Who got what? Details scant on small-business relief effort

WASHINGTON — A small, overlooked federal agency is shouldering a massive relief effort for the nation’s small businesses and their workers left reeling by the pandemic.The Small Business Administration has committed to auditing every sizable emergency loan it approves.But six weeks after the $600 billion-plus program was launched, the agency has yet to make public the recipients of taxpayer aid.A signature piece of Congress’ multitrillion-dollar pandemic rescue, the unprecedented lending program...
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Nancy Pelosi Says ‘Morbidly Obese’ Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine Is ‘Not a Good Idea’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it’s “not a good idea” for a “morbidly obese” President Donald Trump to be taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment for COVID-19 — especially given his age and weight group.“He’s our president and I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and in his, shall we say, weight group — morbidly obese, they say,” Pelosi told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday evening...
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The "chaos" we fear and the chaos we ignore

Justice Kavanaugh made a great deal of the possibility of "chaos" ensuing should the Court rule that electors can no more be "instructed" by state law on how to vote than can those other representatives elected to the House or Senate.  "Chaos" has become a mantra for those, such as the editorial board of the Washington Post, who believe that states should in fact be able in effect to instruct electors.  It is as if they suddenly perceive Godzilla threatening an otherwise stable American constitu...
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Coronavirus live news: White House confirms Trump taking hydroxychloroquine as US deaths pass 90,000

WHO chief promises independent review of global response; IMF chief says full economic recovery unlikely in 2021; Italy records lowest deaths since March. Follow the latest updatesWHO chief promises review of coronavirus responseTrump says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warningsGlobal report: Italy reopens cafes as Spain prepares for return of touristsAustralia coronavirus updates – liveCoronavirus latest: at a glance 2.26am BST The Guardian’s Charlotte Graham-McLay reports: New ...
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Sen. Graham plans vote to subpoena Russia probe officials

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham is scheduling a vote that would allow him to subpoena more than 50 current and former officials who were involved in the Justice Department’s investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, as President Donald Trump and his allies have launched a broad, election-year attack on the investigation as a “deep state” conspiracy. Graham, a close ally of Trump, is effectively turning the investigation on the investigators,...
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Claims watchdog fired by Donald Trump was investigating Saudi arms deal and Mike Pompeo

Congressional Democrats say the State Department watchdog fired by President Donald Trump last week was investigating possible impropriety in a massive arms sale to Saudi Arabia last year, adding new questions to the watchdog's abrupt dismissal. Democrats said on Monday that ousted Inspector General Steve Linick was probing how the State Department pushed through a $7 billion Saudi arms sale over congressional objections. Democrats previously suggested the dismissal might have been tied to ...
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Rockets owner jokes about general manager Daryl Morey's China tweet to Donald Trump

Tilman Fertitta brought up his employee in a meeting with the president and industry leaders on Monday.
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READ: Trump's physician releases letter on President taking hydroxychloroquine

The White House released a memo on Monday evening from President Donald Trump's physician on the President's decision to take hydroxychloroquine as a preventative against the coronavirus.
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Trump Blasts L.A.’s Extended Stay-at-Home Orders: ‘A Death Wish’

President Donald Trump has blasted plans by Los Angeles County’s leaders to extend stay-at-home orders for three months, calling the the move “a death wish.” Trump made the remarks Monday during a business roundtable of restaurant executives at the White House. He responded to comments by California restaurateur Thomas Keller, who said he had heard […]
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Memo from White House physician said he and Trump concluded the 'potential benefit' of hydroxychloroquine 'outweighed the relative risks' — despite no clear evidence yet that it works

Trump said Monday that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, every day for the last 10 days to prevent coronavirus infection.
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Trump Says He Takes Hydroxychloroquine To Prevent Coronavirus Infection Even Though It's An Unproven Treatment

hcs_$reboot writes: President Donald Trump said Monday that he has been taking anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for over a week to prevent coronavirus infection even though it is not yet a proven treatment. Hydroxychloroquine, which is available as a generic drug and is also produced under the brand name Plaquenil by French drugmaker Sanofi, can have serious side effects, including muscle weakness and heart arrhythmia. A small study in Brazil was halted for safety reasons after coronavirus p...
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Texas to let bars in most counties reopen on Friday, as cases surge in Amarillo and El Paso

Bars will be able to reopen in Texas on Friday at 25 percent capacity, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced on Monday, while restaurants will be able to increase their capacity to 50 percent.Zoos, rodeos, aquariums, bowling alleys, bingo halls, and skating rinks will also be able to reopen on Friday, Abbott said. Gyms were given the green light to reopen on Monday at 25 percent capacity with showers and locker rooms closed to patrons. Texas allowed restaurants to reopen on May 1 at 25 percent capacity...
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The Latest: China reports 7 new virus cases, no deaths

The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness or death.TOP OF THE HOUR:— China reports 7 new virus cases, no deaths.— Texas continues swift reopening.— Trump says he's taking malaria drug to protect against virus.— California governor relaxes some criteria for reopening.— Biden criticizes Trump's response to outbrea...
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J.C. Penney to close 242 stores

J.C. Penney is planning on closing 242 stores — more than a fourth of its locations.The beleaguered department store chain filed for bankruptcy last week. J.C. Penney has 846 stores, and will close 192 locations during this fiscal year and 50 over the next. In a document filed with the Securities and Exchanges Commission on Monday, the retailer said the 604 stores that will remain open "represent the highest sales-generating, most profitable, and most productive stores in the network."J.C. Penne...
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Restauranteurs plead with Trump to make PPP loan changes

