Small Business Thank You Letters Don’t Have to be Hard, See These 5 Samples

Sending a simple thank you letter goes a long way in strengthening strong and long-lasting business relationships. You might write to a hard-working employee that shows dedication and commitment to your business. Or you might write to a loyal customer who continuously repeats purchases with you. Whoever you want to thank, it doesn’t matter. Expressing your gratitude in writing makes the recipient feel good. And, by doing so, you nurture continued loyalty to your business. Sending out thank you ...
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Give Us 5 Minutes, We’ll Give You What You Need to Know about Venture Capital for your Startup

2018 broke historic records in the world of venture capital — investors made more money, megafunds increased significantly and businesses sold for more than ever. I’m proud to say that my first company, Wordstream, was among the big ticket acquisitions — I started it back in 2007 and last year I sold it to Gannet (the largest newspaper publisher in the U.S.) for $150 million. Want to get in on the action? Build a unicorn company, get investors, keep building, and one day you can have a 9-figure...
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What is a Terms of Use Page and How Do You Create One for Your Business?

You’ve built a business website. So you need to have a terms of use page. What is a Terms of Use Page? A terms of use page includes a text section designed to tell users how they can legally use your website and interact with your business. It can protect your business and ensure that you’re compliant with the law. So you want to create your own website terms of use or adjust your existing policies? Check out these guidelines and tools you can use. Website Terms of Use What elements must yo...
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39% of Small Business Hires This Year Will Be Sales and Marketing Staff

The latest report from Clutch says 39% of small businesses will add sales and marketing employees. This data point underscores the importance of sales and marketing in today’s digital commerce. You must optimize websites, social media channels and eCommerce sites to make it happen. And you need sales and marketing employees to do  the heavy lifting. Some small businesses have already created a digital presence. And the job of sales and marketing generally goes to in-house staff. This job often ...
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Smile and Have Fun on St. Patrick's Day

©2019 Laurel J. Delaney.  All rights reserved. As an entrepreneur and business owner, don't take yourself too seriously.  Remember to smile and have fun, especially on St. Patrick's Day. [Author: Laurel Delaney]
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McKinsey's Bias Busters Collection

McKinsey's Bias Busters Collection covers how are decisions are often affected by cognitive and/or organizational biases.  These include being unwilling to cut back on an under performing asset or activity, getting too distracted by shiny new initiatives, sticking with numbers or projections that are out of date or likely incorrect. But our favorite was what they call taking an "outside view" of a project or forecast. They describe this as: "... building a statistical view of your project b...
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10 Best Food Delivery Apps for your Small Restaurant or Franchise

Food delivery apps have become a strong business model. These apps allow customers to order food online. New  apps enable consumers to order take-away food with more speed and efficiency than ever before. For restauranteurs and fast food chains, using food delivery apps brings a myriad of benefits. These include having the ability to handle more orders. The apps also improve ordering accuracy. And they integrate loyalty programs to ensure customers keep returning. In short, using food delivery ...
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What I Learned Taking My Kid to See KISS

When I was 16 years old, I skipped school to sleep in front of Buzzard’s Nest Records on Dublin-Granville Road. The closer you were to the door, the better your seats for whatever concert it was that you intended to attend. I showed up very early the night before, and was never more than three people from the door when it opened. Because I worked a lot of hours washing dishes, I was able to buy a lot of tickets and sell them to my friends. On two separate occasions, I slept on the ground to buy ...
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What is a Website Privacy Policy and How Do You Create One for your Online Business?

Privacy policies have become essential for every business website. They give your customers peace of mind. They let them know exactly how and why you collect and use their personal information. And they’re actually required by law in most countries and states. What is a Website Privacy Policy? A privacy policy includes a text section of your website that tells visitors and customers exactly what data you collect from them. And it explains how you use it. So how can you go about creating one o...
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Questions: the new superpower

Alexa, Siri, Google, and all programs that answer questions, have mechanisms that determine the answers. If you’re like me, you largely assume they are accurate, without us knowing the reference material or checking further. We actually do this in our daily lives – pose questions to friends, colleagues, and clients, about stuff we’re curious about, and receive responses we don’t check for accuracy or congruence. Have you ever wondered what a question actually is? Conventionally, questions are po...
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5 Life Lessons from “Wise Guy” Guy Kawasaki

