Why Trump and Netanyahu desperately need each other

For Trump, going above and beyond with a pro-Israel agenda is great politics -- it's an easy way to distinguish himself from former President Barack Obama and win points among key constituencies in the US, writes Aaron David Miller.
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Understanding the appeal of democratic socialism key to defeating it

In their race to save an unpopular president and their lack of a positive agenda, many Republicans and conservatives increasingly identify the rise of “democratic socialism” as their ultimate, if you will, Trump card. Given the fact that most Americans, particularly older ones, still favor capitalism and are less than enthusiastic about expanding federal power, this approach might work. But conservatives, in or out of the White House, underestimate the intrinsic appeal of the resurgence of neo-M...
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These Are All of the Other Investigations Donald Trump Faces

There are more than a dozen other investigations and lawsuits looking into Trump and his associates
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Leaders in the House warn that 'the White House must not be allowed to interfere' with the release of the Mueller report and evidence

House Democrats, on their afternoon conference call, renewed their demands for full transparency of special counsel Robert Mueller's report, according to people on the call.
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Theresa May has failed to offer sound leadership in this toxic Brexit phase | Phillip Lee

The PM has brought us to this crisis with a series of calamitous decisionsHow has it come to this? Theresa May and her husband, Philip, have long been friends of mine and I have in the past admired her sense of duty and commitment to her party and her country. So it grieves me that her stubborn choices have left both in peril.At a time when our politics needs statesmanship, not brinkmanship, when our divided people need time to heal and come back together, and when our country needs honest leade...
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Corbyn’s team split over soft Brexit

Shadow cabinet will clash this week over Norway-style deal or second referendumJeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet is set to clash again over Brexit this week, with supporters of a second referendum concerned that the Labour leadership will opt to facilitate a soft Brexit. With senior Labour figures openly calling for another public vote at the anti-Brexit march in London on Saturday, other influential MPs believe Corbyn’s inner circle is actually warming to a Norway-style Brexit that would see Brita...
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Trump’s legal troubles are far from over even as Mueller probe ends

Nearly every organization Trump has run over the last decade remains under investigation by state or federal authorities, and he is mired in a variety of civil litigation.
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People's vote Brexit rally draws 1 million marchers – video report

Official figures put the numbers at the people's vote Brexit march on Saturday at over 1 million. People from across the UK travelled to central London to demand a second vote on whether the UK should leave the EUAs hundreds of thousands march in London, what next for Brexit? Continue reading...
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Corbyn’s cabinet set for another huge rift over Brexit

Commons votes will force Labour to decide between a soft Brexit or second referendumJeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet is set to clash again over Brexit this week, with supporters of a second referendum concerned that the party will opt to facilitate a soft Brexit.With senior Labour figures openly calling for another public vote at the anti-Brexit march in London yesterday, other influential MPs believe the frontbench is actually warming to a Norway-style Brexit that would see Britain leave the EU, ...
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Ari Fleischer praises Attorney General Bill Barr for staying 'quiet' amid the conclusion of the Mueller investigation

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer says it is significant that there have been no collusion indictments issued at the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.
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One telling image: in a Brussels corridor, the EU takes back control of Brexit

A photo of an ad hoc crisis meeting gives an insight into the efforts made to cope with a floundering British governmentAs pictures go, it spoke volumes. On Thursday evening in Brussels, Bulgaria’s permanent representative to the EU, Dimiter Tzantchev, tweeted a photograph he titled “In the corridors of the European Council art 50”.In a play of light and shadow, as if in a Golden Age painting by a modern-day Rembrandt or Frans Hals, a tight cluster of perhaps two dozen figures, some standing, so...
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End of the road for Theresa May's Brexit – cartoon

Stymied by Jacob Rees-Mogg and the ERG, the prime minister lurches towards oblivion Continue reading...
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They have such high hopes, I almost feel bad for them.

NBC News this morning conducted an all-hands evolution to announce that The Mueller Report Has Been Submitted! I mean, nobody knows what's in it yet, and there aren't any more indictments coming from it but...but...well, something or other. It's really important!The Mueller Report has become to the #RESIST crowd what Obama's Birth Certificate was to certain folks on the other side eight years ago: They're sure that this is going to be some special thing that makes the horrible events of the l...
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'Fromage not Farage': the best placards on the People's Vote march

The Put it to the People anti-Brexit demonstration takes place in central London Continue reading...
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Calls grow for public inquiry into Brexit

Investigation could look at ballot wording, May’s red lines and negotiation strategyCalls for a public inquiry into Brexit are mounting among diplomats, business figures, peers and MPs, amid claims that the civil service is already planning for a future investigation into how it has been handled.The decision to call the referendum, the red lines drawn up by Theresa May and Britain’s negotiating strategy are all issues that senior figures would like to be examined. Continue reading...
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Franco’s shadow: reburial battle sees Spain confront its darkest days

Past and future collide as nationalist Vox party gears up for success in next month’s general election while exhumation of dictator draws closerThe gates of the suburban mausoleum that could soon house Spain’s most restless ghost are decked with a shrivelling bunch of red and yellow carnations, a handful of prayer cards and a cheap, broken crucifix.If the socialist government’s long and fraught campaign to exhume Francisco Franco from the fascist splendour of the Valley of the Fallen finally suc...
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Israel's Netanyahu to play Trump card in tight election

PM gets Washington photo ops after Trump recognises Israeli sovereignty over Golan HeightsBenjamin Netanyahu (R) speaks with Donald Trump during the US president’s visit to Tel Aviv in 2017. Photograph: Jack Guez/AFP/Getty ImagesIsrael’s April election has at times felt like it might be Benjamin Netanyahu’s last. But even as he tries to fend off a string of corruption accusations, the prime minister cannot be counted out. He has survived 13 years in office, and he now has a Trump card up his sl...
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George Osborne calls for long delay in Brexit process

Ex-chancellor says MPs should rethink how to deliver on referendum resultGeorge Osborne has said that MPs are being asked “to deliver something impossible” in leaving the EU without damaging Britain, calling for a long delay in the Brexit process.Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme before the People’s Vote demonstration, where hundreds of thousands of people will march through central London on Saturday, the former chancellor said: “If you ask politicians to deliver something impossible ...
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More than 4 million sign Brexit petition to revoke article 50

The online petition has sparked conspiracy theories on both sides of the debateAn online petition calling for the UK government to revoke article 50 and remain in the EU has reached 4m signatures.The petition, which was started in late February by “frustrated remainer” Margaret Georgiadou, has gained momentum very quickly, and has now reached just over 4m nods of support, adding 2.5m signees in less than 24 hours. Continue reading...
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'The Brexodus is under way': meet the Brits leaving the UK

In the year after the Brexit vote, 17,000 British people sought citizenship of another EU country – and many have since upped and left. Five ‘Brexiles’ explain why they’re starting a new life overseasLast month, after a decade of living in London, my husband and I packed up the contents of our two-bedroom flat and moved to France with our 15-month-old son. With another baby on the way, we’re renting an apartment in Toulouse while we look for a more permanent setup. Leaving friends and family beh...
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Trump Has Slapped His Brand On Images Of White House To Sell At His Trump Store

The president blurs the line again between his business and government.
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