Paranoia strikes deep...

So the Military Arms Channel guy has apparently decided that there's some deep NRA conspiracy to take him down. The meme backlash has been savage. Share and enjoy! I only wish that the NRA had that level of skill at skullduggery and manipulation! . [Author: Tam]
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White House security official suspended

A veteran manager in the White House office that processes security clearances has been suspended amid allegations she made against her boss that he endangered national security by breaking the law and flouting security procedures.
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Mnuchin Denies Conflict in RatPac-Dune Sale as Congresswoman Seeks Name of Buyer

WASHINGTON — A Treasury Department official said that Secretary Steven Mnuchin sold his stake in RatPac-Dune Entertainment to a “third party unconnected” to Leonid Blavatnik, the Ukrainian-born billionaire and entertainment investor linked to a Russian company that was recently removed from the U.S. sanctions list. The statement came in response to a letter sent by […]
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Older Gun Owners Have Alternative to AARP with AMAC

Of two groups vying for senior patronage, AARP supports “gun control” while AMAC makes a point of advocatong for the Second Amendment. (Association of Mature American Citizens/Facebook) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)-The American Association of Retired Persons has been relatively silent on guns in recent years. Following exposure in American Rifleman back in 2013 detailing AARP support for disarmament edicts, someone at the top may have decided a low profile will drive away fewer members. While not...
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Trump hails China trade talks progress and says he will meet Xi Jinping soon

US president optimistic of reaching ‘the biggest deal ever’ as Beijing welcomes ‘constructive discussions’Donald Trump has said he will meet Chinese president Xi Jinping soon to try to seal a comprehensive trade deal as the US president while China’s trade delegation said the two sides had “clarified a timetable and roadmap” for the next negotiations.Trump, speaking at the White House on Thursday during a meeting with Chinese vice premier Liu He, said he was optimistic the world’s two largest ec...
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California could insure many more people – but it will come at a price

By Michael Finch II and Sammy Caiola, The USC Center for Health Journalism Collaborative State lawmakers are expected to receive a first look Friday at the costs tied to an ambitious plan to provide health insurance for more California residents. The report represents California’s response to the Trump administration’s retreat on the Affordable Care Act, analyzing how to provide more generous consumer subsidies to pay for costly health insurance, subsidies for insurance companies and a state pen...
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Trump picks climate change skeptic for EPA science board – as it happened

Controversial climatologist John Christy, who once said scientists believed Earth was flat, to join advisory board at environment agency Sign up for the Guardian US morning briefing 1.49am GMT That’s it for Thursday! Here’s what happened in politics this evening: Related: Facebook and Twitter removed hundreds of accounts linked to Iran, Russia and Venezuela 1.19am GMT A outlining the first National Drug Control Strategy was released today, just as new director Jim Carroll was sworn ...
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Don Jr.'s blocked phone calls before Russia meeting weren't to Trump. Who'd he call?

Don Jr.'s blocked phone calls right before that “Russian adoptions” meeting with Manafort and the sketchy Russians were not calls to his father Donald Trump, multiple reports today reveal. These phone calls were deemed suspicious by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who considered them concerning enough to investigate. , following up on reporting by the Washington Post, ABC News, and CNN: The Senate Intelligence Committee has obtained phone records showing that President Trump was not one of the block...
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Mueller seized terabytes of data from Roger Stone

In a federal court filing making the rounds on Thursday, the office of special counsel Robert Mueller says the evidence seized from Roger Stone's residences is "voluminous and complex," and includes computer storage devices that contain “terabytes” of data representing decades of communication records from Stone's numerous mobile devices and online accounts. His bank records, his text messages, and I'd imagine his passwords or encryption keys. This is only the beginning of what the feds will ...
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White House security official suspended, alleges boss broke rules

A veteran manager in the White House office that processes security clearances has been suspended amid allegations she made against her boss that he endangered national security by breaking the law and flouting security procedures.
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Trump picks climate change skeptic for EPA science board – latest news

Controversial climatologist John Christy, who once said scientists believed Earth was flat, to join advisory board at environment agency Sign up for the Guardian US morning briefing 1.19am GMT A outlining the first National Drug Control Strategy was released today, just as new director Jim Carroll was sworn in to his role heading the White House’s National Drug Control Policy. The department’s priorities center heavily on combatting the opioid epidemic, and reducing drug-related deaths. Al...
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Herman Cain for the Fed Board?

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has met with Herman Cain about an opening on the Federal Reserve’s board of governors. A person familiar with the conversations downplayed the Wednesday meeting at the White House and pointed out the president is looking at multiple candidates for openings on the central bank’s board. The person spoke […]
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Trump issues disaster declaration for Alaska earthquake

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — White House officials say President Donald Trump has issued a major disaster declaration following the Nov. 30 earthquake that rocked Anchorage and other parts of south-central Alaska. The declaration Thursday comes in response to a recent request from Gov. Mike Dunleavy (DUN’-lay-vee). White House officials say the declaration frees up money […]
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In Reversal, Trump Now Claims He’s on the ‘Same Page’ as His Intelligence Chiefs

Trump met with his director of national intelligence and other top security officials Thursday
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Kentucky delays start time for some new Medicaid rules

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — State officials in Kentucky have delayed the start of some new eligibility rules for a portion of its Medicaid population. Kentucky is one of 36 states to expand its Medicaid program under former President Barack Obama’s health care law to cover more people. President Donald Trump’s administration gave Kentucky permission to […]
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Trump: I Criticized This Report Before I Read It, But Now I’ve Read It And I’m Right!

