Tucker Carlson and Pete Hegseth Try to Bring ‘Kung Flu’ Back

Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Pete Hegseth on Thursday night defended the use of racist terms to describe the novel coronavirus, all while wondering why Democrats are “sucking up” to China by decrying these phrases.Taking aim at Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) for introducing a Senate resolution condemning “anti-Asian sentiment as related to COVID-19”—which includes the use of the phrase “Wuhan virus”—Carlson claimed Harris was denouncing “basic facts.” “Why is she sucking up to the government of ...
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Mika Brzezinski calls Donald Trump 'sick' over murder conspiracy theory

An American television host has called Donald Trump "sick" for promoting a conspiracy theory that her husband may have been involved in a murder. Mr Trump attacked Mika Brzezinski and her husband and co-presenter Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman. In 2001 Lori Klausutis, 28, an aide to Mr Scarborough, was found dead in his office in Florida. The coroner found she suffered from a heart condition and had collapsed, hitting her head. Miss Klausutis's death was ruled an accident,...
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Cases rise in this Southern capital after state reopens

• We will be seeing more of the White House coronavirus task force soon, Fauci says
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We will be seeing more of the White House coronavirus task force soon, Fauci says

The public will be seeing more of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the popular director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
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The Latest: South Korea reports 20 new virus cases, China 4

The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness or death.TOP OF THE HOUR:— South Korea reports 20 new coronavirus cases, China announces 4.— Denver mail distribution centre closed after employees test positive.— Trump to order U.S. flag flown at half-staff over next 3 days as COVID-19 deaths approach 100,000.— Michigan governor...
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We will be seeing more of the scientists from the White House coronavirus task force soon, Fauci says

Dr. Fauci says the public will see more of scientists on the White House coronavirus task force.
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Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House...

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, explains why he is encouraged by early findings in a recent coronavirus vaccine trial.
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First families pay tribute after ex-White House butler dies from Covid-19

Wilson Jerman, who first worked for Eisenhower and retired under the Obamas, has died aged 91Black Americans dying from Covid-19 at three times the rate of whitesCoronavirus latest updatesTributes from former first families have rolled in after the death from Covid-19 of Wilson Jerman, a former White House butler who was a fixture in Washington under 11 presidents.Jerman, who was 91, started working as a cleaner under Dwight Eisenhower and retired as an elevator operator during the presidency of...
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Trump says he wore mask at Michigan plant, but was avoiding cameras – video

Donald Trump's decision to appear without a protective mask during part of a visit to Ford's Michigan plant drew the the ire of the state attorney general, Dana Nessel, who told CNN: 'The president is like a petulant child who refuses to follow the rules. This is not a joke.'Nessel had written to the White House ahead of the event to say it was the 'law that everyone in the state should wear a mask,' but as Trump addressed reporters he was not wearing a face covering despite being surrounded by ...
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Trump fails to wear mask at Michigan Ford plant visit despite company request – video

Donald Trump appeared without a protective mask on a visit to the carmaker Ford’s Michigan plan despite the company requiring visitors to wear them. ‘I had one on before. I wore one in the back area. I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it,’ he said.Trump toured the Ford plant in Ypsilanti, which has been producing ventilators and personal protective equipment during the coronavirus outbreak. The president’s decision to not wear a mask drew the ire of Michigan’s state attorney ...
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Fauci 'cautiously optimistic' about finding

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, explains why he is encouraged by early findings in a recent coronavirus vaccine trial.
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Dr. Fauci is 'cautiously optimistic' about this finding

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, explains why he is encouraged by early findings in a recent coronavirus vaccine trial.
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Wilson Jerman: Ex-White House butler dies with coronavirus

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman worked for 11 US presidents in over five decades at the White House.
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Wilson Jerman: Ex-White House butler dies of coronavirus

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman worked for 11 US presidents in over five decades at the White House.
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Third Climate Win for May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a resurgence of home and urban gardening that some say harkens to the Victory gardens planted during World War II. An increase in home gardening is positive on many levels, not least because raided store shelves and the panic-buying of chickens for homegrown eggs have exposed how fragile our food systems are. To sustainably feed the estimated 10 billion people that could live in cities by 2050, however, the world must think large-scale. Decimating rainfore...
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Democratic senators ask White House to prepare for a double dose of flu and coronavirus in fall

The White House should be getting the nation ready now for the double threat of influenza and coronavirus in the fall, a group of Democratic senators said in a letter on Thursday.
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Former White House butler, 91, dies of coronavirus

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman worked for 11 US presidents in over five decades at the White House.
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'This is insane': Democrats and national security experts sound the alarm after Trump administration declares it's abandoning a critical treaty

The White House's abandonment of the Open Skies Treaty was widely condemned by Democratic lawmakers and national security experts. Retired US Air Force general and former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden described it as "insane." Countries that sign the treaty can conduct short-notice observational flights over other signatories to verify the status of each other's military forces, but the US has accused Russia of restricting its access. Some Republicans applauded the withdrawa...
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Herdman Faces High Stakes In Job At Helm Of DC DOJ Office

