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Trump and Biden clash on climate as Hurricane Sally and wildfires rage – US politics live

Biden calls Trump a ‘climate arsonist’ as president denies science on wildfire tourWest coast wildfires continue to destroy property, kill and damage air qualityTropical Storm Sally is forecast to hit the Louisiana and Mississippi coastline447 new coronavirus deaths and 36,836 new Covid-19 casesIsrael, UAE and Bahrain to sign peace accords at White House at noonIce detainees faced medical neglect and hysterectomies, whistleblower allegesSign up for our First Thing newsletter 11.30am BST Whil...
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All-Online 35th Annual Gun Rights Conference Sept. 19-20: ‘Elect Freedom’

Instead of an audience packed into a room, this year's Gun Rights Policy Conference will unfold entirely online, for an audience of thousands across the country. (Dave Workman) U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Some 120 speakers and presenters will appear during this year’s 35th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC), and for the first time in the event’s history, it will be held completely online, on multiple platforms including YouTube and Facebook, so literally everyone will be able to particip...
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Photos show the moment President George W. Bush first learned of the 9/11 attacks

President George W. Bush confers with staff via telephone from his office aboard Air Force One during the flight from Sarasota to Barksdale Air Force Base. The U.S. National Archives After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, heart-wrenching images surfaced and stirred the world. Photos released by the US National Archives in 2016 show exactly when President George W. Bush learned the US was under attack. See how Bush responded to what would be the defining moment of his presidency. ...
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As Trump Pressured Ukraine, Rick Perry Cut Deals For Friends That Could Be Worth Billions

This story first appeared at ProPublica, Time and WNYC. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. Rick Perry came to Washington looking for a deal, and less than two months into his tenure as energy secretary, he found a hot prospect. It was April 19, 2017, and Perry, the former Texas governor, failed presidential candidate and contestant on “Dancing With the Stars,” was sitting in his off...
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GOP senator says he's not interested in Woodward's latest explosive book on Trump, says it's a 'gotcha' book even though Trump was interviewed 18 times for it

Senator John Kennedy, of Louisiana. Reuters Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana says he is not interested in any “gotcha” books, including Bob Woodward’s latest, which revealed President Donald Trump consistently claimed the coronavirus was no worse than the flu when he knew otherwise. In an interview with CNN, published on Wednesday, Pamela Brown asked Kennedy if Trump’s actions were acceptable, or misleading to the public. Kennedy responded three times, saying: “These gotcha books”...
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Democrat Biden adds former rival Buttigieg, ex-Obama officials to transition team

Joe Biden's presidential campaign on Saturday added former Democratic primary rival Pete Buttigieg, along with senior officials who served under President Barack Obama, to an expanded White House transition team. Biden added four new co-chairs to the team led by his longtime ally Ted Kaufman: New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, former Obama economic adviser Jeffrey Zients, Louisiana Representative Cedric Richmond and his campaign adviser Anita Dunn.
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Facebook said it removed 2 of Rep. Clay Higgins' posts for violating the company's policies against inciting violence after the congressman suggested killing armed protesters

Rep. Clay Higgins, R-La., in Rayburn Building on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call Facebook removed two of Congressman Clay Higgins' posts for "violating our policies against inciting violence" after he suggested killing armed demonstrators if they showed up to a Louisiana protest. "One way ticket fellas. Have your affairs in order. Me? ... I wouldn't even spill my beer. I'd drop any 10 of you where you stand," Higgins wrote in the now removed post, according to a BuzzFeed ...
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Property tax hikes sought despite pandemic downturn

The vehicle lights coming and going across Pennybacker Bridge in northwest Austin are lovely in the evening, but the image also illustrates, as photographer Manuel Garza (via Flickr) notes, "the traffic sucks." I can't speak for all the country's suburbs, but I know mine is pretty sure that our neighborhood will still be around after the coming presidential election even if Joe Biden does move into the White House. We are, however, a bit concerned about how our continuing life here outsid...
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Biden calls for charges for violent citizens and police

By BILL BARROW and WILL WEISSERT | Associated Press WILMINGTON, Del. — Joe Biden is hammering President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak ahead of a planned trip to Wisconsin, a pivotal swing state that’s become a focal point for political debate over protest-related violence, police treatment of people of color and the actions of vigilante militias. The Democratic nominee said Wednesday that if he were president he’d use existing federal disaster law to direct funding to schoo...
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The Trump campaign has knowingly taken thousands of dollars from a neo-Nazi leader and other racists

President Donald Trump attends a briefing during his visit to the nearby areas damaged by Hurricane Laura in Orange, Texas, U.S., August 29, 2020..JPG Tom Brenner/Reuters Morris Gulett, a neo-Nazi leader who created an outpost of the Aryan Nations in Louisiana, has donated at least $2,000 to President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, according to data collected by Popular Information.He has donated at least 29 times since 2017, and the Trump campaign was reportedly made aware of the dona...
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Uncertainty dominates presidential campaign’s final stretch

