Arrests in Washington as Trump supporters assemble, rejecting Biden victory

Counter-demonstrators clash with Maga groups that echo president’s baseless claims of fraudDonald Trump continued to rage against the dying light of his US presidency on Saturday, falsely claiming to be the victim of mass voter fraud and praising rightwingers and conspiracy theorists who gathered in Washington to echo his fabrication.Trump emerged from the White House to applause, cheers, waving and whistles from hundreds of supporters lining both sides of the street. They punched the air, took ...
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Up To 160 Votes Not Counted Due To Voting Center Error In Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP/CBS13) — Poll workers at a voting site in Oakland incorrectly told up to 200 people that their paper ballot was only a receipt and that it could be taken home, leading to the votes not being counted, a coalition of voting rights advocates alleged in a complaint to Alameda County’s registrar of voters. The groups said the errors occurred on the campus of Mills College, where some voters who used an electronic device to mark their ballot were wrongly told it was keeping a digit...
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Sage expert:'flip-flopping' on Covid restrictions unwise

Prof John Edmunds calls for consistent UK government strategy and warns against relaxing measuresCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageEncouraging the public to visit bars and restaurants and then closing down such venues when Covid-19 cases spike is not a “sensible way to run the epidemic”, a government scientific adviser has said.Prof John Edmunds, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), urged a long-term strategy when it comes to balancing the e...
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Trump Supporters Clash With Counter-Protesters At State Capitol

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Biden heralds shift in US strategy toward Venezuela

President Donald Trump's election defeat marks the end of a hardline pressure policy designed to oust Venezuela's leftist president Nicolas Maduro, and the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House in January could pave the way for a political solution to the crisis in that country.
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Blackstone's Schwarzman defended Trump during a meeting of top CEOs discussing what to do if the president refuses to concede the election

Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman donated $3 million to America First Action, a political action committee that supports Trump. Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters The Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman defended President Donald Trump's reaction to the election during a meeting with top CEOs on November 6, according to the Financial Times. The meeting was held with more than 24 CEOs of Fortune 500 firms to discuss what to do if Trump refused to leave the White House or concede to President-elect Jo...
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The White House press secretary said more than 1 million attended a demonstration in support of Trump, but it was more likely thousands

People participate in the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C. Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump marching to protest the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany significantly exaggerated the number of people who attended a protest in Washington, DC, in support of President Donald Trump. McEnany said "more than one MILLION" people attended the "Million MAGA March" on Saturday. It's unclear exactly how m...
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White House exaggerates 'Million MAGA March' crowd size - Business Insider

It's unclear exactly how many people attended, but news organizations have pegged the figure at thousands, or tens of thousands — far...
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Dispatch 45: Good Morning from Washington, D.C.

Quick stream of unedited consciousness: Today will be a big day. The "Million MAGA March" is to start at noon. I am here. Last night, I finished at around midnight after talking with MAGA supporters who are flying and driving in from around the country from as far away as Hawaii. Others are here from Californian, Oregon, New York, and little 'ole towns across this land. Top Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio flew in from Miami, as did many Proud Boys. I talked with Enrique Tarrio last n...
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Dear Leader Drive-By: Trump Motorcade Parades Past Million Meh-AGA March

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fervent supporters of President Donald Trump rallied in Washington on Saturday behind his spurious claim of a stolen election and swarmed his motorcade when he detoured for a drive-by on his way out of town. “I just want to keep up his spirits and let him know we support him,” one loyalist, Anthony Whittaker of Winchester, Virginia, said from outside the Supreme Court, where a few thousand assembled after a march along Pennsylvania Avenue from Freedom Plaza, near the White Hous...
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Joe Biden administration: president-elect assembles a diverse cabinet

Susan Rice is being considered for secretary of state and Michele Flournoy is reportedly top choice for defence secretaryJoe Biden is piecing together what he has promised to be a diverse cabinet, with Michele Flournoy reportedly top choice for US defence secretary and Susan Rice considered a frontrunner for secretary of state.Flournoy was previously a senior defense adviser in Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s administrations and is considered a political moderate. Since leaving government she ha...
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Trump news – President’s convoy swarmed at MAGA rally in DC, as he blasts Fox for ‘suppressing’ coverage

