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Work on new Eurotunnel border inspection post begins in Calais

Checkpoint for horses and other large animals part of £20m no-deal Brexit contingency planWork has begun at the Calais Eurotunnel exit for a new border inspection post for horses and other large animals as part of a £20m no-deal contingency plan.Controls are also prepared for the nearby port of Boulogne, to cater for the 200,000 tonnes of fish the UK exports through France. Continue reading...
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Canada’s Telus says partner Huawei is ‘reliable’: reports

The US-China tension over Huawei is leaving telecommunications companies around the world at a crossroad, but one spoke out last week. Telus, one of Canada’s largest phone companies showed support for its Chinese partner despite a global backlash against Huawei over cybersecurity threats. “Clearly, Huawei remains a viable and reliable participant in the Canadian telecommunications space, bolstered by globally leading innovation, comprehensive security measures, and new software upgrades,” said a...
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EU citizen registration in UK could become 'new Windrush', say migration experts

Critics warn many could be left without legal status to stay if settlement scheme failsMigration experts have warned that the post-Brexit system for registering EU citizens living in the UK could become a new “Windrush scandal” as the scheme to register an estimated 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK begins.From Monday, the third phase of testing will open to EU residents in the UK, who will be able to register for the new post-Brexit “settled status”. The Home Office is extending its live...
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Keir Starmer: Northern Ireland backstop likely in any Brexit scenario

Labour’s Brexit spokesman says renegotiation of May deal unlikely before UK leaves EUAny withdrawal agreement is likely to require a backstop, Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, has said, admitting that a renegotiation was unlikely to be possible in the time before the UK is set to leave the EU.Starmer has previously been highly critical of the backstop, which would keep Britain in an effective customs union with the EU as an insurance policy to prevent a hard border in Northern Ire...
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Ministers agree to consider Lib Dem plans for new referendum

Vince Cable says move follows cross-party talks on Brexit deadlock optionsCabinet ministers involved in cross-party talks on how to break the Brexit deadlock have given the first indication that they are prepared to examine plans for a potential second referendum on the UK’s departure from the EU, according to the Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable.The offer to examine a possible timetable for a second vote drawn up by the Lib Dems was made during discussions between senior Liberal Democra...
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Trump government shutdown - live: President to make 'major announcement' on border dispute amid Mueller probe reports

Donald Trump is set to make a “major announcement” on the government shutdown and the US-Mexico border on Saturday afternoon as the standstill over funding for his proposed wall continues into its fifth week. The White House has not provided any details about what exactly the president will reveal at 3pm EST today (8pm UK time), but he is not expected to sign the national emergency declaration he has been threatening to use for several weeks. Mr Trump has been in a standoff with Democrats in C...
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Revealed: UK patients stockpile drugs in fear of no-deal Brexit

Doctors call for more transparency amid fears of shortages, especially of insulinMinisters have been urged by top doctors to reveal the extent of national drug stocks, amid growing evidence patients are stockpiling medication in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.The Royal College of Physicians (RCP), which represents tens of thousands of doctors, urged the government to be more “transparent about national stockpiles, particularly for things that are already in short supply or need refrigeration, ...
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Boris Johnson falsely denies issuing Turkey warning in Brexit campaign

Letter undermines Johnson’s claim he ‘didn’t make any remarks about Turkey, mate’ Follow all the latest on Brexit with our live blogA speech by Boris Johnson designed to burnish his leadership credentials has been overshadowed by his incorrect claim that he “didn’t say anything about Turkey” during the 2016 EU referendum campaign.The former foreign secretary tried to argue he had no need to apologise for Vote Leave’s warnings that Turks could come to the UK if the country were to join the EU, be...
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'Aren't you going insane?': readers' questions from beyond Brexitland

Jon Henley answers Brexit queries from confused readers around the worldHaving asked those of you living outside the UK if you were confused by the latest news from Brexitland, I got so many responses (thank you all) that I have grouped and paraphrased the most common ones so as to be able answer, at least approximately, as many as possible.And I’ve mostly stuck to factual questions on the Brexit process. “Will Brexit finally teach Britain it no longer rules the world?” from (among others) Steve...
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No-deal Brexit could put Mother's Day flowers at risk

Seamless import of flowers from Netherlands will suffer with chaos of no-deal scenario, say exportersMeet Brexit’s latest potential victim: the Mother’s Day bouquet. While the tumult in Westminster is keeping political pundits in clover, the decision by MPs to vote down Theresa May’s deal this week has sent petals flying among Dutch exporters, who are responsible for 80% of the flowers sold in British shops.As risk of a no-deal Brexit was raised, LTO Nederland, the organisation that represents D...
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Boris Johnson condemned after falsely saying he did not make anti-Turkish claims in Brexit campaign - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Boris Johnson’s Brexit speech 12.56pm GMT Here is Tom Brake, the Lib Dem Brexit spokesman, on Boris Johnson’s speech.No one will take lessons from Boris Johnson on eroding trust in our democracy. The fact he is still peddling mistruths about money from Brexit going to our NHS is shameful. Brexit will make us poorer.As exit day approaches, with Theresa May’s deal soundly defeated, extending Article 50 is the only r...
Tags: Politics, UK, Germany, Eu, European Union, Conservatives, UK News, Turkey, Theresa May, NHS, Boris Johnson, Brexit, Boris, Tom Brake the Lib Dem Brexit

