Cleveland cops use NASA’s Mars landing to make a point about winter drivers

As someone who lives in a state known for bad winters I can totally sympathize with Cleveland residents that have to deal with nasty winter weather. The Cleveland police, on the other hand, are clearly happy to poke some fun at their city's commuters and used NASA's recent Mars InSight landing as an opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of anyone on the city's snow-covered roadways. A tweet from the official Cleveland Police account on Twitter, in which the cops roast winte...
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Future uncertain for Australia's unique platypus: researchers

Australia's unique platypus population is shrinking under pressure from agriculture and pollution, putting the egg-laying mammals' future in doubt, researchers said in a report published Thursday. "We have great concerns about the future survival of this unique species," said Richard Kingsford, director of the University of New South Wales Centre for Ecosystem Science. Threats endangering the platypus in its eastern Australian habitats include increased land-clearing for agriculture, pollution...
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Microsoft Wins $479 Million Army Contract for Augmented Reality Systems

Microsoft has secured a $479 million-plus contract with the U.S. Army for Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) prototypes, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, expanding its relationship with the military and beating out a slew of other companies competing for the contract.Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Military, Augmented Reality, Weapons, Military Tech

India’s PSLV rocket launches BlackSky’s Global-1 satellite (plus 30 other satellites)

The first Earth observation satellite for Seattle-based BlackSky’s Global constellation has been sent into space aboard an Indian rocket. Global-1 was just one of 30 secondary payloads for the PSLV-C43 mission, launched at 9:57 a.m. local time Thursday (8:27 p.m. PT Wednesday) from the Indian Space Research Organization’s Satish Dhawan Space Center at Sriharikota. All those satellites should go into a sun-synchronous, nearly pole-to-pole orbit at an altitude of 504 kilometers (313 miles). The pr...
Tags: Science, India, Global, Earth, Seattle, Sriharikota, PSLV, Indian Space Research Organization, Satish Dhawan Space Center, BlackSky

The Romanian forest that's disappearing

Why one of Europe's last great beech forests is facing the chop.
Tags: Europe, Science

Chinese professor defends claims of genetically edited human embryos at medical conference

Dr. Jennifer Doudna, co-inventor of the gene-editing tool that He allegedly used, told ABC News the scientific community is "struggling to understand" his claims. "I couldn't guarantee to you that he did what he claimed," she said.
Tags: Science, Abc News, Jennifer Doudna

Peru 'catastrophe' feared after 8,000-barrel Amazon oil spill

A Peruvian oil executive warned Wednesday of "catastrophe" after indigenous residents cut a major pipeline in a region of the Amazon, triggering the spill of 8,000 barrels of oil. "We could face an environmental catastrophe," Beatriz Alva, a manager with state oil firm Petroperu, told channel N television. Peru's Amazon region has seen repeated oil spills in recent years, some the results of a lack of maintenance.
Tags: Amazon, Science, Peru, Petroperu, Beatriz Alva

How The Walking Dead Blew Up a Bridge Full of Zombies Without Actually Blowing Up a Real Bridge

Just a few weeks after it originally aired, Goodbye Kansas Studios has shared a behind-the-scenes video of its work on The Walking Dead episode “What Comes After,” where Rick, with some help from a pile of dynamite, blows up a bridge full of approaching zombies. Creating one of the series’ most complicated shots…Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Amc, Zombies, Behind The Scenes, Vfx, Rick, Goodbye Kansas Studios

RIP Independent Space Force, 2018-2018

Ground Control to Mr. Trump
Tags: Space, Science, Technology, Military, US military, Ground Control, Space Force, Space Audity, TrumpRead

A Criminal Justice Bill Has Broad Bipartisan Support. Why That's Not Enough

As Vice President Mike Pence made the case that the Republican-led Senate should pass a bipartisan and massive rewrite of the nation’s criminal justice code, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sat politely but silently.
Tags: Science, Senate, Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence

White House Economic Adviser Says Trump Open To Trade Deal With China

Three days before a U.S.-China summit, the top U.S. trade official is blasting Beijing for imposing “egregious” taxes on American-made cars.
Tags: Science, White House, China, Beijing

The Trump Administration Will Finally Ban Bump Stocks, Sources Say

The Trump administration will move to ban bump stocks in the coming days, sources tell CNN. The new federal rule will outlaw the attachments that make semi-automatic guns fully automatic.Read more...
Tags: Science, Cnn, Gun Control, Trump, Las Vegas Shooting, Stephen Paddock, Bump Stocks

Miles Learns Web-Swinging on the Job in a Glorious Clip From Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Look, when a decidedly Dad-ish Peter Parker becomes your Spider-Mentor, there are going to be certain things that you learn as you go along. Like, say, how to avoid death from calamitous falls/angry scientists with laser guns through the power of webs.Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Animation, Sony, Spider Man, Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider Man Into The Spider Verse

