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H.R. McMaster Says Terrorism, Climate Change Among Top Threats To U.S. In ’60 Minutes’ Interview With Scott Pelley

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Trump Loving Cartoonist Sues The Anti-Defamation League for Defamation

Pro-Trump cartoonist Ben Garrison is suing the Anti-Defamation League for… defamation. Garrison alleges in his suit that when the famed Jewish non-governmental organization called one of his cartoons about wealthy Democratic financier George Soros anti-Semitic, it cost him “embarrassment, humiliation, mental suffering, anguish, injury to his name and professional reputation,” as well as an invitation to a Trump White House event. The lawsuit is the latest foray into cultural and political wars f...
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Ex-Top Trump Deputies Concluded He Was ‘Delusional’ From Calls With Foreign Leaders

President Trump reportedly alarmed senior US officials due to his highly classified phone calls with foreign heads of state. According to a CNN report on Monday, citing White House and intelligence officials familiar with the contents of the conversations, Trump was often unprepared for discussion of serious issues during his calls with foreign leaders — which include those with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan — and abusive to leaders of America’s principa...
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Carl Bernstein: Trump 'delusional' and a danger to national security, concluded McMaster, Tillerson, Bolton, Mattis, Kelly

Quite the scoop from Carl Bernstein, yes, the Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, with a 109-word one sentence lede. One wonders why none of the president's ex-men bothered to do anything about their revelation that Trump is unfit for office, beyond cashing in with speaking engagements and books. He pandered to enemies and strongmen like Putin and Erdogan, and was extremely abusive toward allies and female heads of state including Theresa May and Angela Merkel. https://t.co/CiicJAJaMp — Carl B...
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Carl Bernstein: Trump 'delusional' & danger to national security — McMaster, Tillerson, Bolton, Mattis, Kelly

Quite the scoop at CNN.com from Carl Bernstein, yes, the Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, with a 109-word one sentence lede. One wonders why none of the president's ex-men bothered to do anything about their revelation that Trump is unfit for office, beyond cashing in with speaking engagements and books. He pandered to enemies and strongmen like Putin and Erdogan, and was extremely abusive toward allies and female heads of state including Theresa May and Angela Merkel. https://t.co/CiicJAJ...
Tags: Post, Politics, News, Putin, Vladimir Putin, White House, Angela Merkel, Russia, Defense, US, America, US news, Cnn, United States, Theresa May, United Kingdom

Trump reportedly to take legal action to block John Bolton's tell-all book

* ABC News says Trump expected to file suit seeking injunction * The Room Where It Happened due for publication next weekDonald Trump is set to sue to stop the publication of a tell-all book by John Bolton, his third national security adviser, ABC News reported on Monday.At an event in the White House later in the day, Trump said it would be up to the attorney general, William Barr, to issue any charges, but he hinted that the matter would end up in court. “We’ll see what happens. They’re in co...
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These Generals Turned on Trump. Will They Go for Biden?

Joe Biden has spent part of June watching a parade of distinguished retired generals and admirals denounce President Trump’s desires to militarize his crackdown on protests against institutional racism. The criticisms have overjoyed some Biden allies, who see their strong rebuke working in the presumptive Democratic nominee’s favor.Indeed, there’s a growing belief among some Democrats that the disillusioned military brass’s critique of the president will present yet another handy contrast with B...
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These States Are Reopening Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

In an attempt to curtail the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, most U.S. states have imposed extraordinary measures to restrict social contact, forcing millions of Americans to remain in their homes.But several weeks into these public health orders urging residents to stay home, close down their businesses, and wear face masks to stop the spread of a virus predicted to claim between 100,000 and 200,000 lives, Americans have started to protest the restrictions and demand a return to normal life...
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H.R. McMaster is Trump's latest former national security adviser to write a book

If you're one of President Trump's former national security advisers, you're doing a lot of waiting these days — either for your book to be published or for your prison sentence to be decided.Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster was Trump's second national security adviser, serving from March 2017 to April 2018. He came on board after Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned; Flynn later pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his interactions with the former Russi...
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Bertrand Russell’s Prison Letters Are Now Digitized & Put Online (1918 – 1961)

Boethius, Henry David Thoreau, Antonio Gramsci, Martin Luther King, Jr…. It’s possible, if one tried, to draw other comparisons between these disparate figures, but readers familiar with the work of all four will immediately recognize their most obvious literary commonality: all wrote some of their most impassioned and persuasive work while unjustly confined to a cell. In the case of Bertrand Russell, however, perhaps one of the most famous figures in 20th century philosophy and intellectual li...
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Trump Says Democrats Seek to Undo Election: Impeachment Update