Rally-goers congregating in Washington DC in support of Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud have swarmed the US president’s SUV as he drove past the event on Saturday morning. Mr Trump waved at supporters as he left the White House, heading to his golf club in Virginia for the 282nd game of his presidency. When he returned from golf he retreated into the executive mansion to tweet out thanks to his supporters in the streets and repeat debunked conspiracy theories regarding voter f...
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Attacks by PM’s ousted aide left new press chief in tears

Allegra Stratton breaks cover to contradict ‘false’ briefings over her appointmentThe woman appointed by Boris Johnson to lead his daily press operations was left in tears on Saturday after she claimed to have been the subject of negative briefings by a former No 10 official who resigned last week and made a dramatic exit from Downing Street.In an extraordinary escalation of feuding involving new and departing aides to Johnson, friends of Allegra Stratton, the new press secretary to the prime mi...
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Driving Mr Donald – White House excursion reveals a presidency pushing up daisies

From the motorcade, leaving Washington, it was clear how Trump thrives on a noisy minority’s support – and why he lostIt was a jarring few minutes of seeing the world through Donald Trump’s eyes and indulging his fantasies. Related: Trump supporters gather in Washington as president refuses to concede to Biden Continue reading...
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Tucker Carlson apologized on-air for making a false accusation of voter fraud in Georgia

Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Fox News host Tucker Carlson apologized on Friday after a Georgia news station let him know that he had falsely claimed that a dead man voted illegally in the state. The voter in question, Agnes Blalock, is the wife of the late James Blalock Jr., and her registered voter name is "Mrs. James Blalock, Jr." "He's not voting," she told the Atlanta-based news station 11 Alive. "He didn't vote. It was me." Carlson issued an apology on-a...
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The outgoing Trump administration just revealed its new citizenship test that's twice as long and uses exclusive terms like 'citizens' instead of 'all people'

The Trump administration just unveiled the new citizenship test required for naturalization. Spencer Platt/Getty Images The US Citizenship and Immigration Services just unveiled its new citizenship test for immigrants seeking to become US citizens.  The new 12-question civics exam is lengthier and has some updated terminology that could be construed as more difficult for test-takers to understand.  The term "citizens" also replaces "people" when it comes to some questions about representat...
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Will Biden and Harris help us breathe again?

The United States’ newly elected leaders, Joe Biden and Kamala Devi Harris, must help recalibrate a global politics of hope and empathy The post Will Biden and Harris help us breathe again? appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Critics dispute McEnany's claim about MAGA march crowd size

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Saturday claimed that "more than one million" people came out to march in support of President Trump in Washington, D.C. as he continues to challenge the results of the presidential election, but several critics quickly dispelled that figure. The Washington Post, for instance, described the "falsehood" as "ludicrous."It's not that the crowd was completely sparse -- there's no official estimate, but reports indicate the actual numbers are in...
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Fox host Lou Dobbs calls on GOP to help Trump secure a second term that's 'rightfully his' despite the failed lawsuits and insufficient electoral votes that say otherwise

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs. John Lamparski/Getty Images Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Friday backed up President Donald Trump's claims that the 2020 election was unfair, insisting that accurate election results are "being denied to him." In an interview with Rep. Devin Nunes, Dobbs said that Republicans are not doing enough to aid Trump. Dobbs later said that Democrats were tying to "deny this president what is rightfully his, a second term." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more st...
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GOP leaders in 4 states quash dubious Trump bid on electors

By BOB CHRISTIE and NICHOLAS RICCARDI | Associated Press Republican leaders in four critical states won by President-elect Joe Biden say they won’t participate in a legally dubious scheme to flip their state’s electors to vote for President Donald Trump. Their comments effectively shut down a half-baked plot some Republicans floated as a last chance to keep Trump in the White House. State GOP lawmakers in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have all said they would not intervene in the...
Tags: Florida, Politics, Elections, News, Supreme Court, Congress, Washington, Senate, Boston, Georgia, Sport, Joe Biden, Soccer, Pennsylvania, Gop, House

