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Envelope Containing Ricin Addressed To White House

WASHINGTON (AP) — AP source: Envelope addressed to White House contained ricin. [Author: Zoë Richards]
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As Trump Prepares for NC Rally, Tillis Backs Call To Fill Ginsburg Seat

While President Donald Trump prepares for a campaign rally in North Carolina on Saturday, Republican Thom Tillis, a junior senator for the state, is making his position clear that he believes the President is justified in nominating a successor for the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died Friday ahead of the election. Tillis, who faces a challenge from attorney and Democrat Cal Cunningham in November, tried to justify Trump nominating a replacement for Ginsburg’s seat before the election by saying...
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Trump Suggests He Will Move On Supreme Court Nomination ‘Without Delay’

President Donald Trump indicated early Saturday that he will quickly move to nominate a replacement to the Supreme Court bench, hours after the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday. “We were put in this position of power and importance to make decisions for the people who so proudly elected us,” Trump tweeted, adding that the most important of those decisions has long been the selection of Supreme Court justices. [email protected] We were put in this position of power and importance to ma...
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Obama Calls Out McConnell’s Sudden Reversal Amid Talk Of Ginsburg Replacement

Former President Barack Obama urged Senate Republicans late Friday following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to wait to fill the late liberal justice’s seat until after inauguration day. “Four and a half years ago, when Republicans refused to hold a hearing or an up-or-down vote on Merrick Garland, they invented the principle that the Senate shouldn’t fill an open seat on the Supreme Court before a new president was sworn in,” Obama wrote in a statement.  “A basic prin...
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Evangelicals Fuel Trump’s Hopes For Pennsylvania Victory

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s homestretch push to repeat his razor thin victory in Pennsylvania four years ago won’t happen without white evangelicals, and there are signs that critical component of his coalition hasn’t lost the faith. It’s a group that has often made the difference for Republicans on the Pennsylvania ballot. And while some born-again voters had misgivings about Trump in 2016, they helped him eke out a 44,000-vote margin of victory in the pivotal swing state. T...
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Obama Calls Out McConnell’s Sudden Reversal Amid Talk Of Pre-Election Ginsburg Replacement

Former President Barack Obama urged Senate Republicans late Friday following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to wait to fill the late liberal justice’s seat until after inauguration day. “Four and a half years ago, when Republicans refused to hold a hearing or an up-or-down vote on Merrick Garland, they invented the principle that the Senate shouldn’t fill an open seat on the Supreme Court before a new president was sworn in,” Obama wrote in a statement.  “A basic prin...
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A Second Trump Campaign Manager Didn’t Vote For POTUS In 2016

It’s now his job to get out the vote and push to ‘Make America Great Again… Again’ but Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, didn’t vote to ‘Make America Great’ the first time — in fact he didn’t cast a ballot at all. The Washington Post reports that according to public records Bill Stepien last voted in 2015 while living in New Jersey where he was then registered.  Although Stepien has been living in Washington, D.C. since 2017, it wasn’t until the end of July — just two weeks after he w...
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Vaccine Politicization Was Just One Of Pro-Biden, Ex-Pence Aide’s Final Straws

Former Pence adviser Olivia Troye has said concern over President Donald Trump’s attempts to politicize the COVID-19 vaccine approval process is among the top reasons that she finally resigned from her post in the Trump administration in July. “What I’m really concerned about is if they rush this vaccine and pressure people and get something out because they want to save the election,” Troye told The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser in an interview published early Friday. Troye was a lead staf...
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Gender Wage Gap Higher In Donald ‘Champion For Women’ Trump WH Than It Is Nationally

New analysis of the 2020 median found a more than $33,000 pay gap between the median salary for men and women staffed under President Trump — making wage discrimination greater in the Trump administration than it is nationally. The 19th, a news organization focused on gender and politics, reports that while the median salary for a male White House staffer is $106,000, the median salary for women is $72,700.  The staggering finding translates to women staffers making roughly 69 cents ...
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Biden Calls Out Trump For Denying Climate Change Amid Wildfires: ‘The Science Is Clear’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden  rebuked  President Donald Trump’s dismissal of  climate change Saturday, criticizing the White House for its failure to take bold action to battle wildfires that continue to tear across Western states. “The science is clear, and deadly signs like these are unmistakable — climate change poses an imminent, existential threat to our way of life,” Biden said in a statement. “President Trump can try to deny that reality, but the facts are undeniable. W...
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Hannity And Rove Do Damage Control For Trump Following Woodward Revelations

