Clock Ticks Down Toward A Midnight Government Shutdown

Rachel Martin talks to Marc Short, White House director of legislative affairs, about the chances of a government shutdown Friday night. NPR's Susan Davis weighs in on the conversation.
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Lavish bash for California politicians and lobbyists gets a #MeToo makeover

By Laurel Rosenhall, CALmatters Each January, as lawmakers return to Sacramento from three months in their hometowns, hundreds of lobbyists and staff members join them at The Park nightclub near the Capitol to sip Moscow Mules, puff on cigars and catch up with old friends and frenemies. For more than a decade the extravagant Back to Session Bash—with cocktails flowing from ice sculptures and hip-hop beats pulsating across the dance floor—was a place to let loose. Debauchery at the bash, insiders...
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Donald Trump contradicts chief of staff John Kelly hours after Mexico wall announcement

Donald Trump has said his idea of a wall along with border with Mexico “has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it”, despite comments made by his chief of staff to the contrary. Speaking on Wednesday, John Kelly told Fox News that all politicians take campaign positions that “may or may not be fully informed”, and that Mr Trump had changed his views on “a number of things” since entering the White House. “He’s very definitely changed his attitudes toward the DACA [Dreame...
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Chelsea Manning officially files for US Senate race

BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — Chelsea Manning has officially filed to run for the U.S. Senate in the 2018 Maryland Democratic primary. The state elections board website says Manning filed Thursday in Montgomery County. Manning also tweeted a photo Thursday evening saying she is officially on the ballot. The transgender woman, known as Bradley Manning when […]
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Top Italian criminal lawyer to run as candidate for League

MILAN (AP) — One of Italy’s top criminal defense lawyers is giving law-and-order credibility to the anti-migrant League party by running as a candidate in Italy’s March 4 parliamentary election. Giulia Bongiorno appeared Thursday in Rome to announce her candidacy alongside League leader Matteo Salvini, indicating that she wanted to work on justice reform. Bongiorno […]
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Invasive Warrantless Surveillance Bill Heads to White House for Trump's Signature

In a 65-34 vote on Thursday, the US Senate voted to reauthorize a controversial warrantless surveillance program intended to grant American spy agencies the authority to collect emails and phone records of foreigners abroad. As critics of the program point out, however, it also frequently results in the collection of…
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US nuclear review calls for development of low-yield weapons

The US military wants to overhaul its atomic arsenal and develop a new type of low-yield weapon that experts worry could lead to greater proliferation and heighten the risk of nuclear war. The proposed changes to the nuclear weapons program, outlined in a draft version of the Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review, mark a significant break from the vision for America's nuclear future under Barack Obama, who during a famous speech in Prague in 2009 called for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Argu...
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Numerical names: 605

You probably remember the story about the guy who’s sent to prison and, on his first night behind bars, is baffled when his cellmate shouts out “TWELVE!” and is greeted with raucous laughter. Another inmate shouts “TWENTY-TWO!” and gets the same reaction. Up and down the cellblock: “THREE!” “FOURTEEN!” “THIRTY-ONE!” followed by peals of laughter. Finally the new guy asks his cellmate what the numbers mean. “We’ve been in here so long that we’ve heard everyone’s jokes,” the cellmate explains. “S...
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White House: This shutdown won't be like previous shutdowns

Trump is using standoff to promote Republican candidates in this year's congressional elections.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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‘Fire and Fury’ TV Series About Trump’s First Year in Office Is Already Being Made

Hell hath no fury like a sitting president who is about to have his first bungled year in the White House be dramatized as a TV series. A TV series based on Michael Wolff‘s controversial tell-all book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, is in development. The series will follow the first year of Donald Trump‘s administration. Endeavor Content has purchased the film and TV rights to Fire and Fury, the inside story of Trump’s first year in office based on Wolff’s unfiltered access to...
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Belarus bristles at Kazakhstan’s offer to host Ukraine talks

MINSK, Belarus (AP) — Belarus on Friday mocked Kazakhstan’s suggestion that it could serve as a new venue for Ukraine peace talks previously hosted by Minsk. Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said in a statement released to The Associated Press that the ex-Soviet nation “isn’t seeking peacemaker’s laurels unlike some others.” He added that moving […]
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Navy ship collisions prompt rare criminal charges

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Navy’s decision to charge five officers with negligent homicide for their involvement in two fatal ship crashes marks a rare legal move that, if proven, could send them to jail for up to three years. U.S. Navy officials and other experts struggled Wednesday to identify other naval accidents in recent history […]
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White House official: Trump immigration views have evolved

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House chief of staff says President Donald Trump’s views on immigration are evolving — giving some people hope for a compromise while perplexing others. John Kelly’s comments come amid a shaky effort to craft an accord protecting hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation — a push the White […]
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President Trump's Use of Executive Privilege Has Been Likened to a 'Gag Order'

The White House's contention: Pretty much everything is off limits until the president says it's not
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Convicted ex-coal CEO to start US Senate bid with town hall

