Join Small Business Trends Founder Anita Campbell for this Upcoming LinkedIn Webinar

What is one of the biggest challenges small businesses are facing in a tight labor market? Finding qualified talent. A new webinar from LinkedIn titled, “How to Tackle Top Small Business Hiring Challenges” looks to provide insights into attracting and hiring top talent. Small Business Trends Founder and CEO Anita Campbell and Alice Bredin of Bredin, Inc. will be sharing their experience and discussing ways to recruit candidates and plan for long-term success. They will be addressing, tips for a...
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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to the Best Health Insurance Options

Building a successful business is hard work. Finding the affordable, quality health insurance you need doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re self-employed and working out of your garage or the owner of a small business with multiple employees, you face different challenges when it comes to finding and getting Mediclaim policy. Moreover, Health insurance is expensive, complicated, and sensitive, but a must if you’re looking to grow. But small business health insurance is a must if you’re looking to ...
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10 Ways to Evolve Your Marketing Strategy as Your Business Grows

Your marketing plan shouldn’t stay stagnant for years and years. You need to adapt to new trends, learn from mistakes and take advantage of new technology tools and platforms if you want to be successful over a long period of time. To learn more about evolving your marketing strategy, here are some recent tips and insights from members of the online small business community. Avoid These Marketing Mistakes You’ll inevitably make plenty of mistakes while marketing your small business. But it is...
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Twitter Link Roundup #355 – Terrific Reads for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

By now, the entire Netflix indulging world has heard of the diminutive-yet-formidable Mari Kondo. The tidying-up mania is literally and figuratively sweeping the nation as overwhelmed homeowners seek to create a little breathing room for themselves. The premise itself is a good one – a minimalist attitude toward stuff is healthy, and there’s something to be said for living with less. However, hidden beneath those shiny plastic bags stuffed with unused junk lurks an ugly reality. Each one of tho...
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Prices Ending in .99 Help Online Merchants Sell More, Study Finds

As a business, how you price the products and services you offer will in great part dictate the long-term success of your company. The simple act of pricing something with .00 or .99 can have a considerable impact on the purchasing decision of your customers. A new report from Stripe titled “The Effect of left-digit bias” looks at how merchants may be leaving money on the table because of the wrong online pricing strategy. As a matter of fact, 70% of the merchants in the report were possibly gu...
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Small Businesses Add 89,000 Jobs But Minimum Wage Issues Loom

It’s another week where, on one hand, things look good for small business across the country. And then … There’s that other hand. In the last week, we reported that small businesses and franchise businesses were each busy at the end of 2018 filling open jobs. That’s great. In total, according to ADP, it was more than 118,000 jobs between the two. The 89,000 jobs added by small businesses in December, alone, was a record for this particular report. But are we on the cusp of seeing some negative ...
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How Much Ground Have You Covered?

The elevator door opened and I started to walk out when I noticed I had only gone from the 7th floor to the 6th floor. I had pushed the button to go to the lobby. This wasn’t one of those times when you are on an elevator and not paying attention. In the case, the building was old, as was the elevator. Enough time had passed that I should have been in the lobby, but the elevator didn’t move for some time after I pressed the button. Time and Ground Covered There is a certain amount of ground yo...
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Bryan Manning of Two Blind Brothers: Before It was a Business, It was a Mission

Earlier this week, Facebook launched their 3.5 Degrees podcast focused on sharing stories of entrepreneurs building successful businesses and giving them an opportunity to have conversations with well-known successful business people in their industries.  It’s a really great idea and very well executed way of storytelling that is both entertaining and informative. The inaugural podcast features Bryan and Bradford Manning of Two Blind Brothers, who created their T-shirt business from the start t...
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Allowing Issues to Find Their Way to the Highest Level of Competency

If there is an issue plaguing sales organizations large and small universally, it may be role clarity. This issues may be accelerating due to the continued Taylorism we apply to roles, slicing them ever thinner, or maybe it’s been a problem all along, exacerbated now by today’s challenges. Whatever the cause, service issues seem to find their way to the highest level of competence inside the sales organization. The operations team makes a mistake that sneaks buy whatever quality controls are in ...
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Sometimes You Just Have to Declare a Snow Day and Rest

Instead of working nonstop, sometimes you just need to declare a snow day.  That's what I did this morning in Chicago.  Here are some photos I took while hanging out downtown.  Wherever you are, enjoy your day!All photos courtesy @2019 Laurel J. Delaney.  All rights reserved. [Author: Laurel Delaney]
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You Remind Me of a Young … No, That’s Somebody Else