Google’s Parent Has a Plan to Eliminate Mosquitoes Worldwide

“You hear that little beating sound?” says Kathleen Parkes, a spokesperson for Verily Life Sciences, a unit of Alphabet. When those 80,000 lab-bred Wolbachia-infected, male mosquitoes mate with their counterpart females in the wild, the result is stealth annihilation: the offspring never hatch.Better make that 79,999.
Tags: Google, Science, Verily Life Sciences, Kathleen Parkes

Food chain disruption eyed in Hawaii whale sighting decline

HONOLULU (AP) — Research into the decline of humpback whale sightings in Hawaii points to a food chain disruption likely caused by warmer ocean temperatures in the whales’ feeding grounds in Alaska, federal officials have said. U.S. and international researchers, wildlife managers and federal officials were meeting in Honolulu Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss the […]
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Prison Inmates Catfished $560,000 Out of Military Service Members in Sextortion Scam, NCIS Says

Hundreds of military service members reportedly got caught up in a sextortion scam run by prison inmates using cellphones, according to a release issued on Wednesday by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).Read more...
Tags: Science, Tinder, Scams, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Catfish, Sextortion

'I Had a Very Good Day at Work Today.' Phenom Magnus Carlsen Wins World Chess Championship

The Norwegian beat challenger Fabiano Caruana 3-0 in a tie-break
Tags: Science, Fabiano Caruana, Magnus Carlsen

Infected ‘Zombie Spiders’ Forced to Build Incubation Chambers for Their Parasitic Overlords

Parasites that control the behavior of their hosts for their own benefit are a well-documented natural phenomenon, but the discovery of a previously unknown relationship between a parasitic wasp and a social spider is particularly upsetting. Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Zombies, Animal Behavior, Parasites, Wasps, Spiders, Brain Parasites, Evil Nature

A Criminal Justice Bill Has Broad Bipartisan Support. Why That's Not Enough

A criminal justice reform bill has broad, bipartisan support, but it may stall anyway in the Senate.
Tags: Science

The 10 Best Deals of November 28, 2018

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Science, Top Ten

If Trump Doesn't Draw a Red Line on Ukraine, Putin Will Only Get Bolder

Moscow’s strategy in Ukraine and elsewhere is to push, in a slow creep fashion, to test the West
Tags: Science, Ukraine, Moscow, Trump Doesn

How Much it Cost the American Taxpayer to Land Insight on Mars — it's Less Than You Think

After 6 long months covering 300 million miles, NASA's spacecraft, Insight, has finally landed on Mars. The mission is intended to collect data and examine how micro-organisms might have once existed there. All of the findings to be gained about Mars are arguably a great investment for mankind, but it does come with a price tag of $814 million, according to NASA officials. See how much it cost the American taxpayer to land Insight on the red planet.
Tags: Science, Nasa, Mars

Dude, You're Getting a Dell Dot Com Password Reset Notification Following a Cyber Attack

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Dell has announced its online marketplace experienced a “cybersecurity incident” and the company has reset all customers’ passwords.Read more...
Tags: Science, Dell, Data Breaches

Doctors and Nurses Treat Gunshot Wounds All the Time. Now They're Preparing for Active Shootings at Their Own Hospitals

They're growing more common in healthcare settings
Tags: Science

Amazon's latest gadget: a self-driving toy car for coders Inc's cloud unit on Wednesday announced a $399 autonomous toy car, aimed at helping web developers try out some of their own self-driving technology. Customers can train and tweak machine learning models in an online simulator and then test drive them on vehicles one-eighteenth the size of a real race car. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is even creating a sports league and championship cup, borne out of races its employees had with each other using the model car, AWS DeepRacer.
Tags: Amazon, Science, Amazon com Inc

Instagram Adds New Features for Users With Visual Impairment

For people with visual impairment, Instagram just got a bit easier to use. The photo-heavy social media app announced two new features today that will let screen readers read photo descriptions generated through artificial intelligence as well as custom text written by users.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Accessibility, Instagram Adds New Features

Popular Massage App Left Sensitive User Data Exposed, Including Complaints About 'Dangerous' Customers: Report

Urban Massage, a wellness app that connects users with professional massage therapists, reportedly left a database open to public access, potentially exposing sensitive user and employee data—including complaints alleging sexual misconduct by “dangerous” users alongside their names and other personal information.Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Urban Massage, Dont Call It A Leak Or Else

Scientists Build Atomic Clocks Accurate Enough to Measure Changes in Spacetime Itself

Physicists have created atomic clocks so precise that they can measure deformations in spacetime itself, according to new research.Read more...
Tags: Space, Science, Physics, Gravity, Dark Matter, NIST, Atomic Clocks

Fill Your Window Sill With These On-Sale Succulents From Amazon

Especially during the bleak winter months, it feels good to have something green in your home. These sets of succulents — one features five different aloe plants, while the other includes a variety of four succulents plus a bonus crystal for ~good vibes~ — are both on sale for $12, and they don’t need much sunlight or…Read more...
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South Carolina Inmates Created a 'Sextortion Ring' to Bilk $560,000 From U.S. Troops

While serving time in a South Carolina prison, several inmates created an elaborate “sextortion ring” that preyed on troops.
Tags: Science, South Carolina

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