LOGAN, W.Va. (AP) — A former coal company CEO who went to prison for charges related to the deadliest U.S. mine disaster in four decades is kicking off his U.S. Senate campaign with a town hall meeting for voters. Ex-Massey Energy boss Don Blankenship is scheduled to attend the meeting Thursday night in Logan. Blankenship […]
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"One Year of Resistance" Group Show: On display now, 80+ artworks inspired by the current administration

On now at NYC's The​ ​Untitled​ ​Space​, coinciding with the anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration, the group show ONE​ ​YEAR​ ​OF​ ​RESISTANCE features the work of 80+ artists—each of whom created pieces that celebrate art as activism, but...... Continue Reading...
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Headed to Saturday’s Women’s March LA on Metro? Expect more trains and security

Organizers are expecting about 200,000 people to head downtown for Women’s March LA on Saturday, prompting Metro to beef up its rail service and security across its Southern California rail network. Metro Rail will run “enhanced” service on all its lines from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the trains will be longer on the Expo, Blue, Gold, Purple and Red Lines, according to Metro. The march itself is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s scheduled to start near the Red/Purple Lines’ Pershing Square Station. Last ye...
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AP Explains: What happens when the government shuts down

That’s the truth about a government “shutdown”: The government doesn’t shut down. Here’s a look at past shutdowns and what will happen if Congress fails to pass a short-term spending bill by midnight Friday.
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A year after the Women’s March, more women than ever are running for office. Here’s what some from Southern California had to say

A year after unprecedented throngs of women turned out for marches around the country, many wearing pink hats and chanting protest slogans, record numbers of American women are moving from the streets to the campaign trail. Many connect their candidacy to the 2017 march itself. A year ago this week, partly in response to the election and the then-recent inauguration of President Donald Trump, an estimated 4.1 million supporters of equal pay, reproductive rights, accessible health care and a host...
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Fire and Fury Book Set for TV Series Adaptation

Fire and Fury book set for TV series adaptation The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the controversial new book detailing the first year of Donald Trump’s White House is set for a television adaptation. Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House has been optioned by Endeavor Content with plans to turn the book into a television series, for which they’re now seeking a home. Wolff will serve as executive producer alongside British television producer Michael Jackson. Origina...
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Supreme Court delays order for North Carolina to redraw maps

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday delayed a lower-court order that would have forced North Carolina Republican lawmakers to redraw the state’s congressional districts by next week because of excessive partisan bias in current lines. The justices announced the stay after legal briefs were filed for and against the GOP legislators’ […]
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White House Attorney: Trump Is ’Very Eager’ To Speak With Robert Mueller In Russia Probe

Donald Trump’s lawyer claims the president is “very eager” to sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller and discuss the ongoing Russia investigation.
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Trump personally made decision to curb Bannon's testimony to House Intel Committee

President Donald Trump himself made the decision and gave the executive order “to curtail the testimony of former chief White House political strategist Steve Bannon before the House Intelligence Committee,” FP reports, citing ”two people with firsthand knowledge of the matter.” (more…)
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'He's Looking for Attention.' White House Responds to Jeff Flake's Speech Criticizing Trump

The White House hit back against Republican Sen. Jeff Flake on the day he made a speech on the Senate floor criticizing President Trump.
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Year-old ‘resistance’ now sets it sights on the ballot box

The idea first came to Teresa Shook, a Hawaii retiree, in the hours after Donald Trump was elected. Perhaps, she suggested to a few friends on Facebook, women could march on Washington to show the depth of their resistance. Two days later, New York fashion designer Bob Bland joined the call for action with her […]
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The Cognitive Test Trump’s Physician Used

The Cognitive Test Trump’s Physician ... Thank you for using this COGNITIVE POLL to get the REAL cognitive fitness numbers of our very smart President Trump. Submitted by: Nate Dern Regular Keywords: trump trump health trump mental health trump cognitive test trump smart white house doctor trump doctor Views: 233
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Year-old ‘resistance’ now sets sights on the ballot box

The idea first came to Teresa Shook, a Hawaii retiree, in the hours after Donald Trump was elected. Perhaps, she suggested to a few friends on Facebook, women could march on Washington to show the depth of their resistance. Two days later, New York fashion designer Bob Bland joined the call for action with her […]
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Bannon And Trump White House Raising Questions About Executive Privilege, Lawyers Say

Steve Bannon's refusal to answer questions angered lawmakers this week. But there's a long history of White House officials frustrating congressional overseers by citing executive privilege.(Image credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
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Why People Dislike Really Smart Leaders

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Scientific American: Intelligence makes for better leaders -- from undergraduates to executives to presidents -- according to multiple studies. It certainly makes sense that handling a market shift or legislative logjam requires cognitive oomph. But new research on leadership suggests that, at a certain point, having a higher IQ stops helping and starts hurting. The researchers looked at 379 male and female business leaders in 30 countries, across fields ...
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Trump Money Laundering and Kazakhstan natal data

Wednesday January 17, 2018: by now you've heard of more money laundering accusations apparently being leveled against Donald Trump having to do with the Trump SoHo Hotel (now The Dominick) and kleptocracy Kazakhstan, plus, the fact that Trump welcomed the autocrat of Kazakhstan to the White House yesterday. Guess they had stuff to catch up on! (Or stories to get straight). Well, here's the country's foundation data for its declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in case you don't hav...
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