Chinese scientist 'creates world's first genetically edited babies'

A Chinese researcher claims he helped make the world's first genetically edited babies - twin girls whose DNA he said he altered with a powerful new tool capable of rewriting the very blueprint of life. If true, it would be a profound leap of science and ethics. A US scientist said he took part in the work in China, but this kind of gene editing is banned in the United States because the DNA changes can pass to future generations and it risks harming other genes. Many mainstream scientists ...
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UPDATED: CRISPR scientist in China claims his team’s research has resulted in the world’s first gene-edited babies

Update: The story is getting even more convoluted. When contacted by TechCrunch’s Rita Liao, a representative at the hospital that reportedly approved Jiankui He’s study stated “what we can say for sure is that the gene editing process did not take place at our hospital. The babies were not born here either.” She also said that the hospital is investigating the validity of the documents connected to the study on ChiCTR.  In what would represent a dramatic and ethically fraught escalation of CRIS...
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The Walking Dead Got Scary Again in Its Mostly Excellent Mid-Season Finale

The first half of The Walking Dead’s ninth season has been mostly good, something no one could have predicted after the show’s dire, audience-hemorrhaging the last few years. Happily, the mid-season finale kept up the streak by including a few shockers, an excellent cliffhanger, and only a few instances where you want…Read more...
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CRISPR scientist in China claims his team’s research has resulted in the world’s first gene-edited babies

In a dramatic development for CRISPR research, a Chinese scientist from a university in Shenzhen claims he has succeeded in helping create the world’s first genetically-edited babies. Dr. Jiankui He told the Associated Press that twin girls were born earlier this month after he edited their embryos using CRISPR technology to remove the CCR5 gene, which plays a critical role in enabling many forms of the HIV virus to infect cells. The AP’s interview comes after the MIT Technology Review reported ...
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145 whales die on remote New Zealand beach

Up to 145 pilot whales have died in a mass stranding on a remote part of a small New Zealand island, authorities said Monday. The stranding was discovered by a hiker late Saturday on Stewart Island, 30 kilometres (19 miles) off the southern coast of the South Island. "Sadly, the likelihood of being able to successfully re-float the remaining whales was extremely low," said Ren Leppens, the Department of Conservation's operations manager on Stewart Island.
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Empathy Is Rooted In Cognitive Neural Processes Rather Than Sensory Ones

According to a study recently published by researchers at the University of Colorado, empathy is rooted in cognitive processes rather than sensory ones, as reported by The Daily Camera. The study found that the act of understanding the pain of others does not involve the same neural pathways as experiencing pain in one’s own body, suggesting that the two are different interactions within the brain. The study revealed that the brain patterns of volunteers when they experienced pain themselves d...
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Chinese scientist claims he helped make world’s first genetically edited babies: twin girls whose DNA he said he altered

HONG KONG (AP) — Chinese scientist claims he helped make world’s first genetically edited babies: twin girls whose DNA he said he altered.
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AP Exclusive: First gene-edited babies claimed in China

HONG KONG (AP) — A Chinese researcher claims that he helped make the world’s first genetically edited babies — twin girls whose DNA he said he altered with a powerful new tool capable of rewriting the very blueprint of life. If true, it would be a profound leap of science and ethics. A U.S. scientist […]
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International Auction Houses Sotheby's, Bonhams Say They'll Stop Selling Rhino Horn

International auction house Sotheby’s has canceled an upcoming sale of rhino horn artifacts in Hong Kong and joined other companies like Bonhams in saying they will no longer list any goods containing rhino horn for sale regardless of its origin, Agence France-Presse reported on Saturday.Read more...
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Video Shows Russian and Ukrainian Ships Clashing

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Ohio Is Set to Become the First State to Let Businesses Pay Taxes With Bitcoin

Ohio is poised to become the first state to allow businesses to pay taxes with bitcoin in a new initiative that may become available to individual taxpayers as well.Read more...
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145 pilot whales die in stranding on New Zealand beach

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — All of the 145 pilot whales that stranded themselves on a remote New Zealand beach have died. However, conservation workers are hoping to save some of the eight pygmy killer whales that remained stranded Monday at the other end of the country in an unrelated event. A hiker discovered the […]
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Why the Nazis were obsessed with finding the lost city of Atlantis

The mythical city of Atlantis was first mentioned in Plato's writings.Top Nazis, including Heimlich Himmler, tried to find the city through expeditions.The island was key to Nazi thinking about the "Aryan race". You might think Spielberg and Lucas just made up all the run-ins Indiana Jones kept having with the Nazis. But the truth is likely stranger than fiction - the Nazis were not only obsessed with the mystical and the undiscovered, they staked a large part of their strategy to winning Worl...
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Nearly 200 Dead Sea Turtles Have Washed Ashore Along Cape Cod in the Last Week

More than 200 sea turtles reportedly washed ashore in the past week on Cape Cod’s bayside beaches amid a cold spell that brought on unusually low temperatures in the area.Read more...
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Treat Your Tush To a DXRacer Formula Gaming Chair With This Cyber Monday Sale