Conservative political commentators are coming to Trump’s rescue. Again.  Sean Hannity and Karl Rove were doing damage control on Fox News Wednesday night, a job typically reserved for White House press secretaries, after unbecoming revelations about the inner-workings of President Donald Trump’s thinking on key election issues were brought to light in the forthcoming book of famed investigative journalist Bob Woodward.  In a series of 18 interviews conducted over the course of eight mon...
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Key Biden Campaign Strategy Firm Targeted By Suspected Kremlin-Backed Hackers

One of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s main election campaign advisory firms was likely targeted by suspected Russian state-backed hackers. Reuters reports that according to three sources briefed on the matter, Microsoft alerted campaign strategy and communications firm SKDKnickerbocker, that recent hacking attempts had targeted staff from the company. The firm has been working with Biden among other prominent Democrats, over the past two months, the sources said. The hacker...
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Anti-Immigration Norwegian Lawmaker Nominates Trump For The Nobel Prize, Again

An anti-immigration Norwegian lawmaker who once accused the Norwegian government of conducting what he called a “multicultural experiment” and claimed that the emergence of multiculturalism in Norway would “tear our country apart,” has nominated President Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a four-term member of Norwegian Parliament with a history of slinging anti-Muslim sentiment, submitted Trump’s nomination Wednesday based on the President’s role in brokering...
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‘My F*cking Generals Are A Bunch Of P*****s’: Highlights From Woodward’s Trump Interviews In ‘Rage’

Over the course of eight months, famed investigative journalist Bob Woodward brought his well-worn reporting formula to the task — sifting through the wreckage of the Trump presidency and providing us a clearer picture of Trump’s private thought process behind a myriad of issues that have plagued his administration. In his new book, “Rage,” Woodward chronicles  blunt reflections in audio recordings with President Donald Trump on everything from contested perspectives on the military to th...
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Harris Predicts Scientists Will Be ‘Muzzled’ Amid Trump Effort To Push Vaccine Before Election

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has said she “would not trust” President Donald Trump’s word on the safety of any potential coronavirus vaccine. “I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about,” Harris said in the clip of a CNN interview  with Dana Bash released Saturday. “I will not take his word for it.” Harris predicted when asked if she...
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Trump Still Won’t Condemn Navalny’s Poisoning

President Donald Trump on Friday refused to condemn Russia over the poisoning of opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, even as world leaders, as well as officials from his own administration, have stepped in to censure the move. Trump said at a press briefing on Friday that he intended to “look at it very seriously” when asked about Navalny’s poisoning.  When pressed about how the United States should react, the President said “I think we will,” while simultaneously appearing to cast doubt a...
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REPORT: DHS Indicates White Supremacists Pose Gravest Terror Threat

White supremacists pose the most serious terror threat to the United States, according to a draft report from the Department of Homeland Security. Three different drafts of the report obtained by Politico characterize the threat from white supremacists as the deadliest domestic terror threat in the United States. All three documents also report that 2019 was the deadliest year for domestic violent extremists since the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. The documents indicate that “lone offender...
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Cohen: Trump Will Go as Far As ‘Manipulating The Ballots’ To Win Election

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen said Friday he believes the President will “do anything and everything” to win re-election even if that means “manipulating the ballots.” “So Donald Trump will do anything and everything within which to win,” Cohen told NBC News’ Lester Holt in an interview when asked if he though Trump would clinch a victory in the upcoming presidential elections. “And I believe that includes manipulating the ballots,” Cohen said. The comments come as th...
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Trump Doubles Down On Call To Supporters To Illegally Vote Twice

President Donald Trump on Thursday reinforced a call to his supporters urging them to vote twice in the upcoming elections after elections officials in North Carolina dissuaded voters from making a move suggested by the President on Wednesday that is illegal across the country and constitutes a felony in some states.  “These mail-in ballots are a disgrace and they know it. Sign your mail-in ballot, OK? You sign it and send it in and then you have to follow it. And if on Election Day or early ...
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WH Defends Trump’s Call For Supporters To Try To Vote Twice. NC Says Not So Fast.

