11 things on my mind about the anti-police-violence and anti-racism protests

1. Most violence is not being committed by protesters.What percentage of protesters are violent? Filter for police provocateurs, filter for white nationalists, filter for random thieves hiding under cover of mayhem. All of those exist at mass protests and have been proven to exist countless times.What percentage of actual protesters used violence? 0.5 percent? I have been to my share of protests, and I doubt it is even that. 0.05 percent?What percentage of media coverage is about violent protest...
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The top 10 women Biden might pick as vice president

Ambitious politicians spend years seeking to shape a career that allows them to wind up in the White House or on a major party's national ticket. But as the last week has reminded us, unforeseen events always seem to intervene -- and have the potential to fundamentally alter even the best laid plans.
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ACLU suing Trump over assault on peaceful protesters near White House

Protesters were forcefully removed from a park near the White House before Trump walked to a nearby church to take a photoThe American Civil Liberties Union is suing Donald Trump, William Barr and other federal officials over the assault on peaceful protesters near the White House on Monday, to allow the president to hold a photo op at a historic church. According to a release from the ACLU of the District of Columbia, the lawsuit filed on behalf of Black Lives Matter DC and individual proteste...
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Trump Agrees to Send Home Troops From Washington, Easing Tensions With the Pentagon

But what appeared to be an uneasy truce between the White House and military leaders did not mean the conflict was over.
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Trump shares letter that calls peaceful protesters 'terrorists'

President Donald Trump on Thursday shared a letter on Twitter that referred to the peaceful protesters who were forcibly dispersed from a park near the White House on Monday evening as "terrorists."
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La JEP rechaza el sometimiento del exjefe paramilitar colombiano Salvatore Mancuso

Bogotá, 4 jun (EFE).- La Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz (JEP), que se ocupa de los crímenes cometidos con ocasión del conflicto armado colombiano, rechazó el sometimiento del exjefe de las paramilitares Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC) Salvatore Mancuso, informó este jueves ese alto tribunal.
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La oposición paraguaya rechaza la imputación de su presidente y convoca a la protesta

Asunción, 4 jun (EFE).- El directorio del Partido Liberal (PLRA), el principal de la oposición paraguaya, aprobó este jueves por unanimidad rechazar la imputación de su presidente, Efraín Alegre, por presunta falsificación de documentos en los gastos de campaña de las elecciones generales de 2018.
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América duda ante las reaperturas al superar los tres millones de contagios

Redacción Internacional, 4 jun (EFE).- América superó este jueves los 3 millones de casos por coronavirus y algunas autoridades empezaron dudar sobre la reapertura económica puesta en marcha tras las semanas de confinamiento
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Venezuela supera 2.000 casos de COVID-19 y detecta un brote en pueblo indígena

Caracas, 4 jun (EFE).- Venezuela reportó este jueves 135 nuevos casos de COVID-19 y alcanzó las 2.087 personas contagiadas en total, al tiempo que anunció la detección de un "brote grande" de la enfermedad en una comunidad indígena pemón del amazónico estado de Bolívar, en el sur del país.
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México: Critican recortes a arqueología y reservas naturales

López Obrador afirma que los recortes son necesarios para recaudar fondos para el sector salud durante la pandemia del coronavirus, y se rehúsa a solicitar préstamos o aumentar el déficit presupuestal, a pesar de que muchos gobiernos lo han hecho.Investigadores del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) señalaron en una carta difundida el jueves, que al instituto se le redujo el 75% del presupuesto a pesar de que supervisa 193 zonas arqueológicas abiertas al público y cientos más q...
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Cuba envía más de 300 sanitarios a Kuwait y Guinea para combatir el COVID-19

La Habana, 4 jun (EFE).- Más de 300 sanitarios cubanos viajan este jueves a Kuwait y la República de Guinea para asistir en el control del COVID-19 en esos países, informan medios oficiales de la isla.
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Funcionario de Miguel Barbosa recolecta firmas para frenar iniciativa de AMLO que bloquea energías renovables

El titular de la Unidad de Inteligencia Patrimonial y Económica (UIPE) de Puebla, Manuel Ferrusquía Canchola, busca firmas para evitar que el gobierno federal bloquee las energías renovables manipulando la regulación, esto a través de la plataforma ciudadana Change.org. El pasado 18 de mayo, el funcionario del gobierno de Miguel Barbosa invitó a sus contactos de Facebook a sumarse a esta resistencia, con el objetivo […]
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Trump Cancels Planned Weekend Stay At New Jersey Golf Club

President Trump will no longer hit the links this weekend. The President has called off to his scheduled weekend stay at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, according to an NJ.com report on Thursday citing an unnamed White House official. The official told NJ.com that although Trump is still set to travel to Maine on Friday, he will return to Washington, D.C. instead. NJ.com notes that Trump has yet to visit his golf club in New Jersey this year — which reopened after temporarily closing ...
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George Floyd protests: civil rights groups sue Trump and Barr for use of teargas outside White House – live

