Smoke From California’s Wildfires Reached All the Way to New York City

Smoke from the wildfires that have devastated California for weeks has stretched some 3,000 miles to East Coast cities. The Weather Channel reported this week that the haze was expected to linger through Wednesday before an arctic chill descends on the Northeast over the Thanksgiving holiday.Read more...
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Black Friday Means Brand New iPads For Just $249

Unless you really need the iPad Pro (and you almost definitely do not), the standard, vanilla 2018 iPad is a terrific tablet for both consuming and creating media. It even works with the Apple Pencil, the first non-Pro iPad to do so.
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This year, there’ll be empty spaces at the table for Thanksgiving on space station

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for big gatherings around the dinner table, but this year’s feast on the International Space Station will be served to only three people. And only two of them have the day off. That’s because two spacefliers who were supposed to be in orbit at this time of year missed out on their ride: NASA’s Nick Hague and Russia’s Alexey Ovchinin had to return to Earth just minutes after their launch on Oct. 11 due to a Soyuz rocket malfunction. The next crew won’t arrive ...
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Revealed: Australia's fastest growing state

Australia could add another five million people in the next 11 years, new statistics show.
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One of the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets might have an ocean, researchers now say

Ever since astronomers announced the discovery of seven exoplanets around the star called TRAPPIST-1, researchers have been diving into the data in an attempt to determine what the planets are like. Early on, the prospects for potentially habitable worlds seemed good, but subsequent models suggested that the star at the heart of the system may have burned off any atmosphere the planets once had. Now, a new study claims to offer a slightly more optimistic scenario that gives at least one of the p...
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Asia Bibi's Family Hunted 'House to House' as Blasphemy Acquittal Continues to Roil Pakistan

Bibi is seeking asylum after being acquitted of blasphemy charges last month
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Hepatitis strain carried by rats makes leap to humans in Hong Kong

Two cases, which emerged close to each other, are thought to be first such cases in the worldResearchers say they have found two patients in Hong Kong who contracted a strain of hepatitis carried by rats, in what appears to be the first known human cases in the world.The finding surprised the researchers, though it wasn’t immediately clear whether there were significant implications for human health. Continue reading...
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Climate change: How your duvet can help the environment

A summit in London will aim to look at neglected forms of waste - including duvets.
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Gavin McInnes: Proud Boys? Haha What Do You Mean I'm the Leader of the Proud Boys?

Gavin McInnes, the founder of the far-right Proud Boys group, is bailing on the organization after leaked Washington state law enforcement documents indicated the FBI considers it an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism.” McInnes’ hasty departure follows a wave of arrests of the group’s members in…Read more...
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Facebook Fall Guy Admits Doing the Bad Things in Conveniently Timed Memo

In a conveniently timed pre-Thanksgiving news dump on Wednesday, Facebook shared a previously leaked internal memo from the company’s ousted Head of Communications and Policy Elliot Schrage and an accompanying note from Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg addressing a recent damning report from the New York Times.Read more...
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High risk

Solar activity is now believed to have caused explosions during the Vietnam War. Our reliance on technology means the next event could have far more serious effects.
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Here Are Your Black Friday Nest Discounts

Nest’s iconic thermostats don’t go on sale often, and sizable discounts on their other products are even rarer still, so Black Friday really is a great chance to join the ecosystem, or expand your collection. Save $70 on the third generation Nest Learning Thermostat, get the nearly-as-good Nest Thermostat E for $40…Read more...
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Ocean Shores moves forward with FEMA application for tsunami-safe structure

Ocean Shores would be the third community on the Washington coast to build a tsunami-safe structure if the proposed project receives funding.
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Save $50 On Arcade1Up's Stunning Arcade Cabinets For Black Friday

Arcade1Up’s 3/4 sized arcade cabinets have been a hit with our readers, and you can save $50 on a couple of them for the first time this Black Friday. The deal is only supposed to be available on the Pacman and the Galaga/Galaxian machines, but now it seems that all of them are included (though not all are in stock at…Read more...
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Grab Nintendo's Black Friday Switch Bundle Before It Gets Blue Shelled

Nintendo’s big Black Friday Switch discount isn’t tremendously exciting—you’re basically getting a download of Mario Kart 8 for free with the purchase of a console—but they didn’t run any Switch console deals at all last year, so count your blessings. Mario Kart 8 is a compulsory purchase for any Switch owner anyway,…Read more...
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Trump Attacks Judge Who Blocked Asylum Order

President Donald Trump on Wednesday escalated his criticism of the judiciary, hours after Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts delivered a rare rebuke of the President’s rhetoric about a judge appointed under the Obama administration.
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Scientists Have Created The First Simulation Of A Black Hole And Have Brought Sagittarius A To Virtual Life

