center for public integrity: a brief history of voter suppression in the united states

This article was originally published by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative news organization based in Washington, D.C., from their excellent series "Barriers to the Ballot Box". Analysis: New And Age-Old Voter Suppression Tactics At The Heart Of The 2020 Power Struggle Making voting harder is about grabbing even more disproportionate power and delaying the impact of shifting demographics.By Matt DeRienzo, Editor-in-Chief, Public Integrity, October 28, 2020 "You will no...
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Re-viewing America

On Election Eve, I’m taking a break from the anger and the stress. I’m looking back on a project I once participated in that gave me hope about America: the Art of the State book series.   You can read my essay on Medium. And if you haven’t yet voted, please vote. [Author: Nancy Friedman]
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Trump is reportedly telling advisers if he loses, he expects intense scrutiny from prosecutors

President Trump is confident in his chances of winning Tuesday's election, several aides and allies told The New York Times, because he is being buoyed by the crowds at his rallies and assured by people close to him that he will win the Electoral College.Still, Trump has shown concern over what will happen to him if he loses, several advisers told the Times, and he expects prosecutors will take a closer look at his business dealings; there are already established investigations into the Trum...
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In Closing Pitch To Voters, Biden Proposes Human Decency

At the top of his remarks at a get-out-the-vote event in Pittsburgh Monday evening, former Vice President Joe Biden told a nearly 50-year-old story that he said characterized his campaign for the presidency. At the start of his Senate tenure, Biden’s wife and daughter were killed in a car crash that also injured his sons Beau and Hunter. Biden recalled how football players on the Pittsburgh Steelers — including Franco Harris, who introduced him at Monday’s event — visited the hospital and ...
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Twitter labels Trump's tweet about the Supreme Court's ruling on Pennsylvania mail-in ballots as misleading and blocks users from sharing and liking

Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Twitter on Monday labeled a Trump tweet about mail-in voting as making a "potentially misleading claim about an election," and banned users from liking or sharing it. Trump's tweet claimed without evidence that a recent Supreme Court ruling — allowing Pennsylvania to count mail-in ballots that arrive up to three days after Election Day — would lead to widespread election fraud. A Twitter spokesperson said the tweet violated the plat...
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Fargo, North Dakota, mayor clashes with governor over whether the state should require people to wear face masks as COVID-19 cases multiply in the state

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. Stephen Yang/Getty Images Several cities in North Dakota have enacted mask mandates as COVID-19 cases in the state continue to rise.  The state's governor has encouraged mask use but stopped short of enacting requirements, despite calls from some mayors.  North Dakota was the first state to surpass 100 cases per 100,000 residents.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. COVID-19 cases in North Dakota continue to surge and while different citi...
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Trump's weird dancing is getting weirder

Donald Trump's final week of campaign rallies has sure been weird. The dancing got super cringey tonight. You want to watch the video, don't you. does he … does he thinks this looks good? pic.twitter.com/ZJRPIyN2fy— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November 2, 2020 Tucker Carlson's show is now just airing a bunch of clips of Trump dancing. — Read the rest
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White House Coronavirus Adviser Reportedly Warns Of ‘Deadly Phase’ As Trump Downplays Risks

Dr. Deborah Birx reportedly urged officials to take “much more aggressive action” to curb the spread of COVID-19.
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White House Coronavirus Adviser Warns Of ‘Deadly Phase’ As Trump Downplays Risks: Report

Deborah Birx reportedly urged officials in a memo to take “much more aggressive action” to curb the spread of COVID-19.
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Military veterans are deploying their own 'quick reaction force' to counter Trump's 'Army' at the polls

Military veterans attend a protest against racial inequality and police violence in Portland, Oregon, July 31, 2020. REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs Military veterans anticipating disturbance at polling places throughout the country organized a nonviolent "quick reaction force" — a term used in the armed forces for the small teams that provide immediate assistance in an emergency. Roughly 200 veterans signed up with a progressive organization to train in deescalation techniques for use at polling loc...
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See fence built around White House

CNN's Alex Marquardt tours the "non-scalable" fence being built around the White House as the 2020 election looms.
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See fence being built around White House

CNN's Alex Marquardt tours the "non-scalable" fence being built around the White House as the 2020 election looms.
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CNN's final 2020 Electoral College outlook: A remarkably stable race comes to an end

Perhaps one of the most unexpected developments in the 2020 presidential campaign is how remarkably stable the state of the race has proved to be through extraordinarily turbulent times. As the race for the White House comes to a close, the landscape looks quite similar to how it looked after the party conventions in August as the fall campaign got underway.
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'LeBron James sucks' chants break out at Trump rally in Pennsylvania

President Trump is hoping the American people can come together to give him a second term in the White House but at one of his last...
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Obama says if a Democrat behaved like Trump, 'I couldn't support him'

Former President Barack Obama told a crowd in Miami on Monday that he puts country over party, and if there was a Democrat behaving "the way our current president does, I couldn't support him."Obama has spent the last several days on the campaign trail for the Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, visiting battleground states like Florida and Georgia. In Miami, Obama railed against President Trump, and said that if he "saw a Democrat who was lying every single day...
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Sacramento Radio Station To Play Christmas Music All Day On Election Day

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Starting at 5 a.m. Tuesday, a Sacramento-area radio station will be switching up its tunes for Election Day. In a time of division across the country, 103.9 The Fish is trying to bring people together with the familiar sounds of Christmas music. The station will play holiday songs all day Tuesday in the hopes that the music will put listeners in a good mood. On their website, the station said, “For those of you who need a break from all the politics, we’ll have just the righ...
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Young people running for elected office face attacks on their age but say they're capitalizing on a 'shift' in US politics