President and attorney general sued over assault on peaceful protestersFloyd family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump says ‘pandemic of racism and discrimination killed George Floyd’Barr claims evidence ‘antifa’ instigating violenceIs it safe to protest during a pandemic?US police have a history of violence against black people. Will it stop?Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 11.53pm BST More from Ankita Rao, in Brooklyn, New York:Thousands of people who gathered for a memorial event for George Fl...
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Lemon: The people's house has become the people's fortress

CNN's Don Lemon calls the White House a "fortress of fear," after workers constructed additional fencing along the complex amid protests over the death of George Floyd.
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Pro-Trump Radio Host Booked Qatari Government Guests After Getting Doha’s Cash

A popular conservative talk radio host and former Trump campaign official aired interviews with Qatari government officials and broadcast segments promoting the government as his show was paid $180,000 by a Qatari state-funded nonprofit.Documents filed with the Justice Department late last week show that the Qatar-America Institute, a nonprofit financed by the country’s embassy in Washington and other government agencies in Doha, made the payment in May 2018 to Common Sense Media Holdings LLC, t...
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Lemon: President is desperate and afraid

CNN's Don Lemon calls the White House a "fortress of fear," after workers constructed additional fencing along the complex amid protests over the death of George Floyd.
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White House adds fencing around perimeter

The Secret Service said the closed-off areas would remain blocked until Wednesday.
Tags: News, White House, Secret Service

White House adds new fencing around perimeter

The White House did not say why additional security barriers were added, but the move comes as D.C.'s police chief says they are prepared for large protests on Saturday.
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Lego pauses advertising for police and White House products 'in response to events in the US'

In the aftermath of protests over the killing of George Floyd, LEGO paused advertising for products including police stations and the White House.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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George Washington University Law School Faculty Tried To Get Bill Barr’s Honorary Degree Revoked

Faculty members at George Washington University Law School pushed this week for the school to rescind the honorary degree it had bestowed upon alumnus Bill Barr following the Attorney General’s efforts to clamp down on protests in the nation’s capital, sources tell The Daily Beast. The push, which one source described as “serious,” was met by opposition from other members who argued that Barr’s actions—while aggressive and controversial—did not merit such a punishment from the university. For no...
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Under questioning, Barr says Trump's Bible photo op was 'entirely appropriate'

Attorney General William Barr said Thursday that it was “entirely appropriate” to forcibly remove protesters from the area surrounding the White House ahead of President Trump’s seemingly impromptu photo opportunity in front of St. John’s Church.
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Grassley vows to block Trump nominees over watchdog firings

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley says he is blocking two Trump administration nominees until the White House provides adequate reasons for the termination of two inspectors general. The Iowa senator, a longtime advocate for the watchdog role of inspectors general, pledged to block Senate consideration of Christopher Miller to be director of the National Counterterrorism Center and Marshall Billingslea to be undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, indefinitely. Grassl...
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White House Propaganda Video Falsely Claims 'Domestic Terrorists' Planted Bricks for Protesters

This video, obtained by Gizmodo, was posted to—then deleted from—the official White House Twitter account. Gizmodo has obscured some identities and added commentary but has not altered or edited the source video otherwise.Read more...
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White House mood darkens as Trump battles with James Mattis, criticism over Bible photo op

Even for a president who courts chaos, it's been a tumultuous week for Trump. The constant string of bad news is taking its toll on the White House.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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The Top 10 women Joe Biden might pick as vice president

Ambitious politicians spend years seeking to shape a career that allows them to wind up in the White House or on a major party's national ticket. But as the last week has reminded us, unforeseen events always seem to intervene -- and have the potential to fundamentally alter even the best laid plans.
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Protesters, ACLU sue over use of force at White House ahead of Trump's church visit

Several protesters and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging the federal use of force to disperse a peaceful protest in Washington, DC, ahead of President Donald Trump's photo-op at a local church.
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Analysis: Murkowski admits what we already know about the GOP

• Opinion: Trump's foundation starts to crack • Protesters sue over White House use of force • White House fortifies security perimeter ahead of continued protests • Warner calls for Barr to resign after protesters cleared from near White House
Tags: News, White House, Gop, Stories, Warner, Trump, Murkowski, Barr

Trump meets with top campaign aides as reelection fears rise

President Donald Trump met with top political aides at the White House on Thursday, a source familiar with the meeting tells CNN, as numerous public polls show the Republican leader significantly underperforming his 2016 pace in key battleground states, raising fears of defeat in November.
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Warner calls for Barr to resign after protesters cleared from near White House

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner called for Attorney General William Barr's resignation on Tuesday, saying Barr is "unfit for office" after the attorney general reportedly ordered peaceful protesters to be cleared from near the White House earlier this week.
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