By STEVE PEOPLES, ZEKE MILLER and JONATHAN LEMIRE | Associated Press NEW YORK — Within President Donald Trump’s campaign, some privately feared the worst heading into the national conventions. They worried a strong showing by Democrat Joe Biden, combined with an underwhelming performance by Trump, would lock in the certainty of a blowout loss that would essentially end the election by September. But as the candidates move beyond trouble-free conventions and into the final phase of the 2020 elect...
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Trump bragged that his autograph sells for $10,000 on eBay during a visit to hurricane-hit Louisiana

President Donald Trump hands an autograph over at a Lake Charles fire station during a visit to survey Hurricane Laura damage, in this video still. Project Lincoln/Twitter President Donald Trump has suggested that his autograph could sell for as much as $10,000 during a visit to hurricane-hit Louisiana.The president was at Lake Charles fire station for a briefing on Hurricane Laura's impact, which has killed 14 people and left vast numbers of people without electricity.Signing pieces of pap...
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Hurricane Laura: Donald Trump visits storm-lashed Louisiana and Texas

14 deaths reported but direction change helped limit casualtiesWidespread flooding, plus lack of power and drinking waterDonald Trump departed the White House on Saturday morning heading for south-west Louisiana to tour the damage there and in neighbouring Texas, two days after Hurricane Laura powered in off the Gulf of Mexico with winds up to 150mph, knocking out power and causing extensive flooding and lack of running water across several towns. Related: 'Devastation everywhere': Louisiana c...
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Trump Says Ivanka Is More Fit to Be First Female President Than Kamala Harris

President Donald Trump tore into Kamala Harris during a New Hampshire campaign rally on Friday night where he deployed his favorite 2016 talking points before hurling insults at his opponents and suggesting the California senator is not the kind of woman who should make history as the first female president. That honor should be reserved for his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, he said.“I want to see the first woman president also, but I don’t want to see the first woman president get into the positi...
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Trump’s Additional Unemployment Benefit: What We Know Right Now

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Trump's socialist moment(s)

Hello, everyone! Thanks for reading. A brief note to say that this will be our last edition of "Insider Today" for a while.Our intrepid leader, David Plotz, has concluded his six-month break from entrepreneuring and has settled on his next adventure, which will be launching a cool new podcast company (Details from him soon!). David will continue to host the "Political Gabfest" each week, so you can keep up with his commentary there. Our op-ed columnists Linette Lopez and Anthony Fisher will cont...
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Biden, Harris to travel more as presidential campaign heats up

By BILL BARROW and WILL WEISSERT | Associated Press WASHINGTON — After spending a pandemic spring and summer tethered almost entirely to his Delaware home, Joe Biden plans to take his presidential campaign to battleground states after Labor Day in his bid to unseat President Donald Trump. No itinerary is set, according to the Democratic nominee’s campaign, but the former vice president and his allies say his plan is to highlight contrasts with Trump, from policy arguments tailored to specific au...
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'Law and Order' for thee but not for me

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new edition of Insider Today. Please sign up here. QUOTE OF THE DAY "When we take the court and represent Milwaukee and Wisconsin, we are expected to play at a high level, give maximum effort and hold each other accountable. We hold ourselves to that standard, and in this moment, we are demanding the same from our lawmakers and law enforcement." —The players of the Milwaukee Bucks, after deciding not to play their game against the Orlando Magic due to the shooting...
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Trump to blast Biden as ‘extreme’ in convention speech

By ZEKE MILLER, JILL COLVIN and KEVIN FREKING | Associated Press WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump plans to tell voters that Democratic rival Joe Biden would pursue the “most extreme set of proposals ever put forward by a major party nominee” when he delivers his acceptance speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention. Trump has complained that the Democrats’ message was too dark and pessimistic when they held their own scaled-back convention last week. But excerpts of the presi...
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Hurricane Laura: Louisiana faces high winds as storm moves deeper inland – live

Record-breaking hurricane made landfall with 150mph windsPence claims US would be unsafe under Biden in dark speechKenosha police officer who shot Jacob Blake named 1,187 new coronavirus deaths and 44,877 new cases reported yesterdaySign up for our First Thing newsletter 2.29pm BST As Hurricane Laura roared towards the southern US coast, the Republican national convention unleashed Hurricane Liar.There were lies aplenty at the last convention in Cleveland four years ago but, in those innocen...
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Trump is about to bungle another natural disaster

While the third night of the Republican National Convention progressed, Hurricane Laura was bearing down on Louisiana and Texas. At time of writing, it had reportedly strengthened nearly to Category 5 status, and may end up being one of the 10 strongest hurricanes ever recorded making landfall on the continental U.S.Yet the looming hurricane was barely mentioned during the night's convention proceedings, including a brief note during the opening prayer and a short aside from Vice President M...
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Trump isn't as special as his supporters say he is

