From parcel delivery to security, Singapore bets big on drones

Hi-tech Singapore is planning to roll out a swarm of drones for tasks that include delivering parcels, inspecting buildings and providing security, but safety and privacy concerns mean the initiative may hit turbulence. Commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles is already taking off around the world, in areas as diverse as crop-spraying and surveying for insurance claims, but Singapore's push represents a particularly ambitious bet on the technology. Singapore's civil aviation authority has g...
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Did Christian Historians Exaggerate Persecution by the Romans?

Archaeological work in Jordan at the site of a mine where Christians had reportedly suffered horrific torture has uncovered some troubling information.
Tags: Science, Jordan

Did Christian Historians Exaggerate About Persecution by the Romans?

Archaeological work in Jordan at the site of a mine where Christians had reportedly suffered horrific torture has uncovered some troubling information.
Tags: Science, Jordan

Start Your New Year's Resolutions Early With Cyber Monday's Fitbit Deals

It was a quietly good year for Fitbit. While all attention has turned to the Apple Watch, they released two terrific fitness tracker/smart watches in the Charge 3 and the Versa, and you can save on both of them for Black Friday, in addition to some of the company’s older offerings.Read more...
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InSight Diary: The silence of space

Nasa's latest probe is carrying super-sensitive UK seismometers to the Red Planet.
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Nasa Mars InSight lander mission to teach us more about Earth

Nasa's Mars InSight lander is due to arrive on the Red Planet's surface on Monday night. It will study the planet's interior so we can learn more about how it formed.
Tags: Science, Nasa, Earth, Red Planet

Runaway Peacock Ditches His Human Family for New Turkey Friends

A pet peacock that’s evaded capture for weeks in Vermont has reportedly ditched his human family for a group of wild turkeys. The owner of the bird, whose name is Pea, said that the peacock was still on the lam as of Saturday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Animals, Turkey, Vermont, Peacock, New Turkey, Peacock On The Run

New Research Has Concluded That All Humans Are Descendants Of Just One Couple Who Lived 200,000 Years Ago

In a groundbreaking new study, scientists from The Rockefeller University in New York City and the Biozentrum at the University of Basel in Switzerland have concluded that each and every human alive today descended from just one couple who lived from between 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. As the Daily Mail reports, scientists came to this dramatic conclusion after studying the genetic bar codes, or snippets of DNA, of over 5 million animals taken from a whopping 100,000 different species and det...
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Watch This Spectacular Launch of the Soyuz Rocket From Space

Watch This Spectacular Launch of the Soyuz Rocket From Space
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Samsung Apologizes After Workers at Its Chip Factories Were Sickened or Died 

Samsung has issued a formal apology to its workers who were sickened and died at its chip and display factories. The apology arrived as part of a settlement the company reached with victims of maladies that reportedly included cancer and miscarriages.Read more...
Tags: South Korea, Science, Cancer, Samsung, Samsung Apologizes After Workers

Scientists have discovered the fossil remains of a giant, toothless mammal ancestor

Scientists suspect they were toothless and as big as elephants—a super-sized cross between a rhino and a turtle. They are Lisowicia bojani, a mammal-like reptile that walked alongside dinosaurs in the Triassic period about 200 million years ago. Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden this week published a study in the journal Science detailing the…
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Add a Smart Lock to Your Existing Deadbolt For $100

August’s third genration Smart Lock lets you lock and unlock your door from using your phone, and you can get the silver or black model for just $99 today, an all-time low.Read more...
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The Man Who Fell to Earth Director Nicolas Roeg Dies at Age 90

Nicolas Roeg, director and cinematographer for such lauded genre films as The Witches and the io9 favorite The Man Who Fell to Earth, has passed away at age 90, Variety reports. Read more...
Tags: Science, Earth, David Bowie, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Nicolas Roeg

New lander will add to humans' long fascination with Mars

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — In our solar system family, Mars is Earth's next-of-kin, the next-door relative that has captivated humans for millennia. The attraction is sure to grow with Monday's arrival of a NASA lander named InSight.
Tags: Science, Ap, Nasa, Mars, CAPE CANAVERAL Fla

While Searching For Alien Life, Astronomers Detected Water In The Atmosphere Of Gas Planet HR 8799c

While astronomers were busy seeking out alien life at the Keck Observatory in Maunakea, Hawaii, they were able to learn more about the gas planet HR 8799c, one of four planets that orbit their parent star HR 8799 at a distance of 179 light years away from Earth. This planet was, surprisingly, found to contain water in its atmosphere.
Tags: Science, Earth, Keck Observatory, Alien Life Astronomers, Maunakea Hawaii

Hospital Refuses Procedure, Prescribes "Fundraising Effort" for Heart Transplant

Here is an American story. Hedda Martin needs a heart transplant. She applied for a heart transplant. Shortly before Thanksgiving, the Spectrum Health Richard Devos Heart and Lung Transplant Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, got back to her to say that she could not have a heart transplant, because she doesn’t have…Read more...
Tags: Science, Health Insurance, Health Care, Grand Rapids Michigan, Hedda Martin, Spectrum Health Richard Devos Heart, Lung Transplant Center

