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Iran 'threat' has diminished, says US defense secretary

Patrick Shanahan credits US show of forceRemarks appear to be a sign tension is easing This handout picture released by the US navy shows an F/A-18E Super Hornet landing on the flight deck of the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the Gulf. Photograph: MC3 Jeff Sherman/AFP/Getty Images The acting US defence secretary has claimed that the alleged threat from Iran has receded as the result of an American show of force in the Middle East. “We’ve put on hold the potential for attacks on Americans,” P...
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These are the world’s most fragile states in 2019

There are some rankings no nation wants to lead. Yemen has just been named most fragile nation in the Fund For Peace's 2019 Fragile States Index. The least fragile state is Finland.Between these two countries lies the whole spectrum of national stability. The good news is that conditions for most of the world's people are slowly improving, says JJ Messner, Executive Director of the Fund for Peace. "For all the negative press, there is significant progress occuring in the background," he says.The...
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Trump proposes new US immigration plan favoring 'merit' over family ties – live

Plan is intended to suppress immigration from low-wage and ‘unskilled’ workers, who Trump says are taking jobs from low-income AmericansSign up to the US briefing and get a new perspective 8.16pm BST On the morning that Donald Trump met Swiss president, whose embassy in Tehran represents US interests, reporters shouted a question to him at the White House, asking if the US was going to war with Iran.“Hope not,” was his reply. Related: Iran tells Middle East militias: prepare for proxy war ...
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Iran tells Middle East militias: prepare for proxy war

Exclusive: Top military leader delivers message at Baghdad meeting as tensions riseIran’s most prominent military leader has recently met Iraqi militias in Baghdad and told them to “prepare for proxy war”, the Guardian has learned.Two senior intelligence sources said that Qassem Suleimani, leader of Iran’s powerful Quds force, summoned the militias under Tehran’s influence three weeks ago, amid a heightened state of tension in the region. The move to mobilise Iran’s regional allies is understood...
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Congressional leaders set for classified briefing on Iran

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional leaders are receiving a classified briefing on Iran as members of both parties demand more information on the White House’s claims of rising threats in the Middle East. The briefing Thursday with the so-called Gang of Eight comes after Democratic lawmakers warned President Donald Trump against war with Iran and criticized […]
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Iran blames ‘unacceptable’ US sanctions for spike in tensions as White House advisors push for forceful response

Iran’s foreign minister has hit out at “unacceptable” sanctions imposed by the US as an international deal to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions continues to unravel amid a spike in tensions.Mohammad Zarif defended Iran’s right to respond to the US pullout from the nuclear deal last year.“We believe that escalation by the United States is unacceptable and uncalled for. We have exercised maximum restraints,” he said during a visit to Tokyo. In other comments carried on the semi-official Mehr news ag...
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Britain 'shares US belief of heightened threat of attacks by Iran'

The UK shares America’s assessment of a “heightened threat” of attacks by Iran, Jeremy Hunt said Thursday, as he tried to bring an end to days of transatlantic division over the issue. The government has raised the threat level for British troops and diplomats in Iraq and reviewed security arrangements at UK embassies in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The US had already pulled many diplomats out of its embassy in Baghdad and consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan out of fear of attacks by Iranian-backed Shia mil...
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UK raises threat level for troops in Iraq amid fears of Iranian attack

The UK has raised the the threat level for its troops and diplomats in Iraq amid heightened concern over potential attacks by Iran or its proxy forces.  Alertness levels were also raised at UK embassies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar as tensions remained high in the Persian Gulf.  The US has been building up its forces in the region for two weeks after intelligence reportedly showed Iran’s Revolutionary Guards loading missiles onto small boats, potentially to be fired at American warships.  The UK in...
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Trump declares national emergency 'over Huawei' amid accusations he is risking 'devastating' conflict with Iran

Donald Trump has been accused of “playing a very dangerous game” with Iran and risking dragging the US into a new war in the Middle East that could have “devastating” consequences.The warning came from Hamid Baeidinejad, Iran’s ambassador to the UK, with the acting US defence secretary Patrick Shanahan tabling plans to send 120,000 troops to the region if needed as tensions soar between the two nations over economic sanctions and an increased American military presence in the Persian Gulf.A comm...
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Pelosi warns Trump against war in Mideast; Dems demand info

