White House Memo: The War That Wasn’t: Trump Claims Obama Was Ready to Strike North Korea

President Trump has been telling audiences that President Barack Obama had been on the verge of war, a situation that Mr. Obama’s former aides say is entirely fiction.
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Donald Trump claims Japan’s prime minister has nominated him for Nobel Peace Prize

President Donald Trump has claimed that Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, has written a “beautiful” letter nominating him for the Nobel Peace Prize for opening a dialogue with North Korea.  Mr Trump made the assertion during a press conference at the White House on Friday in response to a question about his expectations of a second summit with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, in Vietnam in late February.  Mr Abe gave him “the most beautiful copy of a letter that he sent to the people...
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For 2020 presidential candidates, Midwest is the proving ground

Iowans have the first say in the next presidential race in their 2020 caucuses. White House hopefuls are already swarming the state to court them. On the ground, the mood on politics is increasingly testy.
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NBA, FIBA launching 12-team league in Africa; Barack Obama to have hands-on role

The league is scheduled for launch in January of 2020 and will be the NBA’s first collaboration to run a pro sports league outside of North America.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Theresa May issues fresh plea to Tory MPs to unite over Brexit

PM makes appeal in letter for unity and announces further talks with EU president Theresa May has issued a fresh plea to Conservative MPs to unite and deliver on Brexit, urging her party to “move beyond what divides us” and sacrifice “personal preferences”.The prime minister’s rallying cry follows another tumultuous week in Westminster that saw tensions in the Tory party reach boiling point, with one of her ministers accusing his Eurosceptic colleagues of “treachery”. Continue reading...
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Gavin Williamson at centre of row over chancellor’s cancelled China trip

Senior Conservatives call for defence minister to be reined in after upset in Beijing over his commentsThe defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, was at the centre of a growing cabinet row on Saturday night as senior government sources blamed him for offending the Chinese and causing the cancellation of a crucial trade visit to Beijing by the chancellor, Philip Hammond.Senior Conservatives said it was time to rein in Williamson, who has earned the nickname Private Pike in Whitehall after a series ...
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'Don’t think this is an emergency': Warren attacks Trump order in South Carolina campaign stop

About 800 people gathered at a Greenville, South Carolina, community center on Saturday for Elizabeth Warren's campaign event in her White House bid.            [Author: The Greenville News]
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Trump's Emergency Sparks Protests, Potential Congressional Moves

House Democrats may pass a resolution disapproving the emergency declaration, which the White House says allows him to take $3.6 billion from military construction projects to instead build a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer could force a vote on the resolution after it passes the House, and there are indications that several Republicans would support it.
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Patrick Caddell, Self-Taught Pollster Who Helped Carter to White House, Dies at 68

Decades after aiding the Democratic presidential campaigns of George McGovern and Jimmy Carter, Patrick Caddell began to advise conservatives including Stephen Bannon.
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NBA, FIBA announce plans for pro league in Africa

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — The NBA is bringing a pro league to Africa. The Basketball Africa League, a new collaboration between the NBA and the sport’s global governing body FIBA, was announced Saturday. The initial plan is for the 12-team league to begin play in January, and former President Barack Obama is among those who […]
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Brexit extremism is going nowhere. Now the moderate millions must act | Nick Cohen

Britain doesn’t have to follow the Leavers over the cliff. There’s still time for a U-turnFor three years, the worst of Britain has been in charge. The Britain that says it is elitist to tell the electorate it can’t have the impossible. The Britain that has patted itself on the back for threatening the rule of law and the independence of MPs. The Britain where it is normal for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to call the BBC’s political editor a bitch and a whore and demand her dismissal for crimes a...
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Europeans reveal who they wish was in the White House

Reaction at an international security conference reveals how leaders might not be on the same page.
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The Green New Deal might be a little nutty, but climate change deniers are nuttier

This Green New Deal? It’s green the way the Blarney Stone is — mossy, messy, contaminated from getting kissed too many times by too many people. You have to bend over backwards to even get at it. But you know what? I’ll make out with it nonetheless, and take it to the malt shop, and so will tens of millions of Americans, because, while not a beauty, it’s smart, and even has some good ideas, and because its heart is in the right place. Because we’re sick of a mean and stupid man in the White Hous...
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Tulsi Gabbard could be the president America needs

With every passing year, politicians grow more confident in their ability to thrust Americans into another war, to make decisions that benefit themselves and not their constituents, and to increase their profits as the average American can hardly scrape by. Few politicians take a stand against this, to what has become the norm, and when they do, the mainstream media will either smear them or not cover them at all. It takes a soldier-president to reverse this course. Fortunately, we have such a c...
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Florists: Fresh blooms could become preserve of the rich in no-deal Brexit

Independent florists in Cambridge tell how high-cost imports and long border delays would hit their tradeIt is Valentine’s Day in Cambridge and, at a market stall near King’s College, Nicki Lark is cheerfully selling bouquets of roses, daffodils and tulips to young lovers in the sunshine. But, behind her smiles, she is worried.She fears that, like many other UK businesses that rely heavily on imports from Europe, this family-run florist, which has operated in the city’s market square for the pas...
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Russian minister calls Gavin Williamson 'minister for war'

Sergei Lavrov criticises UK defence secretary after he says Russia has ‘blood on its hands’Russia’s foreign minister has described Gavin Williamson as “minister for war” after the UK defence secretary said Russia had blood on its hands for its actions in Ukraine and Syria in a speech on Friday.Comments by Williamson on the possibility of sending a naval frigate to patrol the South China Seas has already led China to cancel a trade trip by Philip Hammond – a move that has infuriated the Treasury....
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Factory Employee Was Being Fired When He Fatally Shot 5 Co-Workers In Illinois

