LA hides health care costs for individual employees in apparent violation of state law

In 2017, the highest paid employee working for the city of Los Angeles collected a nearly $600,000 salary and $12,693 in health benefits, according to the state controller’s public pay database. Its lowest paid employee — reportedly earning only $1 that year — had a benefits package that also cost the city $12,693. In fact, Los Angeles reported to the state that 25,331 employees — covering nearly every department except the behemoth Department of Water and Power and first responders — all receiv...
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Trump honors African Americans at White House

President Donald Trump paid tribute to African American history month at the White House on Thursday. (Feb. 21)            [Author: AP]
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The Stakes in 2020

The Stakes in 2020 United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- The 2020 presidential election may turn out to be one of the most momentous for the Second Amendment in history. The 2000 and 2004 elections mattered, as President George W. Bush brought in Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito, who provided two of the five votes in the Heller and McDonald cases. The 2016 election saved those cases – and President Donald Trump has brought in two more pro-Second Amendment justices. Now...
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Ivanka Trump Retweets Praise Of Administration As 'Driver For Science,' Twitter Gags

Ivanka Trump on Thursday retweeted a White House message hailing theadministration as a "driver for science" \-- and Twitter was agog
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White House says US will keep 200 troops in Syria

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration, which abruptly announced in December that it was pulling out of Syria, said Thursday that it will keep 200 U.S. troops in the country for now. “A small peace keeping group of about 200 will remain in Syria for period of time,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said […]
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Trump pledges to expand opportunity for every race

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is pledging to expand opportunity for Americans of every race, religion and creed as he commemorates Black History Month. Speaking to hundreds Thursday at a White House reception, Trump boasted about the economy and said the unemployment rate for African-Americans is at its “lowest ever.” Black unemployment did reach […]
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White House Says 200 Troops Will Stay in Syria, Retreating From a Full Withdrawal

The move was a concession to allies and Pentagon officials who have argued that a complete American withdrawal risks returning key areas in Syria to the Islamic State.
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The White House Says It Will Keep 200 U.S. Troops in Syria for Now

The White House said the troops are a "small peace keeping group"
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Ivanka Retweets Praise Of Administration As ‘Driver For Science,’ Twitter Gags

Snarky tweets reminded the president's daughter about White House denials of climate change.
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Artistic Director – New York City Gay Men’s Chorus

The AD will devise and implement an innovative, transformational, and relevant artistic strategy. The strategy will be in line with the mission, vision, and values as a leading organization within the field of LGBTQ performing arts in New York as well as nationally and internationally. OrganizationBig Apple Performing Arts (BAPA) is an LGBTQ-identified organization that serves as the nonprofit umbrella management company for New York City Gay Men’s Chorus (NYCGMC), Youth Pride Chorus, the ...
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About 200 US troops to stay in Syria following Trump's order for 'full' removal

The White House said Thursday that a small contingent of US troops will remain in Syria following President Donald Trump's order for a "full" withdrawal of the American military from the country.
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This Week: Wilbur Ross Gets Called Out By A Trump Appointee For Faulty Financial Report

The Office of Government Ethics on Friday told Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross that it would not certify the secretary’s annual financial disclosure because, essentially, Ross hadn’t told the truth. After submitting the required annual filing claiming that, among other things, he’d divested from his stock in BankUnited Inc. in early 2017, Ross submitted another filing claiming that, actually, he’d only divested from the stock in October 2018. As a result, the annual filing contained an error, ...
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Nike feels impact of Zion Williamson knee injury from shoe mishap

Duke’s Zion Williamson sits on the floor following an injury during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game against North Carolina in Durham, N.C., Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome) Duke’s Zion Williamson sits on the floor following an injury during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game against North Carolina in Durham, N.C., Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome) Sound The gallery will resume in seconds Duke’s Zion Williamson sit...
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IRS Analyst Charged with Leaking Michael Cohen’s Bank Records to Avenatti

An Internal Revenue Service analyst was charged Thursday with leaking confidential reports that revealed President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen sought to profit from his White House access.The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California charged analyst John Fry for leaking a suspicious activity report (SAR) to Michael Avenatti, the attorney who represented pornographer Stormy Daniels in her defamation case against President Trump.Avenatti published th...
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Predictive policing is a scam that perpetuates systemic bias

It’s difficult to tell whether wide-spread use of predictive policing AI is the result of capitalism or ignorance. Perhaps it’s both. AI cannot predict crime; it’s ridiculous to think it could. What it can do is provide a mathematical smoke-screen for unlawful police practices. And it does this very well, according to AI experts. A team of researchers from the AI Now Institute recently investigated thirteen police jurisdictions in the US that were utilizing predictive policing technology. At lea...
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Donald Trump Slams Jussie Smollett on Twitter After Actor’s Arrest for Staged Attack: “What About MAGA?”