For the first time, scientists have created a virtual reality simulation of the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A that lurks right in the center of the Milky Way. Researchers from the Netherlands and Goethe University, and Germany and Radboud University were able to perform this feat by taking astrophysical models of the black hole so they could turn these into images that, when compiled, formed a perfect 360 degree virtual reality simulation of Sagittarius A. As reported, the sim...
Tags: Science, Germany, Netherlands, Radboud University, Goethe University

iPhone Dual SIM Support Is Reportedly Coming to Verizon in December

Apple’s freshly launched iPhone XR and iPhone XS lines have hardware support for dual SIM configurations, but the rollout of the feature has been a bit delayed (or in the case of AT&T, rolled back) due to issues with carriers that have not been totally sorted out yet. Verizon, however, is reportedly planning on…Read more...
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All systems go for Mars InSight landing: Here’s how to watch online and in person

After a 300 million-mile, six-month interplanetary cruise, NASA’s Mars InSight robotic lander is heading for a plain-vanilla arrival at the Red Planet on Monday — and the team behind the mission couldn’t be more pleased. “We’re expecting to have a very plain day on Mars for the landing, and we’re very happy about that,” said Rob Grover, the engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory who’s in charge of Mars InSight’s entry, descent and landing. That’s not only because the weather is relatively ...
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Black Ops 4 Is the Best Call of Duty Game in Years, and Just $37 For Black Friday

The latest Call of Duty does Battle Royale better than PUBG, and has The Biggest Zombies Mode EVER. It only came out about a month ago, but Walmart is already discounting it to $37 for Black Friday on PS4 and Xbox One, while supplies last.Read more...
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Arizona Border Patrol Agent Acquitted in Mexican Teen's 2012 Death

Lonnie Swartz fired about 16 rounds, and the boy was hit at least 10 times in the back and head
Tags: Science, Lonnie Swartz, Arizona Border Patrol Agent Acquitted

Duchess of Cambridge reveals studying psychology at university inspired her charity work

The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed she studied psychology at university, as she discussed the importance of early intervention with vulnerable young children. The Duchess, 36, visited the developmental risk and resilience unit in the Psychology and Language Sciences Division at University College London (UCL) to learn more about their work. As well as talking to researchers, led by Prof Eamon McCrory, co-director of the unit, she was shown its MRI scanning facility and was told about the univ...
Tags: Science, Cambridge, Duchess, St Andrews, McCrory, Prof Eamon McCrory

Duchess of Cambridge studied psychology at University, it emerges as she reveals inspiration behind her charity work

The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed she studied psychology at university, as she discussed the importance of early intervention with vulnerable young children. The Duchess, 36, visited the developmental risk and resilience unit in the Psychology and Language Sciences Division at University College London (UCL) to learn more about their work. As well as talking to researchers, led by Prof Eamon McCrory, co-director of the unit, she was shown its MRI scanning facility and was told about the univ...
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With no moving parts, this plane flies on the ionic wind

Since planes were invented, they’ve flown using moving parts to push air around. Sure, there are gliders and dirigibles, which float more than fly, but powered flight is all about propellers (that’s why they call them that). Today that changes, with the first-ever “solid state” aircraft, flying with no moving parts at all by generating “ionic wind.” If it sounds like science fiction… well, that’s about right. MIT’s Stephen Barrett explains that he took his inspiration directly from Star Trek. “I...
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No room for climate delay, UN chief tells online summit

The world is not moving fast enough to curb global warming and needs immediate action to address the issue, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told an online climate change conference Thursday. Guterres issued the call to arms ahead of next month's COP24 climate talks in the southern Polish city of Katowice, which will attempt to revive a global climate deal reached in Paris in 2015. Addressing the Virtual Climate Summit, Guterres urged world leaders to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C...
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Amazon's Black Friday Tech Deals Are Full of Stocking Stuffers

And plenty of bigger stuff, like TVs and laptops
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President Trump Escalates Attacks on 'Obama Judges' After Rare Rebuke From Chief Justice

The criticism follows a ruling that blocked Trump's asylum ban
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Here's The Actual Basketball From The Cover Of NBA Jam

The iconic cover to NBA Jam, with its image of a logo-adorned basketball smashing through some paper, is not an illustration. It’s a photo, and this is the model, 25 years later.Read more...
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These Are Google's Best Black Friday Deals

Need a new Pixel phone or Chromecast? Now's the time
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Knock Knock. Who's There? The Ring Doorbell 2 Black Friday Deal. End Joke. 

Want to catch package thieves ( ) in the act? Or just see who’s at the door so you know whether it’s worth getting off the couch? The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is down to $140 on Amazon for Black Friday, plus a free Echo Dot. That’s $60 less than the usual price for the doorbell alone, not even…Read more...
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