Jennie-O Recalls More Than 91,000 Pounds of Raw Ground Turkey Amid Salmonella Outbreak

Jennie-O Turkey recalled more than 91,000 pounds of raw ground turkey this week amid a nationwide Salmonella turkey outbreak. The move marks the first reported recall of non-pet food meat in the outbreak that’s sickened at least 164 people and is linked to one death.Read more...
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Number of missing in California fire soars past 1,000 as Trump set to visit

The number of people listed as missing in a devastating northern California wildfire soared past 1,000 on Friday as the remains of eight additional victims were found by rescuers. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea told reporters that the number of people unaccounted for had jumped from 631 to 1,011 in the last 24 hours as authorities receive more reports of people missing and as emergency calls made when the fire broke out are reviewed. The eight additional sets of human remains found bring to 7...
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Crossing from Asia, the first Americans rushed into the unknown

The study of genomes of ancient remains is writing the story of early Americans.
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Alphabet Halts Project for Glucose-Sensing Smart Contact Lens

Alphabet has halted a project under its biotech division Verily that aimed to create smart contact lenses for people with diabetes. The ambitious, years-long endeavor aimed to measure glucose levels in tears using on-lens sensors.Read more...
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Northern California chokes on toxic air as Trump set to visit

Schools and tourist attractions across the San Francisco Bay Area were shut Friday and residents were urged to stay indoors as smoke from California's deadliest wildfire -- a three-hour drive away -- produced air quality levels worse than in South Asia's polluted megacities. The closures came as President Donald Trump was set to visit the western state Saturday to survey the damage and meet victims of the giant Camp Fire that has devoured an area roughly the size of Chicago since it broke out l...
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Excavators find tombs buried in Bolivia 500 years ago

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Archaeologists say they found tombs at a Bolivian quarry containing remains from more than 500 years ago that give an insight into the interaction of various peoples with the expanding Inca empire.
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Let's Talk About the Ending of Widows

Widows, the crime heist adapted by Gillian Flynn and starring Viola Davis, ends with a shocking twist. Here's what it all means.
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Sealing up wounds with a laser beam

OK, it's not quite Dr. Crusher's dermal regenerator (seen above), but Arizona State University researchers have demonstrated a laser system for sealing wounds. The system involves a sealing paste -- made from silk protein mixed with gold nanorods -- that bonds with skin when heated with a laser. From IEEE Spectrum: To use a laser to seal skin, one must focus the heat of the light using some sort of photoconverter. (Chemical engineer Caushal) Rege’s lab opted for gold nanorods and embedde...
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WikiLeaks Helped Hackers Rifle Through Stolen Company Emails, Leaked FBI Docs Show

The revelation that U.S. prosecutors have prepared an indictment against Julian Assange, a fact the government inadvertently made public Thursday evening, has again fanned the flames of speculation over what class of crimes he might be charged with should British authorities finally capture and deposit him on American…Read more...
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Trump to visit as more than 1,000 missing in California fire

President Donald Trump was to arrive Saturday in California where more than 1,000 people are listed missing in the worst-ever wildfire to hit the wealthiest US state, which is at the forefront of resistance to Trump's environmental and other policies. The deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California's history, the so-called Camp Fire, has now claimed 71 lives after authorities found eight additional sets of human remains. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea told reporters the number of pe...
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Vale ordered to pay tribes $26.8 mn over river contamination

Brasília (AFP) - A Brazil appeals court on Friday ordered mining giant Vale to pay two indigenous tribes $26.8 million over river contamination that harmed public health, the prosecutors' office said Friday. The Onca Puma nickel mine in Brazil's northern Para state, in operation for a decade, is blamed for contaminating the Catete river, which prosecutors said had a "severe" impact on the Xikrin and Kayapo tribes. In a statement, the prosecutors' office said the contamination affected food ava...
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26-year-old face transplant recipient: 'I see me': Part 1

When he was 24, Cameron Underwood says he was looking for a way out when he decided to try to take his own life.
Tags: Science, Cameron Underwood

A New Senate Bill Would Hit Robocallers With Up to a $10,000 Fine for Every Call

Democrats and Republicans can agree on at least one thing: The spam robocall situation has gotten entirely out of hand.Read more...
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Review: Facebook's Amazon Echo Rival Is Nice, But Not Worth the Paranoia

A clever gadget hampered by the fact it was made by Facebook
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Criterion Announces New Streaming Service Is Getting the Filmstruck Gang Back Together