“You remind me of a young me” is a not uncommon cliche. I don’t know who started it, but although I suppose it’s meant as a compliment, it’s always struck me as just really narcissistic. There’s a lot of funny ways to go with that but for this one I like the approach that he’s got the wrong guy. And how awful that would be. Sometimes I feel sorry for my characters and what I put them through. This is one of those times. This article, "You Remind Me of a Young … No, That’s Somebody Else" was fir...
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#517 How to Connect with People in a Virtual World

On this episode of The Small Business Radio Show… We talk about how many relationships these days are no longer in person, but are virtual online. We show you how the rules have changed for connecting with people in this new environment, and give you tips for better connecting with people virtually. Then, many of us live our whole life thinking that striving, stress, and second-guessing are the only way to success, when in reality, it could be the one thing holding you back from true greatness....
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10 Tips for Improving Your Resume

If you think it’s painful to create your resume, think about how painful it is for the people who read hundreds of them every year. Hiring managers have to make quick decisions based on this all-important one or two-page document. No matter what phase of your career you happen to be in, having a professional and well-written resume is essential. We’ve all seen bad resumes, stuffed with clichés and irrelevant information. Don’t let yours be one of them! Here are 10 tips you can use to give your r...
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List of 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Email marketing

One of the best ways for every business entrepreneurs to remain top of mind with existing customers in today’s world of increasing digital landscape is through email marketing. Email list forms an integral part of any email marketing campaign; records like this are useful as they go a long way to help you turn your business into a profitable investment. With time if you can exercise patience, your subscribers will, in turn, become loyal to you. However, for you to have a hitch-free marketing cam...
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Balancing Near and Long Term Opportunities | Sales Strategies

I have been thinking a lot about pipeline building recently, specifically, a sales rep requirement to not only look short term at the deals within their pipeline that they should be closing, but also to look into the future in …Read More »
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Tips for Creating Successful Social Media Apps

Social media apps dominate mobile app usage. A recent survey found that smartphone owners listed social media apps as their most frequently used type of app almost 4x more than the second-place finishers, communication/messaging apps and gaming apps. Any business seeking to build a mobile app – no matter if it’s social media or not – should understand what makes social media apps so addicting and powerful. Using recent data from 511 smartphone owners, the following article offers tips and topics...
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On-Page SEO Isn’t Dead

SEO Every year, like clockwork, internet marketing “experts” like to declare the end of SEO .  Everything from Rankbrain to Google’s expansion of Google Ads (formerly Adwords) was supposed to be the final nail in the SEO coffin. While there is no disputing that major changes have happened in the past few years, SEO is still an important part of any business’ digital marketing strategy.   SEO has certainly changed from the early days of search. From the mid-90s through the early 200...
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IdeaPros Shares 4 Things Any Entrepreneur Can Do to Step Up Their Game

Anyone can be an entrepreneur, but just being a good entrepreneur isn’t enough in many industries. If you want to succeed, you have to be at your best. You need to take things to the next level. The experts at IdeaPros, who specialize in guiding entrepreneurs with great ideas through the complexities and pitfalls of the startup world, show you that there are 4 ways you can do that:  Face Your Internal Conflicts Nothing brings out your hidden and internal issues like stress and conflict, and ...
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10 Benefits of considering Scrum Master Certification – why develop agile skills?

Scrum has a lot of benefits and its importance is increasing with each passing day in the current market. It helps in better communication, boosted teamwork and speedy progression even for the most complex projects you can come across. The agile principles help you to develop self-organization skills and also incorporate quick changes. Below mentioned are some of the most prominent benefits you can enjoy by opting for a scrum master certification course. Acquire scrum skills It is not a worry ...
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[Rejected] 5 Most Effective SEO Tactics for Local Businesses

Editor Note: Your article talks about SEO services in Hong Kong, which does not connect with our audience. Also, we cannot allow a link to a specific SEO agency, unless you’re linking to a supporting blog post or statistic. Feel free to work on this and re-submit. Nowadays, many people believe that businesses that primarily operate online are winning over businesses that operate locally. However, just because online shopping has become more common and more convenient, it doesn’t mean that the l...
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3 Ways to Improve Your Financial Situation in the New Year

Making a commitment to improving your finances in the new year is a smart move. Creating financial goals and sticking to them requires not only a roadmap of where you would like to see yourself financially but also extreme discipline. Making goals to improve your finances is one thing, but actually resolving to make them happen is equally important. Trying to improve your financial situation is confusing and overwhelming if you are unsure of where to begin, so let’s take a look at three ways tha...
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