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump, after making clear he won’t cooperate with House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, goes back on offense Thursday with his first campaign rally since the probe began.Trump addressed supporters in Minneapolis as he grapples with polls that show rising support for impeachment -- including one published Wednesday from Fox News that showed 51% of voters want Trump impeached and removed from office.Here are the latest developments:Trump Says Democrats Seek to Undo ...
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Who has Trump fired? All the top administration departures since the president came into office

The resignation of deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein marks just the latest departure for an administration that has turned heads for its high level of turnover.After Donald Trump became president in January 2017, the administration gained notoriety for its tumult and chaos as the nascent governing operation found its legs.While the rate of removal has slowed somewhat following the 2018 midterms, the sheer number of high-level departures is notable.Here’s a list of those departures, and how ...
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White House Memo: To Defend Against a Mercurial Boss, Trump Aides Wield the Pen as Shield

Note-taking in the White House, a practice previous administrations shied away from to protect the president, has become a way for Trump aides to protect themselves from the president.
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Report: Officials Pushed Flynn’s Saudi Nuke Project After Warnings It Broke Law

fThe Trump White House pursued a controversial nuclear energy project linked to Saudi Arabia even after warnings from career National Security Council staff and ethics officials that doing so without congressional approval would violate the law, the House Oversight Committee said in a preliminary report Tuesday. The project was pushed by a top aide to ex-National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, who served as an advisor to a company lobbying for the project, and the aide continued to stress that ...
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Bob Woodward’s new book reveals a ‘nervous breakdown’ of Trump’s presidency

By Philip Rucker and Robert Costa, The Washington Post John Dowd was convinced that President Donald Trump would commit perjury if he talked to special counsel Robert Mueller. So on Jan. 27 the president’s then-personal attorney staged a practice session to make his point. In the White House residence, Dowd peppered Trump with questions about the Russia investigation, provoking stumbles, contradictions and lies until the president eventually lost his cool. ”This thing’s a goddamn hoax,” Trump e...
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H.R. McMaster, ex-Trump national security adviser, former Mexican President Felipe Calderon join Penn fellowship

H.R. McMaster, President Trump's former national security adviser, is among several high-profile public figures set to join a fellowship program at the University of Pennsylvania. Former Mexican president Felipe Calderon, ex-Pennsylvania Congressman Charlie Dent and President Barack Obama's former national security advisor, Susan Rice, are among the others who will also join a fellowship program at Penn's Perry World House, which focuses on global affairs.
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Nurse To Stand Trial In Death Of H.R. McMaster’s Father At Senior Facility

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Pennsylvania judge has ordered a nurse to stand trial in the death of the father of former national security adviser H.R. McMaster while at a Philadelphia senior care facility. Judge Karen Y. Simmons ruled Monday after a two-part preliminary hearing that Christann Gainey, a former contract nurse at Cathedral Village in Philadelphia, will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter, neglect of care of a dependent person and tampering with records. Prosecutors say Gainey failed ...
Tags: News, White House, Ap, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, McMaster, Gainey, H R McMaster, Summer Concepcion, Cathedral Village, Christann Gainey, Karen Y Simmons

Maduro warns Venezuela army over Trump 'invasion' plans

President Nicolas Maduro urged his armed forces Wednesday to be on guard following reports that nearly a year ago Donald Trump, the US president, raised the possibility of invading Venezuela. "You cannot lower you guard for even a second, because we will defend the greatest right our homeland has had in all of its history," Mr Maduro said at a military ceremony, "which is to live in peace." He alluded to reports in the press which said that, last August, Mr Trump asked foreign policy advisers ab...
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Trump Repeatedly Pushed For Venezuela Invasion, US Official Says

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — As a meeting last August in the Oval Office to discuss sanctions on Venezuela was concluding, President Donald Trump turned to his top aides and asked an unsettling question: With a fast unraveling Venezuela threatening regional security, why can’t the U.S. just simply invade the troubled country? The suggestion stunned those present at the meeting, including U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security adviser H.R. McMaster, both of whom have since left th...
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S.Carolina Gov. McMaster, a Trump supporter, wins GOP runoff

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — One of President Donald Trump’s earliest and most loyal supporters won a key runoff Tuesday, as South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster fended off a challenge from a self-made millionaire to secure the Republican gubernatorial nomination. The vote tested the heft of Trump’s endorsement in South Carolina, where McMaster, 71, was elevated […]
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Trump Uses McMaster Rally To Brag About Himself And His Presidency