Josh Holstein (L), Christina Haswood (C), and Sam Grady (R) are seeking elected office in their state legislatures. Josh Holstein, Christina Haswood, Sam Grady/Provided Several candidates under the age of 30 spoke to Business Insider about why they're seeking elected office and their experience campaigning as young people.  Christina Haswood, 26 and a Democrat from Kansas, said her background in public health and as a Navajo woman inspired her to run for the state legislature. Josh Holstei...
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8 counties to watch in the presidential race between Biden and Trump

Patrick Semansky/AP Photo President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have strategically chosen places to campaign where they can get any available advantages. There are eight counties across the country, from Arizona and Ohio to Wisconsin and Florida, that will play outsized roles in picking the next president. The results from each county will also provide a sense of the demographic and cultural changes that exist in America today. Visit Business Insider's homep...
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Insider's guide to the key direct ballot propositions, initiatives, and amendments of 2020

Rideshare drivers demonstrate against rideshare companies Uber and Lyft during a car caravan protest on August 6, 2020 in Los Angeles. ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images Americans across the nation are voting on several consequential ballot initiatives in 2020 on everything from labor laws to drug legalization.  Direct ballot initiatives, amendments, and propositions enable voters to directly change state law or their state's constitution with their vote, or to compel the legislature to take ...
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Joe Biden has finally disclosed who is raising him big money just days before Election Day (re/code)

Joe Biden released the list of his general-election fundraisers after 90 million people had already voted. | Photo by Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images Biden has been sharply breaking from precedent, only releasing the names after 90 million people have already voted. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally disclosed the roster of his biggest fundraisers on Saturday, unveiling the names of the 820 people who have helped him build a big-money juggernaut. The list includes B...
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The life of Dana Perino: the rare Fox News anchor who's worried about being boring

Dana Perino at Fox News Channel Studios on July 31, 2018 in New York. John Lamparski/Getty Dana Perino, 48, is the host of Fox News' "The Daily Briefing," a commentator on the "The Five," and co-host of the Fox podcast "I'll Tell You What." At age six, Perino told her family that she would one day work in the White House. She studied journalism at graduate school, but after refusing to interview the mother of a murdered 2-year-old child, she decided the profession wasn't for her. Perino tr...
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'They're like Batman and Robin gone bad': Obama targets Georgia senators in final pitch for Democrats

The former president targeted both his successor in the White House and GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who are both facing...
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Peter Navarro Is Hyping Trump in Swing States

The top Trump aide made a series of reports on White House stationery meant to tout Trump’s performance on the economy. He only made...
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Trump on election eve in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania rants that Jon Bon Jovi 'kisses my a--'

President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Avoca, Pennsylvania, November 2, 2020. Carlos Barria/Reuters President Donald Trump is closing out his 2020 reelection campaign by attacking celebrities who've backed his opponent.  Trump on Monday went after Lady Gaga and Jon Bon Jovi at an event in Pennsylvania, a crucial battleground state. "Jon Bon Jovi. Every time I see him, he kisses my a--," Trump said. Visit Business Insider's homepage f...
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Republicans eye 2024 White House bids and debate post-Trump era as 2020 election ends

Four years ago, Sen. Marco Rubio made a bid for the White House. And four years from now, the Florida Republican might do it again.
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South Park Creators Have New Political Satire Series With AI-Generated Deepfakes

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: Trey Parker and Matt Stone, best known for their cartoon South Park, have created a new comedy deepfake series called Sassy Justice. The star of the show, Fred Sassy, is a local news reporter from Cheyenne, Wyoming, with the face of US President Donald Trump. Other notable characters include, erm, "Dialysis King" Mark Zuckerberg. Politicians like former vice president Al Gore and White House family members Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared ...
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Liverpool to pioneer UK's first attempt at mass Covid testing

Up to 500,000 people in city will be tested in bid to measure feasibility of mass population screeningCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageUp to half a million people in Liverpool are set to be tested for Covid-19 under the UK government’s first attempt to embark on city-wide mass testing and track down every case of the virus.The Guardian also understands that the self-isolation period for those who test positive for coronavirus, and their contacts, could be cut from the ...
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Only 10 presidents have not won reelection, and polling suggests Trump could join them

Getty/Chip Somodevilla Only 10 incumbent presidents in US history have won their party's nomination but failed to win reelection.  Election polling has suggested Trump's chances of reelection have been dwindling for months, as voters also express disapproval of his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in the national polls, as well as in a number of key battleground states. Though nothing is guaranteed, polling suggests Trump could join a sh...
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Insider's guide to the 2020 gubernatorial elections

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper/Lt. Gov. Dan Forest. Ethan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images/Gerry Broome/AP Photo Eleven gubernatorial seats are up for grabs around the US in 2020. While gubernatorial elections have been largely overshadowed by the presidential race, governors have played in a leading role in shaping the US' response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Insider, in partnership with Decision Desk HQ, will have live election results and race calls ...
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Only 6 major US newspapers have endorsed Trump for reelection

President Donald Trump. Caitlin O'Hara/Getty Images President Donald Trump has received only six endorsements from major newspapers for his reelection, as of Nov 2. Meanwhile, more than 40 news outlets have endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Newspaper endorsements have historically helped undecided voters choose a candidate. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Only six major American newspapers have endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection, far be...
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