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Pentagon Releases Possible Project Cuts to Pay for President Trump’s Wall

Trump proposed steering $3.6 billion in military construction projects to wall constructions
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Higher education roundup

Oops! “Tulane sophomore unknowingly named as plaintiff in lawsuit over college bribery scandal” [John Simerman, New Orleans Advocate] “Admissions scandal class action is ‘fascinating’ but likely doomed – experts” [Alison Frankel, Reuters] Plus advice from Ken at Popehat; Some problems with the idea of a sweeping presidential order to decree free speech on campus — and a promising if more modest step the White House could take instead [Donald Downs, Cato] Two more views on how universities ca...
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For the Second Day in a Row, President Trump Attacks Late Sen. John McCain

The tweets started when Ken Starr spoke about McCain on 'Fox & Friends'
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White House Aide: It’s Unfair to Call New Zealand Mosque Shooting Suspect a President Trump Supporter

The suspect made a reference to Trump in a manifesto he shared before the attack
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Beto O’Rourke Was Reportedly a Member of a ‘Hacktivist’ Group. What’s That?

'Hacktivists' use digital disruptions to attract attention to an issue
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Trump issues first veto after rebuke of border emergency order

By JILL COLVIN and ZEKE MILLER WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump issued the first veto of his presidency on Friday, overruling Congress to protect his emergency declaration for border wall funding. Flanked by law enforcement officials as well as the parents of children killed by people in the country illegally, Trump maintained that he is not through fighting for his signature campaign promise, which stands largely unfulfilled 18 months before voters decide whether to grant him another term. T...
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President Trump’s First Veto Came After a Historic Rebuke From Congress

A dozen defecting Republicans joined Senate Democrats to vote against Trump's national emergency
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Think Tank Founded by Bernie Sanders’ Wife and Son Is Shutting Down Amid Criticism

As a candidate in 2016, Sanders criticized Hillary Clinton over her family's nonprofit
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The Trump Administration’s Relationship With Boeing Is Under Scrutiny After Crashes

Patrick Shanahan, Acting Secretary of Defense, told Congress that he welcomes an inspector general investigation into whether he violated any ethics rules by promoting Boeing Co. products while serving in the Trump Administration. Shanahan, who came to the Pentagon after spending more than three decades at Boeing, has routinely fended off questions about potential conflicts…
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President Trump Claims He Gave Theresa May Ideas on Negotiating Brexit But ‘She Didn’t Listen’

Trump criticized Britain's handling of negotiations over leaving the European Union
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Trump Just Suffered an Embarrassing Defeat on the Wall. This Republican Tried to Stop It

Sen. Mike Lee arguably worked harder than the White House to forestall Thursday’s embarrassing defeat on emergency powers. The Utah Republican pored over federal budget documents, talked with White House lawyers and Senate colleagues, worked over the weekend to draft a compromise bill and personally lobbied the president and the vice president to no avail.…
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Senate Votes to End President Trump’s National Emergency at U.S.-Mexico Border

The Senate voted 59-41 for a resolution to halt Trump's emergency orde
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Don’t Impeach Trump. Vote Against Him

Impeachment, at its core, is a political act. The Founders of the United States intentionally delegated the ultimate check on the Chief Executive to the Legislative Branch, not to the Judiciary. The reason is plain. The weighty determination of whether to remove a President depends on factors beyond the mere application of law to facts.…
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Beto O’Rourke Tells Texas TV Station That He’s Running for President in 2020

The former Texas congressman will seek the Democratic presidential nomination
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Gov. Gavin Newsom’s death penalty moratorium lauded and lambasted

As workers dismantled California’s apple-green execution chamber Wednesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s death penalty moratorium was criticized as a slap in the face to voters and praised as a strike for humanity. Newsom’s executive order, blocking execution for 737 prisoners on death row at San Quentin State Prison, came just as efforts to hasten executions were beginning to pick up steam in the aftermath of a 2016 ballot measure approved by voters. There has not been an execution in the state since 20...
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The Fight Over Trump’s Emergency Declaration Is Symbolic. But It Still Matters

President Donald Trump’s border wall began as a symbol of his approach to immigration, so it’s only fitting that it may be rejected symbolically on Thursday as well. At least four Senate Republicans are positioned to join Senate Democrats on a resolution rejecting his declaration of a national emergency along the U.S. southern border, enough…
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President Trump Blasts Theory That First Lady Melania Trump Uses a Body Double

Trump blames the so-called "fake news" for altering the photos
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The Judge Who Sentenced Paul Manafort Rebuked Him for ‘Lies’

Judge Amy Berman Jackson told Manafort 'it's hard to overstate the number of lies' involved
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President Trump Says He Greatly Appreciates Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Comments

President Donald Trump and Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agree: He shouldn't be impeached
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Sarah Sanders Won’t Say Whether President Trump Really Thinks Democrats ‘Hate’ Jews

(WASHINGTON) — White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is refusing to say whether President Donald Trump really thinks Democrats “hate” Jewish people. Before Trump left the White House on Friday for his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, he said the Democrats have become an “anti-Jewish party.” Later in the day, Trump told Republican National Committee donors…
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President Trump and China’s Xi Haven’t Set a Date for a Trade Summit, Sarah Sanders Says

Trump has said he’ll need to meet Xi to conclude any agreement over trade
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Trump Says He Called Tim Cook the Right Name But We Just Didn’t Hear It

The president is claiming that reports that he said "Tim Apple" are "fake news"
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President Trump’s Border Wall Emergency Could Make Americans Less Safe

Arguing that his proposed border wall with Mexico is needed to respond to a public health and humanitarian crisis, President Donald Trump declared a national state of emergency to secure the authority and resources to build it. The problem is that it may actually make Americans less healthy and safe in other ways. As public…
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A Trump Donor Claimed to Provide Clients a Chance to Mingle With the President

Trump donor Li Yang's company claims to offer a chance to mingle with the President
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A Company Run by a Trump Donor Claimed to Provide Chinese Clients a Chance to Mingle With the President

Trump donor Li Yang's company claims to offer a chance to mingle with the President
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President Trump to Seek $8.6 Billion for U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Funding in New Budget Request

The request will be part of his budget proposal to be released Monday
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‘There’s No Reason to Obsess’ Over Budget Deficit, President Trump’s Top Economic Adviser Says

The budget deficit now approaches $1 trillion
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President Trump Would Be ‘Pretty Disappointed’ If North Korea Tests a Rocket, Bolton Says

Some experts believe Kim Jong Un could be preparing tests
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