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump campaigned Monday for the state’s GOP governor, who is in a tense runoff election — but made the vote all about himself, too. Speaking of Gov. Henry McMaster, Trump told an overflow rally crowd: “If a horrible thing happened and we weren’t lucky enough to have Henry win … they will say Donald Trump suffered a major, major defeat in the great state of South Carolina. It was a humiliating defeat for Donald Trump.” “So please, get your asses out tom...
Tags: Texas, News, Congress, Stephen Colbert, Mexico, White House, Virginia, Ap, Canada, Gop, Hillary Clinton, United Nations, Cbs, Donald Trump, South Carolina, Trump

Trump lends support to McMaster in South Carolina runoff

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s effort to bend the Republican Party to his will faces its next test Tuesday, when South Carolina voters choose between two GOP gubernatorial candidates who both claim to be Trump acolytes. The president has already made his pick: incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster, a longtime Trump supporter who failed […]
Tags: News, Gop, Republican Party, Donald Trump, South Carolina, Trump, COLUMBIA S C AP, McMaster, Henry McMaster, Nation & World Politics

Vice President Pence stumping for McMaster in South Carolina

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster is getting the first of two Trump administration visitors hoping to boost his chances at winning a first full term in office. Vice President Mike Pence is visiting Conway on Saturday for a campaign rally with McMaster. President Donald Trump has endorsed McMaster, who as lieutenant […]
Tags: News, Donald Trump, South Carolina, Trump, Charleston, Mike Pence, Conway, Pence, S C AP, McMaster, Henry McMaster, Nation & World, Nation & World Politics

Trump stresses support for SC governor

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is stressing his support for South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, who is competing in a runoff election for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. Trump, who will appear in Columbia Monday for McMaster, tweets Thursday: “Henry worked so hard & was so loyal to me that I look forward to reciprocating!” […]
Tags: News, Washington, Ap, Gop, Donald Trump, South Carolina, Columbia, Sc, Trump, Henry, McMaster, Henry McMaster, Nation & World Politics

South Carolina Gov. McMaster faces GOP primary runoff

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, an early supporter of President Donald Trump, was forced into a runoff for the Republican gubernatorial nomination Tuesday. McMaster was the top vote-getter in primary voting but failed to win the 50 percent necessary to avoid a runoff. Now, he and Greenville businessman John Warren will […]
Tags: News, Gop, Donald Trump, South Carolina, Greenville, John Warren, COLUMBIA S C AP, McMaster, Henry McMaster, Nation & World, Nation & World Politics

Gloves off in last GOP debate before South Carolina primary

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The gloves are finally off in the homestretch of the battle for South Carolina’s Republican gubernatorial nomination. Gov. Henry McMaster spent much of the final GOP primary debate Tuesday night fending off attacks from state public health director Catherine Templeton and Greenville businessman John Warren. Templeton said she feared McMaster would […]
Tags: News, Ap, Gop, South Carolina, Columbia, Greenville, McMaster, Henry McMaster, Nation & World, Nation & World Politics, Catherine Templeton, John Warren Templeton

Testimony: White House call kicked off criminal investigation of H.R. McMaster Sr.'s death at Cathedral Village

There was no criminal investigation into the death of Herbert R. McMaster Sr. after he fell at Cathedral Village until a Philadelphia homicide detective received a call from the White House inquiring about the case, according to testimony Tuesday at a preliminary hearing against licensed practice nurse Christann S. Gainey, who was charged in the death.
Tags: White House, Philadelphia, Incidents, McMaster, Christann S Gainey, Herbert R McMaster

7 governors sign letter backing Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster and a group of fellow governors are backing President Donald Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. McMaster and six fellow governors wrote to Norwegian Nobel Committee chairman Berit Reiss-Andersen this week, citing what they called Trump’s “transformative efforts to bring peace to the Korean peninsula.” […]
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White House Memo: No Longer Held Back by His Advisers, Trump Puts His Imprint on Foreign Policy

The president’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement opens several weeks in which he will finally put in place the “America First” approach he has long promised.
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High Praise: Things Administration Members Have Allegedly Called Trump

“an idiot” —Chief of Staff John Kelly, allegedly Why: Because Trump doesn’t understand what DACA is. “a fucking moron” —Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, allegedly Why: Because Trump wants to restore the nation’s nuclear stockpile to 1960s-levels. “idiot,” “dope,” “kindergartner” —Former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, allegedly Why: Specifics unclear. “a deplorable” —White House Press Secretary Raj Shah, allegedly Why: Because of the Access Hollywood tape. “an empty vessel when ...
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