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new edition of Insider Today. Please sign up here. QUOTE OF THE DAY "Advancing their anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-Donald Trump narrative was all that mattered." — Kentucky high school student Nicholas Sandmann, in an RNC speech attacking the media for its coverage of his 2019 encounter with a Native American protester on the National Mall.  WHAT'S HAPPENING Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images The RNC continues Wednesday with VP Pence's acceptance spe...
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POWER PLAYERS: The 18 leaders at Google Health shaping the tech giant's secretive healthcare business

Google is going deeper into the healthcare industry after a past effort flopped. Starting when Dr. David Feinberg joined the company in 2019, the tech giant is building a team of health pros. Called "Google Health," it includes more than 500 managers, scientists, and engineers – and plans to get bigger. Business Insider identified the 18 most important people shaping the new group's strategy. For more stories like this, sign up here for our healthcare newsletter, Dispensed. Google is going af...
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Isabel Wilkerson’s ‘Caste’ is a devastating exploration of American racial distinctions

By Steve Nathans-Kelly In Plessy v. Ferguson, the landmark civil rights case whose 7-2 defeat in the Supreme Court codified the principle of “separate but equal” in United States law for 58 years, Albion Tourgée, the lead attorney bringing suit against Louisiana’s Separate Car Act, pursued a legal argument that seems curious today. Rather than insisting that his client, Homer Plessy—a light-skinned, mixed-race, French-speaking Creole—deserved to sit in the railcar seat he paid for based on right...
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POWER PLAYERS: Meet the 18 executives and scientists at Google Health who are shaping the future of the tech giant's healthcare business

Google is going deeper into the healthcare industry after a past effort flopped. Starting when Dr. David Feinberg joined the company in 2019, the tech giant is building a team of health pros. Called "Google Health," it includes more than 500 managers, scientists, and engineers – and plans to get bigger. Business Insider identified the 18 most important people shaping the new group's strategy. For more stories like this, sign up here for our healthcare newsletter, Dispensed. Google is going af...
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Will He Go?: An Interview with Lawrence Douglas

I recently spoke with Lawrence Douglas (Amherst) about his new book, Will He Go? Trump and the Looming Election Meltdown in 2020 (Twelve Books, 2020). JB: Why did you write this book? LD: Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, I began writing contributing opinion pieces for The Guardian. My very first piece was about Trump’s claim that three to five million illegal voters had robbed him of a popular vote victory over Hillary Clinton. At the time I wrote, “that same script could be called upon...
Tags: New York, Congress, Senate, White House, Court, Georgia, Gop, Hillary Clinton, US Postal Service, House, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Jim Crow, Litigation, Branding, Guest Blogger

Pro-Trump Group’s Lies Were Too Big for Facebook

Facebook has tried hard not to fact-check the political content on its platform but a multimillion dollar pro-Trump political action committee’s troubles with the truth were so egregious, the social media company temporarily suspended their account on Thursday.  The company took action against the account for the Committee to Defend the President, a political action committee which began in 2013 as an anti-Hillary Clinton group but which has since changed its focus to pro-Trump activism. “As a r...
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Theodore Roosevelt’s Heartwarming Letters to His Children

When Theodore Roosevelt assumed the presidency in 1901, he became, at 42 years old, the youngest president in the country’s history, and his children with wife Edith were similarly youthful in age. Theodore III (14), Kermit (12), Ethel (10), Archibald (7), and Quentin (4), along with seventeen-year-old Alice from TR’s first marriage, brought an unprecedented level of enthusiastic, early-years energy to the White House.  Though the responsibilities of his office were great, Roosevelt always trie...
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US Sees Early Signs That New Coronavirus Cases May Have Hit Plateau

(CNN) — After weeks of sharp increases, there are some signs that new coronavirus cases in the United States may be plateauing at a high daily rate. Nationally, the seven-day daily average of new confirmed cases was just under 66,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. That is still a startlingly high number of infections, but it’s the lowest it has been in the US in 10 days. The trend can be seen more clearly in new case totals in Arizona, Texas and Florida. In these states, which...
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Sen. Hawley Sets New Pro-Life Standard for Supreme Court Nominees

Senator Josh Hawley (R., Mo.) said Sunday he would not support any Supreme Court nominee unless they had publicly acknowledged that Roe v. Wade was “wrongly decided” prior to their nomination.“I will vote only for those Supreme Court nominees who have explicitly acknowledged that Roe v. Wade is wrongly decided,” Hawley told the Washington Post, referring to the 1973 ruling that established federal protection for abortion. “By explicitly acknowledged, I mean on the record and before they were nom...
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