'No solutions' to Irish backstop in May's Brexit call with cabinet

Statement on Monday expected to focus on finding a remedy to issue that threatens to split Tory partyTheresa May is expected to reject calls to forge a cross-party consensus on Brexit when she lays out her plan B to parliament on Monday, choosing instead to back new diplomatic efforts in Brussels to renegotiate the Irish backstop.The prime minister held a conference call with her bitterly divided cabinet from the country retreat of Chequers on Sunday evening. Continue reading...
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Analysis: Trump hasn't had to veto a single thing. Here's why.

It's been almost 140 years since a US president didn't veto something during his time in the White House. And that President, James Garfield, was assassinated before he could serve a full year in office in 1881.
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Hundreds join London Women's March to protest austerity

Demonstrators march in solidarity with 89 other protests worldwide to improve quality of women’s livesPropelled by a mass public rendition of Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves and accompanied by a thudding police helicopter overhead, hundreds of protesters rallied in central London on Saturday in solidarity with an estimated 89 Women’s Marches worldwide.“Today is about improving the living and working conditions of women”, said organiser Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, a lawyer and activist. “On the gro...
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Trump to offer temporary protections for undocumented ‘dreamers’ in exchange for $5.7 billion for border wall, GOP officials say

President Trump is planning to make a new offer Saturday to Democrats aimed at ending the 29-day partial government shutdown that would extend deportation protections for some immigrants in exchange for $5.7 billion in border wall funding, according to Republican officials. The president’s proposal, which he is expected to announce at the White House at 4 p.m., is designed to ramp up pressure on Democrats by offering a reprieve on his attempts to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)...
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Donald Trump hasn't had to veto a single thing. Here's why.

It's been almost 140 years since a US president didn't veto something during his time in the White House. And that President, James Garfield, was assassinated before he could serve a full year in office in 1881.
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I will ignore... and resist...

It's sentence-diagramming time at Althouse. Today's sentence comes from Roger Cohen in a NYT column titled "The Strange Persistent Troubling Russian Hang-Up of Donald Trump": I will ignore the hermetic sealing of Trump’s personality against decency, and resist the temptation to riff on Abraham Lincoln’s brooding portrait in the White House dining room above the buffoon in chief with his burgers, to ask a simple question: If President Donald Trump is a Russian asset, what would he be working to a...
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Trump to offer Dreamers protection in bid to fund wall and end shutdown – report

President will speak at 4pm eastern timeDemocrats unmoved over wall demandDonald Trump is due to address the nation on Saturday afternoon. According to reports, he will not declare a national emergency over conditions at the southern border but will instead lay out details of a deal the White House believes can end the partial government shutdown, which is now a record 29 days old. Related: 'A death sentence': migrant caravan member killed in Honduras after US sent him back Continue reading.....
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President Trump Offers Protection to ‘Dreamers’ If Democrats Fund Border Wall

Trump said he offered a "commonsense compromise both parties should embrace"
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Keir Starmer: Northern Ireland backstop likely in any Brexit scenario

Labour’s Brexit spokesman says renegotiation of May deal unlikely before UK leaves EUAny withdrawal agreement is likely to require a backstop, Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, has said, admitting that a renegotiation was unlikely to be possible in the time before the UK is set to leave the EU.Starmer has previously been highly critical of the backstop, which would keep Britain in an effective customs union with the EU as an insurance policy to prevent a hard border in Northern Ire...
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Women around the world march against violence - live

Demonstrators gather for 80 events across 31 cities including London, Berlin and New York to protest violence against women and the gendered impact of austerity 2.16pm GMT Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory sparked more controversy in an interview that aired last night on PBS’s Firing Line, where she declined to say that Israel has a right to exist as a nation.“I feel everyone has a right to exist. I just don’t feel that anyone has a right to exist at the disposal of another group,” she s...
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The President's proposal, negotiated within the White House and among Republicans, was never likely to entice the support of Democrats. Here's why.

