The man who battled the flames to save his corner of Paradise

Paradise (United States) (AFP) - By all accounts, retired carpenter Brad Weldon should have evacuated his home in Paradise as the flames approached.
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APEC Leaders Are Descending on the Pacific's New Geopolitical Battleground, Papua New Guinea

PNG's vast resources, and strategic importance, mean that China and Washington's allies are now jostling for influence in the country
Tags: Science, Washington, China, Apec, Pacific, New Geopolitical Battleground Papua New Guinea

Tesla Model 3 Owner Recharges Car by Having It Towed

The Tesla Model 3, like most electric vehicles, uses regenerative braking to help trickle charge the car’s battery and extend the range. In theory, one could use the regenerative powers of the car’s motors to charge the battery by having the whole thing towed, and now a Model 3 owner has put that to the test.Read more...
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Resources giants ramp up calls for Australia carbon tax

Energy giant Woodside has joined the world's largest miners in calling for Australia to re-introduce a tax on carbon emissions as pressure mounts on the conservative government to act on climate change by curbing pollution. Australia is considered one of the world's worst per capita greenhouse gas polluters, and is a heavy user of coal-fired power. Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull was ousted in a party coup in August, in part triggered by his effects to embed in law carbon emission targe...
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Firefighters battle blazes on two fronts in California, 50 dead

Thousands of firefighters battled blazes in northern and southern California on Tuesday as body recovery teams searched the remains of houses and charred cars for victims of the deadliest wildfire in the history of the US state. Most of the fatalities have been caused by the so-called "Camp Fire" in and around the town of Paradise, population 26,000, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains about 80 miles (130 kilometers) north of Sacramento. All six of those remains were located in Par...
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Who Goes, Who Stays? Uncertainty Hangs Over Trump's Expected White House Shakeup

For all the talk of churn, Trump often expresses frustration with aides and then does not take action
Tags: Science, Trump

Twitter: We Might Have Some Time for a Vague Discussion on the President's Voter Fraud Lies Next Year

Twitter is never, ever going to ban or otherwise take direct action against the president, who besides being the site’s number one power user has in the past skirted uncomfortably close to using it as ground zero for nuclear war. The logic goes that as the president, Trump’s tweets are inherently newsworthy—a sensible…Read more...
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Living laboratories

This living laboratory could hold the key to controlling malaria and other conditions.
Tags: Science

President Donald Trump Celebrates Diwali at the White House

Several administration officials gathered in the oval office while the President lit ceremonial Diya candles.
Tags: Science, White House, Donald Trump, Diwali

Rogue One Isn't Just Getting a Prequel Series, It's Also Getting This Stunning New Poster

Two years removed from the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the story of Jyn Erso and her crew is cool again. Not that it ever wasn’t cool, but the fact that Cassian Andor is getting his own prequel series has certainly put the film back in the spotlight. And now, wouldn’t you know it? A new poster is coming…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Tom Whalen, Rogue One, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor

The British Military Is Launching a Major Test of Unmanned Vehicles and Surveillance Drones

The British Army is carrying out a major, four-week test of 70 new technologies, “including unmanned vehicles and surveillance drones,” as part of its “Autonomous Warrior experiment,” the MIT Technology Review reported this week.Read more...
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Stan Lee's Spider-Man PS4 Cameo Is So Quintessentially Stan Lee

Stan Lee loved a good cameo. The legendary comics icon, who died yesterday at 95, got to sneak into so many movies based on heroes he’d helped bring to life over the past two decades—and even into some based on ones he didn’t. But maybe the one that best encapsulates Stan Lee as a creative is one of his most recent.Read more...
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NASA and Autodesk are testing new ways to design interplanetary landers

Autodesk, the software company behind AutoCAD, has teamed up with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to look at news ways to create an interplanetary lander that could potentially touch down on the moons of Saturn or Jupiter. When Mark Davis, the senior director of industry research at Autodesk, first approached JPL about the collaboration, NASA wasn't too interested.
Tags: Science, Nasa, Autodesk, Jpl, Mark Davis, Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL

Scientists divided over new research method to combat malaria

Work on engineered gene used to modify DNA of mosquitoes ‘could be stifled’ by perceived risk to environmentResearch on a radical new way to combat malaria and other devastating diseases could be knocked off track if a UN biodiversity conference imposes a moratorium on the work, a group of scientists have said.Some scientists believe the different approach has the potential to transform the battle against malaria. It involves engineered gene drives which are used to modify the DNA of wild organi...
Tags: Health, Science, Environment, World news, Wildlife, Conservation, United Nations, Un, Biodiversity, Malaria, Insects

Identifying wildfire dead: DNA, and likely older methods too

NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities doing the somber work of identifying the victims of California’s deadliest wildfire are drawing on leading-edge DNA technology, but older scientific techniques and deduction could also come into play, experts say. With the death toll from the Northern California blaze topping 40 and expected to rise, officials said they were […]
Tags: New York, Science, News, California, Ap, Northern California, Nation & World