Take Charge of Your Many Devices With This $10 Anker Cable to End All Cables

The only downside of being blessed with many different devices is that you have to keep track of many different cables. Or you could just get this cable to end all cables from Anker for $10 with promo code ANKE8436. The Powerline II 3-in-1 is a lightning, USB-C, and micro USB cable all rolled into one, so you’re truly…Read more...
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Climate Report: 'It's Not Enough to Think It's Important'

Despite the Trump administration’s apparent attempt to bury the National Climate Assessment by releasing it the Friday after Thanksgiving, the overwhelming sense of urgency elicited by its alarming findings has been swift. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newly elected congresswoman who’s already pushing for better and…Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Donald Trump, Trump, National Climate Assessment, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Nsa4

Divers Find a 1927 Chevrolet Coupe in a Lake Huron Shipwreck

Divers in Lake Huron have recently discovered the wreckage of a ship named the Manasoo. While neat in an of itself, the wreckage revealed a perfectly preserved piece of history: a 1927 Chevrolet Coupe.Read more...
Tags: Science, History, Car Crashes, Boatlopnik, Lake Huron, Chevrolet Coupe, Ship Wrecks, Lake Huron Shipwreck

RNC Catching Hell for Giving Black Friday MAGA Shoppers the Friends and Family Discount Nobody Asked For

Even though the Republican National Committee doesn’t have a soul, it’s somehow being accused of selling theirs. How exactly does that work? Allow me to explain.Read more...
Tags: Science, Donald Trump, Republican National Committee, Rnc, Maga, MAGA Hat, RNC Catching Hell for Giving Black

Take Command of Your Christmas Tree Lights With This $16 Smart Plug

Crawling behind your tree twice a day to plug in and unplug your Christmas tree lights? Bah, Hum-plug. Bring your tree into 2018 with this $16 TP-Link Mini Smart Plug, which allows you to enable or disable your outlets with your smartphone, put them on an automated schedule, or control them using Alexa. All that, and …Read more...
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Russia Sets Out to Prove the U.S. Moon Landing Happened

Russia Sets Out to Prove the U.S. Moon Landing Happened
Tags: Science, Russia

Wisconsin School Official Says Viral 'Nazi Salute' Teens Protected by First Amendment

The school plans on holding meetings to address hate with students and the community
Tags: Science, Wisconsin, Nazi Salute

How the Space Mining Industry Came Down to Earth

How the Space Mining Industry Came Down to Earth
Tags: Science, Earth

Russia space agency promises to check whether US moon landings really happened

The head of Russia‘s national space agency has proposed a mission to the moon to verify whether the American moon landings really took place. Dmitry Rogozin responded to a question about whether Nasa’s Apollo programme actually put men on the moon back in the 1960s and 1970s during a conversation with the president of Moldova, Igor Dodon.
Tags: Science, Russia, US, Nasa, Moldova, Dmitry Rogozin

Delightfully, Julie Andrews Will Play a Pivotal Role in the Aquaman Movie

Julie Andrews is one of the all-time actresses of her generation, with a stunning voice and more charisma than most people can even think about. She’s mostly retired now, with only a handful of appearances in films in the recent decade, and her next is a voice role in… Aquaman?Read more...
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Meet Denny, the ancient mixed-heritage mystery girl

After the unearthing of a Neanderthal-Denisovan fossil, UK scientists are using groundbreaking techniques to learn more of the species’ complex bonds with humansOf all the ancient peoples that have been studied by scientists, none has set puzzles quite so profound as those left behind by the Denisovans. Only a few tiny pieces of bone and teeth have ever been found of this long extinct species – fragmentary remains that would all fit snugly inside a cigarette packet.Yet these fossil scraps sugges...
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$199 For a PS4, Red Dead II, and a Bonus Controller Is the Best Deal of Cyber Monday

Update: Walmart just announced that this bundle will be $199, starting (probably) at midnight ET tonight. That’s an incredible deal. Read more...
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For Anyone That Missed the Spider-Man Bundle, This Early Cyber Monday PS4 Deal Is For You

If you couldn’t get your hands on the $199 Spider-Man PS4 bundle on Black Friday, here’s a decent consolation price: $298 gets you the console (sans-Spider-Man), a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2, and an extra controller.Read more...
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Take a Hike Over to REI For an Early Cyber Monday Sale of Up to 40% Off

REI skips Black Friday every year in favor of enjoying the great outdoors, which is fair. But that doesn’t mean they’ll leave you in the lurch when it comes to savings. The outdoor retailer is getting a jump on Cyber Monday by taking up to 40% off a huge range of their stock — prices on everything from tents and…Read more...
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