By LISA MASCARO and SUSANNAH GEORGE WASHINGTON  — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that the U.S. must avoid war with Iran, and she declared the White House has “no business” moving toward a Middle East confrontation without approval from Congress. Pelosi’s remarks to House Democrats came amid growing concerns in Congress over President Donald Trump’s approach to Iran and mounting tensions in the Persian Gulf region over the administration’s claims of unspecified threats linked to Iran. ...
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Congress wants answers on Iran; leaders to be briefed

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top leaders in Congress will be receiving a classified briefing on the Middle East as lawmakers demand answers from the White House about President Donald Trump’s actions toward Iran. Multiple sources said Wednesday that the top House and Senate leaders of both parties would be briefed by the administration. The sources were […]
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US claims of Iran threat to coalition forces in Middle East rejected by British general

A British general has rejected claims from the White House that coalition forces in the Middle East are facing an increased threat from Iran or its allies.In recent days, Washington US has responded to what has claimed as a raised threat from Iran-backed militias to US and coalition forces fighting the remnants of Isis in Iraq and Syria, by dispatching an aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers and Patriot missiles. National security advisor John Bolton, a longtime advocate of regime change in Iran, has ...
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Donald Trump says he is 'absolutely' ready to send troops to confront Iran

Donald Trump yesterday suggested he is ready to send “a hell of a lot” of troops to confront Iran in the Middle East amid warnings that the two countries are stumbling towards a war. The comments come amid mounting diplomatic and military tensions in the Persian Gulf after Iran-aligned Yemeni rebels attacked an oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia and an unidentified attacker attempted to sabotage tankers. Mr Trump said reports that the Pentagon has already drawn up plans to deploy 120,000 soldiers to t...
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Trump Says He Would ‘Absolutely’ Send 120K Troops to Middle East in Response to Iranian Aggression

President Trump denied Monday that his administration has devised a plan to deploy as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East in response to Iranian aggression, but admitted that he would be willing to do just that under certain circumstances.The New York Times reported Monday evening that acting secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan presented a plan to top national-security aides last week that called for deploying tens of thousands of troops to the Middle East in the event that Iran attacked...
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Trump says US not ramping up for military conflict with Iran

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is dismissing a report that the U.S. is planning for a military conflict with Iran. Trump was responding to Tuesday’s report in The New York Times that the White House is reviewing military plans against Iran that could result in sending 120,000 U.S. troops to the Middle East if […]
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Saudi Arabia Says Its Oil Pipelines Are Under Attack From Drones

REUTERS/Sergio MoraesTwo days after it claimed two of its oil tankers were seriously damaged in sabotage attacks, Saudi Arabia now says its oil pipelines are being systematically attacked by drones.Its the latest in a string of incidents that are seriously endangering stability in the Middle East. Aside from the alleged ship sabotage and drone attacks, Iran announced last week that it would be quitting parts of the 2015 nuclear deal, and the White House has been mulling plans to send 120,000 tro...
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What Makes a Good Interaction Between Divided Groups?

In February, Michigan Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib—a Palestinian-American who has argued American policy is too tilted towards Israel—met with two Democrats who disagreed with her: New York’s Josh Gottheimer and Virginia’s Elaine Luria. 
They aimed to build bridges—but the meeting soon turned contentious, as Gottheimer took the opportunity to object to certain statements Tlaib had made about the conflict, even bringing with him a binder full of remarks she had made. “He was using a ...
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NYT: White House reviews plan to send 120,000 US troops to Middle East

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan presented a military plan at a meeting of top national security officials last week that would send as many as 120,000 US troops to the Middle East in the event that Iran strikes American forces in the region or speeds up its development of nuclear weapons, The New York Times reported Monday.
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NYT: White House reviews plan that would send up to 120,000 US troops to Middle East

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan presented a military plan at a meeting of top national security officials last week that would send as many as 120,000 US troops to the Middle East in the event that Iran strikes American forces in the region or speeds up its development of nuclear weapons, The New York Times reported Monday.
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Trump considering plan to send 120,000 troops to Middle East as Iran tensions heighten, report suggests

The Trump administration is reportedly considering a plan to send up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East if Iran attacks US forces or accelerates its work on nuclear weapons.Citing unnamed administration officials, The New York Times reported that acting defence secretary Patrick Shanahan presented the plan at a meeting last week of Donald Trump's top security aides. The request for military options from the Pentagon was ordered by White House hardliners led by the president's national ...
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White House reviews military plans against Iran: New York Times