Filmstruck and its Criterion Channel are set to be shuttered at the end of this month, but it appears a viral online petition along with some high-profile celebrity endorsements from the likes of Christopher Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro may have changed some executives’ minds. In an announcement today, Criterion said…Read more...
Tags: Christopher Nolan, Science, Guillermo Del Toro, Stream Wars

Fight over dinosaur fossils comes down to what's a mineral

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — About 66 million years after two dinosaurs died apparently locked in battle on the plains of modern-day Montana, an unusual fight over who owns the entangled fossils has become a multimillion-dollar issue that hinges on the legal definition of "mineral."
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Why Architecture Education Needs to Embrace Evidence-Based Design, Now

Two professors argue for the importance of neurological research in design
Tags: Science

Marvel Entertainment Chairman Named in NYPD Bribery Trial Over a Gun Permit and Movie Tickets

Marvel Entertainment chairman Ike Perlmutter is notorious for his political conservatism and aversion to being photographed. But a new report out of Manhattan Federal Court alleges Perlmutter’s assistant worked with a police officer to acquire a gun license renewal in New York City for her boss—presumably using power…Read more...
Tags: Science, Police, New York City, Marvel, Marvel Studios, Marvel Entertainment, Manhattan Federal Court, Ike Perlmutter, Perlmutter

A Planned FDA Study Could Clear the Way for Fewer Dogs Used and Killed in Animal Research

Dogs have been everything we’ve ever needed them to be, including volunteers for clinical trials of drugs meant for both people and pooches. Sadly, these furry test subjects are sometimes euthanized at the end of these experiments, because it’s deemed the only way to get the accurate test results scientists are…Read more...
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The 10 Best Deals of November 16, 2018

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...
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44 years after its first message to aliens, Arecibo Observatory calls for follow-up

The Arecibo Observatory today kicked off a student-focused competition to design a new message to beam to extraterrestrials, 44 years to the day since the first deliberate message was sent out from Arecibo’s 1,000-foot-wide radio telescope.. “Our society and our technology have changed a lot since 1974,” Francisco Cordova, the observatory’s director, said in a news release. “So if we were assembling our message today, what would it say? What would it look like? What one would need to learn to be...
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San Francisco chokes on toxic air as wildfires rage

Schools and tourist attractions across the San Francisco Bay Area were shut Friday and residents were urged to remain indoors as smoke from California's deadliest ever wildfire -- a three-hour drive away -- produced air quality levels worse than in polluted megacities in South Asia. The closures came as the number of people missing from the giant Camp Fire, which has devoured an area roughly the size of Chicago since it broke out last week, soared to more than 600, with 63 confirmed dead. Pres...
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Spacecraft Witness Explosion in Earth's Magnetic Field

Magnetic fields around the Earth release strong bursts of energy, accelerating particles and feeding the auroras that glow in the polar skies. On July 11, 2017, four NASA spacecrafts were there to watch one of these explosions happen.Read more...
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This Could Be the Cheap Pixel 3 People Were Hoping for

Back before the Pixel line was a thing, Google’s Nexus phones were prized for their solid builds, stock software (with day-one updates), and affordable prices. But after several generations of Pixels with flagship price tags, it’s seemed like making affordable phones was something Google left in the past. That may…Read more...
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Bizarre Microbes Represent a Major New Branch on the Evolutionary Family Tree

Canadian scientists have identified microscopic creatures that are so unlike anything seen before, they had to create an entirely new branch on the evolutionary tree of life to slot them in.Read more...
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Blink and You Won't Miss It With These Security Cameras

Amazon’s Black Friday deal on Blink Indoor Home Security Camera Systems has already gone live! Kits start at $67, so if you’ve ever been curious what your pets do at home while you’re gone all day, now you can afford to find out. Other potential uses: Keeping footage of mundane conversations so you can win the next…Read more...
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The Definition of a Kilogram Just Changed. That’s a Major Milestone in the Grand History of the Metric System

Le kilogramme est mort. Vive le kilogramme!
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The Definition of a Kilogram Just Changed. That's a Major Milestone in the Grand History of the Metric System

Le kilogramme est mort. Vive le kilogramme!
Tags: Science

A mother's decision to donate son's face: How doctors approach, support families

Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, a renowned reconstructive surgeon at NYU Langone Health who performs face transplant surgeries, shares how 3-D printing of the donor's face is used to help the family cope.
Tags: Science, Eduardo Rodriguez, NYU Langone Health

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