President Donald Trump hadn’t read the report when he criticized it Wednesday. But he has now read the report — and he’s right! That’s just about what the commander-in-chief told reporters in the Oval Office Thursday regarding the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s Worldwide Threat Assessment, which was released Tuesday. As was widely reported, the annual report’s top lines contradict many of the President’s favorite talking points. “ Iran is not currently undertaking the key...
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2 House Democrats ask Mulvaney to revoke Kushner's security clearance

Two House Democrats asked acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to immediately revoke senior White House adviser Jared Kushner's security clearance, citing "serious concerns" about the clearance's implications in a letter Thursday.
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Will tech companies change the way we manage our health?

Cyrus Radfar Contributor Cyrus Radfar is the founding partner at V1 Worldwide. More posts by this contributor Amazon isn’t to blame for the Postal Service’s woes, but it will need to innovate to survive Dear United: Autonomous cars will pull you out of your seat As of September 2018, the top 10 tech companies in the U.S. had spent a total of $4.7 billion on healthcare acquisitions since 2012. The number of healthcare deals undertak...
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Kamala Harris, Running Scared

Announcing a run for the presidency should have been enough for Kamala Harris. In a bid for a party that sees itself as the vanguard of a more racially diverse and progressive future, she comes from the vanguard state leading America there – California. It may seem silly in retrospect, but in 2007 and 2008, liberals and conservatives both questioned whether Barack Obama’s white mother and his upbringing in Hawaii so removed him from the experience of most African-American voters that they woul...
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What’s at Stake in the Latest Courtroom Showdown Over Net Neutrality

WASHINGTON — The future of net neutrality once again will come before a federal court on Friday, the latest legal showdown over just what types of rules of the road should dictate how internet providers deliver content to customers. At issue is the Republican-led FCC’s rollback of most of the Obama-era FCC rules that prohibit […]
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White House prioritizes opioid abuse in first national drug control strategy

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy outlined Thursday its top priorities for combating illicit drug abuse and distribution in the United States in the office's first National Drug Control Strategy.
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This Week: The US Slips Down A Step In Global Corruption Index

Experts, analysts and businesspeople polled by an international anti-corruption group perceive the United States as more corrupt than its been in years, Transparency International indicated in its annual global corruption index released this week. For the first time since 2011, the U.S. has fallen out of the world’s 20 best-performing countries on the group’s public sector corruption index, according to Reuters, which flagged the report. Importantly, the index measures perceptions of corrupti...
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White House says March 1 is hard deadline for China trade deal

President Donald Trump sees March 1 as a hard deadline to reach a trade deal with China, the White House said on Thursday, saying U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods will be hiked if an agreement is not reached by then.
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Correction: China's Xi wants to meet U.S. halfway on trade deal

(In 2nd paragraph, corrects to show that letter was read during a White House meeting, not that Trump read from the letter to reporters)
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We need disagreeable people to fix our dishonest institutions

Eric Weinstein is a mathematician, economist and managing director of Thiel Capital.In a recent interview with Rebel Wisdom, Weinstein spoke about the origins of the Intellectual Dark Web, and his theory of how our institutions are plagued by an "embedded growth obligation."Disagreeable people, Weinstein says, could help institutions correct themselves. None We are living in a fever dream from which we cannot wake up, and it is because we cannot figure out whom to trust, says Eric Weinstein, a m...
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Eyeing 2020, Brown tests pro-worker theme in Iowa towns

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Democrat Sherrod Brown’s first stop in politically influential Iowa might feel a lot like home for the Ohio senator. His visit to the state that hosts the first 2020 presidential caucuses begins Thursday evening in small-town Cresco, in the one county in the nation both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican […]
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Howard Schultz speaking in Seattle tonight as he explores presidential campaign

The billionaire executive, who retired from Starbucks last year, says that the Democratic Party — with ideas like single-payer health care and free public college — has moved too far to the left.
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Congress needs your input (but don’t call it crowdsourcing)

Lorelei Kelly Contributor Lorelei Kelly leads the Resilient Democracy Coalition, a group working to make sure Congress succeeds in the Information Age. More posts by this contributor Our ‘modern’ Congress doesn’t understand 21st century technology The banana republic of big data Like many modern digital innovations, “crowdsourcing” is a concept borrowed from the commercial tech industry. It is a method to solicit ideas from the...
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Billionaire "centrist" Howard Schultz tweets column calling Elizabeth Warren "Fauxcahontas"

Howard Schultz, the Starbucks billionaire and aspiring independent presidential candidate, tweeted a link to a column describing Democrat candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris as "fauxcahontas" and "shrill" respectively. Then he deleted the tweet. “Thank you @Rogerlsimon for a thoughtful analysis of what’s possible. #ReimagineUS,” Schultz tweeted, along with a link to an article on PJ Media by Roger L. Simon titled “Howard Schultz Could Actually Win the Presidency." “Current frontrunner ...
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Senate backs McConnell, rebukes Trump’s military drawdown plans in Syria, Afghanistan

While the Senate's Thursday vote does not carry the weight of law or prevent the president from pursuing his plans, it puts congressional Republicans on the record as being at odds with Donald Trump's Middle East policy.
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