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This Week: Putin Praises Mueller, Barr Goes Full Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller earned an unlikely defender this week: Russian President Vladimir Putin. During a press conference with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Putin referred to Mueller’s work as “exotic” and “very objective” — a far-cry from how President Trump himself characterized the probe this week. The President unilaterally concluded Friday that the investigation began as an attempt to spy on his campaign. Those behind the supposed spying deserved “long jail sentences,” he added....
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Donald Trump Jr. to Testify After Reaching Deal With Senate Committee

He has agreed to give limited additional closed-door testimony in June
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Trump Jr. Strikes a Deal to Sit for Private Interview with Senate Intel Committee

After weeks of contentious negotiation, Donald Trump Jr. agreed on Tuesday to comply with the Republican Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr’s (R., N.C.) subpoena-backed demand that he sit for a private interview with members of the panel, the New York Times first reported.Trump Jr. has reportedly agreed to speak to lawmakers about a limited range of topics for between two and four hours sometime in mid June.Burr told fellow Republican senators last week that he was forced to iss...
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Barr working with CIA to review Trump-Russia investigation, reports say – live

Haspel and national intelligence chief Dan Coats on boardPompeo warns Russia: election meddling won’t be toleratedSign up to the US briefing and get a new perspective 7.15pm BST In remarks to reporters before leaving the White House today, Trump described the retaliatory tariffs between the United States and China as “a little squabble”:“We’re having a little squabble with China because we’ve been treated very very unfairly for many decades.. I think it’s going to turn out extremely well, we...
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TPUSA Member At UN Las Vegas ‘Removed’ From Organization Over ‘White Power’ Video

Turning Point USA, the Trump-aligned right-wing group trying to make conservatism cool on college campuses, had to deal with yet another incident of racism in its ranks Thursday: a video that showed the president of its University of Nevada, Las Vegas chapter endorsing “white power.” In a cell phone video surfaced by the anarchist news website It’s Going Down and other platforms, a man identified as the president of TPUSA-UNLV, Riley Grisar (above, left) is seen making the “a-okay” hand gestu...
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Et Tu, Sen. Burr?

Donald Trump Jr and Donald Trump U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- How nauseating that RINO Sen. Richard Burr, as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is doing the bidding of vindictive Democrats in issuing a subpoena to Donald Trump Jr. Burr has joined the Democrats' investigatory vendetta against President Trump, most recently exemplified in the House Judiciary Committee's vote to hold Attorney General Will Barr in contempt of Congress. Democrats claim Barr is in contempt for failing to re...
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Donald Trump Jr. seen resisting Senate committee subpoena: sources

The sources said Trump Jr is expected to cite his Fifth Amendment constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination, a day after reports that the Republican-led panel had issued what is the first publicly known subpoena for a member of the president's family. Trump, who has blasted the investigations into him and Russia, defended his son, who runs the Trump Organization - a private business that the Republican president still owns. "I was very surprised," Trump said at a White House event inten...
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Trump Goes On Extended Rant About Subpoena Of Don Jr.

Taken aback by the Senate Intelligence Committee’s subpoena issued to Donald Trump Jr., President Trump on Thursday defended his son, leaning on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to do so. “I was very surprised. I saw Richard Burr saying there was no collusion two or three weeks ago,” Trump said at an impromptu press conference at the White House, referring to the committee’s Republican chairman. “My son’s a very good person, works very hard. The last thing he needs is Washington, D.C. ...
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Trump is ‘almost self-impeaching’ by refusing subpoenas and protecting Mueller report, Nancy Pelosi says

House speaker Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump is digging his own grave, even if she and her fellow Democrats in the House are resisting impeaching the president so far.With Washington still reeling in the wake of the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report — and attorney general William Barr’s decision to snub the House Judiciary Committee leading to contempt votes — Ms Pelosi has said she is waiting for congressional investigations to uncover all the evidence.In the meantime, she thin...
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Donald Trump Jr subpoenaed by Congressional committee in Russia probe

Donald Trump Jr was subpoenaed on Wednesday to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of its probe into Russian election meddling, US media reported. It was the first known legal summons issued by Congress to a member of the president's family to force testimony in the ongoing investigation, and comes after special counsel Robert Mueller declined to accuse Mr Trump's 2016 campaign of criminal conspiracy to collude with the Russians. The surprise subpoena was issued by a...
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Kimberly Guilfoyle: Trump hires ex-Fox News host and son’s girlfriend to serve on 2020 campaign

