Opinion: Trump must be dancing for joy at Sherrod Brown news

Donald Trump is probably dancing his svelte, 243-pound self around the White House about now. News that Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is not running for president is no doubt turning Trump's "Executive Time" into party time.
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Rep. Ilhan Omar to speak at Woodland Hills banquet ’empowering Valley Muslims’

Freshman congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar is set to step away from a storm swirling around her in Washington and into the San Fernando Valley on March 23, to be a featured speaker at a Council on American-Islamic Relations fundraising event attended by members of the Valley’s American Muslim community. But the Democratic legislator from Minnesota, popular among progressives, may find find herself facing some of the same enmity from L.A. area conservatives and Jewish community members, with a protes...
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The Coming National Red Flag Gun Control Law

CNBC: Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told CNN on Wednesday the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on gun control on March 26. The influential committee chairman said the panel will discuss “red flag” laws, passed in many U.S. states, that allow courts to take away firearms from suspected dangerous individuals after receiving warnings from police officers or family members. Red flag laws, also known as extreme risk protection, enjoy bipartisan support and have been praised by the White ...
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U.S. pauses review of T-Mobile-Sprint deal to examine new arguments

The $26.5 billion merger has been under review for more than eight months.
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Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison in Virginia trial, sentencing in Washington DC case next week

Paul Manafort speaking to the court today, courtroom sketch artist: Art Lien A judge sentenced former Donald Trump presidential campaign manager Paul Manafort today. Paul Manafort was convicted by a jury on eight charges: 5 counts of tax fraud, 2 counts of bank fraud, and one count of failure to disclose a foreign bank account. NOTE: In a separate trial, Manafort is scheduled to be sentenced for other crimes in DC next week. Before issuing the sentence, Judge T.S. Ellis said the sentencing ra...
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Durbin: Pentagon Plans To Tap $1B In Military Pay, Pensions For Trump’s Wall

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon is planning to tap $1 billion in leftover funds from military pay and pension accounts to help President Donald Trump pay for his long-sought border wall, a top Senate Democrat said Thursday. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., told The Associated Press, “It’s coming out of military pay and pensions. $1 billion. That’s the plan.” Durbin said the funds are available because Army recruitment is down and a voluntary early military retirement program is being underutilized. Th...
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Paul Manafort Sentenced to Almost Four Years in Prison

Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, was sentenced to almost four years in prison on a series of tax and bank fraud charges. A federal judge imposed the sentence of 47 months after a lengthy hearing on Thursday in Alexandria, Va. The sentence is well short of the 19 to 24 year sentence […]
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Ex-Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison for tax fraud

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been sentenced to 47 months in prison for tax and bank fraud related to his work advising Ukrainian politicians. Judge T.S. Ellis III imposed the sentence Thursday, capping the only jury trial following indictments stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. A jury last year convicted Manafort on eight counts, concluding that he hid from the Internal Revenue Service millions of dollars he earned from his work in Ukraine. Federal ...
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UK vulnerable to money laundering on a massive scale, find MPs

‘Fragmented’ system inadequate to prevent influx of dirty money, says Treasury committeeHundreds of billions of pounds could be being laundered through the UK every year, but the government is unable to give a precise figure of the scale of the problem, MPs have found.In a report on economic crime, the Treasury committee said the scale of the problem in the UK was very uncertain, with estimates ranging from tens of billions of pounds upwards. Continue reading...
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Kelly Tries To Distance Himself From Immigration Policies He Helped Implement

The retired four-star general and former White House chief of staff spoke Wednesday at Duke University.
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Paul Manafort Sentenced To Mere 47 Months In Prison In Virginia Case

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was sentenced Thursday to 47 months in prison in the bank fraud and tax fraud case brought against him in Virginia by special counsel Robert Mueller. He will also receive credit for time served, specifically the nine months he’s been in jail after the judge in his D.C. case revoked his bail due to witness tampering allegations. The sentence was well below sentencing guidelines. Manafort had faced a potential sentence ranging from 19 to 24 years. “I...
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EPA’s RFS reform proposal tied with E15 rules seeks to increase transparency in RIN market

In Washington, Reuters reports that the Environmental Protection Agency plans to improve transparency in the RIN market including publicizing large volume trades, prohibiting speculators such as banks and other financial institutions from participating in the market and improving overall price transparency. The plan to eliminate hoarding of RINs would see the EPA publish any time a company holds more than 120% of its RIN obligation. The proposal was submitted to the White House on Monday as part...
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Apple CEO trumps Trump, reframing his name game

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — To President Donald Trump, it was an awkward slip of the lip. To Apple CEO Tim Cook, it was an opportunity to poke some sly fun at a president who has often clashed with the tech industry. A day after Trump mistakenly referred to Cook at a White House meeting as […]
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Federal watchdog: Trump's drug control strategy doesn't meet legal requirements

An internal federal government watchdog told Congress on Thursday that it found the White House's first drug control strategy out of compliance with legal requirements.
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Kelly dismisses need for wall along full US-Mexico border

Former White House chief of staff John Kelly dismissed calls for a full border wall along the US-Mexico border, telling an audience at Duke University, "we don't need a wall from sea to shining sea."
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Donald Trump's Apple CEO gaffe

The moment was so fleeting, it could have been missed in a millisecond.At a White House event Wednesday, President Donald Trump thanked Apple CEO Tim Cook for his efforts to bolster the American workforce."You've really put a... [Author: [email protected]]
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Donald Trump calls Apple chief executive 'Tim Apple' during White House event

