Berlinale 2020: 'Minamata' Reminds of the Power of Photojournalism

It is always important to shine a light on stories that remind us of the power of journalism. Not only about all the hard-working, courageous people committed to reporting the stories, but also about the impact it can have on the world. It also goes without saying that photojournalism is just as powerful, if not even moreso sometimes. One image can change the world. This is the ultimate value of this particular film, and the true story it tells. Minamata tells the story of renowned American ph...
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What Does Your Drivetrain Warranty Actually Cover? How Comprehensive Is It?

Affiliate disclosure: Automoblog and its partners may be compensated when you purchase the products below. Drivetrain components are often covered under a powertrain warranty, but always check.Powertrain/drivetrain warranty coverage terms among new vehicles vary widely.Hybrid and electric vehicles have specialized drivetrain warranty coverage.Electric vehicles have unique components with special warranty coverage. New vehicle warranties often have numerous subsections of coverage, but auto...
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Dialect and YuckNasty – “Will Be Done” (Album Review)

Longtime friends and Northern California based rappers Dialect and YuckNasty have a buzzing personality and a buzzing new underdog wave. Sparked by Dialect and YuckNasty’s custom NoCal rhyme style, we get a promising new album, entitled, Will Be Done. Dialect and YuckNasty’s first full-length collaboration. A ten-track concept album, the creators of Rebel Activity unite for a full-length project that displays their evolution. The two previously reveal the album’s purpose was showcasing their re...
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Review of Campfire Pro Writing Software

This article is by L. James Rice. Campfire Pro is a program that aims to be a comprehensive tool for worldbuilders, ranging from authors to game designers to TTRPG Gamemasters, which means it’s got many features to explore. With that in mind, it’s probably best to give a little overview of the product before delving into its details. First off, between gaming, screenwriting, and writing in general, I’ve seen a lot of these sorts of programs over the years and been disappointed by them more ofte...
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Rudy Williams – “Welcome to Snow Beach” (EP Review)

With a stage name that originates from his childhood, Michigan’s Rudy Williams is known for an undeniable rugged-styled style topped with humorous punch-lines. And with so many hot new artists coming out of Detroit right now, it’s the perfect time for Williams to follow suit and receive his sit at the top among the rest. Following recent album drops from fellow statesmen Kash Doll, Royce Da 5’9” and Eminem, Rudy Williams drops a prelude from something bigger to come in new EP, Welcome to Snow B...
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Nvy Jonez LKR is an exciting new artist with a Navy background who was awarded his Expeditionary Warfare Specialist Qualification in 2019. Catching lightning in a bottle with his recent UGHHB mic session. LKR caps on the popularity with his new album, titled, Navy Jonez Locker. Available on Ninja Punch Music, the album is supported by the latest visual “Empire State”. Nvy Jonez LKR is also inspired by the historic 1944 D-Day event. A military man, LKR pays respect to his brothers and sisters th...
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‘Undine’: Film Review

Christian Petzold’s “Undine” begins with a breakup. Framed tightly on the face of lead actor Paula Beer, we absorb the news as she does. But this is no ordinary separation, and as jilted lovers go, Undine’s far from typical. Her name betrays what sets her apart, although in the vast realm of mythological entities, undines […]
Tags: Reviews, Festivals, Berlin Film Festival, Paula Beer, Christian Petzold, Undine

BTS’ ‘Map of the Soul: 7’: Album Review

As the first South Korean band to attain superstar status in the United States, BTS have done an remarkable job of maintaining it. Each album has topped its predecessor, and the group’s fourth full studio outing, “Map of the Soul: 7,” looks to be no exception, with all 20 of its titles landed in the […]
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Best Bang for Your Buck? The Greatest Value Onaholes From Japan!

Today, we at OtonaJP are going look at the five most cost-effective onaholes from Japan, meaning, the ones that are decently priced for what they offer in terms of stimulation, durability, ease-of-use, and overall experience. In no particular order, the five most cost-effective onaholes from Japan are: The Mouth of Truth (La Bocca Della Verita) […]
Tags: Sponsored, Japan, Shopping, Review, Anime, Otaku, H, Image Gallery, Onanism, Onaholes, OtonaJP, Mouth of Truth La Bocca Della Verita

‘Persian Lessons’: Film Review

In “Schindler’s List,” most of the actors spoke English, using accents to indicate their characters’ origins. In “Son of Saul,” the cast struggles to communicate in a mish-mosh of languages, as Jews of different nationalities were thrown together in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Stories about the Holocaust — so vital in trying to reconcile the horrors of the […]
Tags: Reviews, Festivals, Berlin Film Festival, Vadim Perelman, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Persian Lessons, Auschwitz Birkenau Stories

‘No Hard Feelings’: Film Review

At dawn in an orderly, middle-class suburb in regional Germany, three young people — a girl and two guys — stagger home from a night out. Two of them are siblings, two of them friends and two of them are falling in love. One of them is very drunk and tripping over the long blond […]
Tags: Reviews, Germany, Faraz Shariat

