A Trump Donor Claimed to Provide Clients a Chance to Mingle With the President

Trump donor Li Yang's company claims to offer a chance to mingle with the President
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A Company Run by a Trump Donor Claimed to Provide Chinese Clients a Chance to Mingle With the President

Trump donor Li Yang's company claims to offer a chance to mingle with the President
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Everybody’s Lying About The Link Between Gun Ownership And Homicide

B J Campbell: There is no clear correlation whatsoever between gun ownership rate and gun homicide rate. Not within the USA. Not regionally. Not internationally. Not among peaceful societies. Not among violent ones. Gun ownership doesn’t make us safer. It doesn’t make us less safe. A bivariate correlation simply isn’t there. It is blatantly not-there. It is so tremendously not-there that the “not-there-ness” of it alone should be a huge news story. A correlation coefficient (R^2) of < 0.5%.  Wo...
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Dems Warn Trump Against $8.6 Billion Wall Request: ‘We Hope He Learned His Lesson’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned President Donald Trump on Sunday that “the same thing will repeat itself” if he asks for $8.6 billion to build a border wall. Reuters first reported Sunday, citing unnamed officials familiar with the plan, that Trump will ask for the sum in a 2020 budget request plan set to be released Monday. The Wall Street Journal and CNN subsequently confirmed the reporting. Schumer and Pelosi, in a joint statement pr...
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Trump’s massive re-election campaign has 2016 themes and 2020 infrastructure

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump and his advisers are launching a behemoth 2020 campaign operation combining his raw populist message from 2016 with a massive data-gathering and get-out-the-vote push aimed at dwarfing any previous presidential re-election effort, according to campaign advisers, White House aides, Republican officials and others briefed on the emerging strategy. Trump’s advisers […]
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Gaining momentum?

With Maine and New Hampshire having both passed Constitutional Carry laws, I thought it was pretty neat that a person could drive from the Bay of Fundy to Burlington, VT strapped and without need of a permit.Looking at a map posted by NJT the other day, it occurred to me that if either Nebraska or Iowa went to permitless carry, one could drive from Biloxi to Couer d'Alene without requiring a permission slip for your blaster. [Author: Tam]
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Theresa May battles to save Brexit deal ahead of Commons vote

Eurosceptics could move against the PM if Commons defeat leads to Brexit delayTheresa May was battling on Sunday night to save her Brexit deal and prolong her premiership, amid signs Eurosceptics could move against her if there is a delay to leaving the EU.The prime minister’s position looked precarious as she was unable to announce any progress in talks with the EU less than 48 hours before her House of Commons vote on the deal. Continue reading...
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Inslee: ‘The World’s On Fire’ And ‘We’ve Got A Climate Denier In The White House’

2020 Democratic candidate @JayInslee on making his campaign about climate change: “We have to have this be the primary, first, foremost and paramount duty of the next administration because the world’s on fire and we’ve got to act.” #CNNSOTU https://t.co/wZ6AIPaOBV pic.twitter.com/VgvKJYTnYI — State of the Union (@CNNSotu) March 10, 2019 [Author: Matt Shuham]
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President Trump to Seek $8.6 Billion for U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Funding in New Budget Request

The request will be part of his budget proposal to be released Monday
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Teenage knife crime calls for cohesion and education | Letters

Readers discuss solutions to knife crime, the importance of schools and the benefits of youth servicesGary Younge’s questioning whether the solution to teenage knife crime lies in increasing police numbers is welcome recognition of the more complex reasons for the actions causing it (Teenagers are being killed. More policing is not the answer, Journal, 7 March).Disadvantaged young people have suffered a succession of austerity measures dating back to 2010, including decimated youth services, red...
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Britain’s flawed dialogue with Sudan regime | Letters

The UK should call for an immediate political transition to end nearly 30 years of repressive rule, say eight signatories including Lutz OetteWe wholeheartedly agree with your editorial (7 March) stating that the demonstrators in Sudan calling daily for freedom and the rule of law “do not want a different version of this regime, or more conflict”. The problem is indeed the regime, not just a president indicted for genocide by the international criminal court and for whom, despite their public cl...
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Brexit: Labour would back delay to seek better deal, says McDonnell

Shadow chancellor says focus should be on defeating May’s deal, not second referendumThe shadow chancellor has said Labour would back a delay to Brexit to help secure a better withdrawal deal, as the party retreated from supporting a parliamentary vote on a second referendum this week.John McDonnell said it was no longer the right time to vote on a second referendum on Tuesday, because the priority should be defeating May’s Brexit and then trying to help negotiate a better one. Continue reading....
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UK mulling how to bring home children of Isis Britons, says Hunt

Foreign secretary reacts to death of Shamima Begum’s baby son in apparent policy shiftThe foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has said the government is now looking at ways of bringing the children of British fighters in Syria back to the UK, in an apparent shift in policy which comes days after the death of Shamima Begum’s baby son.Hunt said it was too dangerous to send British officials to rescue the 19-year-old’s baby son from the camp in Syria, and she knew she would not be able to rely on Briti...
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Trump border wall request will set up new budget fight, adviser says

White House will ask for $8.6bn for wall in 2020 budget Larry Kudlow claims ‘no reason to obsess’ about deficitDonald Trump will on Monday will ask Congress for an additional $8.6bn to pay for the wall he has promised to build on the border with Mexico, officials familiar with his 2020 budget request said. Related: Trump attacks 'Wacky Nut Job' Ann Coulter over border wall criticism Continue reading...
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Trump to demand extra $3bn for border wall from congress, White House officials reveal