DXRacer’s Formula gaming chair has graced many an esports tournament stage in its day, and you can plant your own butt in one for $215 for Cyber Monday. That’s not a small amount of money, but it normally pushes $300, and if you spend a lot of time in a chair for gaming or for work, it’ll be a worthwhile investment.Read more...
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Nasa Mars landing: InSight lander nears Red Planet for mission to examine how it formed

Nasa’s InSight lander is hurtling closer to Mars as it prepares to touchdown on the Red Planet after a six-month voyage through space. Having travelled 301 million miles from Earth, the spacecraft was due to reach its destination on the dusty, rock-strewn surface around 3pm EST (8pm GMT). InSight will need to go from 12,300mph to zero in six minutes as it pierces the Martian atmosphere, launches a giant parachute, blasts its descent engines and, if all goes well, lands on three legs.
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Elon Musk says there’s a 70 percent chance he’ll move to Mars (and possibly die there)

As NASA prepares for its next Mars landing on Monday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is giving himself a 70 percent chance of moving to Mars. But in an Axios interview airing tonight on HBO, he emphasizes that it won’t be a billionaire joyride. “Your probability of dying on Mars is much higher than Earth. Really, the ad for going to Mars would be like Shackleton’s ad for going to the Antarctic,” Musk said, referring to explorer Ernest Shackleton’s harrowing 1914-1917 expedition. (The apocryphal ad suppose...
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Walmart Has a Few More Crazy-Cheap TVs On Sale For Cyber Monday

Note: These deals are expected to go live at midnight ET tonight. Read more...
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Nasa's Mars InSight mission heads for '7 minutes of terror'

The InSight mission is about to make the hair-raising descent to the surface of the Red Planet.
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In Extraordinary Rebuke, UK Parliament Seizes Internal Facebook Documents

The British Parliament has seized internal Facebook documents in “an extraordinary attempt to hold the U.S. social media giant to account” after being repeatedly spurned in their attempts to have the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify about its data privacy practices, the Observer reported on Saturday.Read more...
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The Trump Administration's Attempt to Bury a New Climate Report on Black Friday Totally Backfired

On Friday afternoon, as Americans were nursing their turkey hangovers braving the malls for deals, the White House released a dire new report on the impacts of climate change—a move that was quickly eviscerated by politicians and the media as a cynical attempt to bury its findings.Read more...
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Large Asteroid Packing 50 Megatons Of Force Might Come Crashing Down On Earth In 2023 — And That’s Not All

A large asteroid could be headed toward us in the near future — barreling through space on a risk trajectory that might cause it to collide with Earth. The news comes from the Express, which cites NASA sources revealing that the space rock could end up engaged in not one, but a staggering 62 different potential impact trajectories with our planet — each of them waiting to sling the asteroid toward Earth over the next 100 years. Known as asteroid 2018 LF16, the space rock was last observed by o...
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The Walking Dead Executive Producer Greg Nicotero Reminisces About Working With George Romero

Before he was a formative presence on The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero worked as an assistant for Tom Savini on George Romero’s 1985 classic Day of the Dead. Recently, he reminisced on working with the late director, and he’s got some great stories to tell from the experience. Read more...
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Major League Baseball Asks for Its $5,000 Campaign Donation Back From Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith

Amid outcry over racially insensitive remarks, the MLB wants its money back
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Elon Musk says he is thinking of moving to Mars

Elon musk has declared that there is a "70 per cent chance" he will personally visit Mars within his lifetime despite a "good chance" of death. The SpaceX founder told reporters that travel to Mars might be possible within seven years for a few hundred thousand dollars per ticket, saying: "I'm thinking about moving there." Mr Musk, who endured multiple scandals this year over his drug use, and stewardship of his electric car company, Tesla, has been working towards colonising the red planet...
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NASA Looking Toward Manned Mission To Mars 'Sometime In The 2030s'

> [email protected]’s Steve Clarke says we might see manned missions to Mars by late
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Rebellion, Owner of Judge Dredd, Is Opening a New TV and Film Studio

Rebellion, the video game studio that owns and related properties like Judge Dredd, has purchased space to set up a $100 million film and TV studio. Read more...
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Mars landing looms for NASA; anxiety building a day out

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — With just a day to go, NASA’s InSight spacecraft aimed for a bull’s-eye touchdown on Mars, zooming in like an arrow with no turning back. InSight’s journey of six months and 300 million miles (482 million kilometers) comes to a precarious grand finale Monday afternoon. The robotic geologist — designed […]
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Border Patrol Fires Tear Gas, Shuts Crossings After Protest at Border 

Migrants seeking entry into the United States appeared to push past Mexican police and press toward the U.S. border during a protest on Sunday afternoon, prompting an aggressive response from Border Patrol forces stationed across the fence near California’s San Ysidro border crossing.Read more...
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Elon Musk believes he has a 70% likelihood of flying to Mars despite 'good chance of death'

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has claimed there is a 70 per cent likelihood he will make it to Mars on one of his spacecraft – despite there being “a good chance of death”. “I know exactly what to do,” Mr Musk told Axios on HBO. Mr Musk, who is also involved in a project to build a high-speed mass transit system underneath the streets of Los Angeles, is known for making remarks that frequently secure him both striking headlines and mocking derision.
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