Donald Trump has hired his son’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, to officially serve on his 2020 re-election campaign.The former Fox News host will act as a senior adviser for the campaign after joining Donald Trump Jr in his travels across the country during the 2018 midterm elections. She previously worked at the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action as vice chairwoman shortly after leaving the network in July 2018. "President Trump has a clear record of accomplishments and promises kept as...
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The Meaning and Implications of the Mueller Report

I have finally finished reading the Mueller Report, slowly and with care. In one sense, the Report is more accessible than its intimidating four-hundred-plus pages may at first appear. The executive summaries of Volumes I and II are short, clear, and illuminating. Before voting in the 2020 primaries or general election, every literate American might consider reading them. On the other hand, it may be challenging for readers who are not sophisticated lawyers to figure out what is going on in...
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Mueller report: Inside the search for answers about Trump's alleged collusion with Russia

On a cloudy day in early November, the last of conservative writer Jerome Corsi's six marathon interviews with the office of special counsel Robert Mueller was about to begin. Sitting in a building in Washington, three prosecutors assigned to his case opened with a lecture.For more than two months, they had been chasing tantalising leads offered by Mr Corsi, an associate of Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone, who had told them that the longtime Republican Party operative sought a back channe...
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Mueller Report Excerpts: Volume II

Below is the first of two excerpts of the Mueller Report that will eventually appear in Howard Gillman, Mark A. Graber, Keith W. Whittington, American Constitutionalism (Vol. I): Structures and Powers (Oxford University Press: New York).  The questions are for students, but also for the general public.   Feel free to circulate, but please only use and quote with proper attribution. And let me know if you are teaching and would like an examination copy of GGW. @2019 Robert S. Muelle...
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This Week: A Report Much Worse Than The Public Was Led To Expect

Going into this week, we knew we’d get the Mueller report — and on Monday the Department of Justice told us when: Thursday. That announcement reportedly set off a wave of anxiety among White House officials about what the report would reveal they told the special counsel. In the days before the report went public, Trump tried to distract the public with attention-grabbing antics, touting a plan to bus asylum seekers to sanctuary cities and, in one characteristic tweet, demanding that someone “...
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Trump’s 4 Most Willing Lackeys, As Told By The Redacted Mueller Report

The redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report released on Thursday revealed a lot about President Trump, but it also shined a spotlight on those he surrounded himself with during the campaign and in the White House. Some of Trump’s staff pushed back on his worst impulses, refusing to carry out the President’s efforts to curb the Russia investigation. Yet others proved themselves to be quite willing lackeys, following Trump’s orders with little hesitation. We’ve rounded up so...
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Mueller report: Trump said 'this is the end of my presidency', and other key findings from special counsel's investigation

The release of the 400-page, redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling and possible links to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is one of the most eagerly-awaited events of his first term.Following the release of attorney general William Barr’s summary of the report last month, many have been waiting for a more detailed look at Mr Mueller’s findings. There have been particular questions still lingering over the issue of possible obstructi...
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Mueller Report Highlights: Trump Is F*cked, Hope Hicks Is Confused & Ivanka Is Mentioned A LOT

It's been almost two years since Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to lead an investigation into the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and to determine if the Trump campaign colluded in any way with those efforts.During the course of the investigation, Mueller's team has brought charges against six Trump associates and 25 Russians for interfering in the election. In late March, Mueller delivered the completed report to Attorney General Willia...
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Mueller report: Donald Trump attempted to have Russia investigation's special counsel fired

Key findings from special counsel's Trump investigation Redacted report finds Russians 'did not have cooperation of President' Trump tweets 'GAME OVER' and says 'I'm having a good day' Mueller found Trump's answers 'inadequate' but decided against subpoena Democrats decry 'partisan effort to spin Mueller report' Analysis: Mueller's report shows how Donald Trump was saved from himself Donald Trump ordered the removal of special counsel Rober...
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What the Mueller report tells us about Trump, Russia and obstruction

The special counsel found 11 instances in which Trump and his campaign’s actions may have amounted to obstruction of justice * Mueller report latest – live updates * Support the Guardian’s independent journalism and make a contribution The special counsel Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was made public on Thursday, examining potential coordination between the Trump campaign and Moscow and whether Donald Trump obstructed just...
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The 10 Episodes Mueller Investigated For Signs Of Trump’s Obstruction