The moment was so fleeting, it could have been missed in a millisecond.At a White House event Wednesday, President Donald Trump thanked Apple CEO Tim Cook for his efforts to bolster the American workforce."You've really put a... [Author: [email protected]]
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The White House And Its 'Shadow Cabinet' Of Fox News TV Hosts

Past administrations have had favored press members, says New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer, "but nothing where someone is so close in that they are coordinating on a daily basis with the president." (Image credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP)
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Obama: Companies that prioritize greed over good are heading for a reckoning

In his life after the presidency, Barack Obama is focused on his foundation these days, where's he's supporting the leaders of tomorrow. And he's teaching young entrepreneurs two key ideas. One is that companies shouldn't buy into the trope that government is the enemy of business since the government provides a number of services that businesses depend on. The other is: if they are not good citizens themselves: to their own employees and communities, they won't survive.  Barack Obama is focu...
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Fact check: How the Trump administration is spinning economic growth numbers

The White House is spinning the numbers, focusing on a little-used measure to make the economy look a little more robust.            [Author: FactCheck.org]
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This Week: Did Trump Intervene To Ensure His Hotel Doesn’t Have A Competitor Next Door?

Democrats in Congress, after five months of waiting and not much to show for it, wrote to the General Services Administration again this week demanding the documents they requested in October related to the FBI’s construction plans. For years, the FBI planned on building a new campus somewhere in the D.C. suburbs and abandoning its current address just steps away from the Trump International Hotel, where the crumbling J. Edgar Hoover building sits. Before Trump was elected, he expressed inter...
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May to ask EU for concessions to get MPs to back Brexit deal

Speech by PM will remind Brussels that it can influence how MPs will vote next weekTheresa May will make a last-ditch attempt to persuade the EU to give her a better Brexit deal on Friday, as she struggles to hold her crumbling government together following a day of cabinet embarrassments in Westminster.The prime minister will plead with EU leaders to offer further concessions, as it became clear that talks in Brussels have stalled and hardline Eurosceptics in her party are likely to vote down t...
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Tim Cook changes his name to 'Tim Apple' on Twitter after Trump called him the wrong name

During a White House event about U.S. workforce policy, President Trump called Apple CEO Tim Cook 'Tim Apple.' Cook changed his name on Twitter.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Don Winslow’s ‘Cartel’ Trilogy is Becoming an FX Series

Don Winslow‘s acclaimed Cartel Trilogy is headed to the small screen. FX has picked up the rights to adapt the series, based on Winslow’s bestselling trilogy of novels following DEA agent Art Keller through 45 years of America’s long-running war on drugs. Deadline reports that FX has landed the rights to Winslow’s Cartel Trilogy, which includes the 2005 novel The Power of the Dog, the 2015 follow-up The Cartel, and the recently published conclusion, The Border. Winslow will serve as an execu...
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Tim Cook changes his name on Twitter after Donald Trump Apple gaffe

Tim Cook responded with humour after Donald Trump incorrectly referred to the Apple CEO as “Tim Apple”. Rather than acknowledging the error in person during a White House meeting Wednesday, the tech billionaire decided to change his Twitter name instead - to Tim Apple. Cook made the revision using the Apple logo after numerous requests from people on social media, who found the president’s misidentification amusing.
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House Democrats Ask for Records of Potential Trump Influence in DOJ’s AT&T-Time Warner Review

WASHINGTON — Two top House Democrats have dispatched letters to the White House and the Justice Department, seeking documents and communications over the AT&T-Time Warner merger after a report that President Trump attempted to interfere with the review of the transaction. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Rep. David […]
Tags: Politics, News, Washington, White House, David, Donald Trump, Doj, Justice Department, Trump, House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, AT&T-Time Warner, AT amp ; T Time Warner Review, Two top House

Democrats probe whether White House interfered in AT&T Time Warner merger

Two U.S. House Democrats asked the White House and Justice Department to turn over documents that could show whether Republican President Donald Trump sought to intervene in the regulatory review of AT&T Inc's $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner Inc.
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WellSaid aims to make natural-sounding synthetic speech a credible alternative to real humans

Many things are better said than read, but the best voice tech out there seems to be reserved for virtual assistants, not screen readers or automatically generated audiobooks. WellSaid wants to enable any creator to use quality synthetic speech instead of a human voice — perhaps even a synthetic version of themselves. There’s been a series of major advances in voice synthesis over the last couple years as neural network technology improves on the old highly manual approach. But Google, Apple, an...
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new politics, says George Osborne

Former chancellor says his 90s style of politics now belongs to the ‘dinosaur age’George Osborne has expressed his admiration for leftwing Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, saying that politicians who fail to copy her online campaigning tactics now belong to a “dinosaur age”.The former Conservative chancellor, who is now editor of the London Evening Standard, called the first-term congresswoman “one of the most famous politicians in the world” and said she was part of a movement...
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Trump open to another North Korea summit despite rocket site activity

US national security adviser says president is ‘still open to talking’ as satellite imagery suggests reconstruction work on launch siteDonald Trump is open to another summit with Kim Jong-un, the White House said, despite evidence that North Korea has completed reconstruction work on a rocket launch site since the two leaders’ inconclusive meeting in Hanoi last week. Related: Vietnam summit: North Korea and US offer differing reasons for failure of talks Continue reading...
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