Before Trump’s State of the Union, a look at how last year’s promises fared

In his first State of the Union address last year, President Donald Trump outlined his vision for an “America first” approach to overhauling the immigration system, revitalizing manufacturing and prioritizing national interests abroad. As Trump prepares to deliver his second address Tuesday, which is also expected to highlight the president’s immigration agenda, here’s an assessment […]
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Older Gun Owners Have An Alternative To AARP

David Codrea: While not exactly buried, it does take a bit of digging on the AARP website to locate the association’s Policy Book, and then to narrow it down further to find its position on guns: “Congress should eliminate gaps in and strengthen enforcement of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and other federal gun laws. States should enact legislation to eliminate gaps in and strengthen enforcement of federal and state gun laws, particularly with regard to possession by juveniles, convi...
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Venezuela: Maduro warns White House will be 'stained with blood' if Trump invades

Embattled president signals he has no plans to go and asks if the US would like ‘a repeat of Vietnam’ Venezuela’s embattled leader, Nicolás Maduro, has warned Donald Trump he will leave the White House “stained with blood” if he insists on pursuing what he called a “dirty” imperialist conspiracy to overthrow him.“Stop. Stop, Trump! Hold it right there! You are making mistakes that will leave your hands covered in blood and you will leave the presidency stained with blood,” Maduro warned during a...
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Hard Brexiters say only acceptable way forward is to remove backstop

MP Steve Baker says ‘Malthouse compromise’ not May’s proposal will win ERG’s supportHard Brexiters have warned Theresa May that the only proposal they are likely to support to break the Brexit impasse is a version of the “Malthouse compromise”, which envisages removing the backstop from the draft European Union exit treaty.Steve Baker, vice chair of the European Research Group, said that he and other Conservative Eurosceptics could not support the alternative they believed Theresa May favoured –...
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Non Sequiturs: 02.03.19

* How have personnel changes at the Supreme Court affected the dynamics at oral argument? Adam Feldman offers this analysis. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Ed Whelan expresses relief over the White House’s new slate of Ninth Circuit nominations. [Bench Memos / National Review] * Can President Trump declare a “national emergency” in order to build his […]
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President Trump Predicts New England Patriots Will Win Sixth Super Bowl

Trump planned to watch the game from his golf club in Palm Beach, Fla.
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Democratic contenders hoping to run on soaking the rich

WASHINGTON (AP) — The last Democrat to win a presidential election, Barack Obama, ran in 2012 on a platform of raising taxes for top earners to nearly 40 percent. Now a new crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls is signaling that they want to go even further. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is floating a 2 percent […]
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60 Percent Of Trump’s Private Schedule Is ‘Executive Time,’ According To Leaked Docs

On private daily schedules covering nearly every weekday of the past three months, the majority of President Donald Trump’s working hours are described as unstructured “executive time,” Axios reported Sunday. An unnamed White House source provided Axios with the private schedules, which under normal circumstances are available to West Wing staff but not the public or reporters. “Executive time” covers a few different tasks, according to past reports on the President’s habits: Watching televis...
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UK recognises Guaido as 'interim president' of Venezuela after Maduro rejects European demand for fresh election

The British government has recognised Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela after Nicolas Maduro rejected an an ultimatum by European countries to call snap elections. Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said that the United Kingdom considers the 35-year-old opposition leader "constitutional interim president" until "credible elections can be held." "The oppression of the illegitimate, kleptocratic Maduro regime must end," read a statement issued by the Foreign Office.  Earlier this mornin...
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Overwatch Porn Creators “Are Homophobic & Transphobic”

A writer for Kotaku has apparently taken more interest in writing about Overwatch‘s fan-made porn rather than the game itself as indicated by their latest porn-centric article, unsurprisingly concluding on a political statement by claiming there to be homophobia and transphobia amongst some of the porn creators. Mentioning she “stumbled” upon Overwatch porn one day […]
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President Trump Appoints Ronny Jackson, Who Withdrew From VA Head Consideration, to Chief Medical Advisor

His nomination to head the VA was derailed by allegations of professional misconduct
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New York is Truly Becoming the Empire State, Democrat Gun Banners Rape NY Rights

Opinion Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- This week New York State took another drastic leap towards totalitarianism with eight new “progressive” gun laws that were passed by the government which is controlled entirely by the Democrats and will all become law as Andrew Cuomo, who pledged to sign them all once they reach his desk. All of the laws that New York ran through with little opposition were introduced and sponsored by legislators from New York City, which...
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‘I’m Not Telegraphing Anything’: Trump Defends Talk Of Troop Withdrawals

President Donald Trump on Sunday spoke about his stated plans to withdraw American troops from Syria and Afghanistan, but denied that he was “telegraphing” the military’s plans, an attack he himself used frequently against former President Barack Obama. “I’m not telegraphing anything,” Trump told CBS’ Margaret Brennan, according to a transcript of the interview published by CBS News. “When President Obama pulled out of Iraq in theory we had Iraq,” Trump continued. “In other words, we had Iraq...
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President Trump: Up to the Attorney General Whether the Public Sees Mueller’s Report

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said last week the probe is almost done
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New L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva throws transparency a curve

There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s off to the worst start in Los Angeles since Yu Darvish took the mound in Game 7 of the 2017 World Series. Last week, in an unprecedented move, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors issued a verbal and written smackdown to Alex Villanueva, the top law enforcement officer in America’s largest county. Sheriff Villanueva came before the board to explain and defend his decision to re-hire Caren Carl Mandoyan, a sheriff’s deputy fired in 2016 after allegations of...
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'El Chapo' Guzman facing life as lawyers offer extraordinary capitulation in 'trial of the century'

