump gets no funding (yet) for his campaign-promised physical border wall. This should solve the current furloughed workers' sick-out crisis. Will this truce last beyond Feb. 15, or will we go through this again? Stay tuned. The Internal Revenue Service plans to open the 2019 filing season on Monday, Jan. 28. Tha...
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How Donald Trump Lost More Than Just the Shutdown

It was the first battle in the war between Donald Trump and the newly empowered Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. At stake were the fate of immigration reform, border security and government spending during the Trump presidency, and political clout with both the Republican and Democratic grassroots. And there was no doubt who won…
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West Virginia veteran exits from 2020 presidential race

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — While other Democrats around the country are preparing for presidential runs, a retired Army paratrooper and former West Virginia lawmaker is the first to call off his White House bid after just two weeks as a candidate. Richard Ojeda, a tattooed veteran who recently ran for Congress, says he isn’t getting […]
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Newseum to Close D.C. Location After Sale to Johns Hopkins University

WASHINGTON — The Newseum, a museum dedicated to journalism and the First Amendment, and located in a prime piece of real estate along Pennsylvania Avenue, will close at the end of 2019. The Freedom Forum, the creator and primary funder of the museum, announced the closure as part of the building’s sale to Johns Hopkins […]
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HUD Secretary Carson Decries Government Gridlock as Shutdown Finds Temporary End

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson is not often one to get worked up, but he did flash a degree of tempered frustration at political leaders in Washington, D.C. over the longest government shutdown in American history in a recent interview, right before the White House and congressional leaders agreed to temporarily reopen the government. Carson, who has been largely quiet since the shutdown began in late December, told NPR’s Brakkton Booker that government...
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Impact on aviation contributed to movement on shutdown negotiations

The White House had been meeting and communicating with transportation agencies including the Department of Transportation to discuss the impact of the shutdown on commercial aviation, information that contributed to Friday's deal to temporarily end the government shutdown, according to a source familiar with the discussions.
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Trump to temporarily reopen government after longest shutdown in US history – live

Move comes as president faces intense scrutiny after the arrest of key ally Roger Stone in Mueller’s Russia inquirySign up for the Guardian’s daily morning briefing 8.15pm GMT House intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff says the committee will send special counsel Robert Mueller full transcripts of all interviews in the committee’s investigation into Russian election interference.Roger Stone, arrested today, was the second person charged with lying to the committee. Donald Trump’s form...
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Acosta: WH event was out of 'Alice in Wonderland'

After President Trump announced a temporary end to the government shutdown, CNN's Jim Acosta equated the scene at the White House to an uncalled-for celebration.
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Acosta: WH event was out of 'Alice and Wonderland'

After President Trump announced a temporary end to the government shutdown, CNN's Jim Acosta equated the scene at the White House to an uncalled-for celebration.
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Red Sox postpone White House trip because of shutdown

BOSTON (AP) — The Boston Red Sox are postponing their White House visit because of the partial government shutdown. The team says it consulted with Major League Baseball and the White House and rescheduled the trip to May 9, an off-day after a three-game series in Baltimore. The team had accepted an invitation from President […]
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