Mordaunt urges May to prepare for no deal as PM consults cabinet

No 10 says May is meeting ministers throughout day to prepare for plan B statementTheresa May will hold summits with her cabinet in Downing Street to try and forge a route through the Brexit impasse, as one of her ministers suggested her withdrawal agreement could be improved if the UK was prepared properly to leave with no deal.May was meeting a large number of cabinet ministers either individually or in small groups throughout the day, Downing Street said, adding that she did not intend to spe...
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Brexit: Boris Johnson claims EU will be 'flexible' if UK tries to get it to remove backstop - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Boris Johnson’s Brexit speech 11.12am GMT Johnson says trying to “heave” MPs from one side of the debate to another is a mistake.And the idea that customs union membership would be a solution is a mistake, he says.Now is the time for us to go back to Brussels ... and demand real change to that backstop. And this time we must mean it. 11.08am GMT Johnson says it would be a mistake to stay bound by EU rules.What...
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Brexit deadlock as Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn set red lines – live

Labour leader says he won’t meet with prime minister until she takes no-deal Brexit off the table, after May narrowly win no-confidence vote in parliamentFull report: May survives vote but Britain remains in Brexit deadlock 6.10am GMT Good morning and welcome to the politics live blog as well follow the twists and turns of UK politics.Well, she may have survived the no-confidence vote yesterday, but Theresa May is by no means out of the woods. The PM has to present a new (“Plan B”) Brexit de...
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May calls on MPs from all parties to 'put self-interest aside' – as it happened

Government defeats Labour’s no-confidence motion with 325 to 306 votes amid uncertainty over next stepsFull story: Theresa May’s government survives voteObsession, vanity or grit: what makes May tick?How did your MP vote?Extracts from Tom Watson’s damning speech on MayEvening summary 12.56am GMT We’re going to wrap things up, folks. Thank you for following along. Andrew Sparrow will be back in the morning to shepherd us all through the day’s political happenings. Until then, thanks for readi...
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Stephen Fry Narrates Two Animated Videos Explaining How Fear, Loathing & Misinformation Drove the Brexit Campaign

For millions watching in the UK and around the world, anticipating the looming Brexit deadline over the past two years has been like watching the slowest train wreck in history. But for those not following the coverage daily, the impending UK secession from the European Union is mystifying. Just how many trains are there, and where are they coming from, and how fast, exactly, are they going? From the future of food and drug imports, to the status of the “currently invisible” border betwe...
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Brexit vote: Theresa May faces no-confidence vote after crushing defeat - live updates

Parliament to debate Labour no-confidence motion after Brexit deal defeat that gives May just days to present a fresh vision for EU withdrawalTheresa May suffers historic defeat as Tories turn against her 6.16am GMT In case you’re wondering what former prime minister of Australia Tony Abbott, thinks of the day’s Brexit events, he has tweeted to let you know, asking “What’s wrong with no deal?”The self-described Anglophile, who studied at Oxford and began his own downfall in Australian public...
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Donald Tusk says Brexit deal looks impossible

European council chief hints at UK staying in EU after MPs vote down Theresa May’s dealFollow the latest developments - live!What happens next?Donald Tusk has made a thinly veiled call for the UK to stay in the EU, suggesting the prime minister’s historic loss in parliament left a deal looking “impossible”.As the scale of the defeat was announced, the president of the European council called for Theresa May to urgently clarify her next move. Continue reading...
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A London DJ's punishment sheds light on Singapore's caning shame | Kirsten Han

It’s a fearful time for Ye Ming Yuen. But Singapore sees foreign lobbying to end corporal punishment as a threat to sovereigntyAny day now, 29-year-old Ye Ming Yuen could be escorted out of his cell at Singapore’s Changi prison and whipped 24 times with a rattan cane. This comes on top of the 20-year sentence he’s already serving after being convicted of seven drug offences in a country that takes pride in its uncompromising approach when it comes to law-breaking. Related: Why the Singapore mo...
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Brexit vote: Gove tells Tories they can 'improve' outcome if May's deal passed - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the final day of the debate on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, and the votes, with the PM facing a historic, crushing defeat 9.11am GMT “To govern is to choose,” the French prime minister Pierre Mendes-France once famously said, and today the UK faces the most important choice moment since it voted to leave the European Union almost three years ago. But tonight we expected to find that what parliament chooses doesn’t match what the government has already chosen. And both the l...
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No-deal Brexit: Poland and Czech Republic to allow Britons to stay if UK crashes out

Emergency laws being written to enable Britons to remain and work in the two countries in event of no-deal BrexitTwo more European Union states, Poland and the Czech Republic, have said they are preparing emergency laws to allow Britons to stay to work in their countries legally in the event of a no-deal Brexit.The Czechs say their draft law will mean the estimated 8,000 Britons living in the country are exempt from normal immigration laws until the end of the December 2020. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, European Union, UK News, World news, Immigration and asylum, Czech Republic, Theresa May, Foreign Policy, Poland, Brexit