After 25 years on the run - hiding from the army and the police, imprisoned and staging astonishingly audacious escapes – Mexico’s most infamous drug lord finally had his day in court. Thirty minutes later, it was all over. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the $14 billion man, a short and stocky 61-year-old cartel leader sent to the US on the last day of Barack Obama’s presidency, had only one witness called to his defence. And even that witness, an FBI agent who gave fleeting evidence about a cocaine...
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‘A Dangerous Sport.’ President Trump Says He Wouldn’t Encourage Son Barron to Play Football

Trump says equipment has improved, 'but it hasn't solved the problem'
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Momentum founders push benefits of NHS-style healthcare in US

Emma Rees and Adam Klug seek British volunteers to back free healthcare campaignTwo of the founders of the leftwing pressure group Momentum are to launch a campaign asking British volunteers to back a campaign for free healthcare in the US by telling Americans about the benefits of the NHS.The idea is to sign up activists who are prepared to talk up the British healthcare system as a good example of how a campaign such as “National Medicare For All” in the US would work. It comes as part of a ca...
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White House events "more dimly lit than in previous administrations" to hide conspicious orangeness of Trump's winter tan

At the New York Times, Katie Rogers reports on the "mystery" of Trump's January tan. Spoiler: he uses creams or sprays, not tanning beds or other ultraviolet gadgets. Hence the revolting orangeness. “There have been enough people that have asked me in his orbit,” though not on the president’s behalf, to see what Mr. Trump could do to achieve a more even skin tone, Dr. Alster said. “I have nothing against self-action tanning creams, but I think you need to be careful about how you apply it.” ... ...
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Donald Trump should welcome Howard Schultz — and his anti-Trump voters — into 2020 race

Schultz sees the Democratic field as drifting too far left. He can offer anti-Trump voters an alternative, and Trump a way back to the White House.            [Author: Opinion contributor]
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There is no such thing as political neutrality

Every piece of writing has a political bent, says Amis. Thus, in his view, neutrality is a chimera — a "mythical creature." Some things are so "unshirkably ill-advised" — such as white supremacy — that Amis believes treating such views "evenhandedly," as an alternative perspective of equal moral standing to others, is ridiculous. Amis says that he doesn't have it in him to be respectful toward people who harass the bereaved parents of Sandy Hook or Parkland, Florida. ...
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Trump says he wouldn’t steer son Barron toward football

PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump says he wouldn’t steer son Barron toward football, saying it’s “a dangerous sport,” but also wouldn’t stand in the way if the soccer-playing 12-year-old wanted to put on pads. The NFL fan tells CBS’ “Face the Nation” in an interview taped before the Super Bowl that football […]
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Sajid Javid dismisses speculation of snap general election in June

Home secretary says ‘last thing we want is an election, the people will never forgive us’Sajid Javid has said “the last thing we want is a general election”, emphasising that the government is still hoping to secure a time limit or unilateral exit mechanism for the Irish border backstop.The home secretary dismissed newspaper reports that Downing Street strategists were considering holding a snap general election on 6 June, if Theresa May cannot get her Brexit deal through parliament before the 2...
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Chakrabarti defends Jeremy Corbyn's Venezuela remarks

Shadow attorney general says Labour leader is ‘lifelong human rights defender’The shadow attorney general, Shami Chakrabarti, has defended Jeremy Corbyn after the Labour leader was criticised for attacking “outside interference” against Venezuela’s hardline socialist regime.The former human rights campaigner hit out at the regime of Nicolás Maduro over torture and “disappearances” of political opponents, saying it was important for leftwing politicians to be evenhanded. Continue reading...
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Trump appoints former White House doctor to be chief medical adviser despite ongoing misconduct probe

Donald Trump has appointed his former doctor as his assistant and chief medical adviser despite an ongoing investigation into allegations of professional misconduct. Dr Ronny Jackson, who has also been nominated for a promotion to two-star admiral, first emerged as a controversial figure last year when he said the US president had “excellent” physical and mental health.
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MPs slam Android-only app for EU citizens to apply for settled UK status

Labour MPs and MEPs call on home secretary Sajid Javid to act over ‘digital discrimination’Seventy-one Labour MPs and MEPs have accused the Home Office of “digital discrimination” for creating an Android-only app for EU citizens to apply for settled status.In an open letter to home secretary Sajid Javid, frontbenchers including Luke Pollard, shadow environment minister, and Paul Blomfield, shadow Brexit minister, say the system “flies in the face of fair treatment of EU nationals”. Continue read...
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Fear and anger stalk thousands of Britons living on Costa del Sol

For 300,000 UK citizens in Spain, which does not allow dual citizenship, pension and healthcare worries are hard to resolveA couple of years ago, Michael Soffe seemed to have a charmed life. A gourmet tour guide and wedding planner, he’d made a home and built a business in sun-soaked Málaga, the increasingly hip city at the heart of Spain’s southern coast.Now he fears that everything he’s worked for is hanging in the balance as heedless politicians push Brexit negotiations to the brink. His bigg...
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We still don’t understand our EU neighbours | Letters

Why can’t we get our heads around the fact that they do things differently across the Channel?Jeremy Cliffe’s article reminds me of my experience working on the European mainland (“Britons don’t grasp the EU’s essential motivation – a quest for the quiet life”, Comment). Seen from the other side of the Channel, it was striking how differently world events were interpreted, significantly in France but also in the Low Countries and Germany. We British are still at fault after so many years of not ...
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