In the entrepreneurship world, Guy Kawasaki is considered a motivational icon. There is a lot to learn from his new book which is appropriately named “Wise Guy”. On the Small Business Radio Show this week, I talked with Guy about his life lessons from his time as one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh computer line to becoming the founder of his own software companies and venture capital firm. He describes this 14th book as “Miso Soup for the Soul”. Lesso...
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Ways to Keep Your Website Audience Engaged

If you’ve been managing your website or online content for a while, it can sometimes be challenging to maintain your audience.  Sometimes your followers may become disinterested in your content, or you may gain followers from a demographic you didn’t consider you’d gain.  Many factors can influence a fluctuation, and it’s important to track them all. However if your website isn’t engaging enough it’ll be impossible to maintain a steady flow of web traffic as there won’t be anything to motivate ...
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How to overcome excitement before interviewing

The interviewers will judge interviewees looks, what they say and the way they talk, their manners and anything else that can be seen. What they think about you is what will determine if you will be hired or not. It could be your dream job, your first job or a job that will change your life. That is why you are excited. Overcoming excitement before going for an interview 1. Preparing This is the best way to calm down. When you prepare, you build confidence which will leave you feeling that yo...
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How Voice Search Provides Benefits in SEO?

In the world of internet to get high ranking, the proper use of tools and strategies play a significant role. To get a high ranking in SEO the website developer has to focus on the ongoing trends.  Along with the use of appropriate keywords, content, analytics another important strategy that is playing a role in providing high ranking in SEO is a voice search tool. It improves the ranking of the websites and according to reports by 2020 about half of the website, the search will be through the v...
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A Small Business Guide to Switching Utility Providers

The current structure of the UK energy market is beneficial to companies because they have the opportunity to shop around for rates and switch suppliers. Switching suppliers is an excellent way to save money on utility bills which can help a company manage operational expenses. But unlike residential tariffs, the business energy market has different rules when it comes to switching. Companies are typically tied to a contract for a specific period, usually one to three years. This means you canno...
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Are You Getting in The Weeds As You Look For a Franchise To Buy?

New Post From The Franchise King®As you look for a franchise to buy, it’s easy to get “in the weeds”.* I’ll show you what I mean. *There are two definitions of the term “in the weeds, and they’re very different. 1. This is a term used by food-service personnel. For example, when Sue and I were a popular serving duo […]The post Are You Getting in The Weeds As You Look For a Franchise To Buy? appeared first on Get Trusted Advice on Buying a Franchise | The Franchise King®.
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Meet Louise Kern, the Expert on Uncovering the Truth on Global Companies

Managing director of GloBIS, Louise Kern, helps businesses make the right choice in international expansion.  We refer to her as the “truth whisperer” on global companies. In the following interview, Kern, who presented a fabulous wegginar® for us on avoiding scams, shares tips on how to avoid getting burned on a business deal, how to recognize a legitimate business opportunity when it lands in your inbox, and what steps a business owner should take to button things down safely to ensure saving ...
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5 Steps to Taking out a Private Business Loan

It’s impossible to take your small business to a high level without enough funds. This is because you will not be able to increase your inventory or buy advanced equipment. Even if you were to rely on your personal savings, they would not add up to the amount of money that you need. A loan would therefore come in handy when you need to grow your venture. However, most entrepreneurs are usually overwhelmed by the process of applying for a private business loan. Majority of loan applications are a...
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What is the difference between SD and SDHC and SDXC cards?

What is the difference between SD and SDHC and SDXC cards? SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card differ in specifications, SD card supports up to 2GB and the minimum capacity is 128mb SD card and 256mb SD card, SDHC supports up to 32GB, SDXC supports up to 2TB (2048GB), and digital devices that support SDXC cards are compatible with SD card and SDHC card. If the device only supports SDHC cards, then this device cannot use SDXC cards, but it is compatible with SD cards. If the device only supports SD car...
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Staying In Touch With Prospects WITHOUT Being Annoying, Desperate, or Salesy

You just finished a preliminary meeting with a prospect; How do you gently guide your contact on the journey from prospect to client? You want to stay in touch and obviously stay “top of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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5 Ways 3D Printing Applications have Revolutionized Industries Across the Board

5 Ways 3D Printing Applications have Revolutionized Industries Modern 3D printing applications have had a massive impact on the technology used in multiple industries. See how it’s done with 3D printing here. Try to imagine the ways that 3D printing has affected businesses around the world. Since its start, innovative 3D printing applications have disrupted medical and automotive industries. It has found a place in the fashion world, and even helped the aerospace industry meet some unique challe...
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