The White House appeared to support a statement made by President Donald Trump  on Wednesday urging his supporters to vote twice — a move that would be illegal. “The president is not suggesting anyone do anything unlawful,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany insisted in a Fox News interview early Thursday, even as the President repeatedly said at an event in North Carolina on Wednesday that voters should send in an absentee ballot early “and then go and vote.” Executive director for...
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Biden Calls For Officers To Be Charged In Jacob Blake Shooting, Breonna Taylor Death

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Wednesday that the officers involved in the shootings of Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor should be charged. “ I do think there’s a minimum  need to be charged,” Biden said of the officers involved in the shooting of both Jacob Blake in Kenosha and the police killing Breonna Taylor in Louisville earlier this year. He also said that the death of a man in Portland who supported the right-wing group Patriot Prayer  should be investigated — and whoe...
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Biden Visiting Kenosha Thursday To Hold Community Meeting

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Thursday following the shooting of Jacob Blake and an outbreak of protests that have ensued in recent days. Biden allies had revealed over the weekend that the former vice president would resume in-person campaign events after months of conducting most of his events and fundraisers virtually as a precaution amid the coronavirus pandemic. Allies told the Washington Post at the time that Wisconsin along with Ari...
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Kenosha Shop Owner Was Replaced In Trump’s Damage Tour After Declining To Be Featured

A Kenosha business owner rebuked President Donald Trump for appearing to use his leveled shop for political gain after he refused to participate in the President’s tour of the city’s damage and was later replaced by a man who was misrepresented as the shop’s current owner.  Tom Gram who owns an old camera shop that was leveled in fires last Monday after protests broke out in the Wisconsin city told an NBC-affiliate in Milwaukee that he immediately refused when the White House called on Monday...
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Jacob Blake’s Family Has ‘No Interest’ In Meeting Trump: ‘This Is Not A Photo-Op’

Justin Blake speaking on behalf of the family of the 29-year-old Black man who was shot seven times by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, said Monday that Jacob Blake’s father has “no interest” in speaking with President Donald Trump — adding that the family’s main goals were Blake’s health and obtaining justice.  “President Trump is a racist who stokes racial tensions,” Blake’s uncle told CNN. “He has been stirring racial tensions since he got in the White House. Why, as Jacob’s uncle, would I wa...
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Pence Was ‘On Standby’ To Assume Presidential Powers Amid Unscheduled Trump Hospital Visit Last Year

Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly alerted that he may have to temporarily take over presidential powers during President Donald Trump’s unexpected visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center late last year. New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt reveals in a copy of his forthcoming book obtained by CNN, that the Vice President was privately put on “standby” to assume presidential powers in spite of the White House claiming otherwise in public. The White House stated at th...
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Kanye West Wisconsin Ballot Lawsuit Linked To Firm Of Former RNC Chief Counsel

After rapper Kanye West sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission on Friday to get his name on the presidential ballot in the state this fall, a not-so surprising discovery was made: the address listed for West’s court filing matches that of a GOP state senator who previously served as chief counsel for the Republican National Committee. Kanye West's address in his court filing to get on the ballot in Wisconsin is the law office of Jill Holtzman Vogel, a Republican state senator from Virgi...
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Trump Claims He Wants To See ‘First Woman President Also’: If It’s His Daughter

President Donald Trump railed against Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris during a New Hampshire campaign rally on Friday night, suggesting that the California senator is “not competent” enough to make history as the first female president. Trump: You know I want to see the first woman president also but I don’t want to see a woman president get into that position the way she’d do it and she’s not competent. pic.twitter.com/7CpFsE2wuo — Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) August 28, 2020 “...
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Mary Trump Condemns RNC, Says Trump Will ‘Use Anybody For His Own Purposes’

Mary Trump who authored a bestselling book that featured a stinging critique about her uncle, President Donald Trump, rebuked the President’s abuse of office for his own political objectives, condemning the Republican National Convention that wrapped late Thursday as “a law-breaking enterprise.” “He co-opted or the Republican National Committee co-opted the people’s house for their own political benefit,” Mary Trump told Politico in an interview that was published early Saturday.   Trum...
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Tenants Say They Were Tricked Into RNC Video Appearance: ‘I Am Not A Trump Supporter’

Three of the tenants who appeared in a public housing clip that aired during the Republican National Convention have said they were never told that their interviews with a longtime Trump associate who oversees federal housing programs would be edited and used during the GOP convention. “I am not a Trump supporter,” one of the tenants, Claudia Perez told The New York Times in an interview on Friday. “I am not a supporter of his racist policies on immigration. I am a first-generation Honduran. ...
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4 People Test Positive For COVID-19 Following RNC Event In Charlotte

Four people involved with the Republican National Convention events in Charlotte, North Carolina have tested positive for coronavirus, Mecklenburg County officials announced Friday morning. The Charlotte Observer was the first to report that t wo attendees and two support staff at the RNC had been infected with the virus. All of the infected individuals  were told to isolate immediately. Close contacts of those who returned positive tests were also encouraged to quarantine, county officials...
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