Donald Trump plans on asking congress for $8.6bn (£6.6bn) to build a wall on the US southern border in 2020, a figure that far surpasses previous allocations for the project, according to reports. The president’s new demand is six times what was allocated earlier this year for the wall, and six per cent more than what he has sought to reallocate with his emergency declaration. “It gives the president the ability to say he has fulfilled his commitment to gain operational control of the southwes...
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Schiff: It’s A ‘Mistake’ If Mueller Concludes Probe Without Interviewing Trump

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller would be making a mistake if he concludes his investigation without interviewing President Donald Trump first. But in an interview on “Meet the Press,” Schiff acknowledged what he said were constraints under which Mueller is operating. “I’ve said all along that I don’t think Bob Mueller should rely on written answers,” Schiff told NBC News’ Chuck Todd. “When you get written answers from a ...
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Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren calls for break up of Apple

Elizabeth Warren, the US Democratic presidential candidate, has added Apple to her hit list of technology giants that should be broken up to curb Silicon Valley's growing power. Warren, an early favourite to challenge Donald Trump for the White House in the 2020 US presidential elections, said Apple should spin off its App Store, which is used for downloads of iPhone and iPad apps. The Massachusetts senator has trained her sights on Silicon Valley companies, saying she would call for the bre...
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How Instagram became the politicians’ playground

Free from viral abuse, Instagram has become our MPs’ preferred platform to show off their human sideTom Watson is spiralising courgettes with a gadget bought in a supermarket sale. Caroline Flint looks thrilled with the mini trampoline she got for Christmas, though arguably not as thrilled as Tory leadership contender Liz Truss is to be posing with Larry the Downing Street cat on her knee. And Gavin Williamson, the defence secretary, wants you to know he’s been doing some DIY.Welcome to the soot...
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Trump to demand $8.6 billion in new wall funding, setting up fresh battle with Congress

Trump led a government shutdown in December that lasted for 35 days because Congress would not appropriate $5.7 billion to build sections of the wall. Eventually, Trump relented and reopened the government.
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‘There’s No Reason to Obsess’ Over Budget Deficit, President Trump’s Top Economic Adviser Says

The budget deficit now approaches $1 trillion
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President Trump Would Be ‘Pretty Disappointed’ If North Korea Tests a Rocket, Bolton Says

Some experts believe Kim Jong Un could be preparing tests
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Key takeways from Election Commission’s 2019 India’s 2019 Elections announcement: On Fake News, Online Political Advertising and Model Code of Conduct

To address fake news and hate speech during elections in India, social Media platforms are appointing dedicated grievance officers to “take necessary and prompt actions against the contents published on their platforms”, the Chief Election Commissioner of India Sunil Arora said today... ...
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Kudlow: No reason to ‘obsess’ about budget deficit

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s top economist is brushing off concerns about rising budget deficits and slowing economic growth in advance of the release of the president’s 2020 budget. White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says Trump’s budget “points a steady glide path” toward lower federal spending and federal borrowing as a share of […]
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Presidential hopeful Castro isn’t ruling out reparations

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro isn’t ruling out direct payments to African-Americans for the legacy of slavery — a stand separating him from his 2020 rivals. The former housing secretary says, “If under the Constitution we compensate people because we take their property, why wouldn’t you compensate people who actually were […]
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The Warren Breakup Plan

Elizabeth Warren made news this weekend with her plan to breakup Google, Amazon, and Facebook (and also Apple). Let me first say that I am sympathetic to Warren’s position. I particularly don’t like the way that Google, Apple, and Amazon use their market power in search and in their app stores to display their own products. The mobile app stores, in particular, have always seemed to me to be a constraint on innovation vs a contributor to it. However, as you might imagine, I don’t love her ...
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'No drama Obama' shared his tricks for staying cool under pressure

Former President Barack Obama spoke at a tech conference in Salt Lake City, Utah this week. At the conference, which was organized by software company Qulatrics, Obama discussed his famous reputation for keeping cool under pressure. Some of his techniques can be easily adopted in everyday life, helping you to focus on performance and tune out the distractions. Barack Obama was famous during his presidency for always appearing cool and calm. The press sometimes called him "no drama Obama" and ...
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Exclusive: White House and Ivanka Trump Propose New Spending On Child Care

The president's budget is expected to propose drastic cuts to government programs. But NPR has learned it will also call for increased spending on child care, something Ivanka Trump has championed.(Image credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)
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Brexit: John McDonnell says Labour must focus on defeating May’s deal

Shadow chancellor thinks priority should not be seeking a second referendumJohn McDonnell has said Labour must focus on defeating Theresa May’s EU deal and delaying Brexit to secure a better agreement, rather than trying to secure a second referendum this week.The shadow chancellor said it was no longer the right time to seek a parliamentary vote on a second referendum on Tuesday, as the priority should be stopping May’s Brexit deal from passing. Continue reading...
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May quitting will not get Brexit deal through, say Eurosceptics

Ministers float idea of PM naming departure date to persuade Brexiters to back agreementEurosceptics have told Theresa May that defeat on her Brexit deal looks certain without more concessions from Brussels, even if she offers to quit in exchange for them voting to get it over the line.The prime minister’s position is looking increasingly precarious, as cabinet ministers have floated the idea of forcing May to name a date for her departure if this could persuade hardline Eurosceptics agree to ba...
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Brexit secretary met Labour MPs championing second referendum plan

Stephen Barclay held talks with Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson over their plan to break Brexit deadlockThe cabinet minister in charge of Brexit has held detailed talks with Labour MPs who are championing plans for a second referendum – amid signs of mounting desperation inside Theresa May’s government about what to do if the prime minister’s deal suffers another crushing defeat on Tuesday.Stephen Barclay, the Brexit secretary, called the meeting with Labour’s Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson in Downing St...
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