The top U.S. defense official has presented an updated military plan to President Donald Trump's administration that envisions sending up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East should Iran attack American forces or accelerate work on nuclear weapons, the New York Times reported on Monday. Citing unnamed administration officials, the Times said Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan presented the plan at a meeting of Trump's top security aides on Thursday. The White House did not immediately r...
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The United States Constitution is Not Dysfunctional

For the symposium on Sanford Levinson and Jack M. Balkin, Democracy and Dysfunction (University of Chicago Press, 2019).Steven G. Calabresi May 12, 2019 Providence, Rhode Island Dear Jack and Sandy: Thank you enormously for inviting me to comment on your new book.  While I believe the U.S. constitutional system is badly in need of some reforms, I think the U.S. Constitution, as amended, is the best such document in any of the G-20 constitutional democracies today, and I think you bo...
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Giuliani Scores a New Client: an Authoritarian, Middle Eastern Regime

Charles Krupa/AP/ShutterstockAs Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election was concluding, Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney for the probe and other legal woes, landed a new client: the Kingdom of Bahrain.On Thursday, the former New York City mayor confirmed to The Daily Beast that his security and consulting firm, Giuliani Security and Safety, had officially secured a contract with the Gulf nation’s Ministry of ...
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Understanding the Surge in Tensions with Iran

Over the weekend, the White House announced it was sending an aircraft-carrier strike group and bombers to the Middle East in response to “troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” related to Iran. These warnings reportedly were Israeli intelligence reports indicating Iran was planning attacks against U.S. personnel and allies in the Middle East.Press reports differed on the nature of the planned Iranian attacks. There were reports that Iranian officials gave a green light to its terror...
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Trump to nominate ex-Boeing executive Shanahan for top Pentagon post

By ROBERT BURNS and LOLITA C. BALDOR WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Thursday said he will nominate Patrick Shanahan to be his second secretary of defense, putting an end to months of speculation about the former Boeing executive’s standing in the administration. Shanahan has been leading the Pentagon as acting secretary since Jan. 1, a highly unusual arrangement for arguably the most sensitive Cabinet position. He took over after Jim Mattis resigned. “Acting Secretary Shanahan has proven...
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Trump says senior adviser wants to get him ‘into a war’ in Venezuela after failure to oust Maduro

Donald Trump is questioning his administration’s aggressive strategy in Venezuela following the failure of a US-backed effort to oust Nicolás Maduro, complaining he was misled about how easy it would be to replace the socialist president with a young opposition figure, according to administration officials and White House advisers.The president’s dissatisfaction has crystallised around national security adviser John Bolton and what Mr Trump has groused is an interventionist stance at odds with h...
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Gail MacKinnon Takes On Expanded Duties at MPAA

WASHINGTON — Gail MacKinnon has been promoted to senior executive vice president of global policy and government affairs at the MPAA. MacKinnon will oversee all of the trade organization’s international advocacy and policy, including the Asia-Pacific regions and Europe, the Middle East and Africa. MacKinnon joined the MPAA in 2017 as executive vice president for […]
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John Bolton has always been at war with Iran, soon America will be too

John Bolton gathered a 7am meeting at CIA headquarters last week with top intelligence, diplomatic and military advisers in the Trump administration to talk about Iran, reports NBC News. And if there's one consistent element in John Bolton's crazy-ass mustachioed career, it's wanting America to go to war with Iran. NEW from @NBCNews Bolton convened an irregular 7am principals meeting at CIA HQ about Iran, on 29 April. Apparently unconnected to recent military deployments.More echoes of I...
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Trump slaps new U.S. sanctions on Iran's metals industry

The announcement was made on the anniversary of Trump's unilateral withdrawal of the United States from a 2015 landmark deal between Tehran and world powers to curb its nuclear program in exchange for easing some sanctions and hours after Tehran said it would no longer fully comply with the accord. Tensions were already high between Washington and Tehran when the Trump administration said last weekend that it was deploying a carrier strike group and bombers to the Middle East, in response to wh...
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B-52 bombers to be part of U.S. forces sent to Middle East over Iran concerns

The U.S. military said on Tuesday that B-52 bombers will be part of additional forces being sent to the Middle East to counter what the Trump administration says are "clear indications" of threats from Iran to U.S. forces there. White House national security adviser John Bolton said on Sunday that the United States was deploying a carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the Middle East. Captain Bill Urban, a spokesman for U.S. Central Command, said that the bomber task force would cons...
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