Brexit: Theresa May urges MPs to 'take a second look' at her deal – Politics live

Tory whip Gareth Johnson has resigned, saying he cannot support May’s deal in Tuesday’s voteTheresa May refuses to rule out Brexit article 50 extensionEU rejects Irish backstop time limit but backs technological solutionMay’s Brexit speech and Q&A: summary 5.09pm GMT Mark Francois, a Tory Brexiter, says the withdrawal agreement will be an international agreement that will outrank any UK legislation. He asks May to confirm that the Tusk/Juncker letter does not over-rule the treaty. It is a sm...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, European Union, Conservatives, UK News, Theresa May, Labour, Northern Ireland, Devolution, Jean-claude Juncker, Northern Irish politics, Liam Fox, Emily Thornberry, Dominic Grieve, Keir Starmer

'I won't ever vote again': Stoke bemoans Brexit 'bickering'

Two-and-a-half years after referendum, there is little sign of sentiment changing in UK’s ‘Brexit capital’Follow the latest political developments - live updatesAs Theresa May swept on to a factory floor on the edge of Stoke, Patricia Clewlow admonished herself for what she was about to say. “I’ve voted every year since I was 18 because it’s right that I should,” said the 79-year-old. “Particularly for the brave women that won us the vote. But I honestly feel that if this goes by the board, I sh...
Tags: Politics, UK, Eu, UK News, Theresa May, Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent, Brexit, Trent, Patricia Clewlow, Clewlow

Next year, the UK will start requiring ID to visit sexy “adult” websites

In April 2019, the UK will require government ID to access sites with adult content — here's what could possibly go wrong.
Tags: Politics, UK, Censorship, Lifestyle, United Kingdom, Pornography, Queerty

Yes, I'm A Late Riser. Stop Making Me Feel Lazy & Unproductive

My New Year’s resolution was to get up early. Notice the past tense in that sentence. Four days into said new year, I clambered out of bed at 11am again after a night of "Ooh! I’ll just write this idea down in case I forget it" and performed my usual ritual of stomping around the house grumbling that I’m a lazy [insert any swear word you like – it ranges from 'twat' to 'bollock']. My ears rang with articles telling me that the most successful people get up at 4am, and work/life diaries that alw...
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Brexit: No 10 releases exchange of letters between May and Tusk/Juncker over backstop - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May’s Brexit speech, and her statement to MPs 11.17am GMT The Press Association has snapped these on the Tusk/Juncker letter.European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and European council president Donald Tusk have released a letter offering “clarifications” to the UK’s withdrawal agreement, stating that Brussels “does not wish to see the backstop enter into force” and confirming its “determination...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, European Union, Conservatives, UK News, Theresa May, European Commission, Brussels, Liam Fox, Dominic Grieve, Brexit, Tusk, Press Association, Donald Tusk, Jean Claude Juncker

Justin Welby: no-deal Brexit would harm poorest people in UK

Archbishop of Canterbury says he prays every day for Theresa May and other politicians The archbishop of Canterbury has said a no-deal Brexit would hit the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK.Justin Welby also said he was praying for Theresa May and other politicians at the start of what is expected to be one of the most tumultuous weeks in recent parliamentary history. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, Religion, European Union, UK News, World news, Poverty, Theresa May, Foreign Policy, Social exclusion, Christianity, Justin Welby, Anglicanism, Canterbury, Brexit

EU preparing to delay Brexit until at least July

Brussels expecting UK request to extend 29 March deadline, with May’s deal on brinkThe EU is preparing to delay Brexit until at least July after concluding that Theresa May is doomed to fail in getting her deal through parliament.The country’s 29 March deadline for exiting the EU is now regarded by Brussels as highly unlikely to be met given the domestic opposition facing the prime minister and it is expecting a request from London to extend article 50 in the coming weeks. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, London, Eu, European Union, Conservatives, UK News, World news, Theresa May, Foreign Policy, Brussels, Article 50, Brexit, Donald Tusk

UK manufacturers can afford to wait on an EU deal, but not to crash out

Theresa May says any delay to article 50 will force companies out of Britain. But the alternative – a bad Brexit – is worseOne of Downing Street’s many arguments in favour of Theresa May’s Brexit deal is that further delay will persuade many of the UK’s biggest companies to stop procrastinating about their investment plans and move some or all of their activities abroad.Bosses have spent long enough watching and waiting to see what kind of Brexit unfolds. Another six months, while parliament mov...
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Theresa May: rejecting Brexit deal would be 'unforgivable breach of trust'

Writing in the Sunday Express, prime minister urges MPs to do ‘what is right for our country’Theresa May has warned of a “catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust” in democracy if MPs reject her Brexit deal on Tuesday and the UK remains in the European Union.With just two days to go before the House of Commons vote on her withdrawal agreement, the prime minister, writing in the Sunday Express, pleaded with parliamentarians to “do what is right for our country” and back the controversial exi...
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