President Donald Trump on Monday sought to downplay the coronavirus' ongoing impact on the food industry and projected economic optimism during a White House meeting with restaurant industry representatives.
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Analysis: Why the Midwest is not the primary 2020 battleground

Conventional wisdom dictates that the way for Democrats to win the White House in November is to win back three Rust Belt states that Donald Trump managed to wrest from their grip in 2016: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
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Why the Midwest is not *the* 2020 battleground

Conventional wisdom dictates that the way for Democrats to win the White House in November is to win back three Rust Belt states that Donald Trump managed to wrest from their grip in 2016: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
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Trump says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19 despite FDA warnings

President says he’s been taking drug for ‘a couple of weeks’ but FDA has issued repeated warning about the dangers of the drugDonald Trump has told reporters at the White House that for “a couple weeks” he has been taking a malaria drug as a defense against Covid-19 – despite warnings from his administration that it is dangerous.Trump said he was taking hydroxychloroquine – a drug approved to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis – in response to the coronavirus threat. Continue reading....
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FDA: This Drug Could Kill You. Trump: I’m Taking It!

President Donald Trump said on Monday that he has been taking the unproven anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventive treatment for the coronavirus. Recent studies have shown that the drug has little to no effectiveness in treating the virus, and the FDA has issued a warning regarding its potentially deadly side effects.Speaking to reporters on Monday afternoon, the president took aim at ousted vaccine chief Dr. Rick Bright, who recently came forward with a whistleblower complaint abo...
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Donald Trump reveals he is taking hydroxychloroquine, the drug he touts as coronavirus treatment

Donald Trump has revealed he has started taking hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug he has repeatedly touted as a possible coronavirus treatment despite concerns about dangerous side-effects. The US president said he had been taking the drug daily in pill form for around 10 days and had discussed it with the White House doctor before doing so. Mr Trump said many front line workers were using hydroxychloroquine to prevent getting Covid-19, citing a letter he had received from a doctor talk...
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Are We Really Fighting With Each Other Over Masks?

As far as I can tell from my daily walks, masks have quietly become more common over the last month or two. Some people wear them, some don’t, and we all cross the street to avoid each other anyway. But now that rules in some places are requiring masks, social media seems to have blown up with people arguing over…Read more...
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Trump hears restaurant owners' worries, sees good days ahead

Restaurant owners gave President Donald Trump a sobering accounting Monday of the widespread damage the coronavirus pandemic has dealt their industry and asked him to adjust a loan program for small businesses to address their concerns. The president put a hopeful spin on the situation, saying encouraging news on vaccines and treatment efforts could “negate” the bad news. The president was in good spirits as he met with the restaurant executives at the White House, noting that financial market...
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Trump says he is taking hydroxychloroquine

President Donald Trump claimed Monday he is taking hydroxychloroquine after asking the White House doctor if he could take it -- despite the fact that he's said he is negative for Covid-19 and several recent studies show the drug is ineffective against the coronavirus and may even be harmful.
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Barr doesn't think Russia probe review will spur criminal investigation of Obama

Attorney General William Barr on Monday said Barack Obama and Joe Biden are unlikely to be under criminal investigation in a review of the Russia probe that began in 2016 -- addressing simmering accusations by President Donald Trump against his predecessor and his 2020 opponent.
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Coronavirus: Trump taking unproven drug hydroxychloroquine

Speaking at the White House, he told reporters he started taking the malaria and lupus medication recently.
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Bash: Barr just sent a message to Trump

Attorney General Bill Barr responds to a question about President Donald Trump's unfounded calls to investigate President Barack Obama. CNN's Dana Bash says Barr is sending a message to President Trump.
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Dana Bash: Bill Barr just sent a message to Trump

Attorney General Bill Barr responds to a question about President Donald Trump's unfounded calls to investigate President Barack Obama. CNN's Dana Bash says Barr is sending a message to President Trump.
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League of Legends Panders to Diversity Again in Honor of “IDAHOTB”

The Tencent-owned Riot Games (known for games such as League of Legends and the rootkit-installing Valorant) has continued in their pursuit to pander to diversity by once again pushing a political message in video games by way of an icon bundle in honor of the “International Day Against Homopobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia”. The official Twitter […]
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Elon Musk completes his transition to the Dark Side with a salute to extremists

Elon Musk, the PT Barnum of tech, just became the living, breathing embodiment of a shitpost when he and White House Advisor Ivanka Trump had a playful exchange on Twitter where they apparently bonded over a shared appreciation for white supremacy, Men’s Rights Advocates (MRAs), and the far-right extremist movement. Taken! https://t.co/Ng0S2OFC93 — Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) May 17, 2020 I call him a living shitpost because, like the anonymous cowards he’s paying homage to when he tweets about ...
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Trump news — live: President says he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for weeks after insisting coronavirus vaccine announcement coming soon

Donald Trump claims he takes a daily pill of the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine "as a preventative" against coronavirus, despite no evidence that links the anti-malaria drug as a preventative medicine to combat Covid-19 infection. "What do you have to lose?" he told reporters on Monday.The president also attacked his predecessor Barack Obama for his criticism of the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus, saying the 44th president was “grossly incompetent” in office, despite M...
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