Biden begins to consider White House staff appointments

After choosing Ron Klain as his chief of staff, Biden is thinking about filling other key White House positions.
Tags: White House, Biden, Ron Klain

‘Bad Boy For Life’ Trump Might Leave The White House Without Shaking Biden’s Hand

A Trump staffer compared Trump's exit to the 1991 Detroit Pistons not shaking hands with the Chicago Bulls, CNN reports.
Tags: News, White House, Biden, Detroit Pistons, Trump, Chicago Bulls CNN

Home Office 'failed to discuss restart of asylum evictions with local authorities'

Councils not briefed about policy change despite concerns about homelessness and Covid risksCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe Home Office did not discuss the decision to restart asylum evictions with local authorities, it has been revealed, despite concerns about the immediate impact on homelessness and heightened risks of coronavirus transmission.Councils were not briefed about the change in policy before it was announced in mid-September, a freedom of information ...
Tags: Politics, Conservatives, UK News, Immigration and asylum, Home Office, Coronavirus

Thousands rally behind Trump, believing he won race he lost

By ASHRAF KHALIL and KEVIN FREKING | Associated Press WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump delighted supporters gathered near the White House on Saturday with a slow motorcade drive-by through downtown Washington on the way to his Virginia golf club. A week after the presidential race was called for Democrat Joe Biden, thousands of Trump loyalists converged on the nation’s capital to protest the election results and falsely assert the vote was stolen. Trump persists with his claims and complaints...
Tags: Politics, Elections, News, Supreme Court, Washington, White House, Virginia, Georgia, Sport, Joe Biden, Soccer, Associated Press, Biden, Donald Trump, Trump, Corey Lewandowski

Ex-Obama official suggests Biden should pack as much as he can into executive orders

Former President Barack Obama's chiefs of staff want President-elect Joe Biden to embrace his executive authority once he's in office, NPR reports.Denis McDonough who served in the role during Obama's second term told NPR that President Trump "has demonstrated ... an enormous amount of leeway for the president to institute executive action on things like immigration and energy and climate policy" and "there's no reason" the president-elect "should not use the authority that's...
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Thousands join 'MAGA March' in Washington as Donald Trump does drive-by

Supporters of Donald Trump poured into the streets of Washington on Saturday to back his unfounded claims of election fraud. Several thousand people filled Freedom Plaza, near the White House, for a rally at which very few wore masks. Chants of "Four more years" and "USA, USA " echoed through the centre of the capital where many shops were boarded up, and roads blocked off by police amid a heavy security presence. As he left the White House, for his golf course in Virginia, Mr Trump's convoy...
Tags: News, Washington, White House, Virginia, Donald Trump, Trump, USA USA, MAGA March

Trump thrills protesting supporters with motorcade drive-by

President Donald Trump delighted supporters gathered near the White House on Saturday with a slow motorcade drive-by through downtown Washington on the way to his Virginia golf club.
Tags: Washington, White House, Virginia, Donald Trump, Trump

Exit Dominic Cummings, Brexit's little helper – cartoon

Mission accomplished, Boris Johnson’s chief adviser takes his leave•You can buy your own copy of this cartoon Continue reading...
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RESULTS: Republican Young Kim is projected to unseat incumbent Democratic Rep. Gil Cisneros and win California's 39th congressional district

  Republican Young Kim defeated first-term Democratic Rep. Gil Cisneros and won California's 39th Congressional District, Decision Desk HQ projected on Saturday. See the live coverage and full results from all US House elections. Cisneros previously defeated Kim in 2018 by 3.2 percentage points in the race to replace former Republican Rep. Ed Royce.  The district is home to parts of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange counties. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Republican ...
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UK expected to ban sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030

PM to announce measure amid raft of new environmental policies, reports sayBoris Johnson is understood to be planning to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars within a decade, with reports that the ban will be brought forward by five years.It follows the prime minister moving the cut-off date from 2040 to 2035 in February. Continue reading...
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