The U.S. Attorney’s Office at the center of President Trump’s politicization of the Justice Department will soon have a new boss. His name is Justin Herdman, and he’s currently the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, in Cleveland. Attorney General Bill Barr praised Herdman’s appointment earlier this week, as he continues to oversee a range of investigations into Trump’s political opponents and after having interfered in two cases to benefit friends of the President. The stakes fo...
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Trump says may head outdoors for campaign rallies amid pandemic

YPSILANTI, Michigan/PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump, eager to get back on the road and make his case for re-election on Nov. 3, said on Thursday he may have to stage campaign rallies at outdoor sites until the coronavirus pandemic settles down enough for traditional events. “We got to get back to the rallies,” Trump told reporters during a tour of a Ford auto plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan. With little more than five months left until the election, Trump is behind Democratic...
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Michigan governor wins legal fight with lawmakers over virus

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer prevailed Thursday in a high-stakes challenge from Republican lawmakers who sued over her authority to declare emergencies and order sweeping restrictions during the coronavirus outbreak. A 1945 law cited by Whitmer, a Democrat, is not limited to regional emergencies and can have no end date, said Judge Cynthia Stephens of the Court of Claims. The lawsuit by the House and Senate grew out of frustration with Whitmer's one-size strategy to stop the spread of the corona...
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Democratic U.S. senator blasts Graham's subpoena push as political attack

A senior U.S. Democrat on Thursday accused the Republican chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee of trying to misuse subpoena powers for an attack on President Donald Trump's political rival Democrat Joe Biden. Senator Dianne Feinstein, the judiciary panel's top Democrat, said Senator Lindsey Graham wants "unbridled authority to go after Obama-era officials," including Biden's presidential campaign chairman, Steve Ricchetti, "to bolster the president's conspirac...
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'We Must Adapt': Dr Fauci Makes Surprise Appearance at Virtual Johns Hopkins Commencement

Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, made a surprise appearance at the online Johns Hopkins commencement for the class of 2020.Footage uploaded to the Johns Hopkins University Facebook page shows Dr Fauci addressing the graduates.Dr Fauci says in the recording: “We are currently confronting an unprecedented global pandemic, and I am profoundly aware that celebrating your graduation virtually is extremely disappointing at best. However, we must ...
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Trump visits Ford ventilator plant in Michigan in tense political climate

President Trump visited the Ford Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti, Mich., Thursday to tour the company's medical ventilator production line and deliver remarks at what he called a "rally" on the floor of the facility. "The beating heart of the American auto industry is back open for business," Trump said in his remarks, referring to the reopening of manufacturing facilities in the state. He referred to the ventilators being produced by Ford and others as the "great medical arsena...
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Trump Argues There Isn’t Good Enough ‘Reason’ To Vote By Mail As COVID Ravages Nation

Voting by mail to avoid falling victim to a global pandemic? You gotta have a better excuse than that, says President Donald Trump. Falsely claiming that mail-in voting would lead to “total election fraud,” Trump told reporters Thursday on the White House lawn that only very special exceptions, including one that happens to apply to himself, should allow people to forgo in-person voting and mail their ballots instead. “If somebody has to mail it in because they’re sick or, by the way, because...
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Why The White House Shouldn’t Cite Jimmy Carter In Voter Fraud Claims

To undergird President Donald Trump’s Wednesday tweet storm about punishing states that expand voting by mail, the White House cited a report produced in 2005 by a commission co-chaired by former President Jimmy Carter.  “There was a 2005 commission by none other than President Carter, who is not a member of the Republican Party, and also by James Baker about this, concluding that these ballots ‘remain the largest source of potential voter fraud’,” said Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany at ...
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Trump steps up anti-China rhetoric threatening 'very strong' response if Hong Kong law passes

Donald Trump warned China that the US would respond "very strongly" if Beijing imposed tighter control over Hong Kong, as tensions rise between the two countries amid fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. China's government announced that national security legislation for Hong Kong will be proposed at its annual ‘rubber stamp’ parliamentary sessions, which opened yesterday, in the latest sign from Beijing plans to crack down on pro-democracy protests in the semi-autonomous territory. "If it...
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Where Things Stand: Preemptive Plans To Memorialize Our Dead

We shouldn’t have to plan how to mourn this much loss. As John Hopkins University reported this week, more than 93,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 since the outbreak first struck the U.S. mere months ago. This morning Democratic leadership sent President Trump a letter, requesting that American flags be flown at half staff once the death toll in the U.S. reaches 100,000. The request was simple enough, but our dear leader has a history of raising stink over flag lowering. He resisted the...
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GOP rising star John James faces trouble at top of ticket

Michigan Senate candidate John James has been called a rising star of the Republican Party so many times it’s become a cliche.The African American combat veteran, business owner and 38-year-old father of three brought down the house at the country's largest gathering of conservatives earlier this year. He has caught the attention of big donors and received the enthusiastic, all-caps praise of President Donald Trump on Twitter.“He checks all the boxes, so to speak, from a candidate perspecti...
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Former White House butler who served 11 presidents dies after contracting coronavirus

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, a former White House butler who worked under 11 US Presidents, has died after contracting coronavirus. He was 91 years old.
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