AURORA, Ill. (AP) — A 15-year employee being fired from a suburban Chicago manufacturing company started shooting Friday, killing five co-workers and wounding five police officers before he was killed by police, authorities said. Aurora, Illinois, Police Chief Kristen Ziman said 45-year-old Gary Martin “was being terminated” before he started shooting at the Henry Pratt Co. — which makes valves for industrial purposes — in the city about 40 miles (65 kilometers) west of Chicago. She told a news ...
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Hammond's trip to China scuppered by Williamson's 'gunboat diplomacy'

Beijing reportedly scrapped plans for chancellor’s visit after defence secretary’s remarksPhilip Hammond is not going to China this weekend for trade talks, following reports that Beijing scuppered advanced preparations for a meeting after the defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, threatened to deploy a warship in the Pacific.The UK chancellor was expected to meet the Chinese vice premier, Hu Chunhua, but Treasury sources said the trip was never confirmed. It is believed that there is an internal...
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Lib Dem peer and ex-MI6 chief used former spies to aid Romanian tycoon

Businessman used ‘intricate knowledge’ gathered by British intelligence firm to fight extradition over corruption chargesA former MI6 boss and a Liberal Democrat peer used retired intelligence officers to gather “sensitive” information from secret sources in the Romanian government to help a wealthy businessman facing corruption allegations, according to documents seen by the Observer.Sir John Scarlett’s private intelligence firm, SC Strategy (SCS), which he co-owns with Lord Carlile, disclosed ...
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‘People are afraid’: Agents worry wall will squeeze the local market

On Friday, Trump declared a national emergency, which he believes will give him access to border wall funding that congress denied him. Agents are worried.
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Valley congressman backs Green New Deal a week after release, and push by local activists

A week after the release in Washington of the Green New Deal – a policy package framework aimed at cutting carbon emissions across the economy – Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) announced Thursday that he planned to support the legislation. “Pleased to join so many of my Democratic colleagues to co-sponsor the #GreenNewDeal. Global climate change is real, and it’s time to address the issue in a serious way,” wrote the representative in a Thursday tweet. His decision followed the urging of some...
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Williamson accused of 'gunboat diplomacy' over China warship threat

Philip Hammond’s planned trip to Beijing reportedly scuppered by defence secretary’s remarksPhilip Hammond is not going to China this weekend for trade talks, following reports that Beijing scuppered advanced preparations for a meeting after the defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, threatened to deploy a warship in the Pacific.The UK chancellor was expected to meet the Chinese vice premier, Hu Chunhua, but Treasury sources said the trip was never confirmed. It is believed that there is an intern...
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"President Trump... pointed to nearly five dozen previous instances in which presidents of both parties have declared emergencies.... But there is no precedent for what he has just done."

Charlie Savage writes in the NYT.None of the times emergency powers have been invoked since 1976, the year Congress enacted the National Emergencies Act, involved a president making an end run around lawmakers to spend money on a project they had decided against funding. I don't think it's exactly true that Congress has decided against funding. They put some funding in the budget bill, there's been a lot of talk about deferring the issue of the wall, and there hasn't been any vote against the wa...
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Collusion: The Criminalization of Policy Disputes

What a weasel word “collusion” is.In Washington, Senator Richard Burr (R., N.C.), chairman of the Intelligence Committee, has now seen fit to pronounce that, after two years of investigation, the panel has found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian regime. Meanwhile, in a nearby courtroom, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s senior staffer, Andrew Weissmann, told a federal judge that an August 2016 meeting between the then-chairman of the Trump campaign and a suspecte...
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David Gauke expresses 'grave concerns' about no-deal Brexit

Justice secretary says leaving EU without deal would have ‘very adverse effect’The justice secretary has said he has grave concerns about the prospect of leaving the European Union without a deal, saying it would have a “very adverse effect” on the UK’s economy, security and union with Northern Ireland.David Gauke said the government was planning for the contingency of no deal, but suggested he would support extending article 50 if a deal between the UK and EU was not reached, since a no-deal Br...
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UK's Saudi weapons sales unlawful, Lords committee finds

Report finds UK arms ‘highly likely to be cause of significant civilian casualties in Yemen’The UK is on “the wrong side of the law” by sanctioning arms exports to Saudi Arabia for the war in Yemen and should suspend some of the export licences, an all-party Lords committee has said.The report by the international relations select committee says ministers are not making independent checks to see if arms supplied by the UK are being used in breach of the law, but is instead relying on inadequate ...
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At his first meetup, White House science adviser tells scientists: ‘I am one of you’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump’s newly minted science adviser reached out to his peers today at one of the country’s biggest scientific meetings and called for the establishment of a “second bold era” of basic research. “I hope that you never forget that I am one of you, that I came from your ranks,” Kelvin Droegemeier, who was sworn in as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on Monday, told hundreds of attendees here at the annual meeting of the America...
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Emiya Alter’s Blackness Expunged in New Fate/Grand Order PV

Another PV for Fate/Grand Order‘s new upcoming chapter “Epic of Remnant Pseudo-Singularity” has Emiya Alter’s usual black skin once again turned white, a change that will surely appease the hordes of non-blacks offended by the character’s original depiction. While a previous PV had already brought attention to the possibly politically-driven alteration, the new PV may, […]
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