It should be good news that both President Donald Trump's Republicans and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Democrats plan to vote to reopen the government this week.
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The Striking Contradictions of Richard Nixon’s Inauguration 50 Years Ago, as Observed by Hunter S. Thompson

It had been a year of assassinations and police riots and defeats that had led, for Hunter Thompson, to the most unthinkable outcome of all: Richard Nixon’s victory march to the White House lawn.
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Trump’s Presidency Is at Its Exact Midpoint. Here’s What We’ve Learned

On the second anniversary of his inauguration, President Donald Trump is engaged in a no-win standoff with Congress, besieged by new allegations about his relationship with Russia and facing questions about his truthfulness. As the first commander in chief elected without prior political or military experience, Trump raised many questions about what he might be…
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President Trump and Kim Jung Un Are Planning to Meet in Vietnam in February for Their Second Summit

Trump and Kim held their first meeting in Singapore in June
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Work on new Eurotunnel border inspection post begins in Calais

Checkpoint for horses and other large animals part of £20m no-deal Brexit contingency planWork has begun at the Calais Eurotunnel exit for a new border inspection post for horses and other large animals as part of a £20m no-deal contingency plan.Controls are also prepared for the nearby port of Boulogne, to cater for the 200,000 tonnes of fish the UK exports through France. Continue reading...
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President Trump Renews Climate Change Denial Days After Defense Department Releases Daunting Report on Its Effects

The report stresses "significant vulnerabilities" the military faces from "climate-related events"
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MPs to ambush May with amendments to stop no-deal Brexit

The PM is to present the next stage of her plan to get her deal through on MondayMPs are to ambush Theresa May’s statement on Monday with amendments aimed at stopping a no-deal Brexit, as well as paving the way for “indicative votes” to show whether any proposal can command a parliamentary majority.The Labour frontbench is undecided as to whether to back either proposal. Yvette Cooper, chair of the home affairs select committee, is planning to put down a tightly-worded amendment to give time for...
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The Latest Front In Russian Infiltration: America’s Right-Wing Homeschooling Movement

Via Pat Hines, Think Progress: The group and its origins sound innocuous enough. But the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) — a right-wing group founded 36 years ago — has deepened connections between America’s religious right and Russians even as the latter have been sanctioned by the United States, according to a ThinkProgress investigation. By networking with Russians, the HSLDA — now America’s largest right-wing homeschooling association — has provided the Kremlin with a new avenu...
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Trump whisperers: are Stephen Miller and Fox keeping the shutdown alive?

As the president maintains his border wall demand, a handful of White House insiders and pundits may bear responsibilityIt was Monday night and the university football champions were coming to dinner at the White House. Catering staff were furloughed due to the partial government shutdown. So naturally Donald Trump served up a banquet of fast food. “Trump bought food from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Domino’s,” observed the late-night TV host James Corden. “Or, as he calls them, his four...
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Big decision in Beantown: Will Red Sox visit the White House?

Here are the stories our panel of top political reporters will be watching for in the year ahead, in this week's "Inside Politics" forecast.
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Starmer: Labour 'must keep open' option of second referendum

Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer says remain option should be on ballot paperLabour must keep open the option of a second EU referendum with remain on the ballot paper, Keir Starmer has said.After Theresa May’s Brexit deal was overwhelmingly voted down on Tuesday, leaving Labour as potential kingmakers in shaping the nature of Britain’s exit from the European Union, the shadow Brexit secretary said Labour must either instruct the government to negotiate a close economic relationship with the...
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Pink Hats Flooded Washington Again, but Controversy and Competition Made for a Much Smaller Women’s March

“I would like it if they resigned, but this is bigger than them."
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Women around the world march against austerity and violence

Tens of thousands take to city streets to protest against violence and the impact of austerity on their livesPropelled by a mass public rendition of Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves and accompanied by a thudding police helicopter overhead, hundreds of protesters have rallied in central London in solidarity with an estimated 89 Women’s Marches worldwide.In Athens, Berlin, Washington DC and Los Angeles, to name just a few, tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out to protest against violenc...
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Jeremy Corbyn expected to back move to block no-deal Brexit

Labour is considering a proposal that would force Theresa May to extend Britain’s membership of the EUJeremy Corbyn is poised to back a plan to block a no-deal Brexit as pressure builds within Labour and the trade unions for a delay to Britain’s EU departure.It is understood that the leader and his shadow cabinet team are preparing to support a proposal that would force Theresa May to request an extension to Britain’s EU membership should no Brexit deal be agreed by early March. Continue reading...
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Book by Former Staff Member Describes a White House ‘Out of Control’

Cliff Sims, a former communications staff member, portrays a West Wing full of back-stabbing and duplicity under President Trump in “Team of Vipers.”
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