Storytelling Structures

Is there a way to tell a good story? I written about storytelling elements 1 before, but how about the over-arching structure of a good story? Well, it turns out that there are quite a few different takes on the subject. Ways to Structure a Story 1,462 Stories — or just One? Many intellectuals have been trying to figure out if there’s any typical underlying structures of a good story. However, it would be a stretch to say that many of them have arrived at the same conclusion. ...
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Words, Phrases and Writing Mistakes to Banish in 2019

Bad writing can damage your professional reputation. In a post on Fast Company in December, professional writing coaches shared the most common mistakes they encounter, and advice for how to avoid them. Writing inappropriately for the audience is a frequent pitfall, says Wilma Davidson, author of the book “Business Writing: What Works, What Won’t.” Scolding readers or failing to consider their interests turns them off, she says. To find tones that resonate, envision readers as real people, sugge...
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Why Sentence Fragments and Abbreviations in Your Pitches Are OK — Sometimes

“The pitches you’ve shown have grammar errors, sentence fragments and lots of abbreviations — what’s your take on that?” This was a question I got when I did a special webinar for PR professors to help them get caught up on all the changes in media relations. And it didn’t surprise me that at least one of them was hung up on what I’ll characterize as the “informal” tone of the example pitches I showed. Often when I do my boot camp and show an example, someone will say, “Well, the reporter obviou...
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