As Attorney General Bill Barr revealed during his Thursday morning press conference, special counsel Robert Mueller scrutinized 10 episodes to find possible evidence of President Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice. While Mueller concluded that he did not have enough to charge Trump with obstruction charges, he added the caveat that the President was not exonerated. Here are the situations he investigated: 1) Trump’s conduct concerning Michael Flynn and James Comey In this section,...
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Julian Assange: the wedge that created a divide among Trump loyalists

The far right see him as a persecuted hero while conservatives portray him as a Kremlin accompliceJulian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was arrested at the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Photograph: RMV/REX/ShutterstockThe charges that led to Julian Assange’s arrest have nothing to do with the 2016 presidential election or the Mueller investigation into Donald Trump’s Russian ties, but the extradition case and Assange’s possible arrival in the US will be electrified by all those unresolved is...
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Michael Cohen says Trump used 'code' language to coach him to lie to Congress

Public letter recaps testimony to Trump-Russia investigations detailing president’s alleged attempts to conceal links with RussiaMichael Cohen testifies before the House oversight committee on 27 February 2019. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesDonald Trump used “code” language to coach his former top aide, Michael Cohen, on how to lie to Congress about Trump projects in Moscow, Cohen told lawmakers in a public letter on Friday.The letter recapped testimony Cohen had made to the special c...
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Trump news – live: President attacks another dead Republican icon as Biden hits back over bizarre video tweet

Donald Trump has attacked the late former first lady Barbara Bush in a newspaper interview a day after posting a satirical alt-right meme of ex-vice-president Joe Biden on Twitter.“I see that you are on the job and presidential, as always,” Mr Biden responded witheringly to the tweet, which sits pinned to the top of the president’s Twitter profile. The video in question sends up Mr Biden’s apology after he was accused of inappropriate conduct towards female campaign staff and was circulated by D...
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'AOC TMZ': why Republicans obsess over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Some on the right say it’s wrong for Trump and his followers to fixate on the young New York Democrat. Others are convinced she’s electoral poison Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez greets the audience at a televised town hall event on the Green New Deal in the Bronx, New York. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters “It’s weird,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mused on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this month. “Why are so many grown men just obsessed with this, like, 29-year-old?” Obsessed would seem to...
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Apple Doesn’t Fall Far: Don Jr Won’t Rule Out A Future In Politics

Donald Trump Jr. may share more than his namesake with his father. Fresh off the high of not getting indicted by federal prosecutors for his role in coordinating a meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign, Trump Jr. told Bloomberg Radio’s “Sound On” that he’s not ruling out a future in politics. But he’s not in any hurry. “If I can be helpful and I can be powerful voice for that that’s my primary focus,” Trump Jr. said, saying his main focus at the moment is promoting his father...
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Ex-Trump Legal Spox Dishes On Hope Hicks And The Infamous AF1 Statement

Mark Corallo, who served briefly as a spokesperson for President Trump’s legal team, had a lot to say on an ABC News podcast about the infamous statement Trump helped draft from Air Force One mischaracterizing the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting. According to Corallo, then-White House press aide Hope Hicks and later President Trump himself called him to lash out about the statement, which was released by Trump’s son Donald Jr. and falsely claimed the focus of the Trump Tower meeting was to discu...
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Like Clockwork, Conservatives Are Reacting To The Barr Letter In Bad Faith

As far as the country’s most prominent conservatives are concerned, the 22-month-long special counsel investigation can be neatly summed up in the four-page letter Attorney General Bill Barr put out Sunday afternoon. Never mind that we still have no idea what Robert Mueller found, and likely won’t for weeks. The dispatch from President Trump’s handpicked attorney general, who has already established that he doesn’t believe the president can obstruct justice, is the only proof they need that th...
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Schiff Takes The Brunt Of GOP’s Fury After Mueller Report

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Damning evidence” of collusion with Russia. “More than circumstantial.” A scandal of a size “beyond Watergate.” For two years, Rep. Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, seemed to be on every talk and late-night show sounding ominous warnings about what special counsel Robert Mueller might find on President Donald Trump. The California Democrat got the president’s attention — a fact confirmed when Trump turned the congressman’s name into a foul schoolyard t...
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Russia investigation timeline: Robert Mueller and the probe into the Trump campaign's alleged collusion

Since Donald Trump's election a shadow has hung over his administration - a federal investigation into possible collusion between the president's campaign and Russian agents. Robert Mueller, the stern former FBI director now leading the investigation, has charged dozens of individuals with crimes ranging from election interference to fraud along the way. Mr Trump has denounced the probe as a "witch hunt" - a view held by a number of leading Republicans. However the alleged crimes detaile...
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