‘Uppercase Print’: Film Review

History is a fanged presence in Romanian director Radu Jude’s recent films. Since 2015’s “Aferim!,” in both fiction and nonfiction formats, culminating in the heady tangle of the two approaches that was 2018’s remarkable “I Do Not Care If We Go Down In History As Barbarians,” Jude has interrogated various incidents and epochs in his […]
Tags: Reviews, Festivals, Berlin Film Festival, Radu Jude, Jude, Uppercase Print

Rapper Yung Gravy Brings ‘Minnesota Nice’ to Twin Cities: Concert Review

There has always been a place for humor in rap, with a lineage reaching back to the Beastie Boys’ debut album or 2 Live Crew’s raunchy records in the eighties. The caveat for “funny” rap being that if you go the humorous route, you need to have your bars land right, and to do so […]
Tags: Reviews, Spotify, Youtube, Columbia Records, Minnesota Nice, Republic Records, Concert Reviews, Yung Gravy, Tiktok

‘All the Dead Ones’: Film Review

There are a host of important, even vital ideas behind “All the Dead Ones,” a hybrid period piece addressing Brazil’s unresolved legacy of slavery and the imprint it’s had on an all-too-often downplayed contemporary racism of malignant toxicity. Set largely in 1899, 11 years after the abolition of slavery but designed so modern São Paulo […]
Tags: Reviews, Festivals, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Marco Dutra, All the Dead Ones, Berlin film festival 2020, Caetano Gotardo

‘Time to Hunt’: Film Review

As context for those unaware, South Korea does not have the equivalent of the United States’ Second Amendment. Instead, the country enforces strict gun control — privately owned weapons must be stored at the police station — and fatal shootings hardly ever happen there. That’s important to know when watching Korean movies: It explains why […]
Tags: Reviews, Asia, South Korea, United States, Festivals, Berlin Film Festival, Time to Hunt, Yoon Sung-hyun

‘Goldie’: Film Review

Slick Woods plays the titular streetwise 18-year-old New Yorker in “Goldie,” a character who’s constantly running toward, or away, from things — a life of perpetual motion that doesn’t actually get her anywhere. In the confident hands of Dutch writer-director Sam de Jong, Goldie’s story is one of big dreams and harsh realities, and the […]
Tags: Reviews, Goldie, Slick Woods, Sam de Jong, Sam de Jong Goldie

‘The Salt of Tears’: Film Review

Handsome twentysomething Luc is a trainee joiner, a craft inherited from his doting single dad: a man at once proud of his son’s continuation of their trade, and hopeful that he’ll do something greater with it. When Luc asks his father if he ever wanted to design furniture rather than simply build it, the reply […]
Tags: Reviews, Festivals, Berlin Film Festival, Luc, Philippe Garrel, The Salt of Tears

Topaz DeNoise AI for night photos reviews

Topaz has recently launched its newest version of DeNoise AI, and I have tested the software on a night image. Does this latest iteration of Topaz’ noise reduction program live up to the hype? According to Topaz, DeNoise AI has received several updates and improvements. When you run the program you can choose between two […] The post Topaz DeNoise AI for night photos reviews appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Reviews, Photography, Night Photography, Topaz Labs, Topaz, Noise Reduction, topaz DeNoise AI, Topaz DeNoise

‘Funny Face’: Film Review

In a rare moment of light, everyday pleasure in the otherwise perma-brooding “Funny Face,” two young Brooklyn lovers build sandwiches from international deli ingredients, accompanied by Serbian butter and sour watermelon pickle, and eat their creations with relish on a bench overlooking the shore. Whether intended or not as a reference to an almost century-old […]
Tags: Reviews, Brooklyn, Festivals, Berlin Film Festival, Tim Sutton, Funny Face

‘High Ground’: Film Review

There’s a hint of John Ford to “High Ground,” a sinewy, sun-baked faceoff between indigenous and invading armies in the Arnhem Land wilderness of Australia, though by now we probably need a better word than “western” for films that situate the tensions and tropes of Hollywood operas in their own distinct geographical context. Handsomely mounted […]
Tags: Reviews, Hollywood, Australia, Festivals, Berlin Film Festival, John Ford, Stephen Maxwell Johnson, High Ground

Topaz DeNoise AI for night photos review

Topaz has recently launched its newest version of DeNoise AI, and I have tested the software on a night image. Does this latest iteration of Topaz’ noise reduction program live up to the hype? According to Topaz, DeNoise AI has received several updates and improvements. When you run the program you can choose between two […] The post Topaz DeNoise AI for night photos review appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Reviews, Photography, Night Photography, Topaz Labs, Topaz, Noise Reduction, topaz DeNoise AI, Topaz DeNoise

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