As Coronavirus Infections Climb, Washington Moves On to Other Business

New cases are rising in almost half of the states. But in the capital, restless lawmakers and White House officials appear ready to focus on other subjects.
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Georgia's election mess offers a stark warning for November

Georgia's tumultuous primary elections on Tuesday offer a grim preview of what could happen in November if states move to voting by mail and polling places are sharply reduced due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. A huge increase in absentee ballots overwhelmed officials and many voters did not receive requested ballots. Unless states expand early in-person voting and make more polling places available, the chaos that plagued Georgia's voting could become the norm in the No...
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Democrats challenge rule that could toss 'thousands' of Arizona votes

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and two allied groups sued the Arizona Secretary of State to allow voters five business days after federal elections to correct ballots that may otherwise have been rejected for not having a signature. Currently, such ballots are not counted. "Arizona's flawed mail-in ballot signatures rule has led to ballots being tossed aside and uncounted - and that's unacceptable," DNC Chair Tom Perez said in a statement.
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First black Air Force chief's emotional remarks on George Floyd

The U.S. Senate confirmed Brown on Tuesday (June 9) as the first African-American military service chief as the armed forces - and the country as a whole - grapple with questions about racial inequality. The vote was 98-0, as Vice President Mike Pence made an unusual appearance presiding over the Republican-led chamber. During a video speech called "Here's what I'm thinking about" that has gathered over 3 million views on the PACAF twitter feed, Brown talked about how he was "often the...
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Trump tackles policing reform from administration lacking diversity

As President Donald Trump considers potential actions to take in the wake of protests demanding policing reforms and racial equality, the White House inner circle counseling him is exceedingly white and includes just one black Cabinet member and one black domestic policy adviser.
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What if Trump loses but refuses to go? Alarming interview with a law professor

Does anyone think Trump would ever leave the White House of his own accord, no matter what the results of the election? Vox interviewed Amherst College law professor Lawrence Douglas, who wrote a book called Will He Go? Trump and the Looming Election Meltdown in 2020. I’m not trying to be an alarmist here, but it’s possible to imagine, come January 20, that we don’t have a president. By the terms of the 20th Amendment, Trump ceases to be president at noon on January 20 and [Mike] Pence likewise ...
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Chargers RB Justin Jackson made his voice heard, but continues to fight

Justin Jackson, then a running back at Northwestern, made the decision to push for changes following the 2016 presidential election. He vowed to do his research and become politically involved before the next race to the White House. Four years later, after becoming Northwestern’s all-time leading rusher and drafted by the Chargers, Jackson was more than ready to fight for what he believed in. Jackson developed a political voice on social media this offseason, and many have listened and supporte...
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Trump tackles policing reform from administration still lacking diversity

As President Donald Trump considers potential actions to take in the wake of protests demanding policing reforms and racial equality, the White House inner circle counseling him is exceedingly white and includes just one black Cabinet member and one black domestic policy adviser.
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Southern California mayors call on Newsom, state lawmakers to boost funding to house homeless

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia joined counterparts in other large cities in California to call on state leaders to put federal coronavirus aid money toward purchasing Project Roomkey hotels and to add another $350 million into the state budget toward addressing homelessness. The mayors are calling for the funding to be flexible, and said it is needed to ensure that after the novel coronavirus pandemic crisis ends, investments into addressing homelessness can c...
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An Eyesore in Washington Becomes an Icon

Once reviled, the chain-link fence surrounding Lafayette Square and the White House is now seen as a bulletin board of art and artifacts dedicated to George Floyd and hope.
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This Treasury Official Is Running the Bailout. It’s Been Great for His Family.

This story first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have become the public faces of the $3 trillion federal coronavirus bailout. Behind the scenes, however, the Treasury’s responsibilities have fallen largely to the 42-year-old deputy secretary, Justin Muzinich. A major beneficiary o...
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President Trump expected to issue executive order to implement police reforms at the executive level

As Senate Republicans formulate plans for police reform that could include independent investigations of police misconduct and a ban on chokeholds, Democrats insist reforms need to go much further; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports.
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Trump Demands CNN Apologize For Poll, Taking ‘Unskewing’ Theory To The Extreme

President Donald Trump was so displeased with a recent CNN poll showing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden beating him by nearly 15 points that he is now demanding that they retract it and apologize. The letter sent to CNN President Jeff Zucker said that the poll was “designed to mislead American voters through a biased questionnaire and skewed sampling,” per CNN. It was signed by Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis and chief operating officer Michael Glassner. “It’s a stunt...
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Agenda 21, a wild conspiracy theory, reignited by coronavirus

The Agenda 21 conspiracy theory is spreading widely thanks to pandemic fears.The theory falsely claims the United Nations and governments are colluding to wipe out 90% of the global population.Agenda 21 is based on an actual UN resolution from 1992 and is aimed at the sustainability movement. In an age drowning in conspiracy theories, many of them promoted by the U.S. President himself, Agenda 21, a tinfoil favorite that goes back to the 90s has been reignited by the coronavirus. The gist – a ...
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More than 1,250 ex-DOJ officials call for internal investigation into Barr's role in clearing peaceful protesters

