Bias is in the eye of the beholder

We watch a lot of television. Even the folks who say they “never watch television” watch a lot of television. Binge watching is a thing and fans of the hot shows proselytize for their latest obsessions with the messianic intensity of a street-corner evangelist. Is it any wonder we elected a TV star president? And is it any wonder the phony racist, “Trump-inspired” non-attack attack on “Empire” actor, Jussie Smollett, grabbed headlines? Now, Smollett has been charged with staging the attack for p...
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Corbyn told: change course before it’s too late for Labour

Senior party figures warn leader over approach to antisemitism and new Brexit voteSome of Labour’s most influential figures are urgently warning Jeremy Corbyn to change his approach to antisemitism, Brexit and factional infighting, as more senior politicians reveal they have already decided to quit the party.Figures across the party say that a major exodus of MPs, peers and councillors will be triggered over the next few weeks unless the demands for change are met, with some already poised to go...
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Pentagon Bigs Visit Border to Review Deployment Stunt

EL PASO, Texas (AP) — Top defense officials toured sections of the U.S.-Mexico border Saturday to see how the military could reinforce efforts to block drug smuggling and other illegal activity, as the Pentagon weighs diverting billions of dollars for President Donald Trump’s border wall. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, accompanied by the Joint Chiefs chairman, Gen. Joseph Dunford, was visiting a border site near El Paso, Texas, called Monument Site 3 where a stretch of 18-foot bord...
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Report: Kushner family firm pays $1.1B for 6,000 apartments

NEW YORK (AP) — The real estate firm run by White House adviser Jared Kushner’s family has pulled off its biggest deal in more than a decade. Kushner Cos. paid $1.1 billion for a portfolio of about 6,000 apartments in Maryland and Virginia that had been owned by Lone Star Funds, according to a story […]
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Report: Grand Jury Hearing Evidence That Ryan Zinke Lied to Federal Investigators

Former Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke—who used to be one of the nation’s top environmental officials until he resigned last year amid a slew of ethics scandals and investigations—has apparently failed to leave his troubles behind with his backwards ranger hat.Read more...
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Tommy Robinson protests at BBC headquarters over Panorama film

Far-right activist attacks British media during screening of his own ‘Panodrama’ documentary Protesters gathered in early afternoon on Saturday at the BBC’s Salford headquarters for a demonstration organised by Tommy Robinson, to broadcast his film Panodrama.The former leader of the English Defence League, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was protesting against BBC Panorama’s investigations into him. Continue reading...
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Barack Obama's '44' bomber jacket wins over the internet

Former President Barack Obama can now add style icon to his list of titles.
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Kim Jong Un Is Traveling to His Second Summit With President Trump in Vietnam

Kim is due to meet Trump this week in Hanoi
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What Democrats running for president in 2020 have said about big tech

Artificial intelligence, automation, tech monopolies, and privacy are bound to be contentious issues in the 2020 presidential election. Many Democrats who have announced bids have already made their opinions on big tech known.  Senator Bernie Sanders played a significant role in getting Amazon to pay its workers $15 an hour, while Cory Booker once took a $100 million donation while he was mayor of Newark from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Here is what Democrats running for president in 2020 ha...
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Pete Souza Marks Drew Barrymore’s Birthday With 1984 Ronald Reagan Snap

Barack Obama's former photographer shared an old image of Barrymore and Reagan to Instagram.
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‘Soviet vassal state’: Jeremy Hunt makes gaffe in Slovenia

UK foreign secretary criticised after statement displaying lack of awareness country was part of Non-Aligned Movement The UK foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has incorrectly claimed Slovenia was a Soviet vassal state during his visit to Ljubljana to discuss the Brexit negotiations with his counterpart Miro Cerar. But rather than being a “Soviet vassal state”, Slovenia was in fact, the wealthiest state within the federal Yugoslavia, which sat outside the iron curtain and was part of the Non-Aligne...
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Riot Games Warns Pro Teams for Disrespecting All-Female Team

Riot Games (the developer behind the wildly popular League of Legends) has graciously stood up for its oppressed all-female League of Legends pro team after two other barbaric male pro teams dared to ban five support champions against them and “intentionally stretched out a game” where the girls were losing 2 to 52. LCL pro […]
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Trump is wrong about the wall but he might have picked the right fight

Donald Trump delivers remarks in the East Room of the White House on Thursday. The battle over Donald Trump’s emergency declaration has escalated. Last Monday, 16 states sued the president over what they see as an unconstitutional and unlawful “diversion of federal funds toward construction of a border wall”.
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Clumsy Kamala

No Democrat running for president has had a better 2019 than Kamala Harris. The numbers tell the tale. The California senator was in the low single digits in polls conducted before her official launch on January 28. She is now in the low double digits, running third behind Joe Biden, who enjoys cosmic name recognition, and Bernie Sanders, whose devoted supporters brought him a second-place finish last time. But polls do not tell the whole story.Harris raised $1.5 million in the day after declari...
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How to see beyond Brexit

Only by examining the beliefs we unquestioningly hold can we move past current divisions. For remainers, it’s vital to keep ideals in mind and time to fight a bigger battleI was living in Norwich when the Brexit referendum happened. The city voted remain, an island of European feeling separated from Cambridge – the next dot in the remainer archipelago – by 60 miles of rural and small town leaverdom. One morning not long afterwards, in the small hours, a local deli selling Romanian produce was fi...
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Brexit: what happens the next day if there is no deal?

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, what will be the immediate impact on your finances, rights and travel plans?In a sentence You’ll have to request a green card from your insurer if driving to Europe after 29 March Continue reading...
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