George R.R. Martin's Superhero Franchise Wild Cards Is Coming to Hulu

Most people know George R.R. Martin for his A Song of Ice and Fire series, better known as Game of Thrones. But that’s just one of the author’s universes. Another that he curates and edits is about to get the same treatment from another major provider. And it stars superheroes.Read more...
Tags: Science, Streaming, Hulu, George Rr Martin, George R R Martin, Wild Cards, Melinda Snodgrass

White Supremacist Who Called Synagogue Shooting a 'Dry Run' Arrested On Illegal Gun Charges

Jeffrey R. Clark Jr., a 30-year-old living in the D.C. area, was arrested last week after his relatives alerted the police about his alarming violent, white supremacist statements. Clark has since been arrested and charged with illegally possessing a firearm and a high-speed magazine, according to the Washington Post.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nazis, White Supremacy, Clark, Alt Right, Washington Post Read, The Tree Of Life Synagogue, Synagogue Shooting, Jeffrey Clark Jr, Clark Brothers, Jeffrey R Clark Jr

What Now Glows, He Soon Will Own

Look outside, New Yorkers. Squint hard enough to see the Manhattan skyline from your barely affordable studio apartment an hour into the outer boroughs, and you can just make out one last act of shameless groveling on the horizon:Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Manhattan, HQ2, Jeffs Town

Senators Urge FTC to Investigate Manipulative Ads in Children’s Apps

Three senators sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Tuesday, urging the agency to investigate advertising in children’s apps. The senators believe that, according to a recent study that looked at the prevalence of these apps, the techniques are in violation of a section of the FTC Act that prohibits…
Tags: Science, Save The Children, Ftc, Federal Trade Commission FTC

Juul Says It Will Stop Selling All Its Good Flavors of E-Cigarettes in Stores

The vaping industry looks set to undergo a seismic shift in how it sells and markets its products, starting with its biggest U.S. player, Juul Labs.Read more...
Tags: Science, Teens, Drugs, Marketing, Vaping, E Cigarettes, Juul, Juul Labs Read

Trump Supporter Banned From Disney World for Waving 'Trump 2020' Sign on Splash Mountain

Dion Cini has been permanently barred from the theme park
Tags: Science, Disney World, Dion Cini

The 2018 Elections Saw Record Midterm Turnout

The 2018 Elections Saw Record Midterm Turnout
Tags: Science

Incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Joins Climate Change Activists in Protest Outside Nancy Pelosi's Office

Democratic Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York has joined about 200 climate-change activists as they stage a protest at the office of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.
Tags: New York, Science, House, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

The 10 Best Deals of November 13, 2018

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science

Firefighters battle blazes on two fronts in California, 44 dead

Thousands of firefighters battled blazes in northern and southern California on Tuesday as body recovery teams searched the remains of houses and charred cars for victims of the deadliest wildfires in the history of the US state. Most of the fatalities have been reported from the town of Paradise, population 26,000, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains about 80 miles (130 kilometers) north of Sacramento. Paradise, which is home to many retirees and has experienced an unusually dry f...
Tags: Science, California, US, Sierra Nevada, Sacramento Paradise

Montana hunter recovering after grizzly bear breaks arm

KALISPELL, Mont. (AP) — A Montana elk hunter who was attacked by a grizzly bear is recovering at a hospital. Anders Broste tells the Daily Inter Lake newspaper Monday that he thinks he surprised the bear Sunday morning. The 36-year-old who lives north of Columbia Falls says he was trying to get his gun off […]
Tags: Science, News, Montana, Kalispell, Columbia Falls, Mont AP, Nation & World, Daily Inter Lake, Anders Broste

Handwritten Einstein letter auctioned off for nearly $40,000

JERUSALEM (AP) — A handwritten letter written by Albert Einstein warning of the dangers of growing nationalism and anti-Semitism years before the Nazis rose to power has been sold for nearly $40,000. The Kedem Auction House says the previously unknown letter, brought forward by an anonymous collector, fetched $39,360 in bidding in Jerusalem on Tuesday […]
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The world’s most perfect kilogram is about to get the boot

You may have never heard of the solid metal cylinder known as Le Grand K, but it's most definitely impacted your life in countless ways. Le Grand K is kept in Paris, where it's been for over 120 years, and its purpose is to simply exist. You see, Le Grand K is the most perfect kilogram on the planet. For weight measurements to mean anything, every scale has to be calibrated on the exact same standard, and that's where this particular piece of platinum-iridium alloy comes in. Now, aft...
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Essential Lurches Back From the Grave to Offer Up $150 Headphone Dongle

Halloween has passed, but Essential hath risen from near death to deliver unto us a $150 dongle. Audiophiles who also happen to own an Essential phone, now is the time to rejoice—if you’re actually out there.Read more...
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How Blue Origin space venture’s HQ2, HQ3 and HQ4 blazed a trail for Amazon HQ plan

The process that Amazon went through to choose New York, Northern Virginia and Nashville as key sites for expansion isn’t the first HQ2 exercise for CEO Jeff Bezos: You could argue that the pattern was set when Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture decided where it’d manufacture and launch its New Glenn rocket. Blue Origin’s selection process produced far less hype than the yearlong contest that Amazon conducted, and far fewer jobs were at stake. But like the HQ2/3/4 arrangement announced today, the ...
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