More than 1,250 former Justice Department employees have asked the agency's internal watchdog to investigate Attorney General William Barr for his role in the forcible clearing of peaceful protesters outside the White House earlier this month ahead of staged photo opportunity by the President.
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California Assembly Advances Measure To Allow Remote Voting

SACRAMENTO (AP) – The California Assembly narrowly passed a proposal on Wednesday that would allow state legislators to vote remotely during emergencies, as lawmakers widely regretted not being able to act during a weeks-long recess amid the pandemic. The measure comes after other states and cities have relaxed rules to vote remotely during the public health emergency. In California, the Legislature stopped work for the first time in 158 years in the middle of March, before resuming committee me...
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CNN reporter: Kayleigh McEnany's defense of Trump 'literally unbelievable'

CNN's Abby Phillip says White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's defense of President Donald Trump's tweet about a protester who was pushed over by police was "literally unbelievable" because there are no facts tied to it.
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White House defends Trump tweet about Buffalo protester

CNN's Abby Phillip says White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's defense of President Donald Trump's tweet about a protester who was pushed over by police was "literally unbelievable" because there are no facts tied to it.
Tags: News, White House, Cnn, Stories, Buffalo, Donald Trump, Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, Abby Phillip

White House Doubles Down On Trump’s Smear Against Protester Shoved By Police

“They’re questions that need to be asked," Kayleigh McEnany said of the president's inflammatory tweet.
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White House balks, again, at Bolton plan to publish memoir

The White House has told former national security adviser John Bolton that the manuscript of his forthcoming memoir still contains classified material and could present a national security threat. John Eisenberg, a deputy White House counsel, wrote Bolton attorney Charles Cooper this week raising concerns that the manuscript for “The Room Where It Happened” still “contains classified information.”
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McEnany Reiterates Qualified-Immunity Reform Is a ‘Non-Starter’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany reiterated Wednesday that President Trump considers ending qualified immunity for police officers “a non-starter” as discussions about police reform continue in the wake of George Floyd’s death.McEnany’s comments come after she said Monday that qualified immunity — which shields cops from being sued in court for violating a civilian’s constitutional rights, unless their actions violated “clearly established federal law” — was not something the preside...
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More than 1,200 former DOJ officials call for review of AG Barr's role in clearing protesters near White House

More than 1,200 former Justice Department staffers are calling for a review of William Barr's role in clearing protesters near the White House.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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White House proposals on police reform being finalized, reduced immunity off table

The White House said on Wednesday it was putting the finishing touches on proposals to reform the police following George Floyd's killing while in police custody, but warned that reducing immunity for officers was a non-starter. Speaking at a White House briefing, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said administration plans to address protester concerns about police brutality were reaching "final edits," adding she hoped the proposals could be made public in the "coming days." "The president has...
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Enforcing UK lockdown one week earlier 'could have saved 20,000 lives'

Former scientific adviser to No 10 says earlier restrictions could have halved death toll Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe number of coronavirus deaths in the UK could have been halved if the government had introduced the lockdown a week earlier, according to damning testimony from one of the scientists who was advising the government at the time.The stark claim by Prof Neil Ferguson that thousands of lives could have been saved intensified the pressure on the gove...
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White House Gives Agencies 14 Days to Detail Their Plans to Slash Regulations

The Trump administration is doubling down on regulatory rollbacks as a way to spur the economy.
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'Scandalous' postcode lottery of coronavirus care home testing in Scotland

Figures show huge divergence in figures for different parts of the country Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage Scottish health board figures for tests on care home staff and residents reveal a “scandalous” postcode lottery, with vast divergence in how different parts of the country are coping with new testing policy.Scotland’s health secretary, Jeane Freeman, pledged on 28 May to offer weekly tests to all 50,000 care home workers. Last Friday, after concerns were raised ...
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White House says Trump was merely 'raising questions' with baseless claim about Buffalo protester

Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended the president’s baseless claim suggesting that a 75-year-old man knocked to the ground by police in Buffalo, N.Y., last week was a member of antifa.
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U.S. economy has hit turning point - White House's Kudlow

White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow said on Wednesday it appears that the U.S. economy, plunged rapidly into a recession by the coronavirus pandemic about three months ago, has already hit a turning point.
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Trump weighs executive action on police reform ahead of Dallas roundtable

The White House has begun initial stages of preparing an executive order on police reform, though it remains unclear which specific provisions it may include as President Donald Trump continues to weigh his options amid national outcry over police brutality, officials said on Wednesday.
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An abridged history of the Trump administration defending baseless claims

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday sought to defend the president’s baseless claim that a 75-year-old man who was seen knocked to the ground by police in Buffalo, N.Y., last week during a protest over George Floyd’s death was a member of antifa and that the incident was “a setup.” Watch an abridged history of instances of President Trump and his administration attempting to use a similar defense.
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