President Donald Trump weighed in on Jussie Smollett’s arrest Thursday, calling the actor out for making “racist and dangerous comments” and insulting “tens of millions of people.”The Empire star turned himself in to Chicago police early Thursday morning to face a felony charge of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report. During a press conference after his arrest, Chicago police said Smollett staged his attack because he was “dissatisfied” with his Empire salary.Trump’s Twitter finge...
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Maxine Waters Reacts to Jussie Smollett Arrest: ‘I Would Be Disappointed’ if It’s a Hoax

Maxine Waters said she “would be disappointed” if it’s proven that her friend Jussie Smollett staged his own attack. Speaking with Variety‘s Marc Malkin on Thursday at Essence’s Black Women in Hollywood Awards, the U.S. representative from California said, “If in fact it’s a hoax, of course I would be disappointed.” Smollett faces one felony […]
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Happer in 2014: Carbon 'demonization' akin to Jews under Hitler

The Washington Post reports William Happer, a national security council official and climate change skeptic, has been picked to lead a White House committee on climate change. CNN's Jake Tapper takes a closer look.
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Quick Hits: Al Gore meets with VA residents trying to stop compressor station

Former Vice President Al Gore meets with Union Hill, VA residents trying to stop compressor station Former Vice President Al Gore and social justice advocate the Rev. William Barber II met with residents of Union Hill, VA, a rural community about 70 miles west of Richmond that was founded by emancipated slaves after the Civil War. The community is fighting against a plan to build an Atlantic Coast Pipeline natural gas compressor station in their neighborhood. Compressor stations are used ...
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COLUMN-Oil traders bet on Saudi Arabia and White House lifting prices: Kemp | Reuters

COLUMN-Oil traders bet on Saudi Arabia and White House lifting prices: Kemp | Reuters:Oil traders are becoming very bullish on the outlook for prices, betting that Saudi Arabia will do whatever it takes to tighten the market even if consumption growth slows, helped by U.S. sanctions on Iran and Venezuela.Brent’s calendar spread for the second half of 2019 has surged into a backwardation of 90 cents per barrel, the strongest for more than three months and a huge swing from a 70 cent contango near...
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Judge Bars Roger Stone From Talking Publicly About Russia Investigation

WASHINGTON — Roger Stone was prohibited from commenting any about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation — including the charges that he faces. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson placed new restrictions on Stone after he posted a picture of her on Instagram earlier this week that featured a photo of her and of a […]
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Trump Wants ‘5G’ and ‘Even 6G’ Wireless Technology ‘As Soon As Possible.’ What’s He Talking About?

President Donald Trump on Thursday said he wants U.S. companies to more quickly implement what’s called 5G wireless technology, the latest and greatest tech when it comes to mobile broadband. “I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible,” tweeted Trump, who went on to imply the U.S. was…
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Love Barack Obama’s ‘44’ Bomber Jacket? Here's Where To Buy It

Michelle Obama isn't the only one who has liberated her sense of style, post-White House. While the former First Lady is sweeping all over the nation on her Becoming book tour, wearing Pyer Moss, Balenciaga, Cushnie, and Givenchy, her husband will not be outdone.On Wednesday, Barack Obama attended the UNC-Duke game in Durham, North Carolina in all black everything. Unsurprisingly, he caused a frenzy while he took in the game. And we understand why. The former POTUS is looking good. Like, really...
Tags: Fashion, Music, New York, Kim Kardashian, Obama, White House, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Gq, Barack, Givenchy, Barney, Durham North Carolina, Wainwright, MEGHAN MARKLE, Peter Pilotto

Judge Amy Berman Jackson imposes gag order on Roger Stone, can no longer speak publicly about the investigation or case

Longtime Donald Trump ally and right-wing political operative Roger Stone was ordered to appear with his lawyers in the courtroom of Judge Amy Berman Jackson today, to show cause as to why Stone shouldn't lose his liberty (or at least be gagged) over his ill-advised Instagram threat post. Judge Jackson ordered that Roger Stone is prohibited from making any public statements about his case, the investigation, or any participants in the investigation. "Period." He will be allowed to solicit fu...
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The AI tech behind scary-real celebrity 'deepfakes' is being used to create completely fictitious faces, cats, and Airbnb listings

A new crop of websites shows the disturbing potential of deepfake technology The sites present pictures of faces, cats and buildings that are completely fake but look incredibly real. One of the site's creators says even people without computer programming experience can use freely available tools to create fake pictures in a couple of hours.  The Uber engineer behind another one of the sites says he made the site to "raise public awareness" about the new AI technology. Deepfake technology ha...
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Unions, Trump Administration Prepare to Face Off in Court Again Over Workforce Executive Orders

Oral arguments in the White House’s appeal of a decision blocking the measures are slated for April.
Tags: White House, Management, Unions Trump Administration Prepare to Face Off

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Invoked Pop Culture to Hit Back at a Critical Billboard

The congresswoman has hit back at an attack billboard
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Roger Stone testifies in Judge Amy Berman Jackson's court over Instagram 'crosshairs' post

Longtime Donald Trump ally and right-wing political operative Roger Stone was ordered to appear with his lawyers in the courtroom of Judge Amy Berman Jackson today, to show cause as to why Stone shouldn't lose his liberty (or at least be gagged) over his ill-advised Instagram threat post. Below: Tweets from the courtroom today, as Roger Stone testified. Jackson begins by entering the insta post on the record. She asks his lawyer Bruce Rogow if her media contact order should be modified. Rogow...
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How the Republican Response to the Mueller Investigation Breaks With History

As the Watergate scandal unfolded, Republican allies of President Richard Nixon raised questions about the partisan leanings of investigators and sought to undermine some of their conclusions. One thing they didn’t do: Investigate the investigators. But as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election progressed over the past two years,…
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People Are Extremely Into Barack Obama’s Bomber Jacket With ’44′ On The Sleeve

The Obama Bomber Moment happened at a Duke-UNC basketball game.
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